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You people who posted here are nothing but a bunch of whining crybabies. Read the effing story. Drew Lock is the best qb in the SEC right now and he will prove it to all you snowflakes.
When JC played for the Rams he flat out sucked. You obviously weren't paying attention.
They must have used butter on the football when Jared Cook was a TE for the St Louis Rams. Worst set of hands I ever saw at the pro level.
I agree with you. Bentley is going to have a great season. I wouldn't doubt he leads the conference in passing yards.
Good luck Aaron. You just entered football hell.
You're right of course. I hope it doesn't get worse but it might.
The last eight stories about Mizzou on this site have been negative. Is this the best the SDS can do? How about a story discussing Terry Beckner's knee surgery rehab being ahead of schedule? Or how about a review of the latest depth chart that was released this week. Or a story about the many Dline Zou linemen in the NFL. I realize we're not Alabama but a few more upbeat stories would be nice.
DD2, DD2 Legend, and a couple of other names you go by. You're the troll that makes fun of people with cancer. Better not let you're momma find out you're on the Internet again. You'll be grounded for the Jr prom.
USMC, I was stationed in Biloxi and spent a good deal of time in Louisiana which is a beautiful state. I spent some time in Alexandria that I enjoyed immensely. I haven't had the pleasure of visitit LSU but can't wait.
Your posts are normally intelligent and interesting but this one not so much. I hope we can move on from here.
You're the guy always ripping what other schools do in regards to football. Universities ain't all about football no matter how much you wish it were so and they don't play these games to satisfy your itch.
Barry Odom and Mizzou have to man up and keep most of these dudes. I hope they do.
I think Alabama as a state and a school are fantastic. The people couldn't be nicer and most of their fans are first rate as is the University. It's a lovely state to visit and I look forward to going back there. I try to stay positive where ever I go.
Did you see Myles Garrett's new book on the NFL draft? It's "How to Eff Away Millions of Dollars by Shooting Your Mouth Off." Can't fix stupid.
Well, you don't see any of the "fans" here ripping Florida for winning in a "down" East the last couple of years either. I only read that nonsense when Mizzou won the East. Just sayin.
Stop whining. Mizzou's a great school and a good fit for the SEC. Baby.
I agree totally. If your team is running the ball successfully the other teams O is on the bench and their D is dog tired by the end of the game.