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Brady was a late rounder and in his Draft analysis was pegged as a second-stringer at best. With the right coach and in the right team even an undrafted player can be a valuable asset.
Why is this site still spends bandwidth on this tool? Stop making him famous! Let him fade to oblivion like his playing career.
I don't get all that hype on alt unis and helmets. When a team is as dominant as Bama is, simply the classic unis are enough to bring tremors to opponents knees and fear on their hearts
I was wondering when dear Kirk would go on his usual bashing of Alabama. Took him a few days
Why we keep getting agitated by this guys comments? Stop paying attention to him and one of two things will happen: either he fades to oblivion or starts paying SEC compliments to get airtime (highly unlikely). By the way, does this hater-boy knows that in nature the only natural enemy the tigers have are the elephants?
Beer came through my nose as I read your comment! RTR
I don't think Michigan State got hurt that much by the loss. In my opinion, the only one hurt by this game was Connor Cook's 1st Round status in the draft. Bama's D is a depiction of an average NFL D. If you can't lead your team at least to FG range, I don't think an NFL team will spend a 1st round pick on you. As for MSU's recruiting getting hurt, that damage happened last season with OSU winning the NC and Michigan hiring Harbaugh.
Michigan State's DE Shilique Calhoun (#89) wanted Bama too. I guess now he has a different opinion after Henry's stiff arm
for me this seems like a marketing thing. They look at the SEC East as the little annoying brother of the SEC West so they'd rather get the n.2 team from the West to a New Year's Six Bowl than the SEC East champ. No disrespect to the SEC East teams but they are in a slump the last few years and that got to change if the SEC wants to prove beyond a doubt that is THE college football conference.
I don't think Ohio State will remain undefeated so I wouldn't worry about ND's spot in the playoffs if they win out