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Missouri had one game this season where they had good offensive numbers and now each game, people are predicting Missouri is going to do the same thing. It doesn't matter that they've done very little in the other games.
Punishments were already handed down. Everyone has been put on notice, so if it happens again, expect it to be more severe. That being said, game is over. Whatever happens on the field and emotions flair up, leave it on the field. Let the people who are supposed to deal with it do their job then move on.
It's clear Mullen instigated the fight itself. There was clear reason for him to have words with the ref, but no reason for him to keep walking past the ref to have words with Missouri players. No Gators or Missouri players were near each other until Mullen started jawing with Missouri players. They were actually walking off the field. At that time, Florida players came out en mass and started surrounding the Missouri players on the field. This was followed by Missouri players coming out. The Gator players and the coach came 3/4 the way across the field before Missouri players started coming out. Yes, the refs should have made the right call initially and it was their job to handle it. But it was not Mullen's job to start a melee. Up until that late hit, I was impressed with the sportsmanship I saw on the field on several occasions.
I don't see Roundtree getting 30 carries, Florida making 2 interceptions, and Florida getting 350 yards unless Missouri is also getting a lot of turnovers. Simply because that'd mean Florida will be getting a lot of scores and Missouri wouldn't be running as much to control the clock.
I would think a combination. Drink already stated why he chose the offensive game plan with the Kentucky game and that scenario doesn't fit against Florida. Tigers better hold onto the ball for this one though cause they can't afford to spot Florida any points.
Good insight on his coaching philosophy. I love and use the method of giving people choices and letting them decide. also... “Once you get shaky, it’s tough to recover, you can’t doubt yourself as a player,” Drinkwitz said. “If you ever doubt yourself, that’s when things are not good. So we try to identify what his strengths are.” This quote shows great awareness. Often, I've seen players with great potential ruined because they lose their confidence and it takes them too long to recover from it.
Each team seems to be spending quite a bit of time figuring themselves out.
Beau Allen is a true freshman. Drew Lock was also a true freshman. Conner Bazelak is a redshirt freshman who has had a year of NCAA Div 1 time to prepare and played in two NCAA games last year with good results.
I would think so, but be careful of throwing a freshman in too soon. It blew Lock's confidence what he had to go through his freshman year.
Missouri controlled the game, but there were a couple calls that probably should have gone Kentucky's way. I don't know though. They were booth-reviewed. Just as a comparison, I thought Conner's short throws had more zip and accuracy than Lock's short throws at the same point in Lock's career, but Conner also had receivers that could more reliably catch the ball.
Am I missing something because the award is only about one game. It's not the Heisman.
The ruling in the replay booth was also incorrect. Since it was a backward pass, the intentional grounding penalty was incorrect and it shouldn't have been applied.
With the amount of money the football teams have, there will be no problems testing everyone then resuming action in a short time as long as the university handles things as they should and the players obey the guidelines. But it does present some unique challenges. The teams shouldn't be reliant on one QB this season.
Yeah, I didn't see why those who questioned the call couldn't see the benefits to LSU of Mizzou calling a timeout.
"You live up or down to your expectations, period. No offense, I’m a 5-foot-10 dorky white dude, that has no business being a college football coach" It's a great quote. I don't care whether it's from an established coach or a first year coach. It shows he doesn't take it for granted and he has learned to distinguish himself. A great lesson for kids no matter success they are pursuing.
I believe they did blow it before the recovery was made, but I could be wrong. However, that hasn't stopped refs from taking what happened after the whistle in previous games. As an example, in the 5th down game of Mizzou-Colorado, the Colorado player scored after the play had been blown dead. The referee had correctly blown the play dead when the player's back hit the ground with the ball tucked in his gut.
It would have been 30 seconds to go, with 1 kneel left. 99.99% of the time the team in that situation wins. The headline seems pretty accurate.
“Because recovery of the football was not clearly made in the immediate continuing football action, the ruling on the field was determined to stand,” If there had been a recovery of the football, it would have been ruled a backward pass. So basically either it is a forward pass or it isn't a forward pass. There is no way it can be a backward pass and a forward pass at the same time, which is what the SEC is saying happened. The ball wouldn't be live if it were a forward pass and therefore it wouldn't matter if it were fumbled. The QB cannot be penalized for an intentional grounding if it were thrown backwards. But the SEC just stated because they knew Arkansas had recovered after the whistle blew, they'd replace the call that should have been made with another incorrect call.
The recovery was clear, but there was no clear recovery at the time the whistle blew. So it was a clearly blown call.
This weekend was the 30th anniversary of the 5th down game where Colorado was given an extra down at the goal line and didn't get into the endzone but was awarded the game anyway. They went on to win the National Championship. I was a few yards from the field on the goal line looking down it. The thing is, if Mizzou won, it'd be a good win against a good opponent in a losing season that would have been long forgotten. The way Mizzou lost and the excuses by Colorado make it an experience I'll never forget. I know that doesn't help much and yes Arkansas was screwed. But it won't be forgotten.
He has the potential to be at the NFL level. At the college level, he did well against poor competition. I think his confidence just wasn't there against better competition and he didn't have the effect of elevating play of people around him as well as other QBs Mizzou has had.
I just hope the fans don't have a short memory of what he has to go through this year.
This is one of those seasons where Mizzou is going to be hoping for an upset all season (they at least have a home game against Vanderbilt). Missouri has never had a season where they've lost all their games.
People have short memories of what Odom had to deal with at Mizzou. He's a good coach, but yes, he never turned the corner at Mizzou.
I hope the defense continues to do really well. I thought all along, Odom to Arkansas was a good move for Arkansas. I hope that works out for him.
Odom got a bum rap at Mizzou for what he had to work with early on. He was a great pick-up for Arkansas. I said that at that time, and it's good to see him having success there early on. Not many defenses hold Mike Leech offenses to 14 points and score 7 on them in turn.
Overall, the team looked bad. But we had to expect that. New coach, new system, new QB, little practice against a team that had enough depth last year to make a run at the NC this year with little need to have strenuous practice or planning against most of their competition (including against Mizzou).
Never know what the recent motivation was. It could be a family member just caught it, has a serious health condition, or worse.