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Kyler had a great game against Army, 165 yards, wow!!! And a stellar two interception performance against Kansas, nice!!!
If you are voting for the best player in the nation, then Q 100% needs to be a finalist.
Of course y'all should, I am confused on how your "6" selections translated to an 8-4 record. Albert O has 466 yards and 6 TDS, Irv has 648 yards and 7 TDS, Sternberger has 804 yards and 10 TDS. Irv and Jace are miles ahead of Albert O, especially since Missouri's offense throws the ball 50 times a game lol...
All three are great quarterbacks and great people
Yes because a bowl game and the playoffs are comparable haha
THANK YOU! Do what is best for your family! Why risk all that money? He deserves this, any logical LSU fan should not condone his decisions, they should support Greedy 100%.
I'm glad you are a scout and predict his NFL future, you are a genius.
He is going to be awesome, very versatile player!
Please do not let this side track the team come post season play.
Why would Matt Luke have to decide whether Longo is going to return, seems like a no brainier to me.
There will always be a receiver open, whether it is Jeudy, Ruggs, Smitty, Waddle, or Irv. It is nearly impossible to cover all of these targets, and you can't forget about the running back coming out of the backfield. It will be extremely difficult for the Bulldogs if they can't generate a elite pass rush, which they have yet to show this season.
All three are great! They will dominate at the next level, very deserving.
I love Waddle. He is the definition of a play maker. I wish it wasn't so easy to call a penalty when he redirects on a punt.
I agree that it was a bad call, and I hope the NCAA changes their rules regarding the next game. However, we still gonna hang 40+ with or without White.
I think that he is offering a sign of respect more than saying he does not want Bama.
It matters how he said it, if he said it with a hard r then it is unacceptable. If he said n*gga then they need to get over themselves.
Wow of course Alabama plays Missouri during my homecoming...I was hoping for 12 pm game lol
I agree, all of last year I was hesitant about benching Jalen. It was just a loyal fan thing. I think a lot of Georgia fans can't see themselves letting go of Fromm. Which isn't a bad thing, it is just not logical, because Fields is much better.
It is not injuries the gators should worry about.