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They'd be affiliate members. Just like Alabama and Tennessee in rowing.
Arkansas is doing just fine without transfers from Missouri. I'm not seeing the effort and desire in Mizzou players and haven't for quite awhile. With Arkansas, they're going to play the whole game.
I don't know why Snyder is brought up, but he didn't foster leadership on the floor while at Mizzou. His leadership came from players inherited from Norm. Once they graduated, there was a lot of chaos. The players underperformed. Kleiza as a freshman filled that leadership void with his strong desire in his chaotic few minutes on the floor. When I met Quin once he had trouble looking people in the eye. My impression at the time was that he could use more mentorship even though he was at the top of his game as a coach at that point. In Martin's teams, I don't see enough desire to get better. But he can sure recruit. Maybe you bring up Quin because Quin could recruit pretty well too? This Mizzou team benefited from being a mature team in a time of COVID. I'm not sure they make the tournament if other teams had more time together prior to the season starting. As for Martin's future, I don't see him as a rising star for coaching. I wish he was.
I've seen better Mizzou teams not make the NCAA tournament. I don't hold out a lot of hope that Mizzou will play much tougher than they have already.
Missouri has never looked like a great team. They benefited early on by younger teams not having enough time together. Now that we are deeper into the season, their flaws are more apparent.
People like to pretend this is unique to Tennessee and doesn't happen at their school. The best SEC schools are known for this type of behavior of offering scholarships and then pulling them or worse yet, letting them get on campus only to find they don't have a scholarship. Heupel was only there a week and had little time to evaluate recruits and talk to recruits that wanted to follow him to the program. The previous coaching staff had almost 500 scholarships offered to recruits and may have even gone over that mark, much more than any other college football program.
gigem_07 wasn't saying Saban isn't on his own level. He's giving Saban the compliment of saying his on-field results are so much on the next level that his recruiting pitch doesn't have to be next level. All he has to do is be straight forward about the results.
How many football scholarships were available? Before Heupel signed just one short month ago, Tennessee had offered more scholarships than any other program. If we are looking at signing more people than they have scholarships for, then is it worse to do that and cut people after people are on campus or it is worse to do it on signing day?
"After watching leaked recruiting video, it's now clearer than ever why nobody is on Nick Saban's level" I don't know why it wasn't clear for everyone already before the recruiting video was leaked.
It interesting how Drink is able to get coaches with more experience than him to come to Mizzou. I hope Mr Wilks is successful in what he wants of life. It sounds like he's willing to sacrifice some to find longevity. I've done the same thing in my career.
"Nobody’s actually doing it. Just start the trend and be the first one to do it" He may be the first high profile at Jackson State for a long time, but there are kids all the time that are doing that with other schools and thinking the same thing. It takes more than one good player.
If Manning wants to help, go back and be the QB coach for a year.
Texas A&M really has no good reason not to be good. With only the football players that would want to walk onto A&M, they could beat most Division 1 teams. The coaching staffs have never really done enough with the talent around them.
Absolutely graduate transfers should take advantage of that extra year of eligibility. It means a lot of money they don't have to pay to finish their graduate degree. Unless a person is assured of going into the NFL, take the extra year if you have a degree to finish.
I expect Missouri to be conservative on offense again. So whoever has the best run game.
If you use cold as an excuse then the Big 10 is going to look a lot better. It wasn't very cold by most of the country's standards.
That’s the fall-back cliche phrase people use when they have nothing to support their viewpoint. If they want to honor her for being the first woman then can easily create a one-time special award for that purpose. I don’t recall Michael Sam getting an award for being the first openly homosexual person. What awards he got he earned on the field.
She didn’t take the award from anyone. She shouldn’t be blamed for someone else turning the award into another meaningless award like was done with the Nobel Peace Prize. I’d be pissed if I were her.
Missouri had one game this season where they had good offensive numbers and now each game, people are predicting Missouri is going to do the same thing. It doesn't matter that they've done very little in the other games.
Punishments were already handed down. Everyone has been put on notice, so if it happens again, expect it to be more severe. That being said, game is over. Whatever happens on the field and emotions flair up, leave it on the field. Let the people who are supposed to deal with it do their job then move on.
It's clear Mullen instigated the fight itself. There was clear reason for him to have words with the ref, but no reason for him to keep walking past the ref to have words with Missouri players. No Gators or Missouri players were near each other until Mullen started jawing with Missouri players. They were actually walking off the field. At that time, Florida players came out en mass and started surrounding the Missouri players on the field. This was followed by Missouri players coming out. The Gator players and the coach came 3/4 the way across the field before Missouri players started coming out. Yes, the refs should have made the right call initially and it was their job to handle it. But it was not Mullen's job to start a melee. Up until that late hit, I was impressed with the sportsmanship I saw on the field on several occasions.
I don't see Roundtree getting 30 carries, Florida making 2 interceptions, and Florida getting 350 yards unless Missouri is also getting a lot of turnovers. Simply because that'd mean Florida will be getting a lot of scores and Missouri wouldn't be running as much to control the clock.
I would think a combination. Drink already stated why he chose the offensive game plan with the Kentucky game and that scenario doesn't fit against Florida. Tigers better hold onto the ball for this one though cause they can't afford to spot Florida any points.
Good insight on his coaching philosophy. I love and use the method of giving people choices and letting them decide. also... “Once you get shaky, it’s tough to recover, you can’t doubt yourself as a player,” Drinkwitz said. “If you ever doubt yourself, that’s when things are not good. So we try to identify what his strengths are.” This quote shows great awareness. Often, I've seen players with great potential ruined because they lose their confidence and it takes them too long to recover from it.