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It’s up in the air whether they will win an SEC game this season. Wilks has built one of the worst defenses in the COUNTRY let alone the SEC. Reality discouraging for the fans and the team.
Afan, the scheme is really horrible and either produces gaping holes or lots of one-on-one tackling with backs and wr’s coming out of the backfield running full speed. Worst defensive game plan I’ve ever seen.
These jack wagons are looking for any silly reason in the world to take down males especially white ones.
When Drink decided with about a minute left in the first half to run out the clock and not try and score he lost a lot of fans. They booed him into the locker room. Terrible decision. What a quitter would do.
Mizzou can’t stop the run and the whole defensive scheme is awful. Drink is going down the drain with his DC hire Wilks.
The badass transfer from Rice is no longer a starter and the defense played better.
IMO, the Mizzou defense is not fixed. They demoted Blaze Aldredge and that helped but the scheme is the problem. Think and react doesn't work. Plus, if any of the front 6-7 gets blocked it's off to the races for the running back. No pass rush unless they blitz either.
This is UGA's year. Nothing's going to stop them. Even their backup qb is a stud.
The sad thing is the awful Mizzou defense is taking away from the spectacular year Tyler Badie is having. He is the least talked about great player in the country right now which is almost the perfect way to explain the year he's having. The senior currently leads the SEC in rushing touchdowns, touchdowns from scrimmage, and yards from scrimmage. He’s also second in the conference in rushing yards.
This will be UT's first real SEC test.
What’s the SEC record for rushing yards allowed in a season? Mizzou will break it with ease. Wilks is an awful coach with an awful scheme. The fact that Drink didn’t demote him says Drink isn’t the answer either.
The only team that can beat UGA is UGA. This is their year. Thank goodness they have Bennett as a backup.
Convincingly beating Mizzou and USC doesn't mean you've arrived. Both of these teams are not very good.
N. Texas had almost 500 yards of total offense and outgained Mizzou. This might be the last win of the season.
90Dawg, I said that last week about UT and they still passed 19 times. I see Mizzou only probably winning two more games and neither of them are gimmes, N. Texas and Vandy. DC Wilks needs to go and if Drink doesn't do it then he needs to go.
Clintwood, I like what Drink has done with recruiting so far but I question his reaction to the awful defensive scheme developed by Wilks. Firing the dline coach was a terrible decision. Wilks should have been the one demoted or maybe even fired. He's a disaster and it's going to have to happen because his defense just doesn't work.
Tigurr, you stole my thunder! Haha! Wilks needs to be demoted or fired. Getting rid of the dline coach is like changing the propeller on a crashed airplane. "It was the worst performance of the season by Missouri". It was the worst performance of the century.
I personally think Bazelak got beat up so bad in the Kentucky game he's having trouble with accuracy on passes over 15 yards.
Firing the dline coach is like changing the air cleaner on a blown engine. Drink is in full panic mode but compounded his bad hire of Wilks with the decision to keep him in charge. Drink will not be at Mizzou after next season. Terrible decision not to fire or demote Wilks.
When your defense against the run is LAST in the entire FBS you are a terrible team.
Steck's dlines had trouble stopping the run as well. Do you remember when Auburn ran all over Mizzou in the SECCG?
They'll keep firing assistants until the only person left will be the Hydration Engineer. Wilks must go!
Here's a quote from a St Louis Post Dispatch story: "Linebackers were tagged with six missed tackles: four by Alldredge, two by Pettway." Alldredge has been a bust. Every now and then he'll make a play but he can't shed blocks, misses tackles and is too often out of position.
Changing a hubcap when you have a flat tire will not win any games or increase attendance.
That's what I'd be doing. Here's a sobering thought: Mizzou may not win another game this season. We're only going to be favored vs Vandy and N Texas.