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Much easier picks this week.... however, I like Georgia in Athens.
We at TTR are BIG Lestical fans! Will miss him and he didn't deserve this...
I think it will be a very long afternoon for the Vols if they don't play (particularly Dobbs) better than they have vs. Ohio and App State.
I'm sure that they will take it on the tits... I think you are right... smoke, fire. However, to be fair, this is exactly how most of the fan-base would act if it was ANY school.
Damn... that was close. Almost lost a punter!
Well... to be fair, Finebaum is probably making good money too... but not much of a story here. No big deal.
Damn- VERY optimistic! Don't see the 'Bama win... AT ALL! Not sure I see Ole Miss or Florida either... Not denying that Arkansas will be a better team, but pump the brakes a bit guys!
THAT is big news for the Dogs! Need that guy back!
Not really anything earth-shattering here. Except maybe the clear purses- Might make the booze smuggling a little more difficult.
Not sure that I disagree with one loss... but to Arkansas? I find that a little hard to swallow.
I'm with you... not a fan of that- need to stick with the traditional orange and white!
Sad day in Starkville to be sure. However, what is sadder is that of the 7 stories "above the fold" on this page- 5 are about Dak, 1 is about the dog and 1 is about football. I don't think it is going to be THAT bad this year for MSU, but things certainly are not headed in the right direction.
Of course, that 10 point spread is not what VEGAS thinks its what the betters think... but I agree with them... and you. LSU should handle WI- if not Miles will get run out of town before the end of October.
Jeez, you can tell the season is getting closer... people are getting vicious.
Kinda like that NCAA Football video game curse... or is it the Madden curse? IDK- don't play video games.
I think that Kevin might be right. Never say never. What if one is undefeated and one has one loss... to the other? AP has them at 1-2---- This is a possibility, and I think that they could both end up in the CFP.
Yeah... I think Vegas has it a little low... more like 17.5-
Yes... most troublesome part of the OM game right now. If they had someone like LF- or even someone half LF- Rebs would be dangerous.... Well, they are dangerous, but I think that Bama and LSU should decide who wins the West.
Will be interesting to see who comes out on top of these contests. Colorado State is not exactly at the top of the heap... neither is Vandy- perhaps one can use these games to better themselves.
Proving once again... everything is about money.
Someone help me out.... What does the Student Judicial Panel have to do with this? And what power do they hold? Seems to me that the DA/Police should have the last word on this and then Butch will decide if he can come back to the team. Am I wrong?
There is a WHOLE lot to be said for Orth's experience. He has already been in there on game-day and seen first hand the speed of LSU and Clemson- I would give anyone the edge in that situation.
I agree that beating FSU, Bama and LSU is not a resonable thing for Ole Miss to expect... but neither is losing to FSU, Bama, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia, Auburn and TAMU. Not going to happen. I think our Bama friend is right... 9-3 is completely reasonable expectation.
Certainly sounds like he was sliding down the depth-chart...
I don't see the big deal either. Why are we talking about the 1950 season... three weeks before the 2016 season starts?