Dawgs in the House!Thats Miss State!Fam 4 Life!!!

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That's just terrible.Secondary looking pretty good today.No.13,32,and 29 gonna do some good things this fall!
Seen him play so many times down here on the Gulf Coast!If LSU block for him,he'll get the ball there!He played for the same school as Brett Favre nephew Dylan some years ago,which is 40mins from me in Moss Point!
I seen both Nane and Martin play,cause Perk aka MGCCC is only 40 mins from me.Both can catch,run,and block!Nance is from Gulfport Ms,who originally signed with USM.
I seen him play many times.He's about 35 minutes from me in Moss Point,Ms!We play them every year since 2012!They beat us 4 times and we won 2!
Their defense gonna be good.Neal should have the same production from last year!Key gonna have 10 or more sacks playing Jackbacker!
Talk Talk Talk Talk,lol.Thats all he's doing!He might end being a backup!
Did he say start?Cocaine is a helluva drug,lol...
Somebody did this to this man on purpose and it wasn't his stepdad!If his stepdad wanted to do this to him,he would have been done it!And Freeze knew these players received money and other items!OM missed a payment to the NCAA!NCAA don't care what a school buys their players as long they make that monthly payment to them!My good friend who was a trainer for this certain SEC team told me everything that goes on!
It would be good if they could return to school!How sad to see those guys go undrafted!But those players do get bad advice from nfl scouts!
RIP Scott and my prayers goes out to his family!Wow,his hometown is 15 mins from me on the Gulf Coast!But why would he be up there that time of nite?Something fishy going on!Something aint right and something went wrong!
WHo cares?Freeze hit it too,lol.And Nkemdiche hit it so hard,he fell out of the window,lol.Im gonna roll me a joint,lol...
NCAA knows these colleges pay their athletes,lol.When the college don't make their monthly payment to the NCAA to be quiet about it,thats when the NCAA comes down hard on the college!An ex college football told me how it goes down!After all what happened to Big Tun,he had to be honest about it!Why keep lying after all this happened to you on your big night?His stepdad had something to do with it!
Stepdad aint telling the truth,cause Tun aint never had any problems!
Whoever wrote this article doesn't like MS State!
I think Dak will go the Saints,Skins,or Cowboys...
Lol,Talal rather bash Ms State fans instead of Bama and Ole Miss!If anything,Ole Mess fans cant stand good news coming out of Starkville,lol.And if we don't bow down to Bama,their fans go NUTTS,lol.Aint nobody kissing up to no Ole Mess fans or bama,lol.Now Talal,you surely in hot water with us MS State fans,lol.We gon roast yo a^&** this year,lol.
Oh I get a chance to see him play since he plays up the road in Ellisville,MS!JCC Bobcats!
Staley might be the starter by fall time!He is about the same size as Cam Newton and same skills too!
Don't worry,MSU will fix everything!All these dumb azz comments,lol.Lol,all teams got someone on their team whose a F up!So sweep around your own front door!
Lol,yeah he can throw!Its just his running skills is outstanding,lol.I see him play in JUCO last year!His stats would have been way,but he split time with another qb and they only play 9 games!He should have some highlights on youtube!
I know Big James,he lives a minutes from me!I played ball with Sims at Moss Point High School back in the early 90's!He coached MP for a few years and left for Goula in 2009!MSU is my fav team!Dawg Nation!!!
Nah,he stole them coals!A young college student has a good mind to remember things!
DG will be fine!We got other wr's who can step up1