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Not for nothing, but surely you realize that most of the picks you referenced predated Jamie Newman's opt out of football, & still not all that you referenced picked UGA. You may rest fully assured that no one picked UGA ahead of UF last year after Newman left, when it became clear that Stetson Bennett would be the starting QB. And rightfully so. UF was loaded on offense. But with that said, do you think that UF wins the east this year? Maybe you & mullen know something that most others, like me, do not.
The title of the article says that mullen had the perfect response to the question. What dimension are we in when the "perfect response" is something that is known by virtually everyone to be factually inaccurate. Didn't someone fairly well known say, " We choose truth over facts", not too long ago? Was that Dan Mullen?
truthless1, As great as you seem to think mullen is, & as bad as you try to characterize Kirby, Kirby has still managed to beat mullen 2 out of 3, & soon to be 3 out of 4. The truth is the truth, no matter how it is misrepresented by charlatans.
GatorPhil, Do you think Mullen is a bonafide loser? Using your logic, you must. I definitely Would like UF & Stricklin to hook Mullen up with the Jimbo Fisher treatment. In fact, why stop there? Give him a lifetime contract! Please, Please, & Thank You! He is the perfect coach, in my opinion, for you Gators!
All you got to do to understand how much politics there are involved in covid “vaccinations” is read the comments on this article.
It sure does make you wonder when someone, who outwardly appears to have everything to live for, is said to have committed suicide. Especially, when that someone has crossed very powerful people, who have been, in some way, associated with a shocking number of other "suicides" & questionable deaths, of people who have crossed them in the past. The fact that Mr. Sign had received many credible death threats should make investigators question if this was actually a suicide, no matter what it initially appeared to be.
From everything that I have read in the comments here, both Gator & Dawg fans are mostly pretty happy that Coach Mullen got a contract extension! Why all the arguing & name calling?
It does not matter if Tim Tebow is suiting up as Eddie Gaedel for promotional purposes, or if he is a starter for 16 games. I certainly am no Jag or Meyer fan, but it is their business, & solely their decision. Every one else is just an observer, & some are mouthier than others. At the very least, most of us will be very interested in watching this play all out. I hope Tebow does well & Golic has to eat his words
Anyone know what percentage of players, who leave college early, get selected in the big money draft slots? Or what percentage, that stay in school, get injured & miss out on a lucrative career? It appears to me that the odds heavily favor, buying an injury insurance policy & staying in school, to get the best contract. If this is true, why are players not generally finishing out their college careers? Who would advise them not to?
And now that Woods is in the portal, he needs a switchboard & 10 receptionists to answer all the coaches that can now contact him without possible negative repercussions.
Let me start by saying that I know just as much, as the rest of the posters here, why Woods entered the transfer portal. That is to say that I have no idea. What I do know, is that it would be insanely stupid for any coach to try to coerce Woods to join their team, no matter how circuitous the method of contact. It is too easy for communications to be preserved in today's electronic world. None other than Nick Saban has proved that just recently, when his pitch to a recruit ended up posted online for all to see. If a coach in the running for a national championship trophy was caught meddling with players on other teams, they could easily take their team from vying for an NC, to a post season ban. It is more likely that a hopeful "future" agent suggested to Woods that better national exposure, on a top 10 team, could turn into much bigger bucks at draft time. But of course, it could any one of a million other things that matter to this young man. Welcome to free agency in college football!
It is really nice when 2 rival fanbases are in complete agreement. Based on what you guys think, Mullen is perfect for you. And I am much happier to have Kirby, rather than the "better" coach that UF has. All is good, until Mullen goes off his meds, slips his muzzle, & gets put in the DawgPound again.
