Roll Tide
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Jalen doesn't need to play the game of his life, he just needs to take of the ball, make smart decisions, and smart reads. He needs to do all of things that he always does.
Madness will come into play if Oklahoma loses...
Prediction: Fitz - 3 INT...we take two of them for 6. Bama 45 - St 7
KIFFIN is going to make these fans and programs doubting him pay...
LSU is not scoring over 7 points, maybe even 3 or 0. This will be a blowout, and it will be bad.
Say what you want, Lane is a great coach. And he is proving it at FAU. It is only a matter of time.
I am pretty sure that the Aggies have seen a better rushing attack..they played Alabama.
That sounds about accurate, however, I think that we should be at least a 10 point favorite against every team in the country.
"Having to give up a dream is hard" know this better than anyone else...having to give up the dream that your team will ever be close to relevant.
Hurts never plays more than 2 1/2 quarters, his stats would be insane if he was asked to throw the ball 30 times a game, or even run the ball 20 times a game.
Can't wait to see Saivion Smith start next year for us, and then be off to the NFL where he will be a first round pick.
There should only be one reason...Tennessee sucks and we are the best.
RH15 is a first rounder no doubt, this mock draft is crazy
why do you think the game we played against y'all was close??