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I saw one of their games recently and I thought Vandy played better vs Mizzou
Syracuse would have a hard time beating Vandy. They are awful.
Totally agree. I'm grateful he's decided to play the entire season.
I agree with Booches. Daniels at 6th? How is that possible? He’s played two games against about the worst pass defenses in the SEC.
If Franks has a good day it will be tough for Mizzou to win. He can be a game changer.
Actually, Mizzou has 3 games to play. Arky, UGA, and MSU.
Imo, could go either way. On the plus side for Arky is your d and the rest of the team could play lights out for Odom. On the plus side for Mizzou they're almost back to full strength on both oline and dline. Plus the game is in como.
Bazelak's gonna whoop their butts on Sat as well. That pink cloud over Pittman will be gone.
I could never understand how Bilema could do such a good job at Wisconsin and fall flat on his face at Arkansas.
Former Mizzou qb Chase Daniel has thrown 231 NFL passes and made nearly $34 million doing it. He is the GOAT for back up qbs. Plus he's got a Super Bowl ring.
Here's from Dave Matter's recap of the Missouri oline: "Welcome back, Borom and Delgado. What a difference it makes having two of your five best blockers back on the field. Borom has been Mizzou’s top-graded lineman all year and his return made a difference to the naked eye and on the grade card. Borom had the day’s best pass-blocking grade (80.8) and nearly delivered another clean sheet: On 40 pass plays, he allowed no sacks, no hits and just one pressure, his first allowed all season. Delgado, too, produced a strong pass-blocking grade (79.6). Not a great grade pass protection grade for Powell (23.4), who was tagged for three pressures allowed. Maietti was MU’s only player with a run-blocking grade in the 70s (70.6). Back to Borom. Here’s a sign of how important he is on the right side of the line: Mizzou ran to holes on the right side of Maietti 20 times on Saturday for 126 yards for a strong 6.3 yards-per-carry average. For the season, Borom has been on the field for 364 snaps, including 190 pass plays and has allowed just one pressure. If those numbers are accurate and widely distributed around the league, he should be a first-team All-SEC tackle. Among SEC starting tackles, Borom has the SEC’s best pass-blocking grade (85.5) and ranks sixth in run-blocking (75.4)." Bazelak's two best games were the games where he had the #1 oline. It's not a coincidence. Bazelak completed 29 of 33 passes for 81.1% Does anyone really care if they were short or long passes? I find it hard to believe a true fan would find anything to complain about. Yikes!
The fact that Borom and Delgado are back made an incredible difference in the offense a fact that some people just can't seem to grasp. Barring injuries or CV Mizzou wins this game.
hogs record vs Mizzou is 3-8 so keep disrespecting us.
He threw for over 300 yards and his completion percentage was awesome. He only played 3 quarters. The team score 31 points while he was in command. Yea, Most people would say he got his mojo back.
You could be right. I'll try not to sound like boo or wolf!
There's at least is a semblance of a rivalry this year. I hope it's a good game. BO was not a good HC but he is a great DC. Coach Drink is proving to be a great HC and OC. Should be a fun game with lots of emotion on both sides. Go Tigers!
What are they gonna do when Tim Corbin retires?
I really thought Sarah Fuller would give Mason at least one more season. Really surprising. This is the 4th or 5th coach who's been fired after losing to Mizzou. You better win Kirby......
bulitbybama, what's cringy is your bigoted use of the word redneck. Vandy will still be an eyesore.
I thought Sarah Fuller and the free positive publicity would get him at least one more year. I'll eat crow on this one. Pass the salt and pepper.