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They weren't better then this LSU team. FSU was lucky to win the NT that year and wasn't even the best team on the field that day.
I wouldn't get too carried away with that. The best team ever was the 1995 Nebraska cornhuskers and its really not even that close. LSU defense just wasn't that dominate to me. LSU probably had the best one year QB performance of all time. However I,m old enough to remember some great teams and none of them came close to that 95 cornhusker team. Only team even remotely close was the 2001 hurricanes and that's saying something because that was a great team.
As head coach of Baylor Steele was 9-36 overall and 1-31 in the conference. But he has been outstanding as the AU D coordinator
There are just some coordinators that don't pan out as head coaches. Still, there are others like Ed Orgeron that just take a while to hit their groove. Kevin Steele wasnt successful as a head coach. He went 0-12 at Baylor before being let go. However, he is one of the best D coordinators in the country. To think That Chad Morris couldnt hit his stride at Auburn is pretty ignorant. Auburn offense is stacked with talent at the skill positions. If they can get the O line together it could be a special year for them.
Interesting? that would be a break from the norm and probably not very likely this year. Have to go several years back when this game was even competitive. Arkansas's issues go way deeper then QB. Hopefully they can turn it around. But playing and AU this year likely wont help them much.
They need to hire someone that has a clue when it comes to putting together a football schedule. I could do a better job in my sleep. Auburn certainly has some say in where they take their bye weeks. But two years in a row now where it couldn't have been picked at a worse time.
I don’t think it’s anymore then just wanting to get closer to home. But if he doesn’t sign with Tennessee then that could raise a few flags
If he has troubles as some on here have suggested then I hope he finds a great mentor. I've seen it too many times that it didn't work out and I hope this isn't one of those. Kirby Smart would have been a great choice for him.
Did he decide he needed to be closer to home? Not much to go on from this article.
The SEC is a strong conference followed pretty closely by the Big 10. Better bring your A game every week or you'll get beat. However I don't think bowl games are a true reflection of conference strength. After a way too long layoff to expect the same team is sort of ridicules. Apparently some fans on here think you should actually benefit from the time off. Talking from experience a long layoff is never a very good idea.
And still Beats Bama....what a head scratcher huh.
I think he made the right decision. Coming back likely would only improve his status from #3 QB to number 2 as no one will leap Trevor Lawrence. Also if for some reason he were to hit a setback from his injury it would be way better to already have first round money. Either way I wish him good luck and hopefully a full recovery
Am I , not I’m I. If there is an edit button on here I’ve never seen it
I’m I the only one that finds this post a bit disturbing?
Hope he can stay healthy regardless of his decision. Looks like if he comes back he will be throwing to a new crop of receivers.
Good Luck Will. Hope you find a spot somewhere
No need to get butthurt there Hengst. Im no idiot. I know Auburn dosent match the player for player talent on the field or the bench with Bama. But my statement was one of a thinking person. Just wonder if Saban, realizing his dire need to keep some of this talent on the team has come up with an Idea to do it. Not even saying that's the case. Also I don't really need to mention the Iron bowl or even Auburns success over Bama under Malzahn.Truth is I cant even explain it.
Well the second best means someone else is doing better. Even a Bama fan should understand that. There was a time not too long ago when it wasn't even close when it came to recruiting. In fact I used to say Bama was so far ahead in recruiting that it wasn't even fair to call a team number two in recruiting. Second best should have started at five instead of two because of the distance of Bama between them. All Im saying is that NOW another team (Clemson) can actually match or even surpass the talent on the field and the depth. That's saying a lot. Not that Bama's roster isn't still envied by most coaches. Just that now there's another team that can match the talent before the ball is snapped. Once again Bama fans snapping at an Auburn fan for once again stating the obvious.
Na just stating the obvious. Clemson is just doing a better job recruiting right now. I think its possible that convincing juniors to come back may be a way around that. The NCAA allows for some of that insurance to be paid for by schools. All of you assume that to be such a negative statement coming from an Auburn fan. But much like the grey shirt rule that Saban used to his advantage. Also that he used one year scholarships before being forced to offer four year scholarships. Just wonder if this is perhaps another way he has figured out to take advantage of some of the rules.
Now that Alabama is being out recruited on a regular bases is it the next faze to try and convince first round picks to return for their senior season by paying insurance bills?
I wonder who actually pays the premiums on these Insurance bills....No actually I don't. For a top 10 projected pick they can be in excess of $50,000 for one year.
Looked to me like they had next year on their mind. That coupled with a tough determined Minnesota team and they got beat. Minnesota didn't get down and Auburn never got up. Looked sluggish and just got beat. I'm just not sure bowl games are even worth the effort anymore. The format is even weird. You had the semi final before a bunch of lower bowl games. Its kind of weird. NOONE even goes to most of the bowl games. Most of the games the stands were empty.
NOBLEMAN The only win that matters is on the 13 of January.....Period. So good luck. Auburn beat the Pac 12 champion during the regular season when it actually did matter. Also Auburn beat Bama during the regular season when it did actually matter. All we would have heard was how Bama played LSU tight till the end and then went on the road to Jordan Hare and beat AU. Oklahoma got beat by 8-5 Kansas State for goodness sakes Luckily for college football fans Auburn put an end to all that. So trash Auburn if you'd like. But Auburn played by far the toughest schedule of any team in the top 15 and was in every game with a chance to win it.
LOL I'm glad you're feeling good Arky fan. You sure haven't been able to in a very, very long time.
I wish him luck and ultimately it’s his decision. However I don’t see him getting drafted very high if at all.
The discipline at Auburn under Chizik was a disaster. I think you might want to leave that one alone.
If im an AD for just about any school im calling Mike Entz. Id throw some money his way and see if we could lure him to the deep south. I think it would be a great hire.