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The big problem I have with your post is saying Mizzou won because they were lucky. That’s freaking hogwash. Those two schools had way more talent But Mizzou best them out. PERIOD. As a matter of fact, last seasons win over Mizzou was the first in a while for UF. You are what your record says you are. This down year nonsense is total bs from SEC wannabe snobs.
Being as I am asa much of a medical expert as KH I think there will be football in the fall. From what I understand life will return to normal in a few weeks.
Life’s about to get very real for the smug Patriots and their obnoxious fans. How do you replace the GOAT?
tigurr, Chase Daniel all day long as a college QB over Lock. Daniel was a great college qb.
Agree absolutely but Mizzou has always been a little snake bit when it comes to decisions like this going their way.
You can’t be much of a college football fan to not know that every team plays a weaker non-conference schedule
Tiger TD if you look back Illinois and Mizzou have played quite a few games in the past and they are a natural rival. You can be embarrassed for your real team, Kansas
Let’s look at UGA’s upcoming schedule: ETSU, ULM, Georgia Tech, Virginia. Virginia is the only team capable of beating UGA on a good day. Virtually every team plays a softer non conference schedule so saying you’re not trolling Mizzou is bs.
Going to other team’s sites just to make negative comments is trolling. It seems that way too many UGA fans are doing it.
The XFL is a lot of fun to watch. The quality of the football is pretty good and it gives players like Gates exposure he wouldn’t get. So what if he signs autographs.
The Junk Yard Dog was a great player for Mizzou
I don't really follow the NFL or the Broncos but I would love to see what Lock could do throwing to a stud like Jeudy.
I was also surprised at the quality. I wish they would have shown the starting players faces and names during the first series like the NFL does. I only knew three players on the BattleHawks, Teamu and two former Mizzou WRs. Me and 17 friends are going to the St Louis BattleHawks home opener on Feb 23rd. They had $23, $42, $75 and up tickets. All the $23 ones were gone last week. We got a deal, $35 each group rate. It's in the dome so weather won't be a factor. Can't wait. Lots of football buzz in Stl.
Booches94. Mizzou doesn't have a proven qb. They may not win 5 games if one of the guys doesn't step up.
Mizzou lost a lot of players. It’s going to depend on the qb play to get to 6 plus wins. A bad qb = bad season. No on they have is a proven talent.
Great story. Hurts is an wonderful person on top of his football skills.
Franks is not an SEC level qb. Trask is. I loved it when Franks played Mizzou. Hit him a few times early and he was a mess the rest of the game. Trask is a much better player. UF would have been curb-stomped at LSU if Franks was still qb.
What? Go re-watch the Wyoming and Vandy games from 2019 among others.
It was a great season for LSU and as a fan a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations to LSU nation.
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Burrow had 3+ NFL receivers to throw to as well and a running back that couldn't be stopped.
Kuligowski was a big reason the D was so good while Steck was DC.