Missouri Tiger fan.
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UGA fan lDD2 is about as classless as it gets. He made fun of Mary Mauk’s Dad because he had cancer and he’s constantly berating other fan bases.
Let’s hope Tua recovers his mojo after his collapse in the NCG .
Frank's problem is not with his arm, it's with his decision making when he has the ball.
DD2, is "secer" your new name? You troll just like him.....
Two things: 1. I would be greatly surprised if UGA doesn't roll over all the teams in the SEC East. 2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jarrett Guarantano play last season. I believe he will continue playing at this level throughout his college career.
Burrow has a lot of grit to go along with his abilities. He is the 3rd best QB in the SEC.
Guarantano is not a good QB. He was exposed every time UT played someone with a decent pass rush or blitzed a lot.
Felipe Franks is not a good QB. 1. Jake Fromm 2. Tua 3. Joe Burrow 4. Kellen Mond 5. Kelly Bryant After the way Joe Burrow played against A&M how could he not be one of the best on this list?
UGA is not going to lose to Florida. UF doesn't have a QB.
Zousmc, take a look at mike0000's posts. He's a KU troll if ever I saw one.
mike 0000, you're a KU troll. Go away. Nothing you write is important.
Lock never had a decent 50/50 ball receiver. Part of the reason he struggled against the better teams is the Mizzou receivers were outmatched by the db’s from Alabama, UGA, LSU, etc
Kirby, right or wrong that was a dam funny comment about the Internet restraining order! Thanks for the laugh.
I agree with Joe Cox. Mizzou has squat for luck. The Porters, Kim Anderson disaster, NCAA ban. Just terrible. On the bright side, things have a way of balancing out so we should start seeing some good bounces. I would love to see the Missouri Tiger bball team show some of the fight and victories we had in the big 12.
L'Damian was a great receiver for Mizzou. I agree that we haven't had any like him since he left.
The league play and the hitting going on looks nothing like intramurals.
I bet Harbaugh leaves for the NFL. The classless wonder boy didn't even shake Mullen's hand.
Purdue beat the tar out of Ohio State. Besides that, putting 63 points up on anybody is an accomplishment. I thought AU played an incredible game and Gus had his guys ready to go.
Don't get too cocky. Your team's not that good.
Very touching. So many parents out there will really appreciate these sentiments. What a great young man!
I'm sure "most probably" they weren't buying anything illegal either. LSU players shooting people does change the dynamic of what your student athletes are doing.
Let's just hope your team takes care of business vs ucf. We'll worry about the nc later.