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Yeah, I've been trying for months to get some buildings built and the house added onto it. I've only got the concrete poured right now because everyone is booked up. I've thought about looking out of state to get people to finish it up.
I don't think he was really close to being a starter. In fact, I think he was far from it. If anything he probably wasn't even going to be a first backup and was told that.
I don't see that. He's put in his dues with limited playing time. At some point in time, you have to decide what is best for you. But even then, we don't know if he was forced off, had to decided to concentrate on what is going to be his career, or what it was. I wish him well, whatever he is doing or going to do.
Transfer waivers would not happen for 2020. It's too late to do that. If they are in those programs affected, they aren't going to play.
I would like them to add two, split it into 4 groups with round robin then do a full 16 team tournament.
Success of an SEC only season might give the leagues more leverage against the power of the NCAA.
If they do that, I'd like to see no crossover games then a tournament.
Access to 6 million more viewership. Or 1.2 million more than the population of Alabama.
True. The players weren't the ones that built the business, just like a Amazon warehouse worker isn't the one who built the company and made it profitable. I would have loved to have the opportunity and the free tuition that goes with it, especially nowdays. As it was, I got the free tuition from academics. But with education 5x what is was back then, it's more difficult for kids to get full rides academically. The NCAA is more than just million dollar football contracts. It's into other sports that do not generate a profit.
I'd rather have a 6 game divisional schedule followed by a conference football tournament.
A lot of it was illegal back then too, it just wasn't called. But yeah, things have changed. I hope he has changed too, because he used to defend his players giving concussions.
As long as it's clean football, I don't care. Got tired of seeing his Nebraska teams trying to injure other players by going for the head, knees, and broadsiding defenseless players.
How to do you figure? Odom was pretty good as a DC. Walters is barely proven considering Mizzou hasn't done well against top competition under him. Pelini was one of the best, just dirty.
Arkansas has the players for defense. They've had a lousy coaching staff. These rankings don't have anything to do with what is expected in 2020.
Hall definitely made an impact when he was healthy. He was often not healthy during the hard part of the SEC schedule. Nobody could replace him from Mizzou when he went down. Wish he would have gotten a chance at the NFL at 100% to see what he really could achieve. I don't see the NFL teams giving him much more opportunity if any considering his frequent injury history.
I'll have to look which sport it was. I'm sure it wasn't a big money event, but it is a nice moral booster if you're part of the university and you at least get something thrown your way. 2016 is still awhile ago even if it were a big money event.
The last time an SEC championship was held in Mississippi was May 2016. It's also worth noting that the SEC commissioner actually considered it before the NCAA did, but never acted on it.
The SEC is also looking into keeping SEC postseason play out of Mississippi.
I'm going to have to read those speeches. I'm betting you're right that each one will mention or hint at keeping slavery.
He is looking at the offers prior to going to community college.
True, but it's a lot easier to say that as a way of saying Hornung didn't deserve it. If Majors had won it and still said "Brown should have won it", then it's exceptionally classy move.
New coaches, new QB. Shortened time to prepare for the season. At this point, it'd be hard to bet against more than 4 wins if that.
See, I told you he wouldn't get it if you spelled it out to him.
Yeah, when I went from Mizzou to Texas A&M, I use to think Texas A&M parties were dull by comparison. But it was probably just times starting to change. I feel sorry for kids nowdays who not only have to be politically correct, but have to deal with how fast political correctness turns on them.