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Yes I got that jus watched a lot of games and often dj was the go to pick on corner
Candy brings the academics of the conference up candy also has some trophy’s of their own football is not the only way to pull your weight
Vandy isn’t very competitive at fb I get it but they bring national titles in baseball to the sec they improve the academic success of the sec.. the sec as a whole would take a hit if Vandy dropped out
What about 1984? Asking seriously not sarcastically
Terrible game plan and adjustments the players wasn’t really that bad just bad defense game plane imo and I think Monken only knows short side of the field he ran right every run play but maybe 3
I thought he was retested and it was negative.. like Saban
I think his comment was based on the evolution of offense not a knock on bama
how many times do you run to the right side and get stuffed befor you maybe figure out that there’s a whole Other half of the field you can at least try out once in a while.. the run game and run blocking was absolute trash ..the deep ball was very nice.. idk off landing or smart drew up the defensive game plane but that was piss poor excuse for coaching and scheming.. extremely disappointment of an oline performance 0 physicality in the run game
Unrelated to anything but I wish Saturdays down south had like a reaction button because I don’t want to actually reply to your comment but I like your comments or I just dislike them
Dovonta Smith Mac jones Kyle Trask Kyle Pitts Richard lecount Elijah Moore Najee Harris Jalen Catalon Brenton cox D’Wan mathis
Bee net wasn’t bad He put the ball close enough receivers have to go get it and come down with it Bennett was better than Mathis by long shot even after the shoulder injury Mathis couldn’t hit fresh air He should probably xfer out the sec
I’m pretty sure big hits her a good reason you where are the padsLegally the head was targeting realistically it was just a bang bang play was it malicious no
Agreed don’t wanna see a score every play like back yard ball but I don’t wanna see a dry land mud bog either
That’s not a negative comment that’s a fact you’re not supposed to do that and it’s a shame that you get hurt doing something you’re not supposed to do
To be fair Stetson Bennett put it in Georgia hands plenty of times and it went to the ground and even with perfect coverage on Devonte’ Smith he just kind of figured out how to catch everything thrown his way but maybe Georgia receivers would’ve caught it from a different arm I don’t know
Well dang Gary and Verne were my favorites .. I like gary
it free America with free speech till someone says something another doesn’t like then it’s North Korea .. its a word gtfo it and move on .. ... baseball buddy made a mistake.. take the consequences and gtfo it and move on Bunch of soft wet toilet paper ppl in this country
I always like Gary and Verne don’t care if they biased they have the right voice and it keeps me entertained.. as long as it ain’t Beth mowens I’m good
Twice on the same Saturday ? Can’t be serious
I don’t think this is a situation we’re holding the cards is a good idea
Y’all really believe Bama gonna let a&m score that much.. nah ole miss over UK UF 38- 14 over sc
I wouldn’t want my hyped Xfer qb yo start his first game or get his first snaps against a Kevin steel defense or a nick Saban defense .. count all the stars you want but it not gonna go well
Agreed I thought Eason was over rated I thought the same of Daniels and Newman.. I love the Stetson story and I think he is gonna be the guy to deliver the most wins (7-9) I don’t think the dawgs a be winning the sec or making playoffs with any body we have behind center this year
Why would you ever put an individual before the team unless your trying to mimmick FSU
They’ll start Mathis or it against Bama and they will implode and Stetson will come off the bench score 38 unanswered points with 405 left in the fourth quarter and be handed the headman trophy in place of the game ball
I’m sure it will be balanced attack but significantly better play calling and preparation
I don’t like to admit it but I kinda agree with king i wasn’t on the Jamie Newman hype train to start I thought he was way over rated and he believe the same bout JT I think they should go with D’Wan for the next two years and develop Vandagriff to take the reigns after he has a year in the system