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Missouri has been one that usually gets hit harder than average including getting a penalty from violations at another school.
There were a heck of a lot of people from Mizzou who showed they didn't love him. It sure looks like Hog fans like him better than Mizzou fans did. Many Mizzou fans laughed at Arkansas hiring him while Arkansas fans were glad to have him.
Mizzou didn't lose focus during Odom years. The downturn came before Odom. As a new head coach, it wasn't surprising he had a lot of turnover in assistants, coordinators, and people doing the recruiting. Many of Lock's receivers were recruited before Odom and yes, most of them dropped the ball a heck of a lot and were unreliable to throw. His best receiving target often was injured in the big games too.
I'm going to have to catch up with the news. Are these allegations any worse than violations by Kansas or UNC that resulted in nothing?
Texas being a rivalry is more telling of someone's age. If they are under 30, that's what they grew up with even if it was brief. I'm hesitant to say Mizzou has much of a rivalry with anyone anymore.
Just in case he develops into both an NFL QB and MLB quality player NFL QBs who were also drafted by MLB: Ken Stabler, second-round pick by the Houston Astros in 1968 Archie Manning, third-round pick by the Chicago White Sox in 1971 Dan Marino, fourth-round pick by the Kansas City Royals in 1979 John Elway, second-round pick by the New York Yankees in 1981 Steve McNair, 35th-round pick by the Seattle Mariners in 1991 Tom Brady, 18th-round pick by the Montreal Expos in 1995 Daunte Culpepper, 26th-round pick by the New York Yankees in 1995 Colin Kaepernick, 43rd-round pick by the Chicago Cubs in 2009 Russell Wilson, fourth-round pick by the Colorado Rockies in 2010 Jameis Winston, 15th-round pick by the Texas Rangers in 2012
Missouri's all time record vs Oklahoma in football is just a little better than Vanderbilt's all time record vs Alabama. Unfortunately, it's been a one-sided rivalry at best in football.
It'd make sense for Big 12 and Pac-12 to merge.
Mizzou hasn't shown me anything more than a .500 football team yet, so I don't expect to get a surprisingly good season from them and they have enough areas needing development that they could have a much poorer season as well.
Have to look at things as a whole, can't just cherry-pick what went great. That "tainted perception" of the "entire program" is because of 50% of the entire program, which is a pretty major part.
Same as when he was hired. Good for him that he's getting the opportunity, but show me some success before I buy into it.
“ In the past decade or so, the Tigers have been known as a program that excels at finding overlooked recruits and turning them into NFL players. ” No it hasn’t. Pinkel had that reputation, not Mizzou in general.
Do you think every Cincinnati player should have been allowed to watch the halftime show instead of preparing for 2nd half or just the exception for him because he was performing well?
They have to be pretty close to top 5. There was a boat-load of money to be collected from boosters whenever A&M wanted to focus on something when I was there.
In 1989-90, Mizzou basketball got the number 1 ranking twice…. both by beating KU. KU, MU, and Oklahoma were 1,2,3. MU would lose to OU and KU would beat OU. The 1,2,3 ended when Mizzou lost to an unranked Big 8 team. So the point is ….most of mizzou’s #1’s in both basketball and football have come after beating KU.
It's not all just about getting playing time. It's getting college paid for too. He played his part and got some of his college paid for. He might be able to get a master's degree out of this too if he can't make it to the NFL.
Not even close to Drew Lock fumble and Gordon didn’t have a chance. Play calling is an issue since they let two Chiefs players fly past them into the backfield.
Kansas managed to bribe their way into a BCS bowl. I think they'd be a good fit to buy their way into this bowl too despite their 2-10 record. My second choice would be Bishop Sycamore. Ideally, I'd like to see Bishop Sycamore against KU.
Texas A&M has always been a sleeping giant in football. I was there for RC Slocum's best years and thought even he never really got anywhere close to what Texas A&M was capable considering all the talented football players who wanted to play at A&M. Fisher has one of the easiest jobs in pitching recruits to come to A&M.
What’s more surprising is that a Texas A&M coach hasn’t been more successful yet. Too many great high school Texas players want to play for them then end up going elsewhere.
What position are you playing at your bowl game?
"Missouri fans may want to watch Cuonzo Martin’s team instead: the football team’s run defense is terrible, and Army is the best rushing offense in the country." I think I can find better things to do.
After the rest of the month, is that when the numbness kicks in? Cause January-March look rough too.
I'm not saying Badie does or does not fit on this list. But if someone is going to make a historical comparison, Badie best compares with a 2017 Chubb. It's also inaccurate to say Alabama or Georgia are never going to give the ball as much to a running back when it has happened in recent history. The argument backs like Henry Josie -- who was similar to Rodriguez except that Rodriguez had slightly more yards on more carries and quite a few less touchdowns -- was that the ypc would go down if he ran it more.
Badie did more in line with and slightly better than Nick Chubb in 2017 with a much worse offensive line. Alabama, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Kentucky, LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, Vanderbilt have all (in the past decade) given their RB the ball nearly 268 times or more than 268 times in a given year.
I went up there with my son to check it out in 2018 to see if I wanted to send my son there. Felt a little odd and pretentious, but that could have just been only the handful of people I met that day. I've seen better facilities from poorer districts though. Someone who was familiar with both compared the academic environment to Pembroke Hill in KC.
I'm confused. If he took over in 2015, how has he only coached 1 year?
I don't see Mizzou as high as 11th, but we'll see where they stand at the end of the season soon enough.