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L'Damian was a great receiver for Mizzou. I agree that we haven't had any like him since he left.
The league play and the hitting going on looks nothing like intramurals.
I bet Harbaugh leaves for the NFL. The classless wonder boy didn't even shake Mullen's hand.
Purdue beat the tar out of Ohio State. Besides that, putting 63 points up on anybody is an accomplishment. I thought AU played an incredible game and Gus had his guys ready to go.
Don't get too cocky. Your team's not that good.
Very touching. So many parents out there will really appreciate these sentiments. What a great young man!
I'm sure "most probably" they weren't buying anything illegal either. LSU players shooting people does change the dynamic of what your student athletes are doing.
Let's just hope your team takes care of business vs ucf. We'll worry about the nc later.
This is Harbaugh's chance to embarrass an SEC team. He's going to have them ready to play. I hope UF wins but Felipe Franks is not a top level qb.
Corrected list: Wonderful Life Christmas Story NL Christmas Vacation A Charlie Brown Christmas ELF
Morris should be selling used cars. His team was totally outcoached this season but yet he ends up in the top 20 in recruiting. How is that possible?
Star rankings are no guarantee for success but better players make you a better team. How does Arkansas get the #20 class with the mess they have in LR? The coaching staff looked absolutely clueless most of the season. If I were a 4 star recruit I would never go to that coaching dumpster fire.
Dooley did a nice job this season at Mizzou. You could see the improvement in Locke and the offense. The defense was better as well because the offense gave them a chance to rest instead of like it was in 2017 when the D was on the field 40 minutes a game.
He forgot to call Barnes a racist. Did he take a knee during the press conference?
You two need to watch the interview again. He definitely snapped at her. Nick Saban is a true gentleman and it was really unlike him to do that.