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builtby, I read your post again and just want you to know that I'm frustrated that meritocracy is applied only in certain situations. That being said I no long follow or watch the nfl or the nba. These people want diversity virtually everywhere but not in sports. I call bs.
ozark you are the most laughed at person here next to your brother, cousin, nephew willybob.
I don't know about you but I want the the best doctor when I need surgery not someone who got into medical school because of a quota. If my house is on fire I want the most qualified candidate carrying me out of the house not someone for who the standard was lowered so they could get in. When a fighter pilot is engaged with the enemy I want the best possible person in that plane. I could go on and on. I hate discrimination of any kind but I sense you're advocating for it unless it's sports. Totally wrong thinking.
I thought Cam showed amazing restraint overall. I don't know what I would have said in that situation.
Some of you UF and UGA fans are such children. You all like to rip Mizzou fans but you're the WORST bunch of back and forth name callers.
Why should anyone be surprised at what these people do?
Go back to the 1950's and McCarthyism. Same stuff. Just to be accused of being a commie meant your were screwed.
So you're saying if a person has earned great grades and lots of academic and community service they should be admitted to a college over someone whose grades and achievements are not so good? If that's the case, I really like this "true meritocracy" thing you're talking about. And I guess that means if there's a physical standard for a job a person shouldn't be accepted if they can't meet that standard. Is that what you're saying? I really like meritocracies. How do we apply them across the board with jobs, school admissions, etc?
Sometimes, you should just leave people alone. It's his dream not yours and you don't have the right to tell him what to do.
I will say this. Huepel wore out Mizzou's defense when he was there. The offense would go 3 and out in like 10 seconds. Some games were miserable to watch.
This uniform looks pretty good. Congrats on getting it right.
I just don't see how Kentucky could lose to arkansas of all teams.
Two things: 1. This guy can hit. 2. He can return punts and kickoffs. Mizzou needs this skill badly.
Zoucat, why are you bringing that up? I didn’t see any Bama fans here whining about losing on a bad call. The Tide has a great bb team this year and Mizzou was fortunate to get away with a win.
Congratulations to Peyton Manning. He earned and deserved his induction into the PFHOF.
The best thing about college bb is the tournament at the end that removes all doubt who the best team is.
Maybe we can get you a towel for the crying you're doing. #playbetter.
It's not as bad as the hurricane in Louisiana that sent the LSU team to play their football game in Columbia. You take the good with the bad or you can whine about it like you do.
Ozarkian is just trying to stir up stuff. He knows his team can’t compete with Mizzou. Go back to Hot Springs little guy and get some steam to clear your brain. You got nothing.
That was an incredible run by Bama but it wasn’t enough.