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I agree man I hate that big 12 offense.. i
I’m with ya , I’m ready to see what cash jones looks like with 10-12 carries
Agree100% how does a rb get injured every week.. the same rb.. they need to put him on scout team or flag football
I agree .. I think that’s the product of spreading the touches so much.. I don’t think the back’s really hit a rhythm with so few carries so far between
Florida killed them selves with those penalties on 3 and short inside the 25 multiple times missed field goal they just played sloppy af
There not newcomers but I can’t wait to see Dan Jackson cash jones dlovett cj Allen and Oscar delp
Explain the naive.. you make a decision to do something knowing it’s dumb you’re responsible for the consequences.. when my friends try to get me to ride with them and they been drinking I don’t get in the vehicle.. to easy to call Uber a cab a cousin ect
I’d give freeze a top 10-15 ranking he wins every where he’s been seems like
Maybe I’m insensitive maybe I’m biased but what right does this lady have to sue the university.. she is grown woman and still decided to get in a vehicle with a driver who has a history of speeding and was at the time intoxicated..
Cash looked real good at gday I hope he gets touches and mews
The game look too fast for Brock at gday .. late throws got lucky lit tf up by cj Allen .. he doesn’t look poised in the pocket.. if he somehow manages to become qb1 my season expectations drop drastically
Dang I was hoping QJ would make it to New York but I forgot y’all play UGA.. probably gonna derail that hope.. Kirby not going to let any back run
I don’t think I’d bet my season on Pete golding
I think rogers is the best known passer in the SEC and I think the run / pass balance is really gonna give MSU a good shot at a lot of wins this year
Yep Saturday down south provides the topic that’s it .. the comments are way better than the article
Espn trying hard to raise that money so the sec will go to 9 games
Doesn’t much matter what kinda defensive talent you have with Heupel style offense .. it’s so fast defense is sucking air at half time.. you can put score a lot of opponents but generally you will lose a couple because the defense can’t keep up with it’s own offense
Yeah the dawgs have a nice line up at TE .. unfortunately can’t sign everyone
The legal situation was resolved over a year ago.. this isn’t news, it’s barbershop gossip..
Gehite I hate feeding you because you are slow but 3 top ten opponents.. let me direct you to 2022.. Oregon Tennessee LSU Ohio state TCU .. 2021 Clemson Bama Michigan
I’m certain he was not serious.. seems like other commenters took it serious .. so I added my 2 cents
You can’t prove a collegiate team couldn’t compete with an nfl team.. bills opinion is no dumber than yalls
Corch I’m not entirely sure cause I had to google it to pronounce it and find its meaning, but I don’t think that is the correct big word.