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P5 Non Con next 6-7 years: Alabama: Wisconsin(x2), FSU (x2), Ohio State(x2), Oklahoma State, West Virginia(x2) Arkansas: Oklahoma State(x2), Notre Dame(x2), Utah Auburn: Cal, Baylor(x2), UCLA(x2), Miami Florida: Miami, UCF, Florida State(x5), Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, NC State Georgia: Georgia Tech(x5), Clemson, UCLA(x2), Louisville, Florida State Kentucky (disgraceful): Louisville(x5) LSU: USC, UCLA, Clemson(x2), Houston Miss State: Arizona State(x2), Minnesota (x2), Texas Tech Mizzou: Boston College, Kansas(x2), Illinois(x3) and solid G5 OOC San Diego State (x2) Oklahoma: Houston (x2) Michigan (x2) with solid G5 OOCs Tulane and San Diego State. Ole Miss: USC(x2), BYU, Wake Forest(x2), Oregon State. G5 OOC: Tulane, Ga Southern South Carolina: Clemson(x5), Virginia Tech, Miami(x2) North Carolina G5: Appalachian State, Coastal Carolina Tennessee: NC State, Syracuse, Nebraska(x2), West Virginia, Washington Texas: Michigan(x2), Ohio State(x2) Texas A&M: Notre Dame, Louisville(x2), Arizona State G5: Utah State Vandy: Virginia Tech(x2), NC State(x2), SMU(x2), Purdue, Stanford Really the only team not scheduling marquee non conference games is Kentucky. Maybe do your research
Same thoughts for with Appalachian State and Tennessee