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Spot might have been a bit off, but he definitely didn't get the first down.
If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t consider taking Mizzou at this point unless they were given 4 touchdowns. But we don’t know until they play the game. I’ve both lost and won a lot of bets in my lifetime.
I also got moderated for the first time here. Those comments are still under review. Which probably means they won't show up. There's nothing controversial or mean about any of my comments under review.
Can't be worse than 73-0 beatdown I watched at College Station back in the 90s, but I don't expect to see Mizzou come out on the winning end.
Your statement demonstrates less class than them coming on the field to celebrate.
I do wonder why Heupel put up with so many dropped passes at Mizzou.
Maybe that's how he coached Lock for some reason, but he did better in college reading defenses than Lock did. Lock's biggest problem though were drops by his receivers. It's hard to spread it out when most of the people drop it so often.
I was hoping it wouldn't be a blowout. Every game against a decent team has the potential to be a blowout. I've seen some really bad Mizzou teams and I still don't see this team as much better than them. Mizzou fans are often more optimistic about the season than we should be. I haven't been exceptionally optimistic since I thought Franklin could pull off a full season without getting injured.
Wait until all the transfers start of people who can go play elsewhere.
Heupel didn't have as much to work with at Mizzou. When his star receiver went out, that's when there was trouble staying close with good teams.
Booches94: Mizzou didn't just completely implode with no reason. There was plenty of reason there, just the optimistic fans didn't see it coming.
At this point, I don't care who's number #1. Until they play against each other, we won't know. Georgia gearing up to have a 15 year run, so we'll be talking about this next year too.
So can we quit hyping up a coach and team who haven't done much since before Pinkel left? I'm not saying fire anyone since I'm not the expert, but expectations need to be realistic with what has been shown to be the case. Drink sounds like a good guy, but Mizzou still has a way to go. I'm also interested in Heupel's ceiling. I liked him as a hire at Mizzou and think he will be good for Tennessee, but I'd like to see more from him too.
If this Georgia game were in Arkansas, I would have been picking Arkansas for the upset weeks ago. Right now, I keep going back and forth as to weather Arkansas can pull it off.
And this article represents to me why Arkansas is going to be hungrier for the win in every game they play this year than any of their opponents.
I think Arkansas will go into each game this season wanting it more than the other side.
I don't really see enough evidence that Drink being a "much better offensive coach & a superior head coach" is really true. Drink has gotten the benefit of the doubt so far, yet I just don't see it being delivered yet except in a much less competitive conference. Not saying that he can't get the job done, just that we are hyping him up more than I've seen on the field so far.
Maybe. I haven't seen much from Drink yet and don't fall for the hype it seems many Mizzou fans on here do. I want results. Odom didn't get results either, but he did take over a Mizzou team that was as pathetic as I've ever seen.
Missouri isn't good enough to have a sure win against anyone in the SEC. They better come prepared.
You might be confusing Iowa with Iowa State. Iowa State had a very good year last year and some good recent years. For the past 340 AP top 25 polls, they've been ranked 37 times with an average ranking of 19 of all the times being ranked. Last year was their best season in their history as far as being ranked where they reached #8.
It'll be interesting to see if the officials start penalizing OU and Texas if they start getting too close to championships like they did for Nebraska and Mizzou. Nebraska did get way too many penalties not called for cheap shots up until the last football game but during the championship game the officiating went the other way. Mizzou had everything called against it at Allen Fieldhouse in the last 10 minutes of the game so that they wouldn't walk out the door with the Basketball championship.
They have to get the depth and recruiting if they want to get to the next level. Missouri overall is going to get better for recruiting in the years to come and that will help. You're having much more competitive leagues forming for a lot of sports and kids are starting younger. Much more money is being spent on facilities in quite a few programs around the state.
Soccer??? No. They are much more serious about other sports than soccer.
Maybe, but it was the easiest airport to go in an out of other than San Jose, CA which also had multiple terminals. I could go there 5 minutes before a flight's doors closed and still make it onboard. And coming off the plane to your car was just as easy. It wasn't designed for a layover though.
Mizzou doesn't as give much attention to recruiting from KC teams historically. Pinkel was doing a good job making inroads into schools that had never sent anyone to Mizzou. Many KC fans go to Nebraska, KU, KSU, Springfield, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State as well as Mizzou. Maryville has a good string going with basketball and football with mostly KC recruits because it is under recruited.
There is a Kansas City, KS too, but it has always been a completely different city that was incorporated at a later time than Kansas City, MO. Usually when people talk KC, they mean Kansas City, MO. The economy in Kansas City, KS is less than Kansas City, MO. Though there are some very well off suburbs of Kansas City in Kansas.
Mizzou's woes are self-inflicted. They would be a terrible Big 12 team now too.
Seriously? Gilbert was a freshman in his first game with any meaningful minutes. His throws were way off all night even with decent protection. The game didn't get away from them for quite awhile. McCoy was accurate even when a receiver was double-teamed and he was getting heat. In my opinion, McCoy was the best Big 12 quarterback at that time but didn't have the measurables for the first round of the NFL.