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A&M had already gone so far down the rabbit hole with jimbo, by the time Petrino was hired, that I figured ya'll would have hired jeffrey dalmer, if he was considered a great offensive coordinator & available. A $76million buyout will force you to have to hold your nose & try anything possible to make it work. I did not realize that Arkansas was already at that point. They buyout for Coach Pittman is literally $60million less.
Poor Sam Pittman. He finds himself in the same awful place that Jimbo Fisher was in not too long ago. He has been forced to make a deal with the devil to try to save his job. I hope Coach Pittman doesn't suffer the same fate that Jimbo did, but I fully expect that he will. Petrino may be a good offensive coach, but he is still the same guy that quit on the Falcons in the middle of the night, & that did the other things mentioned in this comment thread. There is no way to rationalize Petrino's behavioral history away. Good Luck Arkansas!
In case there is any possibility of confusion, I am speaking solely to jcardea.
How about you do you? I’ll do me however I da*n well please. I do not need anyone, & especially you, to tell me or anyone else to express how to express our opinion about anything. Exactly how self centered, arrogant, & utterly obnoxious are you?
I would love to see Dan Mullen as the Miss State coach. I can't say that he impresses me as the kind of guy that I would want to hang out with, but he is a pretty good offensive mind & decent enough head coach, if he is willing to put the required effort into recruiting. And his interviews are usually entertaining to watch.
It is pretty much like the last 2 years. No need to peak too early. Play good enough to win. Show what you have to show, when you must. Make everyone doubt. And then, turn it up, game by game, as needed. UGA never left. The pundits’ ability to comprehend what is happening left, & unfortunately, it is never coming back.
Tam deserves what they got! They started this crazy astronomical coaching coaching salary phase with the initial 10 year $75million guaranteed contract. Every other college coach should send them a thank u note for resetting the salary dynamic.
How can anyone be wrong more than 100% of the time? On the other hand, has anyone looked up Chris’s middle initial? It just might be a “g” that is used for an attempt at commenting anonymity.
So, according to hail2, stallions standing beside coordinators on the sideline, telling them the opponents play call, was done without harbaugh’s knowledge. Who do you really think is that dense? Is it just harbaugh, or literally the entirety of humanity that you would have believe this male bovine excrement.
It certainly sounds like Michigan level sign stealing does not concern Deion Sanders & he currently does not think it would contribute to an unfair competitive advantage. I have to wonder though. What would he say if his team lost a highly contested close game & then found out that the other team had stolen his signs & knew every play that his team was running, in advance?
I can’t watch College Gameday on ESPN anymore. Mcaffee is only 1 of the reasons, but a big 1 nonetheless. I would rather listen to Gary Danielson.
IF OSU had scored more points than UGA, they would have won the game. There you go Mr. Smith. I fixed it for you.
I do not think that is not the majority of UGA fans.
Maybe UGA is playing the “soft” strategy that you explained UT was using last year.
I don't doubt that you are rubbing your rabbits foot, lucky marble, & a few wilted 4 leaf clovers giddily wishing that you could be right about UGA"s football season. Sadly, as you hopefully eventually grow up, you will learn that life is full of disappointments. It is a shame that you weren't born 10 or 12 years earlier. Then you could have grown up during the Saban dynasty.
It is obvious that Saban's mojo has been missing for the last couple of years. We all have wondered what happened to it. Leave it to Bama4Life to tell us. Kirby done stole it. Who knew?
The big question is whether urban Meyer or Dan Mullen is more representative of who UF really is. Both come to mind anytime I think about UF. Perfect character & personality matches. I wonder if Billy Napier is going to continue or shift the trend. Time will tell.
I like it when UF is relevant & our games matter. I do miss Dan Mullen. And I am willing to bet that Dan Napier doesn’t even own a Darth Vader costume. All this vanilla makes it a lot harder to poke fun of him. Go Dawgs!
I am sure that we can all recall so called sure things that have gone bust. No one knows with certainty how well the under study is really going to sing & dance with the lights on & the seats full, when they have to carry the show for the rest of the production. Beck could be the 2nd coming of Dwan Mathis. If it turns out that he is, the same thing will likely happen that occurred when Mathis underperformed in his 1st start. When that happened, the Dawgs rolled out an undersized, well regarded but under appreciated scout team quarterback, who turned out to be pretty good. With that said, it is not likely that Beck will crumble under the pressure of starting. He has had years to get ready for his new role. But if he does wilt from the heat on him, there are 2 other pretty good guys behind him including, what is said to be by some, a really, really good scout team quarterback.
