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aggierider, you must not be old enough to remember the backstabbing low life texas that has destroyed conferences, formed their own network and with total arrogance on top of it. Actually, texas is currently destroying the big12 by going behind the other member's backs and convincing OU the SEC is the land of milk and honey. They only care about themselves and will connive and backstab to get what they want.
Unclenutz, can you imagine an SEC team forming their own network? Texas is so full of themselves that if they win a natty in the SEC they will try and take over the conference. They will disrupt and connive pitting schools against each other. Backstabbing arrogance like you've never seen. You don't know what you're in for.
Texas and their boosters have the most money and they're not afraid to spend it.
Maybe you should shut your pie hole.
9mmDave, You've been critical of Mizzou a lot but I want to tell you that being in the same conference with Bama has been a joy(except when you're beating us). Bama and a lot of SEC programs are so good and they mostly root for each other in non-con. games. The SEC is awesome. I'm hoping Coach Drink sticks around for a few years and builds Mizzou so we can play with the established programs. I never felt this way in the b12. What a crap conference because texas made it that way.
I would like a grass field as well but Mizzou says the climate in como won't cooperate. Don't know if that's true but that's what they say.
glad, no, it's not everyone outside MO. It's just some of the longtime crybaby whiners here who get after each others schools like they're a bunch of 4th graders. It' the tired, lame "Mizzou doesn't belong" bs. We're a gritty school from a mostly conservative, blue collar state that's already had some success in the SEC and has spent hundreds of millions upgrading facilities. You should be welcoming us not insulting. We are also only one of four Association of American Universities in the conference(only 60 in the US). When aTm and Mizzou joined we doubled that number for the SEC. We love the SEC and we're here to stay. If you want to get rid of a school that doesn't belong try Vandy.
Stingley did not play well last season and doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Btw, Trajan Jeffcoat was first team SEC and is poised to have a great year but is ignored by the same ole same ole writers at sds.
What do you mean “learn”? Your school is a leader at that.
This Houston knucklehead is your typical tu fan. No class and no sense.
I’d rather have Ohio State than texas. It’s funny to write it but wouldn’t the Sooners and Buckeyes be great in the SEC? West Mizzou aTm Oklahoma LSU Ole Miss State Vandy Arky East Bama UGA UF UT Ohio State Auburn SC UK
He has no culture. Just another whiny crybaby.
Can’t wait to play your sorry ass team again.
Auburn is in the toughest division in college football. Anything can happen.
True that. But at least it’s some kind of college football discussion.
Bamalife, I agree with you. LSU was not very good on defense last year. Even with a healthy Brennan is their d going to be good enough to win big games?
I agree with hillbilly. If the QB steps up Mizzou and others will have a tough time beating the hogs.
Huepel’s going to bring some offense to UT. I just hope your d can hold up being on the field 40 minutes per game because his offenses go fast whether they score or not.
I don’t know what happened to Tennessee. They completely controlled the lines of scrimmage vs Mizzou and totally dominated the game. But it was all downhill for UT after that game. Mizzou started Sean Robinson at qb and he was not the answer and was replaced soon after. That’s not why we lost to the vols though. I couldn’t believe the difference between the team Mizzou played and the Vols team I saw the rest of the year. I really thought UT was going to challenge UGA but it was not to be.