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It was a great season for LSU and as a fan a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations to LSU nation.
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Burrow had 3+ NFL receivers to throw to as well and a running back that couldn't be stopped.
Kuligowski was a big reason the D was so good while Steck was DC.
Jarrett Guarant-something. You remember him right? Whatever happened to the next Payton Manning?
There's always some jerk who tries to take a cool fun moment and ruin it.
OSU was robbed of the chance to play in the ncg. The Clemson receiver took three steps and was trying to break away when he fumbled. Embarrassing for SEC officiating.
I have zero sympathy for OU. For years they ran up the score on teams just for the rankings. Up by 40 points and still throwing the ball in the 4th quarter.
Did any of these other 4 guys face the level of competition that JB has? Doubtful. He's got some incredible receivers helping him as well. Perfect storm. Congratulations to LSU and their fans. One more to go!
It would be great to have a real rival. Hopefully Arkansas can actually play decent enough to be a challenge. 2020 is probably going to be their chance with a lot of the better players graduating or leaving Mizzou early. I really liked BO as our head coach but he lost so many games he should have won. The losses this season to Wyoming, Vandy, and UT were especially frustrating. Good luck Coach Odom against everyone but Mizzou.
Football and sports in general used to be an escape for me. I loved watching Chris Berman on Sportscenter saying, "He could go all the way." But then things changed..... ESPN just can't leave social issues alone. They want to school us on what to believe and what behaviors we have to view. This also includes some of their on air personalities telling me who to vote for! On a sports network! WTH! The final straw for me was when Michael Sam was drafted as one of the last players in the NFL draft, ESPN was there with their cameras to capture the moment Sam kissed his bf. I have nothing against any lifestyle but I watch sports to watch SPORTS and hear about SPORTS. I don't care what your lifestyle is but it's not an athletic event. Also, get ready for Colin Kaepernick to call some games on ESPN after he's done suing the NFL.
Stop being an Adam Spencer troll. Your life must be pretty boring.
I would have preferred Coach Drink would hire Kuligowski.
What a difference an unselfish classy star athlete can make. Too bad Kaepernick and the rest of the the selfish clowns don't get it.
Have you been drinking? I was trying to make sense of what you wrote then it became obvious.
Says the ut troll with the worst coach, AD, and football program in the sec.
Isn't that what Arkansas said? Look at the disaster that's turned into. Is Mizzou next?
Adam, Odom should have been given one more year. Mizzou's not a destination job and it will be extremely hard to hire someone with as much passion for the school as Odom. Mizzou had some horrendous injuries this season. My biggest knock on Odom is he's too loyal to subpar assistants.
It’s sad because the players on this team need the structure football gives them. Let the kids practice and play the last two games albeit with a new coach. The school administration overreacted on this one.
But to upset Florida and UGA I’m not so sure.
I would have thought that as well but losing Cale Garrett at LB was a huge loss. They were not the same defense. They still played well but to Florida and UGA not so sure. Our only hope against Florida would be for Franks to come back.
You saying KB should get the NFL out of his mind is nonsense. Stop your pontificating like you somehow know what he's capable of and what the NFL is looking for in a player. You're not an NFL scout or an expert at anything. You're more irritating than Wolfman.
Bryant's a natural born leader. He played a great game vs OM. On the last drive on 4th down he was the difference pushing the pile to get a first down and end the game. Don't believe me, go watch the replay. He's a senior learning a new system with new teammates and he's doing very well. I love watching him play at a high level and learn at the same time. Unfortunately for you Mizzou can't score a touchdown every time they have the ball. Besides, it was the defense that put this game in doubt. Bryant did more than enough to win it.