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Stidman couldn't carry Lock's water bottle. What kind of "reporter" would not rank the SEC's all time TD leader as the #1 qb in the conference? Stavig is a Whiskey Connoisseur, Beer Enthusiast according to his twitter account so I guess that answers that question.
K State is a classy school. Not like Kansas, Texas, or Oklahoma.
Mizzou already beat the Texas Bowl Rodeo. "Mizzou Football defeated Texas, 4-3, in the Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Rodeo Bowl Saturday evening, rallying from down 3-0 to win the best-of-seven contest, 4-3. Similar to how it performed this season, Mizzou rallied to win the final four events to claim the victory. Since the inception of the Rodeo Bowl, nine of the 11 teams to win the Rodeo Bowl won the actual Texas Bowl." We're a cinch to win the game now!
Mizzou is playing in Houston and the cheapest airfare is $400 rt. I get the SEC set up all these bowls but they would draw big numbers of Mizzou fans if their bowl game was in Memphis or Nashville.
How do you know it's "bad advice" if a team tells him they will draft him early? And I don't believe Lock is telling Odom anything. Odom's not going to pick an OC just to please Lock. Odom's going to pick an OC that best suits Mizzou.
"Lock says he’s still considering going to the NFL based on “other things” he’s heard." I take that to mean some scouts have told him he's still got first or high second round potential.
1. Don't kick the football directly to their return man. 2. Cover their receivers. 3. Rush the passer. 4. Remember to tackle the ball carrier. 5. Come into the game ready to play. Texas is a good team.
"Biggest overachiever: It’s probably Shurmur. While a 4-star guy doesn’t sound like an underachiever, he certainly merits being ranked above the majority of the QBs ahead of him." Hey Joe, do you smoke crack before you write stuff like this? Drew Lock is the biggest over achiever in this group. It's not even close. He was selected first team and broke the TD pass record.
Auburn's gonna take care of business. UCF is gonna regret all this trash talk.
The only schools that get real play here are Bama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. It is what it is. You'll have to look elsewhere for your information., Kc Star, Columbia Trib and Missourian, plus I thought with UT being so bad they wouldn't get the love but they ended up getting more both before and after they selected their HFC.
This guy coached one of the worst O-lines in the FBS. What was Odom thinking?!
Terry Beckner is staying for another year but he's definitely a better DT prospect than Taven Bryan, DT, Florida. More sacks and more production. Not even close.
Jalen Hurts is not even the best qb on his team. Total fail.
Agreed on the NFL grade but I believe he'll be gone as well.
Anyone who would put Jalen Hurts anywhere on this list shows his lack of football knowledge, bias, or both.
You know who should be a better football writer? YOU!
Jalen Hurts is NOT a Heisman caliber player. Lock is the best QB in the SEC and will be next year if he stays.
Tigurr you nothing but a poser. DD2-style. Go away troll.
Finding another receiver to go with Ridley wasn't the problem with Alabama's passing attack. With Bama's recruiting prowess you would think they could find a qb more like AJ McCarron. Jalen Hurts is only an average qb.
Crist, we're just pointing out that with Mizzou having one of the better o-lines in the country none of their players were selected for post season honors. Maybe 10 players from one team being selected is earned or maybe not but it's odd that Missouri was overlooked. This same site kept making Jalen Hurts the #1 QB in the conference week in and week out as well.
Last year the posers were saying he got all his yards against inferior competition. This year Drew threw TD's at will against most everybody including 4 on UGA.
Tigurr-DD2, go away troll. Worry about UGA's game with OK
Drew Lock can make every pass you Mizzou poser. Only someone who is totally immature would make up fake names just to rip another team like DD2