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yes the winning steak is against lesser teams, but its games we would have lost in past years. Can Tennessee win Saturday, sure, will they, probably not. GA is still a much deeper team, looking forward to see how our team handles the pressure and if they really have started to close the gap with GA and FLA. either way its great to be excited about our team again, With Tennessee winning games it puts the SEC east back ahead of the west, which has been a long time coming.
o line played 10 against Mizzo, not quite on the dawgs level with subs but significantly closer than past years, gonna take a perfect game to beat GA, but we will compete, unlike the last three years
youre right, Burch should be in top 3
youre right on there, especially with another Elite 11 QB enrolling early this year
Carolina hosting Tennessee feels like a coin toss, clearly says its in SC
most likely will be a double header with a 330pm and 8pm kick offs
very true, ND must play 5 ACC teams in football each year per their deal for all other teams at ND to be in the ACC
wrong player , that was Tate Ratledge's dad
So proud of all these comments, its easy to bash a kid, nice job all