Berate Kirby ever how much you need, to make yourself feel better. It will be interesting to see if you think he is as clueless over the next few years. Everyone already knows what an embarrassment Mullen is for UF. But just for fun, how clueless do you have to be to demand a full stadium in the middle of a pandemic, or to deny starting an in game brawl, when your actions are being recorded from a half dozen camera angles & mics? I could go on for a while, but you get the point. I sincerely hope that UGA will keep Kirby for as long as he wants to coach. I also personally hope that UF gives Mullen the Jimbo Fisher treatment & locks him up for another 10 years. Hopefully, you & Stricklin do too!
mrtruth, You are clearly living in an intentionally altered reality. You do realize that Kirby is under nowhere near the pressure that is on Dan Mullen. Stricklin has shortened Dan's leash considerably. Poor old Dan is about 1 more conniption fit from being let go. Given that he is so prone to going off the rails at any time, I will be shocked if we don't see it before year end. And even funnier, if we don't see it before years end, we then know that Dan, or the meds that he is supposed to be taking, can control how he acts, & that his consistent nuttiness is a conscious choice. Thanks for keeping such an embarrassment in charge. It is truly entertaining to watch.
May God Bless George Pickens to a full & speedy recovery!
I had the opportunity to work for Mr. Sanders a little more than 30 years ago. We were both fairly young men at the time. He sounds like he is still fairly full of himself, but now handling himself with the maturity that 53 years on this earth brings. He should expect South Alabama to take any advantage that they can, &further to be really proud of beating JSU.
I am definitely not a Jeremy Pruitt fan. With that said, I expect he would have given that house away to keep from having to return to TN. I know I would if I was him. Jeremy Pruitt has been castigated & beat down every legal way possible & probably some illegal ways as well. Some of that was no doubt well deserved, but some is most likely deflecting of blame to him by others, who won't take responsibility for their own actions. What goes around comes around. Sometimes it is just best to let sleeping dogs lie.
Keyan Burnett has legs, & knows how to use them. He looks likes he is moving in real time, with everyone else in the frame moving in slow motion. Congratulations young man! That is a play that you can be proud of for the rest of your life.
Well I just have to ask. Who would you rather have under center for your team this fall, if you could pick, Emory Jones with the current UF surrounding cast or Jonathan Tyler Daniels with his offensive teammates?
John, How can I help you get the UF AD job locked up? Is there someone I can call? I would love for Dan Mullen to get the Jimbo Fisher treatment with a 10 year contract. He is the perfect coach for UF from this UGA fan's perspective. He is good enough to keep the UGA/UF game mostly competitive. He does snarky better than anyone. He has a Darth Vader costume & is willing to wear it to to press conferences. He don't mind mixing it up in a brawl or demanding a full stadium in a pandemic. Dan Mullen is just wonderfully entertaining. PLEASE KEEP DAN AT UF!!!!
Nothing against Emory Jones. He is a good dual threat QB. I know that he was recruited by UGA, but chose UF. It is what it is. Does UF have enough of a surrounding cast on the offense & a good enough defense to beat Alabama this year (once or twice) in your opinion? That is what my comment was based on. What record do you expect for UF this year?
Gtr4life, Let me see if I can give you perspective. It sure is funny that gator fans constantly tell UGA folks that we need to replace Kirby. On the other hand, UGA fans mostly want UF to keep Mullen forever. That makes it abundantly clear that UF fears Kirby staying at UGA & well....... you should be able to figure out the rest on your own. Please hang on to Mullen at UF as long as you can.
Do tell. What makes Mike Bobo so toxic? Do you have personal experience with Mike or are you referring to the “anonymous” unattributed quotes in a couple of articles about him? I feel quite certain that you know that those detrimental comments about Mike were heavily refuted by many more quotes from players & coaches that were willing to put their names behind their words.
I’d say UF is more than 6 points away from topping Alabama. A realistic view, of their schedule & the current circumstances of their team & the teams on their schedule this year, points to a 9 & 3 record. It could be 10 & 2 if things fall into place. It is unlikely that UF wins the regular season matchup with Alabama or gets to see them in the conference championship.
Heck, even the former USC head coach moved back to Athens. Now that I think about it, I lived there for about 10 years. Those were some good times. Maybe I’ll move back too.
Mark Richt has proven himself to be a really good coach & person. I would be pleased to be compared to him. 10 wins on average over 15 years while running a clean program in the SEC is a record that very few can ever aspire to. No matter what anyone says, Kirby Smart is doing just as well & maybe even just a little better. I have no doubt that UF fans do not expect to get anything close to that out of Mullen.