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wolfman, anytime you see mike5675 go after him. He's a troll and deserves everything he gets from you and others.
mike5675, You're really DD2 the uga troll who made fun of a Mizzou player's dad who had cancer aren't you? He came on almost all Mizzou threads with negative nonsense just like you.
The Rebs looked amazing in game one. I hope they bring home the natty. SEC!
Why anyone would go to fsu is beyond me when they could play in the SEC.
Kelly's a great coach and should do better at LSU than ND. Look for LSU to compete every year for a natty under Coach Kelly. This is a win for LSU.
I would like to see Mizzou take the money they spend on wrestling and put it into baseball. Wrestling is a low prestige sport even if Mizzou does finish top 10 every year. Unless you're winning natty's in wrestling don't waste the money.
Flip Pressey was the best college passer I ever saw play. I hope he can teach that to the Mizzou players.
tigurr, You must have been sleeping during that period. Pinkel quit because of health issues. Go back an look. He was not fired.
I bet he's getting $5 million guaranteed. If there's one thing texas has it's money.
This is just the beginning. Unless they can somehow put the genie back in the bottle cf as we know it is going to change forever. If teams like Mizzou, Arkansas, Miss State, Ole Miss, etc think they were at a disadvantage before it's nothing compared to what will happen now. If Texas needs a kicker their boosters will go buy one away from some other team etc.
texas must be talking big money. $3 million, $4 million?
Don't count out Josh Heipel in the natty chase. The guy can coach offense and Tenn will get him the quality recruits.
The hogs looked loose and relaxed the entire game. They are for real and if they keep playing like this no one will beat them. Congrats!
The problem with Arkansas being a rival is most people in both states like each other. If Mizzou returns to being competitive in basketball maybe we can start a rivalry with Arky but don't think so. I think KY would be a good rival in football maybe. I still hate kansas.
Softball is the best of all female sports. Very similar to baseball but with it's own twists and much faster moving than baseball. Quality of play at the D1 level is highest in the world. I love watching a woman throw a 70 mph fastball that's moving all over. But to each his own. I don't think much of golf so there's that.
Daniels should have chosen Mizzou. He won't start at LSU. Too much talent in the QB room.
His accuracy is good but picks are not. Good luck.
Abby Steiner can fly! I've watched some of the SECTC and she just dominates.
After last season Tennessee hired Mizzou’s hitting coach away from the Tigers. It was so sweet that Mizzou shut out the Lady Vols! Hahaha!
I thought Glenn was writing about the Missouri Tigers? "The Wildcats hit .334 during the regular season, 2nd in the SEC only to Arkansas (.343)."
Softball is one of my favorite sports. Good job Mizzou!
Ron is really the UGA troll DD2. You remember him don’t you? Making fun of players father who had cancer. Look at his posts. He’s hiding like the low bottom troll he is.
If Texas gets him $10 million in NIL money why wouldn’t he go there? He’s going to be rich before he ever takes a snap in college football.
He should go wherever he gets the most NIL money. I’m betting aTm has a wheelbarrow filled with cash that has his name on it.
Hey ron, I think the ncaa came down pretty hard on Penn St who is definitely a "blue blood"