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Bless your heart. Imitation is a form of flattery.
It's Williams-Brice not Williams-Bryce. Go Cocks!
I'm gay and I can assure you I'm looking at them . . .
You can all pour yourselves big glasses of Haterade. Go Cocks! 31 to 17. And the longest home winning streak in college football lives to see another season.
I didn't think it was great to be honest. Just like Tennessee this year, this video is subpar.
Sure is a proud day to be a Gamecock . . .
This is the first time since 1955 LSU has lost to an ACC team. Kind of embarrassing for their program . . .
I'm a grad student at USC. Went to every home game, so that's 8. Will be at the Outback Bowl too, so 9 total.