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idk bout the inexperiance since the backups took like 55% of the snaps last year.. but bama will be as talented and they wont be young next year..
im with ya bennet did what he is supposed to do. if you need an all world qb to win you have failed on the other side of the ball
I like Meeks I think he’ll be good but I doubt elite.. personally I thought Burton was avg as well as Darnell Washington .. And I believe the receivers leaving are due to they committed to Cortez hankton not uga
Defense or no defense he’s top ten qb in school history in yards td ypa and efficiency
7 td- 3 picks 27td 7 picks not a lot of difference Negan .. only difference is one has stars in front of his name.. if jt was so great why is he not competing for playoff spots at usc why does an nfl coordinator and a head coach have him on clip board duty .. just be reasonable and accept maybe he ain’t that good .. 7-0 as a starter .. bennet was undefeated to before bama ?
I’ll take Stetson to lose a game over that wet toilet paper jt daniels any day .. I seen jt play against better defenses and managed 3 td in two games .. I have 0 faith in jt to be better than having Grayson lambert taking snaps again
I don’t recall UF with any nattys in the past decade.. how close to a natty has UF came in the last ten years 8-4?? How many playoff games since cfp..0??
Jackson Muschamp is gonna be UGA back up savior?
true story however valdosta didnt beat much of anyone this year
bama played their best game of the year imo and they played it on the right day uga played their worst game on the wrong day.. i dont think it mattered who was qb1 dawgs wasnt winning that saturday the annual dawg flop was late to the party but did indeed show up
Last I saw he leads the conference in passes of 35 yards or more I wonder what he would be like if he was good a deep ball Deep ball
Negan, uga has had plenty of 4 and 5 star qbs over the past 20 yrs ie: stafford murray fields eason fromm shockley. thats like 28 stars right there and some how for some reason there still 1980 jokes. not one of those guys has a title even the ones that ran away from competiton for an autostart spot on a stacked team
Here is your living proof that all those stars don’t necessarily provide success
At this point I would doubt jt game speed chemistry with receivers that Bennett’s clearly has
That’s cause we avg more than 1.8 on the ground when they play bennet
I have a tv I see the things they do my opinion that JT is avg at best doesn’t make me an idiot I watched those usc games I watched the Uga games .. nothing special can’t escape pressure consistently underthrows deep balls to receivers that should be in stride and the run game is an afterthought when he is in .. 28 points against miss st blah 21 against Cincinnati.. blah I don’t see the hype .. I don’t believe he is as good as you think he is
I fully agree with McElroy let the hot hand play obviously he is physically tougher most of y’all knock him cause he don’t have star power in his recruiting. Y’all ready for JT to under throw the deep balls Stetson has been hitting ? Or see JT collapse under pressure .. Stetson been playing as well as JT ever has I don’t understand the JT duck riding he hasn’t looked spectacular to me at usc or Uga .. JT is just Jake Bentley with better support
Fair enough .. idc either way .. I totally forgot Charleston southern was on the schedule
I’ll be happy with Stetson against uab the game ain’t in question and probably his last opportunity to ever play I’ll be happy with beck too .. JT over rated over hyped and underwhelming against any decent defense he played
Almost certain while Vandy doesn’t play football I’ll take there academic prestige and those baseball titles
Does living in a trailer make yo less of a person? Are you better than me based solely on where we live?
So Practicing angle tackling is a risk I wonder what they’re supposed to do in the game I could see it if it was 12-year-olds versus eight-year-olds but y’all are being ridiculous about football As part of the game you have to learn a tackle There are flag leagues all over the country For those that don’t want to tackle