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Will someone at SDS delete this spam/troll account? HarrietteKatheryne
He's a good player and we're glad to have him back.
Over the last couple of days Mizzou lost two o linemen who weren't going to see a lot of playing time. The new o line coach is rumored to be bringing in an impact player or two. I wish these guys luck.
I bet it fries her cookies that Caitlin Clark is white and she's the player who was most responsible for beating her team. No wonder her press conference was all about race. What a total hypocrite dawn staley is.
AR was choke city whenever the pressure was on. Without a doubt he has all the tools but he never did well enough as a starter to actually warrant this type of attention.
If a white coach did what she did to BYU they would be fired. #blackdacity.
Did dawn staley ever apologize to BYU? Did she reschedule the game she cancelled?
When someone starts the "book ban" lie they've opened up that door....
I usually root for any SEC team when they're playing a non-SEC team but I just don't know if I'll ever be able to cheer for Texas. They are so selfish and brag all the time. You all will see when their fans find this site. IMO, they'll ruin it for everyone.
Well, until someone beats Cook he will be the starter. So imo, that makes him the favorite.
You normally have inciteful and intelligent posts. But what's with you and knocking Pinkel all the time? He was a great Mizzou coach with multiple 10 win seasons and a sht-ton of high draft picks. Heck, some of his players are STILL playing in the NFL. You don't know what you're talking about when you slam Pinkel.
Pretty sure Texas will take care of upping their game. It looks like Mizzou has a big time coach as well.
Miller shooting 3 for 19 was a back breaker. He wasn't the only reason they lost but he's the best player in the conference and the leader of this team on the floor. When he goes ice cold like that it infects the psyche of the team. I really wanted Bama to win. Meanwhile future SEC team Texas is kicking butt. I don't like Texas'arrogance but they will make the SEC better in basketball.
Mizzou lost most of their players at the end of last season with a new coach coming in. It turned out to be a good thing.
He was so key that Mizzou had one of the worst O-lines in cf last season. Key to the outhouse maybe.
I'm pulling for the Hogs to win it all! S-E-C! S-E-C! It just means more.
I'm pulling for the Vols to win it all! S-E-C! S-E-C! It just means more.
I had to rewrite this because of censorship. Duke will always be favored by the press. They don’t lose the other team must have cheated(sarcasm). Ever since their lacrosse team was vilified by the libe rals at Duke and elsewhere for a fake se xual assault charge their teams seem to get a pass by the media. Without Coach K they will fade out of the limelight.
We picked up a talented receiver from Oklahoma troll boy. But you need to be paying attention to understand that......
The Vols are playing lights out in bb. Hope they win it all.
This time of year your best players have to show up. Brown and Hodge did he first game. They have a great chance going forward as long as these two do what the do best.
Cook is a fighter so don't be surprised if he wins the starting nod this season.
Wilks leaving was the best thing that happened to Mizzou. He is such a lousy coach.