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It matters how he said it, if he said it with a hard r then it is unacceptable. If he said n*gga then they need to get over themselves.
Wow of course Alabama plays Missouri during my homecoming...I was hoping for 12 pm game lol
I agree, all of last year I was hesitant about benching Jalen. It was just a loyal fan thing. I think a lot of Georgia fans can't see themselves letting go of Fromm. Which isn't a bad thing, it is just not logical, because Fields is much better.
It is not injuries the gators should worry about.
I would not call A&M a disappointment, and Kentucky/LSU are not surprise teams lol. This whole take is pretty awful...
If you watch the video, it is quite hysterical that Deionte was the one charged. All that happened was at spring break two guys tried to gang up on him and start a fight. It just so happened Deionte was better at fighting lol.
Prayers to his family, and the entire LSU basketball program.
If Jalen was included in these rankings then he would be no worse than 4. He was number 1 and 2 all of last season. And many would agree that he has gotten even better with Tua.
It is ridiculous that we do not have a college football video game
Raekwon will get 2 sacks this week, and Tua throws for over 300 with 4 TD. Those are my predictions. Score = 52-10 Bama.
Lock should be three. Fromm should be two. Tua should be one. Until Lock can produce against a good defense he will never be considered elite. Yes he might go high in the upcoming draft, but he will never be considered a dominating college QB. No SEC team loses sleep over Drew Lock.
Tua should be number one, everybody will know this by week 4 of the season. Jake is better than Stidham, all you barners will stop looking at these rankings once the hype falls from Jarrett.
We all owe JH2 a big thank you. He will always be considered one of my favorite Bama players. He is all class and a topnotch man. Love him.