I think you guys are seeing this all wrong. The real issue here is that Davis did not say that the Dawgs are junk. I wish that he had. The team would be better motivated if ALL of the pundits said there was no way for UGA to win it all again for the 3rd time in a row. There is no need to feel disrespected before anybody has played a single down.
There are 3 lawsuits. All 3 by participants (or their legal & financial heirs) in this sad event. And they are suing the university for what? Not telling them to not go out & get falling down drunk before engaging in street racing. Have you ever done anything that your boss told you not to? Was that your boss's fault? Have you ever had employees? You may rest assured that UGA has a driver safety policy just like every other employer with employees driving in the commission of their jobs, & the driver safety policy prohibits driving under the influence, violation of traffic laws, & a lot more & Ms. LeCroy acknowledged that safety policy by signature.
When you say "she was doing exactly what she was paid to do", what exactly do you mean? Do you actually think that UGA pays staffers to go out & get falling down drunk with players, or rather that they pay staffers to race rented vehicles? Or maybe you are implying something even more insidious. Are you basing your accusations on actual experience at Auburn, or an interest in attempting to denigrate these young people, & an opposing fan base with outright irrational supposition? You do know that it was reported that the current Auburn coach was fired from Ole Miss in part for actually employing an escort service. Is that why you appear to make such insinuations? Unfounded unsupported accusations are the basis of libel. While it probably won't get you sued here on this site, you may want to restrain yourself when you are not hiding behind the internet.
The good news for the Bobo haters posting here is that Auburn & Tenn will both get their shot to prove their points about Bobo in the not too distant future. You guys should be talking him up all you can right now. It will make your teams look better if they can get by UGA with great coordinators & head coach. And not so much, if your teams get trucked by an offense coached by an awful Mike Bobo. But you do you.
It is highly unlikely that any authorities would charge Ms. Bowles in this matter. I certainly do not think that they should. That does not mean that my statement is inaccurate. What kind of judgement does it display to get in a vehicle driven by someone with a .197 blood alcohol level? Did Ms. Bowles encourage the driver to slow down, or just maybe to speed up? Neither of us know the answer to that. "Not what she said". What would she say? If she says anything else, she does not have a case. What did the athletic dept say? More importantly, is there any tangible evidence that supports either party's statement on the matter? I am just pointing out that there are clearly multiple sides to this sad story. It is easy to blame someone else, especially someone that you may be at odds with for other reasons. No matter how this plays out, there will be no winners here.
Publicity in this case is obviously bad for the university. Unfortunately for UGA, the ability to keep kicking this story to the top of the page is the primary tool in the plaintiff's attorneys case.
This young lady is a survivor of an awful accident that killed the driver & another vehicle occupant. Legally, she may be an accomplice & or accessory to the event & horrific results. At the very least, she obviously participated in the event that resulted in the tragic death of 2 people. And yet, she is legally attempting to place blame on others that she says condoned the illegal activities taking place. According to written reports, Chandler LeCroy, the driver, was not authorized to make use of this rented vehicle outside of official use. She did have 4 prior speeding tickets on her drivers license, but only 2 in the past 5 years, which means she was likely an insured & legally authorized driver, with a driving record readily accepted by just about all insurance companies & employers. She had also been required to take a defensive driving course within the last 3 years. Ms. LeCroy had no prior DWI's, but was 2 & 1/2 times the legal limit at the time of the accident. No employer would knowingly authorize any employee to drive a company vehicle while intoxicated & certainly not at that level(If so, they should be sued). As such, it will be a stretch for the liability case to be successful. Likely, there will be a quiet settlement, with an iron clad NDA, to help Ms. Bowles with medical expenses. Sadly, her attorneys will make out better than her. Just my opinion. What say you?
You got Jimbo Fisher AND Bobby Petrino calling the offensive plays. What could possibly go wrong? It should be entertaining, no matter what happens. Thanks ATM!
I guess UGA should realize how lucky they are that Billy Napier hasn’t thought to put in the “beat UGA” segment in practice yet. I am sure it is just a matter of time until he does.