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Adam, thanks for the fantasy piece. Mizzou has no defense. They can't tackle, cover, or rush the passer. They may only win two games this season. Odom is an effing disaster. Watching this fool Odom makes me really appreciate the job Pinkel did with 2 and 3 star players.
Maybe a better discussion is you don't post anymore.
Hey dipstick. Pinkel's record at Mizzou is 118–73. Speaking of babbling.....
I know that he won't be fired but this is sooooo difficult to watch.
I wish Odom would have burned his contract instead. He destroys the Mizzou football program and then asks for more time to rebuild it. Fire this fool.
Fromm put the ball on the money to mostly wide open receivers. There was a spectacular catch by one of the UGA receivers in a corner of the end zone but Mizzou may have the worst defense in the country. Barry Odom must go. Good luck in the SECCG to all Dawg fans. I don't see anyone stopping Georgia at this point.
UGA played a great game in front of a terrific crowd. One of the best sports experiences I ever had. UGA is a really good fb team but it's hard to tell if the Dawgs are Alabama good because most of the SEC east teams go from bad to really bad. I was surprised Missouri put up 21 first half points but it did make for a great game for 30 minutes. Missouri's defense can't tackle, cover, or rush the passer. Other than that they're pretty good(sarcasm). Kirby Smart made the adjustment at halftime and the bleeding stopped. Barry Odom HAS GOT TO GO! Here's hoping the Georgia wins the SECCG and both teams go to the playoffs. It would be nice to see the east champion win for a change.
Thanks to Barry Odom the Dawgs had a light scrimmage on Saturday.
Mizzou's defense can't tackle, cover receivers, or rush the passer. Other than that they're fantastic. Odom can' be fired soon enough.
Jake Fromm is a good QB but Mizzou's pass defense is so bad that anyone could have looked like Tom Brady on Saturday. I went to the game and Missouri has it's worst defense in 25 years. Georgia receivers were running wide open all night. To his credit, Fromm made it look easy hitting the free running, unattended wideouts in stride. There was an incredible UGA TD catch in the corner of the end zone in the first half but many of Fromm's passes were to wideouts who were in the open. Barry Odom can't be fired soon enough for me.
Pinkel was a great coach. He did more with less than any coach in Mizzou history. Only an ignorant putz would rip Pinkel.
This mess isn't on Pinkel. Don't even go there.
I guess this kid needs an understanding about how many W's are in the alphabet. Not too happy with Mizzou's performance this year but they actually do have one win this season.
J'Mon is nowhere near a typical 20 year old. He's a punk and he deserves every bit of criticism that comes his way.
J'mon "Hands up don't catch" Moore is a trouble making choke artist. He was one the the protest leaders and his only consistency as a player is how he always seems to drop key passes.
shawnfenn,dkheads like you don't deserve any respect. Go take your whiny protesting snowflake azz to Ferguson.
UGA is going to curb stomp Mizzou. Barry Odom has taken this program to depths not seen in twenty years. He has destroyed whatever positive momentum Mizzou has ever had since joining the SEC. He can't be fired quick enough for me. He is a terrible coach.
The video should have been about Barry Odom's coaching career being crushed like a bug by a bull dog.
Well zoucat, you got one thing right, you are an idiot. You're a double idiot if you voted for Hillary.
J'Mon "hands up don't catch" Moore couldn't get out of bounds and in typical whiny protestor fashion, blames someone else. He sucks and I can't wait until he's gone. He's done more to harm this program both on and off the field than any player in the history of Missouri football. Good riddance.
The tackling was bad throughout the game which has zero to do with how much time the offense stays on the field plus the special teams, except for the punter Fatony, are awful. Mizzou's offense showed up for the first time since the opener but the play calling was awful again. How many 2 yard passes to the wide outs were there. Odom has got to go. He's a total train wreck.
When Mizzou got their brains beat in by Auburn a couple of weeks back SEC commissioner Slive was there with the Missouri AD. By halftime the fans were already heading for the door. Odom is toast. Mizzou can't afford any more of his "rebuilding".
And it's J'Mon Moore once again screwing Mizzou first with him leading the protests and then with his always screwing up in critical moments. It's not the referee who is to blame.
The highlight this weekend will be watching the best player on the team punt.....
There's no way Mizzou's scoring 20 points vs UK.The Mizzou receiver's new motto is: "Hands up, don't catch" led by butter fingers himself J'Mon Moore.
I didn't see it a race baiting at all. He stated a point and YOU made it about race.
Politics has nothing to do with tackling and catching the football.
Mizzou's wideouts led by J'Mon Moore have come up with a new motto:"Hands up, don't catch."