I Am A Vol4Life, been a Big Orange Lover since my Birth.Fave sport footBall. When I played in Highschool, I wore #82 for my fave player Jason Witten

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Ok USC Jr, Keep telling UT how to run a Program. There's Nothing Unreasonable about Expecting an SEC East Title from your coach after 5 years of the best recruits,Yet he fails to utilize them.
fun fact: His Family grew UP LSU fans, But became UT fans after He Committed to play for UT
HEY UGA, yall are Great This Year, I saw The Dawgs Beat MyVols 41-0, I was In the Building..But I got One Question for UGA WHERES THAT CRYSTAL BALL THO? UTenn,UF,Auburn,Alabama,LSU Got some.Yall Ain't Got one, And UGA Ain't gonna Get A CFB Trophy either! Dream on Dawgs!!
Hey Dumbo, UK are the Clowns who rewarded themselves with a 1951 Nat'l Title Trophy. Sorry but UT beat UK 28-0 in 1951 and now Y'all Tryna Share The 1951 Natty?? nobody Voted 4 UK then to share the Nat'l Title so Y'all just made one for yourselves.UK living in the Past