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How to do you figure? Odom was pretty good as a DC. Walters is barely proven considering Mizzou hasn't done well against top competition under him. Pelini was one of the best, just dirty.
Arkansas has the players for defense. They've had a lousy coaching staff. These rankings don't have anything to do with what is expected in 2020.
Hall definitely made an impact when he was healthy. He was often not healthy during the hard part of the SEC schedule. Nobody could replace him from Mizzou when he went down. Wish he would have gotten a chance at the NFL at 100% to see what he really could achieve. I don't see the NFL teams giving him much more opportunity if any considering his frequent injury history.
I'll have to look which sport it was. I'm sure it wasn't a big money event, but it is a nice moral booster if you're part of the university and you at least get something thrown your way. 2016 is still awhile ago even if it were a big money event.
The last time an SEC championship was held in Mississippi was May 2016. It's also worth noting that the SEC commissioner actually considered it before the NCAA did, but never acted on it.
The SEC is also looking into keeping SEC postseason play out of Mississippi.
I'm going to have to read those speeches. I'm betting you're right that each one will mention or hint at keeping slavery.
He is looking at the offers prior to going to community college.
True, but it's a lot easier to say that as a way of saying Hornung didn't deserve it. If Majors had won it and still said "Brown should have won it", then it's exceptionally classy move.
New coaches, new QB. Shortened time to prepare for the season. At this point, it'd be hard to bet against more than 4 wins if that.
See, I told you he wouldn't get it if you spelled it out to him.
Yeah, when I went from Mizzou to Texas A&M, I use to think Texas A&M parties were dull by comparison. But it was probably just times starting to change. I feel sorry for kids nowdays who not only have to be politically correct, but have to deal with how fast political correctness turns on them.
I thought about spelling it out for him, but sometimes you just have to realize those that don't get it just never will.
Lock is good, but you have to keep his confidence up, so building up the offense around him more than the defense will pay more dividends in the long run. Confidence is everything for having a talented QB last 1 season vs 20 years.
Please no. That'd be horrible news. We do not need to play a worse schedule than we already do. Kansas is among the worst Division 1 football teams.
Maybe, but considering doctors are choosing who to save and who not to save in Italy instead of being able to treat everyone makes it seem that it could get a lot more serious soon in the US if we aren't proactive.
Yeah, I'd rather them play at least one potentially-ranked out of conference opponent each year. It could be worse, they could resume the MU-KU rivalry in football.
That’s not really calling them out. That’s just saying he’ll recruit the way he find effective for Mizzou.
"Mizzou has more QBs in the NFL than Bama does. So I don’t buy the argument that you have to go to bama to have a shot to be a pro QB." Not what I said, read it again. "An elite QB can perform well almost anywhere, that’s why Joe Flacco and Carson Wentz are superbowl champs." That's not at all proven. An elite QB can perform better with people around them who also perform. They can also perform better against bad competition. It's more proven that a decent QB can perform better with elite talent around them when they face elite competition. Last I saw, Joe Flacco and Carson Wentz won the superbowl with NFL caliber players. "The NFL knows how to evaluate guys, but it’s kinda hard to impress anyone when you’re not on the field. Being on the sideline at Clemson is not better than being the starter at Iowa." Again, not what I stated. You still have to win the starting job at any school you go to, then you have to perform better than a hundred other guys at other universities. Baker Mayfield didn't win the job at TT, but did at Oklahoma. Pat Mahomes was underrated coming out of college in part by who he played for. "If this new transfer rule goes into effect it will mitigate the major problems I have with all this. If a guy can go somewhere else and play without having to sit out an entire season then by all means, take your shot at a big-time program. As it is I think we have too many talented guys holding clipboards at the Ohio States’ of the world (uh, like Joe Burrow…), and they have to wait far too long for their chance to shine." Burrow could have transfered earlier when he realized he was going to be carrying a clipboard. Sitting out one season doesn't ruin your career, though I'd rather the transfer rule be changed to what they are considering now.
Arkansas did well recruiting even in their off years. Odom was a great hire. Many Mizzou fans forget what he inherited. I don't know much about Pittman.
Here's the issue if you're a high ranked recruit: If you win the starting job at Alabama, you're going to be looked at seriously in the NFL. You also have a great chance at playing in the NC or even winning it. If you go to university that isn't as good, you're going to have to have the measurables and play lights-out to be considered an NFL prospect. You're going to have to out play 100+ other division 1 QBs to have a chance and part of that is whether your receivers are dropping your throws and if you have a line that can block. At Alabama, if you win the starting job, you're surrounded by a lot of talent. If they drop balls, they get replaced with people who won't drop the balls. Personally, if I were a high-ranked QB recruit who was fortunate enough to get offered at Alabama, I'd go there. The path to the NFL just got a lot easier if you make the team. If it becomes apparent you'll never play a down, then by all means go to a different university.
Weird PR stunt especially considering how poor the football and basketball seasons are this year.
Not a fan of Pelini. I liked him when he was at LSU, but his Nebraska teams looked like they went for the injuries.
"But I figure any players who got money will give it back and that will be it." If it was real money and they took it, that's a big problem even if you give it back.
Missouri football was terrible when Odom took over. I realize expectations were a lot higher, but I appreciate Odom taking them through that difficult stretch.