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Just because he choose the logical answer does not mean he did not feel like doing work lol. Would you have rather him choose a coach that did not make sense? Or would you have just liked him to choose your coach? Doesn't make sense for him to choose a coach that he doesn't believe fits the question...
I don't think it will make a huge difference, personally I believe it is smart.
I think that Tua, Mond, Fromm, Burrow, and Bryant will throw for 3,000 yards. I believe that Franks has the capability but I am not sold, as for Bentley, he is a wild card because I could see him getting benched at some point.
The best WR in college football should 100% be in the top 10.
Yes, I get it, Bama has 4 WRs that are worthy of being in the top 50. But it is a joke that they include Jeudy with the others at 19, he is a top ten player in college football, and there is no argument about that.
Yeah and LSU is sure doing a lot with their talent, same boat as the Gators.
Lets not forget when we dismantled them in the first round of the playoffs last year. Also, off topic, but Alabama has won the last five meetings against your "dawgs". Roll Tide!
He would have lost his job. I live near Blacksburg and the VT fans hate him lol. He cheated on a test and was close to explosion. It was smart for him to transfer. Quincy Patterson will take over next year hahaha sorry for all the VT info
Yeah after he hurt his knee on that cut block against Auburn he was not 100% healthy.
But yet it doesn't stop you from reading, give em a brake
You are a joke, the guy's car is stolen but yet you revert to false accusations regarding Alabama's program. Maybe your Gators should put down the air soft guns...or stay away from the campus book store.
I believe Eason will be a first round pick, he will have a great year.
It will be hard to beat out Josh Jacobs considering he declared for the draft hahaha
UGA fans should not be commenting on legal issues regarding athletes...
Jacobs is a lock to be chosen in the first round, he is everything the NFL looks for in a running back. Plus he doesn't have the wear and tear as other prospects.
Tua had more touchdowns than incompletions..
He will 100% be eligible to play next season. It is simple. All he has to do is make the claim that he is leaving because of that UGA baseball player. The NCAA will not be able to turn him away if he makes that claim.
Kyler had a great game against Army, 165 yards, wow!!! And a stellar two interception performance against Kansas, nice!!!
If you are voting for the best player in the nation, then Q 100% needs to be a finalist.
Of course y'all should, I am confused on how your "6" selections translated to an 8-4 record. Albert O has 466 yards and 6 TDS, Irv has 648 yards and 7 TDS, Sternberger has 804 yards and 10 TDS. Irv and Jace are miles ahead of Albert O, especially since Missouri's offense throws the ball 50 times a game lol...