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Missouri Tiger fan.
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I am going to this game and I'm really looking forward to the experience. People have said Neyland and the Vol fans make it one of the best venues in cf. Any suggestions on where to park so I'm not caught in a 2 hour traffic jam at the end of the game?
DD2, once again you show your lack of knowledge. You're an embarrassment to the uga fans who post here. You're like the Wolfman of Georgia.
You're really that uga fan DD2. You are an a-hole. Everyone here knows what you're about.
Wolf is a retired guy with nothing else to do but troll sds site. Drives me crazy.
Kansas is the worst program in D1 football. They are truly a basketball school. I wouldn't be surprised if the bb hc Bill Self would have to approve the hiring of a football hc.
I think Mullen will beat FSU. They and their coach are truly horrible.
If Florida had a decent qb it would have been a much closer game.
The 2018 Bama team is one of the greatest teams in the history of cf. If Tua stays healthy there is no stopping them. The guys on the SEC network called it when they said, "Alabama just destroyed the #3 team in the country and there is a huge gap between Alabama and every other team." I hope they sweep and crush all the remaining teams. It's fun to watch.
Del Rio wasn't any better than Franks. He's the one that should stay off twitter. I'm glad that Mullen didn't have Will Grier as his qb last Sat.
Felipe Franks was the difference in the game with Mizzou. He's not a D1 qb.
Felipe Franks is a horrible qb. How on earth did uf beat LSU? It just doesn't seem possible.
Hey WarEaglePoisionedTree U. You need a running game very very badly.
I agree with Adam. This team is plenty good enough to win 10 games. The coaching staff failed them. Let's hope these "in-over-their-head" coaches don't cost Mizzou any more wins.
So you keep crying and whining about this site yet here you are......
Tua is the best player in CF. If he could declare for the draft he would be the #1 OAP.
Dr Sunny. It’s not the losses to sc and uk but the poor coaching that caused those losses.
Hugh Freeze would be the only one from these 3 Mizzou should consider. Unfortunately, Mizzou’s win over Florida probably saved Odom’s job at least for this year. Dumbest coaching staff in SEC.
Florida was exposed by Mizzou. We shut down the run and forced Felipe to beat is.
I don’t see how Florida, without a qb, could be ranked at all. I am very grateful we have Lock. I’m not so sure about Odom. He’s cost us at least two wins this year and he has zero answer for who is qb will be next year.
Kansas is a garbage job. They are total football bottom feeders. The basketball program is all about cheating to get the best players.
You’re just another bs loser big 10 fan. After the Buckeyes beat Michigan that conference will be shut out again from the bowl championship.
Odom's lack of game smarts negates the 7 point betting line.
LSU is a great team but Bama is in a different universe. That being said, they still gotta play the games.