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In fairness, I think that the only real question should be where does Mr. Fleming's loyalties lie when UF plays UGA in basketball. I expect that he will do everything that he can to bring a victory for Gator Nation.
I seem to recall that Michigan won the Joe Moore award this year, for supposedly having college football's best offensive line.
It is only a fumble if it is UGA’s quarterback. Hand was going forward.
Not true. Intentional grounding is often called very late. I have seen it many times.
The fumble that was not one, was actually intentional grounding, but it wasn’t called.
Just a hypothetical here, but do you think that Alabama's staff may have also looked at what worked against them defensively versus LSU & Auburn? I think any reasonable fan would expect them to have looked at their faults & to have made the necessary adjustments to correct them. You might should have just said that you think Alabama has the better coaching staff & that is why they will win. Why make derogatory comments about any coach that has got their team to this game?
It is the case. Dave Doeren gets $50,000 in his contract, for each win that his team gets after they reach 7. Win number 10 would be worth $50,000 for him.
Harbaugh confirmed that Daxon Hill is not in Miami, in his presser this morning.
I absolutely agree with you. I was just stating 1 of the more interesting reasons why Dave Doeren is upset that NC State was not declared the winner by default. I would be miffed too if I was in his shoes.
This is actually very simple. Dave Doeren has a 10 win bonus in is contract. If NC State is declared a winner by default, he gets paid an extra $50,000, & the assistant coaches all get bonuses too.
Who is skip bayless & who put him in charge? Imagine the audacity of someone who tells someone else that they are not allowed to use their own initials & jersey number! Imagine if Stetson Bennett is lucky enough to be able to someday market under SB13. This skip bayless person probably thinks that they own exclusive rights to the initials SB too!
Really?! Bet they get up if they can. If they can’t, they probably need to be out of the game. Of course the option could always be to allow the team to burn a timeout.
You missed my point. LSU has the ability to write big fat checks. Brian Kelly will gladly cash them. I think that is the sole reason he is moving south. All of the rest of his diatribe is subterfuge.
/\ THIS!!! Spoiledmeat, I do not know you or what team you choose to support, but that doesn’t matter. You could not be more absolutely right. Brian Kelly is chasing a check, which he has every right to do. LSU is chasing a dream that is just as likely to turn into a nightmare! It will be fun to watch.
Alabama did the absolute minimum necessary to win that game. They did not play anywhere close to their potential. I have seen UGA play like that too many times. If either team does that this Saturday night, they will get trounced.
/\ THIS!!!! Ding, Ding, Ding. We have a winner!!! The "best resources in the country", that Brian Kelly was referring to, are really the fat checks that the coach get to cash!
The UGA Football team has by & large played the way that they needed to in order to win each game this year so far. Mistakes have been very limited. UGA should be able to beat Alabama, if they play at their best this coming Saturday. Having said that, Alabama should have easily won last Saturday, at Auburn, if they had played at their best. Clearly, Auburn played well, & Alabama looked mediocre, & really should have lost the game.
It would only seem too rational to have any player, that is injured to the point of being unable to leave to leave the field, sit out until the next change of possession. Very rarely does a player come back in on the very next play when they are legitimately injured. It really is a player safety issue that would also immediately solve the fake injury problem. Make that simple change & suddenly everybody is playing by the same rules. Fake injuries are nothing but currently legalized cheating.
Mullen would still have his job if he could have restrained himself from presenting a regular clown show. You simply cannot embarrass your employer on a consistent basis & keep your job. His crazy antics brought unwanted & unneeded attention to the university. The poor on field performance was bad enough, but that would have been tolerated for a while, if Mullen could have simply acted like he had good sense when in front of cameras & microphones.
Twist the knife. On the day hat Mullen is fired, 5 star cornerback, Jaheim Singletary, from Florida, has committed to UGA.
Laughing all the way to the bank. No more recruiting. No more press conferences. No more need to work. Happy retirement here I come. Next coach just needs to make sure he gets a big buyout in his contract too. Maybe I’ll apply. 2 or 3 years at most & then hit the beach.
Daddy told me that Mullen got fired, like I said he would. Whose your daddy now?
Yep. But mail me the check anyway & I’ll let you know.
Sorry to divert you from the real story. I cannot help myself. Too much fun watching UF self immolation.
Advice for UF’s next coach. 1. Leave Halloween costume in storage. 2. Resist urge to incite in game brawls. 3. Accept responsibility when your team underperforms. 4. Snarky is only funny when you win. 5. Demand a big buyout in your contract, so you can cash in like Mullen & Muschamp.
Maybe urban will come back, unless/until his heart/brain issues flare up.