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Didn’t care for Bobo before ..he always seemed to forget the run game for the entire game if the backs weren’t gashing the defense on the first four carries however he did develop some good qbs and is a vast improvement of coley and Chaney then again sometimes my dog could do better than coley. Also Bobos offenses seemed to lay eggs against elite competition many times all this is just my opinion of what I can recall because I didn’t and ain’t gone fact check any of this
Well that’s the thing anybody can Be beaten On any given Saturday happens all the time... Wasnt so many years ago to uf got beat by Georgia Southern Or Michigan getting beat by Appalachian state Ohio State getting trounced by perdue happens
I watched a few of field hs games and the commentators were praising how great he was but I never saw it I thought he was overrated then and now
This is why we read the comments To get the most biased opinions possible