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I don't get Mizzou getting 9.5. They haven't done anything and I thought USC did a decent job vs #2 team in the country.
We'll find out what kind of season Mizzou is going to have on Saturday.
Trask looks like the real deal. He’s got a coolness under pressure that most great QB’s have.
The real first test on how Mizzou stacks up in the SEC will come this Saturday vs. USC. IMO, losing to Wyoming was a true bone-crusher that will haunt them all season. Btw, West Virginia put up 44 points on NC State. Don’t know if that means anything.
The NCAA responded to a law California is try to pass that would make CA universities pay going rate for playing. It’s a great response to what the CA lawmakers are trying to do.
Stork you are way wrong on Mizzou's offense. The defense couldn't get off the field because they didn't have the talent.
Moore was cut by Green Bay. Want to know why? Too many drops. lombardiave dot com/2019/08/13/packers-time-move-jmon-moore/
I'm not sure where to start with your post. You need to look up stats before you start Wolfman-posting. Jeremy Maclin played two years at Mizzou and Moore played four. Josh Heipel's offense certainly favored a balls-out passing attack. But even mentioning Maclin in the same sentence as Moore is pretty unbelievable. "...everything I’ve heard indicated he was trying to do the right, morally correct thing." Moore and the others, including spoiled rich kid Jonathan Butler, set Mizzou back years. Don't believe me just go look at the enrollment numbers mostly because of the actions of the football team and a few protesters. Moore was a big part of the reason the fb team voted to boycott. Most people watch sports to get away from this political nonsense. Football players are blessed to be able to use their gifts and get a free education but players like Moore make it all about themselves. As far as Moore's performance, he made as many key drops as he made key catches. He was awful on 50/50 balls and more than once had the ball ripped out of his hands. He also had a habit of disappearing whenever a decent db was lined up against him. Again, these are facts not ideas. If loving Mizzou means creating an atmosphere where Students don't want to go there and enrollment drops then you're right, Moore loved Mizzou. "Among the highlights of the 2015-16 school year are a record number of high-achieving students — those students who scored a 30 or higher on the ACT — a record retention rate, and the most diverse student body in MU’s history."--KC Star 2015. That all went away thanks to Jonathan Butler and the J'mon Moore led boycott. He's no hero and he wasn't a great player either.
Barry turned what was left of Pinkel’s team into a dumpster fire. He had plenty of help from a bunch of blmers as well, led by butter fingers himself J’Mon Moore. This years team is almost 100% HCBO. They lost to Wyoming and won against a team averaging less than two yards per carry. When they start beating SEC teams then I’ll be a believer. It could be worse....We could be Tennessee.
Here's something I found: "West Virginia has only 64 yards rushing in two games, ranking 129th out of 130 FBS teams. The Mountaineers are last with 1.14 yards per carry, and join Akron and South Florida as the only teams without a rushing touchdown." WV barely beat James Madison. Mizzou looked good but they weren't playing a good team.
Texas is the reason the Big 12 is in the state it's in and all those teams bailed. It's all about UT. The Longhorn Network. What crap that school is. Oklahoma's not far behind. Gotta love the SEC!
Let's see how Mizzou's defense does against USC. That's the game that's going to show if Mizzou's for real. I'm not sold on the DC or the defensive line.
He’s not doing better, he’s doing worse. Tennessee fans deserve more than this putz of a coach. Constantly belittling his QB in front of the entire team. UT will be lucky to win one game this year.
A fool and his money are soon parted. Just ask Alen Iverson who made over $200 million and is now broke.
Beckham is a cancer. I wonder how long it takes for the Browns to get rid of him.
Texas ruined the big12. I’m so glad they got whipped by LSU. Geaux Tigers!
Volunteer fans deserve better than this. Pruitt constantly berating his qb is not going to make the player better.
I could be wrong but isn't KS record after two years the same as Mark Richts? Didn't they both achieve the same level of achievement? I'm not saying that KS hasn't improved the dawg's recent performance because he has.
Right now, LSU has every team in the east except uga beat on all those points you just made. Franks is terrible and Texas would beat UF's ass if they played today.
I read your post after I posted mine. Didn't mean to take your line.
Nice win LSU. I hate Texas so it feels double good. Joe Burrow is the real deal. Very tough qb. He's going to play on Sundays.
The truth is both secondary's were torched. Great game by LSU.
bryanchip. I agree that Chaney and Pruitt have messed JG up. Every time he came off the field they were in his face. Pruitt's got to go.
I watched Pruitt's presser after the game and he said "Sometimes you have to block for yourself." Whattttt??? Watching Pruitt reminds me of the phrase, Dead man walking. Tennessee has some of the best fans in America. They deserve better than this.
Coastal Carolina beat Kansas and the Coastal players destroyed a KU pinata. You can't make this stuff up. Look up Zane Cruz twitter account for a short video.
This is a sports page. No one cares that you don't like the fact that he corrected his mistake. You're the idiot. You probably think Franks is a good QB and the gators are actually going to do something this season.