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Agreed. Also, they’re replacing almost their entire oline and have a new starter. Don’t see how they’re going to be better than UGA, ole miss, and Bama.
Who cares what he thinks or anyone else for that matter. If he is good enough he’ll make the team, if not, he won’t.
How’s the “Perch” work out(pun intended) for LSU last season, especially on the defensive side of the ball?
Linehan was a whishy-washy coach for the rams. Never inspiring greatness.
Getting rid of Odom was not good for UK. They were the beneficiary of several of his defensive meltdowns and poor play calling. It should be a close game and the fact that it's a UK home game could make all the difference.
Smith is way more woke than Mayne. At espn that will always be the deciding factor. I don't watch that network except for a few games and I used to love sportscenter. Now it's wokecenter.
The woke crowd doesn't like the fact that colin kaepernick can't get another chance at disruption so Tim Tebow is the perfect target, white and Christian.
Who cares if Tim Tebow is trying out or not? For crying out loud.
Google up the definition of "sarcasm"and you may understand his use of Dizney.
NIL will change college football as we know it. It will be all about the money with rich boosters paying players via lucrative endorsement deals. This is truly Pandora's box.
Don't let your moms know you're on the Internet again. She'll take your xbox away.
The depth of many teams was tested at the end of last season. The hogs had it about the worst but Mizzou suffered as well. Georgia curbed stomped us in the second to last game and the players we so beat up we had Sean Robinson, our starting qb in the first two games, playing significant minutes in the defensive backfield in the last game.
I like Cuonzo Martin as a person but he can't recruit or coach worth squat. If Mizzou tanks this coming season he's gotta go. His team this year collapsed at the end and most of the good players who didn't graduate transferred out. He's picked up several average no names in the transfer portal like this guy but no decent big man and he's missed on all the good players coming out of St Louis.
espn is really a social justice network masquerading as a sports network. The only time I watch espn is when an SEC game I like is on there.
In a meritocracy if you’re good enough you’ll get a shot. Good luck to him
Too bad for you this is a football article. We love beating your lousy football team. Maybe if you get enough Mizzou transfers your team will have a chance this coming season....not going to happen.
Remind me when is the first game of 2021 is again? I’m so tired of these articles
Agree with you on that one. We haven’t had a group of standout wr’s since 2013.
That surprised me as well. He’s got several friends on the Mizzou team and Mookie Cooper, another St. Louis kid, transferred from OSU and it looks like he will start. I know Coach Drink has been in contact with this kid but what can you do?
Kansas is a nightmare job. I feel sorry for this guy.
We like Arky. We like the Mizzou battle line trophy too.
Ok no problem. You keep disrespecting Mizzou and we'll keep beating you. Mizzou looks forward to playing arky just like we look forward to playing Vandy. Except Vandy is tougher.
JV, what makes him say that? History, Barry Odom as d coordinator, your qb. the Mizzou QB, the Mizzou D coordinator, etc.
LOL, we beat you with your wonderkid d coordinator choking in the last minute like he did regularly at Mizzou. He guarantees us a win every year.
LOL we beat you for the 6th straight time. We've renamed the trophy the Mizzou battle line trophy because we own it.