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Starting to go a little Negan on these comments, Corch...
Last year Georgia scores 32 points per game and allows 20. This year Georgia scores 39.8 points per game and allows 5.5 There’s your difference
I don’t normally respond to trolls, but what in hell are you talking about? The SEC is as strong a proponent of capitalism as may be found in America, and to pretend otherwise is foolishness. As to the other point, there is nothing more American than standing up for yourself and your values, refusing to be stymied by political inertia, and resisting those armchair tyrants who would denigrate and suppress that which they fear. The American experiment has proved, time and time again, that the wrong side of history is that of the oppressor, and to suggest punishing those who resist unjust rule is detestably anti-American.
SC was remarkably lucky last year, but they're not the first 9+ win SEC team to finish the year unranked. UGA 2015 - finished 10-3 and unranked, following a bowl win over Louisville. Incidentally, BMac was the interim head coach for that game.