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Florida has said the game could be played on Nov. 19th if both UF and LSU were willing to buyout games vs PC and South Alabama. LSU has said they are not willing to do that. For the record the SEC offers insurance against situations like this so LSU wouldn't have to actually pay anything.
This is just too funny. Did you actually scroll past the Florida State portion of your link? I sure hope you didn't because that would be, well, sad...So lets try it this way for you: Florida State has 5 while the University of Florida has 12. Now say it with me; "12 is greater than 5". Moron...
Exactly. These goofs on here acting as though because the ref was making a mistake gave Winston the "right" to physically move him out of the way are just...well...stupid. You must protect the officials. The fact that they do make mistakes is the exact reason contact with them should not be tolerated. No matter the reason for the contact.
You never have a "right" to move an official out of your way and then shove them to do the side. This is true regardless of what mistake they may have made or are in the middle of making. To say Winston had a "right" to take matters into his own hands and physically move the official out of his way is, in short, utterly moronic.
So what? Even *if* the game clock was started and I'll take your word for it on that a player is not allowed to touch an official let alone move them to the side with both hands and then shove them to the side with their forearm (I won't call it a push). Agreeing or disagreeing with how the ref was performing his job is not the issue. Refs have messed up and will continue to do so, but regardless of their perceived mistake you are not allowed to place your hands (or forearm) on them. Period. End of discussion. You can't start letting things like this slide. To do so would be to open up a can of worms that nobody wants. Officials must be protected against potentially dangerous contact which means not allowing any sort of contact. This is simple to understand. Sadly, I have a feeling nothing will be done with this incident. So, where do we draw the line when it comes to contact with officials? I don't like where this is going or where comments and thoughts like yours may potentially take the issue at hand. Simply because an official is making a potential mistake or has made a potential mistake does not give a player or coach the right to make contact with them. So, in answer to your supporter below (pgschafer1) a response like the he/she sarcastically detailed in his post is by far more appropriate than the way Winston handled it. This is a much larger issue than "Winston's latest incident" and hopefully it will not be swept under the rug.