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Let's discuss the state of Alabama..... What a shat state.... College football is all you
Are you posting this to make up from lacking in areas?
Bamatime needs a ass beating ..... What a little sissy mouth runner.... Typical Alabama fan.... There state is a complete embarrassment and college football that none of them go to is all they have to be proud of.
Poor ole miss..... Falling apart and doesn't even have a history... Lol
Butch needs to go, too much talent on The team to go out and look like the worst team in the league the last two games.... Complete garbage!
He should try a safe step walk in shower or the shower buddy....
From a Tennessee fan, I hope you bayou bengals run there butts in the ocean.... GBO
Of course we are certain that your parents were brother and sister and had relations in the wood shed.... Congratulations to you little guy.
Wow Gary, your like a soothsayer!!! Did you put the teams in a hat?
That's coming from a state ( Missouri) a state with the ozarks of places that has 29,000 more sq miles of land less than TN, 500,000 less in population and less urban density..... Educate yourself first about your backwards state.... Ignorant a$$
Does that make you feel better about yourself? I imagine your dealing little man syndrome in more places than one.... Poor guy
How do you know it will be the same? Your post is a soup sandwich
If your a college graduate learn how to spell... Keyboard warrior
And 1951 was their best rushing season.... C'mon man.... Get it right or don't post
You got one thing wrong. Their for loses were by 16 points. 25 is going back to their last loss in 2014...
What a little person you are.
I imagine you have a horrible life and can't please a woman.... What a angry little coward you are.
What a fail of a public affairs stunt....filming it shows what d---che this guy is. The nfl combine interviews are going to see right through this guy.
Ok, attention grabbing Twitter mom..... I bet she has a tramp stamp and nose ring
You jacked this one up bad. Do you know the difference between team name and mascot nickname.... Volunteer is not the mascot.... Crimson tide is not a mascot....