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Wrestling is doing really good but it has never won a team national championship.
A bit more details of both contracts came out. He was expected to make about 2.1 million at Mizzou next year that would increase each year. With LSU’s contract it’s expected to go up to 2.5 million next year with the base of 2.2. Mizzou was willing to match it so it wasn’t about the money. I don’t know if LSU will pay baker’s 900k penalty. Probably his wife wanted to go back as Baker did like being in Columbia too.
Raise was to 1.9 million. LSU offered 200k more.
They were paying him 1.9. LSU gave a 200,000 increase
It was a big deal cause it took more money for someone to poach him. LSU had to pay him more than any other assistant to get him. Just count ourselves (LSU, Mizzou, etc) lucky A&M hasn’t hired every defensive coordinator in the SEC to come to college station.
Stay with a team who's management stuck with you or go back to a person who didn't want you to stay? I'd take an awful lot more money guaranteed for me to go back.
Mizzou should have pretty good lines next year as well. Looking forward to the championship games this year then to another good year of football next year.
Dude, it’s a team game. Enough of the team opted out that they showed how they felt. And it resulted in an embarrassment for the whole team. Everything I stated above hold true.
There would have been more controversy if Florida State had won the game. Instead, Florida State was a no show and got embarrassed. Not even close to national champion caliber. Florida State did that to themselves. From the outside looking in, they opted out cause they didn't think they could beat Georgia. A team that thinks they could have beaten Georgia would have showed up so that they could somewhat legitimately claim a part of the title.
Ever since he got injured by a dirty Nebraska squad led by Pelini, he was never the same. He did come up big against Oklahoma but got rattled easily and would spend a lot of time running backwards. I think his lack of accuracy was part of that "being rattled" and a lot of those balls he really didn't intend for the receivers to catch them as much as he just wanted to get rid of it.
Blaine Gabbert had the measurables to get the stars, but Brad Smith and Chase Daniel were both better QBs coming out of HS. Brad Smith exceled when he didn't have a very good supporting cast and without him, Pinkel wouldn't have lasted at Mizzou and he wouldn't have gotten the recruits he did.
Yep, and for some reason, Mizzou historically has often tried to do it with smaller guys on the LOS.
I agree. Prior to Alabama beating Georgia, Texas was ranked 3 below Florida State. Florida State beat a higher ranking opponent than Texas. Thus if they were going to take Alabama they had to leap Texas over Florida State even though Florida State had a better week.
I don't think so. If they only shows they're in the same class as Alabama and Georgia but Alabama isn't able to win the national championship, then the controversy is that they should have been included in the top 4. If Alabama wins it all, then we're talking about FSU being undefeated being arguably better than the team that is the national champion. That's a much bigger controversy.
Georgia - FSU should play. If FSU beats Georgia by more than 2 scores and Alabama wins the CFP, then the controversy should go through the roof.
If you made that same prediction with every team in the country, you'd have on average a 99% success rate for all 3 to be correct each year. That's really not much of a gamble. Even with Alabama during their historic stretch, you'd be correct 50% of the time. That's not much of a gamble on the prediction. Kinda like flipping a coin, except you have better odds than flipping a coin.
Yes but in the BCS CFP, Florida State has 2 also which is more than most top teams in conferences outside is the SEC.
Maybe but the ACC has won more CFP championships than all other conferences combined except SEC. And just as many BCS+CFP championships as all other conferences combined except SEC. Everyone said the same thing about Clemson before they won it twice. SEC also had a bad out of conference record this year. Unfortunately not every deserving team gets a seat at the table and this year some deserving team is going to get excluded.
Booneville doesnt play anyone good so even though he had the measurable it’s difficult to see how he’d do in college. It may have just not worked out for Mizzou.
He did well with the situation he did inherit. The biggest issue with him was that he didn’t have a team of assistants in place that was his group. So every year we had a new offensive coordinator and such. I see that as more a problem with support from AD who knew the issues with promoting him.
If Alabama loses, how far do they drop? The next one up is Mizzou and I don’t think Mizzou is better than Alabama.
I wouldn’t want to coach at A&M if I were a coach wanting stability for my family. If I’m looking to get rich fast, sure. Whoever they get, they’ll be wanting Alabama and Georgia type of success or he’ll be gone in a few years.
He's also trying to generate interest so that the media runs with it and they get a good bowl game. Mizzou fans found out long ago that getting a good bowl game is not just what you do on the field but politics. Jayhawks bought the Orange bowl away from Mizzou in 2008 because they played politics and Mizzou didn't.
The thing is, 74 didn't do anything illegal and didn't use his fists. What he did was continue to push the Arkansas lineman up to and no more than when the whistle blew. Now, it's possible it was a split second more considering sound travels slower than light but according the video, when the whistle sounds, he takes his hands off and tries to stand up and get out of there. After the whistle blew, he was blindsided and the guy on the ground scissored him at the same time which can be dangerous. Keep in mind, 74 couldn't see where Schrader was or whether he was down while both Arkansas players involved could see that 74's additional blocking wasn't impacting the play. 74's play until the whistle was a good play that didn't harm anyone. #6's and #56's actions were past the whistle and were more dangerous.
To be fair, all teams said that about Mizzou except Vanderbilt. They said it about the Pinkel teams and before the season Mizzou self destructed due to woke politics. This season is a little odd in that Missouri is getting respect before they win games. I actually found Arkansas gave Missouri a bit more respect than most. I don’t see it as a rivalry. Arkansas has had similar bad teams during that time and struggle to get out of the hole they’ve dug too.
If we hadn't known when the whistle sounded, it would have looked like Mizzou instigated it, but what I think happened is that Mizzou player played until the whistle and the Arkansas player saw the play was over and was still being pushed aggressively back into the ground. The hogs player who charged in there also saw the play was done and thought Mizzou player was starting the fight. It's also possible that the audio we heard was delayed a bit and that Mizzou player did start the fight. Afterall, light travels faster than sound.
They should be playing smart. I don’t mind them playing conservatively if they are playing smart. I’m not going to second guess how they choose their plays but when they become predictable and easy to read like in the last few minutes against Florida, Georgia, and LSU and heave desperation passes because their plays aren’t succeeding it becomes something other teams can key in on in the future.
In the second half of the fourth quarter in the three games Missouri has trailed and had a chance to take the lead they’ve given up on the run prematurely and thrown desperation passes with enough air time to generate triple coverage. Only Florida has been unable to to come away without the interception. It’s been two desperation heaves in each of those games. If this pattern hold true, they better not be paired with a Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio state, etc cause you can’t afford to give up a pick 6 late in the 4th to a good team.