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I can't speak for everyone in the football biz, but from 2013 to now, I literally have not thought about this story. Maybe he should just let it go. However, he's either telling the truth or committing the lowest of lows by telling a lie and throwing an innocent man under the bus. It's hard to believe anything with his track record, but damn, these are some pretty major indictments on McCarron's character.
John David Crow. He was a running back for A&M and member of Bear Bryant's Junction Boys. He won the Heisman in 1957.
Where is the other side? Everyone with a TV saw Tom Hermann mocking Drew Lock in the whatever bowl. I haven't seen a rebuttal to this claim by the former players. Until one surfaces, there is no reason to speculate otherwise. So far, the silence of the Texas coaches speaks to the validity of this story, imo.
auphinphan I almost agree with you. I mean no one other than bama and auburn gonna understand that rivalry. I don't suppose Bama is A&M's rival at all. A 10 game history and 2 wins? Keke woulda been more accurate to say our biggest rival is still Texas, a team we haven't played in six years and probably won't play for another seven. That's because of the 365 day concept you mentioned. We don't even have to play Texas in ANYTHING cuz it's a rivalry that transcends sports altogether. I know you understand where I'm coming from.
Who cares if Notre Dame is pissed off? Don't the Aggies have a home and home series scheduled with Notre Dame in a few years? Settle it on the gridiron.
Wonder who the 10 fastest players are still playing in the SEC.
Did Mark Ingram beat out Toby Gerhart? If Stanford had won more games that year, I doubt Ingram would be the winner. Gerhart was number 1 statistically in every single rushing category.
Who me? I guess I didn't make it clear that the writer did a poor job when I mentioned his poor writing skills. Next time I'll be sure and translate my comment to emoji for you.
That's probably cuz you spent your time at LSU blowing off your remedial reading comprehension course. I gave the writer the benefit of the doubt because anyone who follows SEC football, or NCAA football knows these players and what the did and didn't accomplish.
Just curious...why is wiring money to a recruit wire fraud? Or how rather? I understand how it's against NCAA rules. But a federal crime? Did the do it under a false name or...?
Johnny Manziel had over 2000 rushing yards in 2 seasons. Also the only SEC qb to throw for 3000 and Rush for 1000 in a season (5th player ever). Not to mention having the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd most yards of total offense in the history of the SEC. In all of those games he rushed for over 100 yards. And if I'm not mistaken all those records were set his freshman year. He's arguably the best running qb ever, and definitely the best the SEC has ever seen.
Please be a blessing in disguise. I have to admit though, after Feb.7, I have a little faith in these recruiters on the Aggie staff.
I guess this is one of those times you just gotta trust the people in power to know what they are doing. The reason I'm saying that is because I like Gillaspia's toughness and spirit, which seem like good linebacker traits. This may play out nicely though. I would love to see him leave an indelible mark on A&M lore at this new position.
With all due respect Kirby replaced Richt while Mullen replaced McElwain. I know who I'd rather clean up after.
Just as the headline implies, actions speak louder than words. As anyone who has experience with addiction will tell you, words mean nothing. His sobriety and his mental health must be the first and foremost priority in his life for the rest of his life.
Sorry. Had to throw something back. All I was trying to do was compliment Kirby Smart for being able to do something at which Sumlin spectacularly failed, and that is maintaining discipline among your top recruits. I mean, of course, A&M wants to beat Auburn, but if UGARMYRet had a clue what he was really trying to do, he would have brought up LSU. If you follow the media, LSU has been "on the decline" since one year prior to the firing of Les Miles, but they still made the Aggies look like Big-12 bottom feeders 6 years in a row. SMH.
It was difficult to watch how all of the drama off the field affected how he played on the field once he went pro. More over, I believe, it was even sadder to see how his personal struggles diminished what he accomplished while playing for A&M. I don't think people who aren't from College Station or former students or just fans of Aggie football can truly appreciate the scope of what he accomplished. It was so much more than winning a Heisman and breaking records. He was truly a blessing to this program at a time when A&M needed it the most. Playing football or not, I just hope he gets his life together and does something worthwhile that can make himself, his family, and the fans who have rooted for him all along confident that he was, is, and always will be a shining example and embodiment of the Aggie Spirit.
Same amount as the Bulldogs lost to the Gators.
Well John Calipari DID say that that was his job, to get guys ready for the NBA, or something like that. It did sort of come off like he was saying screw championships.
Where would you leave your comments if it weren't for basketball? The irony...
I wonder where the Aggies would be if their roster hadn't gotten thrashed mid-season. Probably only 2 or 3 losses. The fact that Auburn's only two losses came at the hands of a resurgent A&M squad is somewhat of a consolation.
7 5-star recruits is impressive. Of course, along with that,you get 7 5-star egos. If anyone can handle it, I'm sure that person is Kirby Smart.
He was referring to Mark Ingram, but his poor writing skills and your lack of discernment made it difficult for you to understand that. It took me a minute. He should have said, "With Heisman winner Mark Ingram in Alabama's illustrious history..."
Every transaction in history is made in faith that whatever is being obtained on exchange for the money offered has the greater value of the two. 11 million a year for 5 NCs in, what, 9 years? Easily worth it.
Sounds like he's just mad cuz he knows in 3 years he's gonna be shelling out the same kind of cash to keep his big time coach. I have a feeling Ohio State can afford it, and I have a feeling he doesn't think the kind of revenue generated by the likes of a championship caliber coach is ridiculous. Saban and Swinney are worth every penny they are paid. Jimbo Fisher is undefeated at A&M so far. Hopefully, he proves himself worth the investment. Urban Meyer is worth whatever deal his agent can get him. 10 million a year? OSU will pay it gladly.
Possession of marijuana. Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a $2000 fine. Stupid. Good riddance to Caldwell but Chandler may be missed.They were busted early Sunday morning (Saturday night). Oh well. Hopefully, the Aggies continue dominating through the end of the regular season.
This guy has the skills and intelligence of any elite WR in the sport. On top of that, he has a work ethic comparable to Jerry Rice . Not saying he is as good as or better than Rice. But he's got that kind of class.
It's a bold prediction alright. I don't think it's irresponsible to have that kind of confidence. Why are Georgia fans so upset by this? As an Aggie fan my whole life, I would be shocked to see A&M reel in a top class in 2019, but I'm not gonna be mad if it doesn't happen the way Jimbo Fisher says it will. What I'm really hearing is that there isn't any reason A&M can't recruit with the likes of the SEC elite. Simple as that. Recruiting isn't always about landing as many 5 star prospects as you can. It's about recruiting players that can win games.