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Let me help Keith Farner. From Wiki: The LSU Tigers baseball team represents Louisiana State University in NCAA Division I college baseball. The team participates in the West Division of the Southeastern Conference. It is one of the elite college baseball programs in the nation, ranking seventh all-time with 18 College World Series appearances and second all-time with six national championships (1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, and 2009). The Tigers play home games on LSU's campus at Alex Box Stadium/Skip Bertman Field, and they are currently coached by Paul Mainieri.
"Tigers’ 2018 class, which was the lowest-rated class in the SEC prior to the cornerback’s commitment." William McFadden, you should have gone to a better J school. You would be great for the Huff Post.
If J'mon Moore is Mizzou's best receiver this season then the offense will still under perform. He has trouble with 50/50 balls, dropping key passes, and getting separation against top db's. He has bad hands. I doubt that will change.
I'm just saying that it CAN happen at your school. Your leaders may handle it better than people at Mizzou but don't for a second think the blm'ers and the rest of the roving bands of miscreants can't mess with your university.
If you don't think the same thing can't happen at UGA or any school in the US you're dreaming.
For many years the home team was on the west side of the field and now the HC wants to move it back. It's a total non-story.
What a lousy article. Michael Wayne Bratton you should have attended a university with a good J-School like Mizzou.
This is Lock's second season under Huepel's offense and Mizzou is going to score on everyone except maybe Auburn and Florida. That's the real situation.
Gamecock in Tx. You need to read the article again. Lock is better than Bentley who may not even survive a complete season because of usc's awful O-line. Jacob Eason is a very good qb who suffered from the problem as Lock last season: Too many dropped passes from wide open receivers. If either Eason or Lock's receivers start catching the easy balls, Bentley is an afterthought.
I'm going to see the Georgia-Mizzou game in October. Visiting with my niece in Atlanta too. I can't wait! I think a better realignment would be: West: Missouri Arkansas Ole Miss MSU Vandy TAM LSU East: Alabama Auburn Tenn Fla UGA USC Kentucky
I can't stand Greenberg. He's another Know-it-all, wanna-be 98 pound weakling. Golic's been there, done that and Greenberg has never done anything real in his life. He lives through others achievements.
Stay away from Texas. They are a cancer. As selfish as you can get. Kansas is a fabulous bball school. They would be my first choice then OK and OK State.
Kentucky didn’t even win a bowl game, and still purchased rings this year. The Wildcats lost to Georgia Tech in the TaxSlayer Bowl, but celebrated the program’s first bowl berth since 2010 with rings. Mizzou's getting rings for not boycotting at any time in 2016. You guessed's in the shape of a boy laying on a cot.
LUSMC, I really respect your opinion on most things related to LSU but eight starters is a lot to replace even with the new starters having lots of playing time.
This was one of the better articles I've read on this site. No mumbo jumbo just a lot of logical presentation.
Joe Cox, you need to do some research son. You must have been short on time when you wrote, "85 percent. Lock passed for 3,399 yards last year and would be a shoo-in but for the fact that he has a fair likelihood of getting beat up behind his offensive line." I guess getting ready for prom takes precedence over research. Missouri had one of the best sack rates in the nation at #9.
"Credit to Georgia for knowing they had to create that fumble." Every defense tries to create fumbles. J'mon Moore has bad hands, poor focus, and has trouble getting separation against the better cornerbacks. He is not a very good player. It's scary to think that he's Mizzou's top receiver.
Against the better secondary’s of LSU and Florida the "Missouri" receivers got little to no separation.
Last season, Eason and Lock suffered from their receivers dropping too many key passes. Against the better secondary's of LSU and Florida these receivers got little to no separation. IMO, the current crop of Mizzou WR are sub par. They have trouble winning 50/50 balls, getting separation from the top DBs, and way too many dropped balls. J'Mon Moore would not be starting on most teams. After Georgia scored near the end of the game, Moore fumbled the ball after a catch near the 50. One of several key drops he had last season.
I agree and besides that, the Bengals are notoriously cheap when it comes to player salaries.
Regardless of who the qb is I hope some other teams in the SEC gets to the elite level the Alabama is. I love watching the CT play but the other programs, including Mizzou and the rest of the east, need to really step up their game so there is a little more balance.
Maybe your team needs to figure out why there are so many 4 and 5 star players on the field and yet you have a 3 star qb who got exposed in the NCG.
Jon Cooper. I don't get how the picture that goes with this story has anything to do with QB James Foster. Will you please explain?
I can't wait until the season starts. These lists are worthless.
The only hate here is from you. I can't wait until your team comes to Como.
That very well could happen but so could Lock throwing for 400 yards in an upset, A
I can't wait. So sick of preseason already. Especially all the accolades for kids who've never played a down in the SEC.
Myles Garrett may be a tremendous pro football player but I believe he's going to be trouble in the locker room because he can't keep his mouth shut.