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Tigurr you nothing but a poser. DD2-style. Go away troll.
Finding another receiver to go with Ridley wasn't the problem with Alabama's passing attack. With Bama's recruiting prowess you would think they could find a qb more like AJ McCarron. Jalen Hurts is only an average qb.
Crist, we're just pointing out that with Mizzou having one of the better o-lines in the country none of their players were selected for post season honors. Maybe 10 players from one team being selected is earned or maybe not but it's odd that Missouri was overlooked. This same site kept making Jalen Hurts the #1 QB in the conference week in and week out as well.
Last year the posers were saying he got all his yards against inferior competition. This year Drew threw TD's at will against most everybody including 4 on UGA.
Tigurr-DD2, go away troll. Worry about UGA's game with OK
Drew Lock can make every pass you Mizzou poser. Only someone who is totally immature would make up fake names just to rip another team like DD2
Drew should come back but if he get's a high grade he will probably go. Also depends on which OC is selected.
Missouri didn't have a single offensive lineman earn first- or second-team honors even though the Tigers allowed the fewest tackles for loss in the nation and allowed the second-fewest sacks in the conference. Another notable omission was defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr., whose seven sacks leads all SEC interior linemen.
You may despise Moe but most of the Mizzou fans that I know don't. I don't think Freeze is the answer at this point.
I think, at this point, Hugh Freeze has way too much baggage for a school like Mizzou.
I think O-line coach Glen Elerbee is the real star of the offense. He turned a nothing line into one of the best in the country. Mizzou better pay him or risk losing him.
They have a right to play too. Coaches have been wrong about players in the past and they should be allowed to go to another program.
I hope the Dawg fans turn out in record #s and the team beats the snot out of OU. The problem with this story is they are quoting Kirk Herbstreit who is one of the least informed people in college football.
"Mullen off to promising start," I guess if you gator chop off the plane that's considered a promising start.
Leave Tennessee alone! They won the "Championship of Life" last year with all those "5 Star in Their Hearts" players. Unfortunately, their season ended up in their gray trashcan.
"2. Tennessee’s going to be just fine" UT and their fans are delusional. They remind me of Nebraska who were last good in the 90's. Mizzou is not Georgia or Bama but at least we know it.
Nice video. Let's kick the dog sh*t out of those Longhorns!
I wish the bowl was in Memphis or Nashville.
Let's go Tide and Dawgs! Make it an all-SEC final!
Let's go Aggies! Destroy WF!
Kirk Herbstreit is a joke. He's wrong almost all the time. He's like draft "guru" Mel Kiper, totally clueless.
Nebraska's fan base is as delusional as Tennesssee's. They think they're still relevant and this is the 90's.