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If this is the case, explain why he downed Saban after the auburn game and said BAMA football and Saban were on the decline.
Exactly what I have been wanting to say!!!
TrophyKing80 Your last statement is spot on. Rivalry is okay. In fact, I love it. But when it comes to bashing and meanness for no reason- I don't think you have the right to be a fan of that team, because you're not being a good college football fan!
You're a Florida Gator fan, correct? Why would Alabama and Clemson playing to get it out of the way make any difference to you. Do you not watch your own team play. If your a Gator fan- be a Gator fan, and have fun watching them. So much hate for Alabama - I don't understand!!!
Are you seriously!!! Danielson can not stand Alabama. He never has a nice comment, always makes statements about how he thinks the other team was done wrong. He dislikes Alabama to the core!!!
So am I hearing you right.......................... The only reason Alabama wins games is because of bad play calls, everything going for Bama. Did you happen to watch Alabama football in the early 2000's? We were a mediocre team at best with Shula, and I didn't hear any SEC team complaining about us then. It's when Alabama is winnings, that all the other fans get their panties in a wad!!!
Yeah we all that's true!!! I mean 13 penalties for Alabama were given to Auburn because the refs fix it that way.
No, Ohio State shouldn't be number one. LSU should be number one in my opinion, a committee can be biased and therefore not giving an accurate representation of how the teams should be ranked. Statistics are what we look at when playing the game, or do we need to get a committee to help generate yardage, pass percentages, rushing yards, penalties etc. I didn't want a CFP committee in the first place. It's also amazing to me that there is so much dislike for Alabama! Some fans can be down right mean, and know nothing about football other than who they pull for and their colors. It's just a football game, not life or death.