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Well how about that! The 1st good news in a while for UT football. Just my opinion, but they could not get Fulmer out of the facility fast enough. Hopefully the hire pans out. Good Luck UT!
That is kind of how it works. Whatever UGA pays Muschamp will be deducted from the amount that USC is obligated to pay him.
If someone constantly strives to move up in their profession, they sometimes reach their own level of incompetence. That is to say, that while they do well at all of their lower level jobs, they can eventually get promoted into a job that is just too big for them. Say what you want to about Muschamp as a head coach. His record has been far from good. But as a defensive coordinator & below, he has generally done a good job, in my opinion.
Who is Pruitt going to implicate & how is he going to do it? Is it something like,” we gave this recruit $10k in cash, but he signed with UGA? You should go investigate them.” Well there goes any chance of Pruitt ever having any chance of collecting a penny of contract buyout. Yeah, now that I think about it, I see your point. Pruitt will definitely want to confirm that he should have been fired for cause.
Chernobyl.......UT Style. They didn't just mess it up for now, they messed it up for the next 100 years.
If you were a UT supporter, you would have to change your screen name. This mess has reached unignorable crisis status.
This sounds like UT reputation enhancement to me. But if Clay Travis is telling the truth, the fact that there are 5 reputable guys with the cohunes to walk right out into the middle of that sewer gas fueled football field sized dumpster fire to stomp it out is impressive. I would have thought it would take scanning the entire universe for 100 years just to find 1 or 2.
Really. I call bs on this one. Pruitt is likely leaving TN with no job & no income. If he is stupid enough to try to implicate any prior coach that he worked for, he will be back coaching high school, because no college coach will hire him. And try to think about what you are saying. What dirt could Pruitt throw on Kirby from his time at UGA? Pruitt left before Kirby arrived. Is Pruitt going to implicate Richt? You should know Richt retired from coaching altogether. And finally, investigating what happened last year would be tough. How tough would it be to investigate what happened 5 years ago? Almost none of the same people are there. Ditto at Auburn & USC. What are you smoking?
So is Kevin Steele the head coach, or the "interim" head coach. Answer that question & the rest of this is easy. Head Coaches hire staff. Interim Head Coaches try to keep the wheels on the bus & as many of the existing personnel in it that he can, until The Head Coach shows up. If Kevin Steele is trying to hire staff, someone must have told him the job is his to keep. If that is so, what happened to all of the talk, just yesterday, about hiring a new AD & then a new coach? Can this thing get wrapped around the axle any tighter? It is almost like UT tries to make everyday more drama & tension filled than the last. I am surprised that any coaches or players are still there. Good Luck UT! What a mess.
This kind of self inflicted damage is going to be hard to forget. UT is going to need to find a great coach who has been in coma for 20 years & doesn’t yet know UT is the last place they want to be.
I personally did not think firing Richt for being a good, but not great (NC winning), coach was a good idea. Smart has so far been his equal. Hopefully, he will progress & bring us the NC every really good program now demands. With that said, it is brutally obvious that we are doing better than UT. And I still wish you Good Luck! Beating an also ran is not nearly as fun as beating a competitive rival.
What a mess! Hired a coach in waiting to replace a coach that had not yet been fired. Started an NCAA investigation into your own program to avoid paying buyout to fired coach, that got an extension & raise just 4 months ago. Investigation will result in clear penalties. Steele really has to be the coach right. NO coach of any repute will likely want to wade into this cesspool. Lane Kiffin........really. Isn’t his picture posted under devil in the TN dictionary? Is this how far it has gone? My goodness. Just keep this crazy to yourself. It is plumb embarrassing. Good Luck UT! You for sure need it now.
Out of the pan, into the fire! I wonder if Mr. Bryant will now be taking another stroll thru the transfer portal, since Pruitt & Bryant's recruiter just got fired.
Well how about that. Looks like Paul Finebaum, Vol Nation, & others just might just owe Aaron Murray an apology.
TN finally ripped the bandaid off, instead of just picking at it. Hopefully, they can stomp the fire out & get back to rebuilding soon.
How does that old saying go? I think that it is something like......... "Never argue with an idiot. People watching might not be able to tell who is who."
Logic would dictate that his PR guy did script it. Usually the whodunit is easy. Just follow who benefits the most. And if so, good on Mullen for finding a way to get his rear end out of the fire, before he got burned too badly. With the trajectory that he was on, he was a few weeks from total incineration.
I give it 2 years before he has to leave..... for “medical” reasons.
What a mess! UT should be a sought after CFB coaching job. But with all of the decade plus long dysfunction, what high quality coach is really going to want to wade into this cesspool? Hiring a coach in waiting, while trying to force out the existing coach, is an awful look!!! Good Luck Vol Nation! The rest of the SEC wants you to get better, because that makes us all better.
I definitely recall that event anytime the subject of good sportsmanship comes up. It was 1 of those forgettable moments, that you never can forget. The really sad thing is that it is exactly the kind of thing that we all remember years later, when if you're old like me, you can't be sure who played, who won, or what the score was, without looking it up.
Unfortunately, trash talking is in the current HBC’s DNA. It is not going away at least until he does. The sad thing is that he is a pretty good coach, but he is rapidly becoming more well known for his un-coach-like behaviors.
You can't fault a guy for rooting for their almamater. It is a tough position to be in to call a game when your team is playing. With that said, I did notice a few instances of what I perceived as bias, but it wasn't nearly as pronounced or obvious as I frankly expected it to be.
There is plenty to respect about the way Nick Saban coaches football, but this is the 1 thing that I respect the most.
I’d be willing to wager that it comes back within 24 months if Meyer takes the job.
The transfer portal giveth & the transfer portal taketh away.
Ohio State alums/fans insistence that "The" be included in the name of their institution, is obviously their way of trying to appear superior to the rest of the colleges & universities across the country. More power to them. I have no doubt that it makes them feel good. Every OSU supporter I know (& it is a few), grins ridiculously every time they try to coerce others to include "The" when referring to OSU. Living my entire life in the south, I don't have many other impressions of OSU. This one thing makes me think that they are arrogant jerks. Not that it matters to them or anyone else, I fervently root against them & revel in their comeuppance. "The" probably doesn't have quite the effect that they intended.
Nothing like hiring a back up HBC to amp up the drama. As if there wasn’t enough already. Good Luck Vol Nation! I know you got to break some eggs to make an omelet, but WOW!
As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast!". Apparently, Mike Farrell, the cited source for this story has changed his tune. A later post from him states, "I have no freaking clue where Arik Gilbert is going. I don't think anyone does. Just passing along what I heard", (from a source "close" to Florida).
It is indeed a strange world when folks get ticked off because someone has offered an opinion, that they choose to disagree with, about what might be the best college football team ever. You may as well argue over what team has had the prettiest uniforms ever. Cause, big news flash here, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!