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No, just telling it like it is. I just think he’s a good college qb and the best proven starter in the SEC.
Where's the hot babe beauty contestant meme? Bait and switch
I won’t ever forget when espn had their cameras on at former Mizzou D-end Michael Sam’s house. When he was picked at the end of the 7th round in the nfl draft they captured that special moment when he kissed his boy friend.
Broncos win last week if Jeudy doesn't drop two passes. He was wide open. He killed the team.
I like Bama and -22. Unless Mizzou finds some o-linemen they're in for a rough day. 45-3 unless some linemen appear.
Too bad Franks got hurt and lost his starting job.
If the Mizzou OL can even play decent they could win 4 games. But the noise coming out of scrimmages says multiple sacks for the D. Not a good sign. However, Felipe Franks has never done well vs Mizzou and he won't have UF players around him. No way Arky wins this season.
He beat South Carolina which UGA lost to, lost to UGA by a touchdown, was responsible for 29 touchdowns. Fromm, whom I consider a great SEC qb, had 24 td's in 2 more games. His stats are better than most of the swag players on this list. Soooo... yeah, he earned his swag. 9 wins is pretty good.
Another hit piece by a nobody writer. Who know if any of this is true. The fact is Tebow led the team to the playoffs and won the first game then couldn't find a job because of his beliefs. The NFL will let you if if you're a killer(Ray Lewis), wife beater or drug user but not if you have faith.
Hey lib, you going to join the next riot, I mean peaceful protest?
I think winning carries it's own swag. Trask is a winner.
I have to disagree zoucat. Saban is one of the greatest of all time. He's a dominant coach and recruiter and the best of this era. Plus, he's not done yet.
Hey Mike, did your football team ok the new Mississippi state flag yet?
Barry took a 9 win team to 6 wins last season. His players loved him but he couldn’t coach at all. Lost a lot games because of poor in-game decisions.
You’re a troll bacon. Your team’s been at the bottom so long it’s hard to remember they were ever good. Zero SEC wins in multiple YEARS says it all. Try the Sunbelt. Arky may be able to win there.
He probably thought he was going to sit on the bench so he opted out. I wish him luck.
arky's real goal should be to win one game.
What difference does it make? They should wear red and white dresses. arky hasn't won an SEC game in what...5 years?
So...when's the last time arky won an SEC game? Hahaha!
Any CF Coach that doesn't walk with his players is not going to be a coach for long. Like it or not, these coaches have to march and kneel and whatever.