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If you are a Georgia fan, then you should want Fields to start.
well, all i know is that he b*tched your entire offensive line
I hope we hire Todd Bates, and if not, then I hope we bring back Bo Davis!
Yeah, I don't think the title should have the word "nerd" in it
I'm calling it right now, PS Jr is going to be playing at Alabama.
I think we get ITS, Jaylen Waddle, Justyn Ross, Malik Langham, Patrick Surtain (in a stunner), and Brock Purdy.
Unless a team decides to use Minkah as a corner, of course.
Carlton Davis is the best corner in this year's draft class.
He is a weird prospect; he literally told reporters last month that he was expecting to decommit from Alabama.
I can guarantee that Carlton Davis will be a first round pick, he is easily the best CB bama played this year. Dude is a baller, and will make an impact early.
A national championship is a national championship. They are going to be celebrated. We aren't just going to put it to the side with the others and not celebrate a little. I do not know what fan base you are associated with, but I can guarantee that you wouldn't act like you have been there before.Because1. It is a national championship 2. Your school hasn't won nearly enough to "Act like they've been there before"
Good luck Ronnie! One of my favorite players!
Injuries, injuries, injuries, and oh yeah...injuries.
To say Tua has won the job for next year is ridiculous, there is going to be a QB battle. I for one, does think Tua will end up winning the job, but you can not simply write off Jalen. Jalen is 26-2 as a starter, Tua is 0-0. Yes, he won us the national championship, but this will not be a cake walk for Tua. There is no doubt in my mind that Jalen will stay in T-town, I believe he might transition to running back, or we will include a wild cat system. There is no denying that Jalen is elusive with the ball in his hands. Every time he touches the ball, there is a chance he makes something big out it. That is something special, it will be very hard to keep Jalen off the field for an entire game. We will find a role for him, no doubt.And to the auburn fan above, what makes you think Tua will be a turnover machine? He was heaving and chucking the ball around because of the situations he was in. Tua throws one of the best balls I have ever seen. With time and experience, there is nothing stopping him from winning yet another national championship, and holding the heisman trophy.
2019 is looking awesome!
Why does SDS keep bringing this up it is not even a slade is going to plat SWR