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Your historical "low point" has lasted over a decade. I hope Tennessee recovers and is meaningful on a national stage but people like you need to stop trolling when your team is getting a beat down by most SEC teams year in and year out.
50-17 X 2. Will Mizzou get the trifecta this year against the "Champions of Life"? Probably. Oh...please bring back the trash can. It is so fitting to your football team.
You making fun of Mizzou QBs in the NFL. LOL! How many years have you been in the NFL? Whether the guy throws 50 or 5000 passes he's still been an NFL player for about 10 years and made over 20 million dollars doing it. Stop trolling and hope Mizzou doesn't put another 50 burger on your team.
As a qb James Franklin couldn't carry Drew's water bottle. Drew set the SEC record for TD's and had a great career. "When his favorite receiver who could open up the field was not there, he struggled." Duh.It's not his fault his receivers couldn't get open or win 50-50 balls against the better SEC defenses. And they were awful about dropping key pass after key pass. I'm glad he's going to get time to develop as a pro but you're clueless about his passing results at Mizzou. And Fangio his clueless about handling players.
Vic Fangio is a dumass. To publicly trash any player shows the guy’s not too smart. He stated Lock was under pressure all the time in college which is about as far from the truth as possible and he likes a QC to stand in the pocket and deliver strong overhand throws. Just about any team that faced the long ball from Lock will tell you he has a great overhand natural throw. Also Missouri had one of the highest rated o lines for not giving up sacks. Fangio needs to go back and watch some tape. Lock would have been better off with a team like Green Bay.
I know a lot of Mizzou fans who hate Kansas and would be OK if the rivalry resumed but not sure it ever will. It’s too bad because when it ended it was the second longest rivalry in college football and there was always a lot of excitement before during and after.
I'm with you. Mizzou's first year in the SEC we had James Franklin as our QB and he liked to run. Well, he got the snot kicked out of him and was knocked out of a few games. Mizzou had a bad season without an experienced QB. I hope KB doesn't have to run much.
I think Fox does a decent job but you are correct that Fox doesn’t have the resources of the social justice network.
I hate ESPN. Ever since they had a camera at 7th round draft pick Michael Sam's house so they could get him kissing his bf after he was drafted. I only watch the social justice network when I have to. I wish the SEC network would move to Fox.
Wolf, do you ever sit back and review before posting?
Mizzou showed last year that all you have to do is blitz Franks every play and he falls apart. Florida's got a great team but Franks is holding them back.
The big 12 conference is full of crybaby programs, Texas being the #1 selfish crybaby. They started their own sports network. They could care less about the other teams. The SEC is so awesome compared to the Texahoma conference.
Vert talented player. I hope he matures and shows the world how good he can be.
And you’re the same UGA troll that keeps changing names. Go away DD2.
UGA fan lDD2 is about as classless as it gets. He made fun of Mary Mauk’s Dad because he had cancer and he’s constantly berating other fan bases.
Let’s hope Tua recovers his mojo after his collapse in the NCG .
Frank's problem is not with his arm, it's with his decision making when he has the ball.
DD2, is "secer" your new name? You troll just like him.....
Two things: 1. I would be greatly surprised if UGA doesn't roll over all the teams in the SEC East. 2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jarrett Guarantano play last season. I believe he will continue playing at this level throughout his college career.
Burrow has a lot of grit to go along with his abilities. He is the 3rd best QB in the SEC.
Guarantano is not a good QB. He was exposed every time UT played someone with a decent pass rush or blitzed a lot.
Felipe Franks is not a good QB. 1. Jake Fromm 2. Tua 3. Joe Burrow 4. Kellen Mond 5. Kelly Bryant After the way Joe Burrow played against A&M how could he not be one of the best on this list?
UGA is not going to lose to Florida. UF doesn't have a QB.
Zousmc, take a look at mike0000's posts. He's a KU troll if ever I saw one.
mike 0000, you're a KU troll. Go away. Nothing you write is important.