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Shhh! We all need some football this fall.
Texas A&M at 4? Kellen Mond is pedestrian and if he hasn’t done anything by this time he never will. LSU has a brand new offense and coor. Georgia is going to do well.Florida just might win this year vs UGA.
Dooley’s gone in case you haven’t heard.
TrueLefty Mizzou does not have a quarterback and we have almost all new players on the O-line. I like Drink but he’s going to have to Show Me his offense can score with this group. Losing practice time to Covid is not good either. At least Arky has Franks even though he’s not that great.
I meant to do UT and Scar as a toss up. Jarrett Guarantano Is not a great or IMO even a good qb. In the two big losses to Mizzou over the last three years all Mizzou did was blitz him and he folded like a house of cards. If he has a good year TN could beat just about anyone. But I don’t think he has it in him.
Kellen Mond is severely over rated. Auburn at 9? And there’s no way LSU is #2. They lost almost their entire offense. LSU as a team will be great as usual but their offense will not be 2nd. Florida or Georgia will be second. Here’s my list: Vandy Mizzou or Arkansas Tennessee Scar TaM MSST Ole Miss Auburn Kentucky LSU UGA FLA Bama
I know deep down you're like a fly, you eat sht and bother people.
I'm betting that the SEC follows the B1G and plays all games in conference. Mizzou will have to get better in a hurry.
These are all great players. I hope we get to see them play.
Good story. Why isn’t SDS covering the Elite 11 QB camp going on now? Several SEC recruits participating.
Quick, go out and buy up all the Mississippi state flags because they'll be going away soon. Better get some pictures of statues that may be offensive as well. We wouldn't want you to forget your heroes.
Under Armour should just file bankruptcy. Clean the books and start over.
Hey DD3, looks like the state of Mississippi caved. You get to watch football and statues being toppled in your state. I hear the cowbells thing is racist and the players are going to strike if it isn't banned.
If Denario Alexander could give Mizzou another 1,781 receiving yard year I'd be all for that.
But turkey burger? He at least gets medallions of beef.
If Drink coaches a winning team this fall it will be one of the best coaching jobs in Mizzou history. He doesn’t have an established qb and not much of an o-line.
Too bad you won’t have a team this fall. Mississippi is not going to change their flag just to play football. I guess that means you’ll have to creep on everyone else's comment board. You should change your name to DD3
Coolest uniforms and football facilities. Other than that they had a few good seasons.
He’s a Mississippi State guy?! Hahaha! They’re not even going to have a team this year! Haha!
Did his mom ground him yet? She won’t let him sleep in the basement if he continues behaving like a child.
Young healthy people have a far better chance of being killed in a car wreck than dying from covid
I wonder how much the trial lawyer lobbyists paid, I mean donated, to these two. Deep state politics at its finest. IMO, without the waiver you can kiss college football goodbye. Total insanity.
DD2 stop hiding behind a different name. All your posts are anti-mizzou. You better watch out though. If your moms sees you on the Internet again she going to take your bicycle.
Pay no attention to this guy. All his posts are anti-mizzou. It's either the uga troll DD2 who made fun of Maty Mauk's dad when he had cancer or a KU troll. This is a low class guy for sure.
That’s not the woke liberal supremacist style. Once you mess up you’re done.