Tony S.

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With a healthy team, I could see bama at these odds....currently, not so much
The author must be working on his stand- up routine lolol.... the answer is no, it wouldn't have mattered had it been a touch back. How about the BS block in the back called on the punt return that was the difference of about 35 yards?
First off, what does that have to do with the article? Secondly, your friend was probably just butt hurt
No doubt that Cunningham is elite but, for foster to produce that well, on a dedense that stout, speaks volumes for his talent and awareness....they got that one right
Says the guy with no sense of simple grammar.....go sit down somewhere
It's downgrading because lsu isn't alabama, plain and simple....
No injuries, huh? Other than qb(thank god) they've had starters from every unit banged up or out at some point this season.....
Bama's D won't have a problem tackling him, lol
Band wagon? What exactly has TN done to merit band wagon fans? Lol
The level of confidence you vols are displaying is quite laughable. This is the first time in how long that your team has been even the slightest bit relevant?? And you already think you're contenders? Why? Because you should've lost your first game to an inferior team from an inferior league?
Ha! Bama's D will make the vols tap out by the 3rd.....good luck, though. I like your confidence, lol
Are you kidding me with Marshall?! They play teams that most of the FCS would beat (and actually, they DO play FCS teams) and could not even wear the jock straps of most of the power five conf. teams. C'mon man
I seem to remember bama beating aTm 59-0? Hmmm, what was the score saturday again?