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It just seems to me that whom ever the qb is for Mizzou they always seem to check down to the 5 yard dump pass. Not much deep or tight end action.
Mr Truth was spot on. Stingley was the reason the LSU D struggled. "Mr Overrated" would be a good title for him.
I personally didn't think Stetson had the right stuff. I'm glad he proved me wrong. That 40 yard TD pass was a thing of beauty.
He was a great player at Bama and he'll be a great player in the NFL.
Lock was 4-1 with a different OC in 2019. It could have been a fluke. I would think that by this time in the nfl he would have figured it out. Fanfgio is probably heading out the door as well so he’s already doing the blame game even before he’s gone.
Until KS beats Saban he will always be compared to Richt.
He was a great person. Sorry to see him go. He doesn't have elite speed and I think that hurt him as a db.
You're wrong. Heupel is going to turn the program around and give Georgia a run for their money. As a Mizzou fan I hate to see it because prior to the beat down we took this season Tennessee was a game we always had a chance to win.
I really liked the way Coach Huepel ran this game. It was a somewhat meaningless bowl game and he just kept going for it. If he makes some of them they win. It was a fun game to watch. He's only going to get better as he recruits better. Tennessee is a football crazy school and I think he'll do well there.
If a player was held out for several plays or a series after being "injured" all that would happen is the opposing team would substitute a 2nd or 3rd string player and he would flop and be held out. Same result slowing the game down.
Truegrit, it almost looked like KS messed up and was blaming Stetson for his error. After all, who is the head coach. Good thing they didn't need those points. The dawgs were lights out good vs michigan. Love the way they showed how good they are.
A proven starter from a great Okie State D. Lovin' it.
These are hands down the two best teams in college football. I hate Harbaugh and Michigan so that game for me was really fun.
He’s gonna need to get bigger if he wants to be effective in the SEC.
luvarude doesn't have anything good to say about anyone.
In regards to opting out for a game or a season, Tyler Badie missed a golden opportunity to showcase his skills to the entire country in the AF bowl. There were no other competing games on and he would have rushed for a ton of yards and improved his draft stock. I hope Coach Drink will remember that the next time a player asks him for his advice.
No, the difference was Mizzou actually had a chance to win.
imperial, you got one thing right when you wrote, "Does not change the fact that a garbage Florida team"
Your team was embarrassed by UCF. EMBARRASSED! But you have the cajones to call out other teams? I can't wait for Mizzou to beat your team again next year.
Hey latergator, you rarely post on florida stories. It's a dead giveaway you're a major troll. Probably some demented loser uga fan. How about that UCF team?