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The total effort was uninspiring from Mizzou. I don't want to take anything away from Vanderbilt because they did a good job. But Missouri would have had a difficult time with most opponents on Saturday. It's a good lesson for life in that usually things aren't handed to you. You have to show up every day if you want to excel.
I always thought Franklin was underappreciated at Mizzou. Part of it was the injuries he sustained that kept us from seeing his full potential. Of course the stick on that was that he wouldn't take any injections to be able to keep playing. Even so, I would rank him ahead of Lock among MU QBs in that Franklin made a lot of plays happen out of nothing in much tougher situations. If Auburn hadn't gotten away with so much holding in the running game, Franklin may have pulled off the upset in the title game. His heart that game was typical Franklin.
For as many times as Fromm threw the ball, he just didn't look very good. He wasn't very trustworthy that game. It's easy to second-guess decisions that didn't work. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon against Smart. He's been doing well for Georgia so far.
Mizzou will probably win up until the time they get the news. If the news is in their favor, they'll start losing. If the news is against them, they'll continue to win out.
It's going to be fun to watch the last few weeks for the SEC East. Georgia has it tough with 3 ranked teams and one team that was ranked just a week ago on their schedule. Missouri and Florida's schedules are comparable through the end. Any of the games between them can go any way.
Let them have their week. It was funny in an ironic way that Mizzou fans and SC fans can appreciate.
That would be pretty funny, especially if Gamecocks won in Atlanta.
There were several articles about the difference in how Mizzou wanted to coach him vs how he was coached at Clemson. He felt his best chance to get into the NFL was to go to Missouri. Most other coaches wanted him to play like more similarly in style to how he played at Clemson. A similar player would be Brad Smith from Missouri who spent a decade in the NFL playing several different positions. Odom comes from Pinkel's school of QB development even though Odom was a defensive coach and player. Pinkel got a lot of scorn from the fans for not playing to Brad Smith's strengths and forcing him to develop an arm. Yet even if he lost games, Pinkel was determined to make Brad Smith a better QB because that's what Brad Smith wanted to be in the NFL. Only one Mizzou starting QB has not played professionally since Brad Smith. And that one player was let go by Mizzou for off-field issues. I would like to see KB get the chance to go to the NFL. He took the chance to come to Mizzou and stay and I'd like to see him get rewarded.
Ole Miss lost a few key players for the A&M game. They're going to be short handed for part of the game.
The play shown for Jalen Hurts is just a stupid play he got away with. It could have just as easily been a fumble. I definitely don't think that's a Heisman moment.
Would have loved to watch it, but loved more to see my kids playing their sports today. Congrats to the South Carolina players and coaches. It's a long season, Georgia still controls its own destiny in the SEC East as long as it doesn't lose again. It's still the team to beat.
If Ole Miss gets their run game going in the first half, it'll be a long game for Mizzou. Usually when a team has success running the football in the first half, the other team gets tired and the success continues in the second half.
It's going to be a good game and difficult to stop Ole Miss. Looking forward to watching it.
Ole Miss and Mizzou looks like a good matchup. We'll see if Mizzou's defense is as good without CG.
There's really no excuse for missing that call since the ref was right there. I can't say he missed it on purpose, but it sure looks suspicious when you're right there. I'm struck by the official's lack of concern for the kid on the ground.
No physical contact between the coach and ref that is.
No physical contact was made from what I saw on the different videos out there.
We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, I care more about them being good enough to win the next game up.
Absolutely they should pursue a medical redshirt. However, he is one game past the deadline, so he won't get it without finding an exception the NCAA has made in the past.
Missouri's D improvement since the Wyoming game has been mostly as a result of the linebackers. With Garrett out, Mizzou is going to have to find that chemistry again. The knock on Mizzou isn't usually that they don't have the quality players to compete, it's that they don't have the depth when injuries strike.
It also works that in the run-up to a game with a top 10 opponent, a team with a good record will also start rising in the polls just in case they do beat the top 10 team. The Big 12 and SEC have both worked that way. The SEC will start creating a lot of press in favor of Missouri at that time.
I can't argue with where Missouri sits right now. Even decisive wins against the next two opponents won't be convincing except with others losing ahead of them.
You don't seem to mourn for the player as much as you are mourning the bad luck of being a Mizzou fan and how the injury affects the fan. Every team deals with these injury issues. It's not a curse for it to happen to Mizzou too. I do feel bad for Cale Garrett and his dream of playing in the NFL taking a big hit more than I mourn for the fellow Tiger fan. Spare me the righteous indignation when another person quotes Andy Reid on the realities of injuries in playing football at a high level.
I don't see this as a curse. Every team deals with injuries and it's not unusual for muscle and ligament damage to occur with high performing athletes. As for the hit on Bryant, it looked dirty, but there wasn't a pattern. Reminded me of Pelini's Nebraska teams going after QB's and RB's all the time -- especially Gabbert where they hit him late several times and went for the head or knees.
Probably effects the team more that Garrett is out. Kelly is important, but Mizzou can't afford to have the defense that was on the field against Wyoming entering SEC play. Garrett is a huge part of that defensive turn around.
It's a key position for Mizzou and they had a difficult time with the chemistry against Wyoming. Next man up is a huge drop-off, but it is what it is.
Yeah, I don't like the cross-division permanent game. I'd rather it be rotational.
Really a stupid statement by the coach. At best, he was woken up and tired. But at worst, it is trying to use his influence to tell a police officer not to do his job.