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Just a simple question What does a qb have to do to break into the top 10 here? Corral has been SEC Offensive player of the week for the last 2 games played. Set a school record for yards & has an almost 74% completion percentage for the season. I’ll admit to a terrible game against Arkansas but his inability to get anything other than a honorable mention section here boggles my mind.
Hey Arkansas fans Congrats on a great win today. Question for y’all What are the chances you get Frank’s to come back for a 2nd year? He’ll have another year of eligibility right?
Y’all missed one Breeland Speaks from Ole Miss was on injured reserve and received a ring but states that it feels hollow since he was IR all season
As far as the Tennessee fiction Ole Miss also has 2 chosen in the top 3 Archie Manning went #2 overall to the Saints and then Eli went #1 to the Chargers before being traded to NY
He was 28-15 at USC including sitting at 3-2 on the season when he was fired. All this in the middle of the Reggie Bush violations repercussions and coaching with a scholarship limited roster