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Yep. And if those small schools lose those paydays, many will have to fold athletic programs.
Why would he do that if the competition is not? He is saying he would like for all teams to do so but he is not stupid. He is not going to do it if others don't.
One negitive from just playing P5 schools is it would result in many of the smaller schools having to shut down athletic pregrams. They survive on that big paychecks from the bigger schools. That helps out tons of kids that would never get a chance at college without it.
This guy needs to do a better job of researching stuff before he writes an article about it. Chizik is the DC for the tarheels. Fedora is the Head Coach.
South Carolina Gamecocks QB commit Brandon McIlwain is also one of the QB's attending the camp.
They made that rule after Tebow was putting bible verses on his eye black
It is ridiculous that someone complains about SEC Bias on the SEC Network. I bet the LHN has Texas bias and the Big10 network has Big10 bias and the PAC12 networks have Pac12 bias.
ESPN has part ownership and SEC also has part ownership. Regardless he was calling a SEC game on the SEC network. It should not be a surprise that someone in that position promotes the conference he is so closely affiliated with. He only calls games on the SEC network. He and Pollack are the flagship broadcast duo for the SEC Network.
Musburger was working for the SEC network. What conference do you think he is going to promote? It would be dumb of him not to promote the conference that carries the name of the network he in employed by. This was not an ESPN game. It was a SEC Network game.
There is no game clock in overtime. If they would have thrown the flag, Florida would have been backed up 5 yards and replayed that down.