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It’s sad because the players on this team need the structure football gives them. Let the kids practice and play the last two games albeit with a new coach. The school administration overreacted on this one.
But to upset Florida and UGA I’m not so sure.
I would have thought that as well but losing Cale Garrett at LB was a huge loss. They were not the same defense. They still played well but to Florida and UGA not so sure. Our only hope against Florida would be for Franks to come back.
You saying KB should get the NFL out of his mind is nonsense. Stop your pontificating like you somehow know what he's capable of and what the NFL is looking for in a player. You're not an NFL scout or an expert at anything. You're more irritating than Wolfman.
Bryant's a natural born leader. He played a great game vs OM. On the last drive on 4th down he was the difference pushing the pile to get a first down and end the game. Don't believe me, go watch the replay. He's a senior learning a new system with new teammates and he's doing very well. I love watching him play at a high level and learn at the same time. Unfortunately for you Mizzou can't score a touchdown every time they have the ball. Besides, it was the defense that put this game in doubt. Bryant did more than enough to win it.
"What course is that part of? Sensationalism 101?" said Wolfman 2
I’m just glad it’s not Mizzou playing UGA this Saturday. Kentucky’s going to wish they weren’t there either.
Good post but Bryant is a better passer and leader than Franklin, who was a great player in his own right.
The first comment below the video was "Bama's next kicker." LOL!
I'm afraid I agree with antidevelian this time. Mizzou without Garrett on D was not the same and only a couple of plays from very possibly losing vs OM. Besides, this is Mizzou and whenever they get close to doing something special they blow a tire.
Hey bootlicker, you wrote, "Also, just because Mizxou has dominated some bad Florida teams". I guess you weren't paying attention. Last years UF team won 10 games. Is that what you mean by a bad team? I would tell you to post on the Arky site but they're so pathetic I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy.
The best thing about USC winning is that 85% of the Dawg trolls have disappeared from this site. The worse thing is most of the ones that are left are still in denial.
I loved Lock's talent but KB is a gamer. No way we lose to Kentucky, USC, or Ok State with him at qb.
He's been great. 5-1 great. Stop being such a pessimist. Mizzou is having and will have a really good season.
This story was really well done. Fromm can't be a great QB if he doesn't have receivers who can get separation or a TE who is reliable. It's going to cost him but where is the so called recruiting prowess of KS?
I would put Orgeron ahead of Mullen. Trask has always been better than Franks and Mullen should have known it. Franks is very immature and doesn't do well in high pressure games. Trask was born for it.
Plumlee is an amazing athlete. After the game the Mizzou defense was on the field looking for their jock straps that Plumlee faked them out of.
I would take the Music City bowl in a heartbeat. It's only a four hour drive from St Louis and Nashville is a great place to go.
When the Crimson Tide marketing company or the Buckeye talent agency is created with the sole purpose of marketing a player's image and likeness and starts paying these 5 star recruits tens and hundreds of thousands for their autographs you'll be the first one complaining. Unless they figure out a way to keep the rich from getting richer this will be a nightmare for the middle of the road schools like USC and Mizzou.
I'm glad we have KB. He's not perfect but neither was Lock. With the game on the line I prefer Bryant's toughness, leadership, and winning attitude. You keep worrying and I'll keep watching him win.
I hope Franks recovers in a hurry. He needs to play Mizzou one more time.
I would much rather face Franks. When is he coming back?
Mizzou's D lost a lot of cohesiveness when Cale Garrett was injured. The guy was a maniac, a leader, and was always at the right time and place. Heck, he scored 3 td's in 5 games plus was the leading tackler. I really liked our chances vs florida but not so sure now.
I would take either in a heartbeat. Those two are amazing. I like Burrows toughness. Kind of reminds me of Brett Favre. Tua has all the tools and really like who he is as a person as well.