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He was a bench player at his previous small school. That 10 points isn't going to happen without a heck of a lot player development.
Mizzou doesn't have that many players in the NFL, yet I can't really agree on much with this list.
Beau has also been the long snapper for over 100 games for Tennessee.
I don't think Crockett figured he'd get drafted either now or later. But with his injuries and the pounding on his body, he probably thought his best chance of making a team as a free agent was to go now while he's healthy.
This is about where I thought Lock deserved to be picked. He will eventually start, but can use a year in development. Elway didn't draft him to be a backup.
...or he could have gotten a knee injury and been a undrafted free agent instead of a 3rd round pick. Saban might be right that ideally he could have increased his draft stock, but being a 3rd round pick at the time, it's just as likely he's going to go down.
Auburn has been looking like Champs. Hope they continue the run.
They get their name put in bold only after being in the SEC for over 10 years.
The US Senator should focus more on the NCAA as a monopoly.
Even if a technical had not been called, the freethrow should have been allowed to be shot again. The distraction happened during the act of throwing. The result would have been two free throws left if that had happened instead. The end result was still 2 freethrows shot. Shouldn't be controversial.
New England would be the best possible place for most QBs to end up.
Missouri was a border state. It was never a member of the Confederate States of America. 110,000+ had served in the Union army. 30,000+ had served in the Confederate army.
The NCAA didn't adopt it until 1986. Sundvold played until 1983. The Big 8 had it in 1986-87 season.
Yeah, it's bold and most likely not accurate. But if I were a player I'd rather have someone fighting for me and making those statements than the university rolling over and accepting the sanctions. So it's a net positive.
From what I've heard, it isn't about a program that cheats, it's about a woman who didn't like Mizzou and concocted a scheme to later use to hurt and possibly extort them. She convinced them she was acting at the discretion of a person in power. The players who suspected something should have notified the administration about her, but from what I understand they didn't put 2 & 2 together until after it was too late. The other players shouldn't have been dishonest enough to fall for it and put the program in jeopardy.
Can the "sky judge" fix penalties which are called which shouldn't have been called?
Mizzou usually gets hit harder than they should by the NCAA. The last time something like this happened, it was found a KU grad was influential. Mizzou just doesn't have the influence as other programs.
Tarkanian fought for 26 years and won 2.5 million and an apology from the NCAA. It's really about time someone challenges the NCAA again for such lopsided penalties.
After they let UNC off, they should never dish out punishments again.
It's basically like a combine. They put you through drills and you get to spend a lot of time with NFL personnel and for them to evaluate you. It's not just how you play in the game.
According to another site, he was initially recruited as a QB out of HS. His highlights don't show him catching the ball and he looks a bit slow for the SEC. It'll be interesting to see how Mizzou wants to develop him.
That sure are a few big "what if's". You have to go with what happened. He got injured but still secured the money. If you don't take the money when you can, then it's a gamble. Your logic is even more wacky.
You are right and he started coaching with Pinkel. Grinch is the son of Pinkel's sister-in-law. He was a graduate assistant for Pinkel at Mizzou. He returned to Mizzou and coached for Pinkel later on as a safeties coach.
Make that 1.5. He was only flipping pages at 1. My daughter doesn't like it as much. Her thing is singing and dolls. She has a long time until kindergarten though.
Your bigotry is showing. You should try being more tolerant of people who have different beliefs than you. That's nice that your son can read in kindergarten. My son could read before he turned 1.
Nothing is proven by your opinion. Prestige is built also by who coaches there and their accomplishments.
So you're just annoyed because you're intolerant of him being humble and having a belief different than you. Got it.
That part is not controversial, but that's not what you stated. If you're going to give him credit for good recruiting then just do it. Don't start demeaning him by saying he couldn't do it elsewhere.
What the heck are you talking about? A big part of being a good coach is being able to recruit the players. Recruiting classes have gotten better with him being there. It wasn't that long ago in 2003, 2004 that their recruiting classes ranked in the 40's.