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The official in this game did a way better job then in the LSU game. That game was obviously officiated to give LSU the upper hand. Blatant holding on almost every play. But the missed face mask in this one was really bad a a critical time. I think that is one they should be able view in replay and change since it’s a safety of play issue.
Alabama has a different set of rules then other teams. They continue to use previous years success to validate them in the top 5. Makes me sick.
ALL coaches get carried away after a big win. Coach O is human like the rest of us. People need to take a chill pill
LSU beating Bama has actually made the iron bowl a must win for Bama. I like that as an Auburn fans because it makes it hurt that much more when we stomp that a$$
I think you give Georgia way too much credit. BTW they haven't beaten two top ten teams. Florida is eleven and Notre Dame is sixteen. The SEC east is so weak this year outside of two teams. Georgia will likely lose to Auburn and A&M.
Really? If Bama or Georgia played Au's schedule this year either team already would have 2 losses. Georgia plays Florida on a neutral field, doesn't play LSU or Bama. So we will see. I just don't see Georgia as the team their fans do. This weekend they better button down their helmets because they haven't played a D like what they are going to see in Jordan Hare.
Time for another route. Auburn needs to crush these dogs
Auburn needs to crush the dreams of Georgia and Bama. Stand alone as the second best team in the SEC and lets see what happens.
If Georgia would have played Auburn schedule they would have 3 losses by now.
Negan It’s still way to early to say that if a second SEC team gets in it should be Georgia. Georgia has one chance and one chance only. They have to win out including the SEC title game. My bet is they lose this weekend and then have to scrape just to get to the title game at all.
Actually A&M can’t make it because if Bama loses out that means Auburn beat them and Auburn would hold tie breaker over A&M. But on a serious note. Bama has all but been eliminated from the playoff. As much as the committee would love to have them in. Auburn actually played LSU tougher then Bama did and at there house.
Paul Is the Jerry Springer of college football. He carved out his niche pitting Auburn fans against Bama fans and continues that till this day. If he can stir something up he will spare no expense to do it. This is certainly meant to be a knock on Auburn fans from a Bama homer. He actually has a very low football IQ.How this knucklehead ever got on the SEC network is beyond me. I for one find him nauseating
Zach To leave not only doesn’t make sense from a football stand point. It doesn’t make sense to leave before mid terms from an academic standpoint. College needs to be more then just football since only about 2 percent will ever play again after college. And likely way less then that for quarterbacks Apparently he isn’t getting very good advise from the elders in his life. I’m more concerned about him just being successful in life not on the football field. Can’t convince me it isn’t a bad move at this point
I think its a selfish act to leave your team in the middle of the season. No easy way to put it.
I know he's frustrated but the decision is one likely made in haste after a disappointing Saturday. Seems pretty selfish to me. Definitely not from the same mode as Jalen Hurts. It's the millennial attitude of instant gratification. If he were my Son id have had to tell him to finish this season, do your best, and transfer after the season. Has little to do with football, and a whole lot to do with life.
I wonder sometimes if Gus felt like he had to go with Bo because he was a legacy QB going against another freshman. I wonder if Joey were a junior with no starting experience the outcome would have been different. Gus is best when he has a big time running QB that can throw a little. That sounds like Joey to me. I want Bo to do well and eventually he may. But the moment has been a little to big for him lately. Maybe getting back home will help. Seems almost obvious that a lot of people want Gus to fail. From whomever put together this schedule, to the boosters that continue to talk trash. But the worst part is that this is probably the best defense I’ve ever seen at Auburn certainly the best d line and it seems such a waste.
Auburn will need to do their best to not allow the officials to be able to influence this game. For some strange reason SEC officials just cant seem to help themselves. If not for a last drive PI call last year AU wins that game against LSU. They can ill afford to let that happen again this year. I'm anxious to see how the best Dline in the SEC can effect Joe Burrow. If they can handle AU's Dline then the sky's the limit. I think AU's D can keep this one within reach but the offense cant turn the ball over. Good thing for LSU they have a bye week following this game because this one is going to get physical. AU gets Nick Coe back on the Dline this week so pick your poison. Cant double team everyone
I expect Auburn to run a lot of press man to man to try and throw off LSU timing. If the front four don’t get pressure it will be a long day for Auburn. Auburn D line is the best they will face this year. I also expect LSU to test the run D early in an attempt to slow down the D line. AU linebackers will need to have a great game. Auburn has a punchers chance in this one but can’t turn the ball over like they did against Florida.
This one makes me a little nervous. Auburn was a big favorite last year when they faced Tennessee in a game they should have easily handled at home. If I were Gus Id put they game on and remind them they better bring their A game. Arkansas fans would like nothing better then to knock off ol Gus for using them to get more money from AU. At least that's how they look at it. This is likely their most important game as far as the fans are concerned. AU better be ready and not come out flat in an early kickoff game.
Sucks but it is part of football. Auburn has recruited well so next man up. Maybe Joey Gatewood will see the field more now especially in the wild cat on short yardage plays. May be a blessing in disguise. WDE
If you want to eject both players for that hit I might agree. The runner definitely lowered his head first to initiate contact. Cant just call it on Auburn player.
I actually like him less now. That's like saying if I hurt you I'm sorry. He's a total bonehead. Hope he gets crushed this weekend
Hate to disagree with you but I don't think Florida matches up well at all with LSU. Florida dosent run the ball very well and except for the one 88 yard run on a missed tackle they were held to around yards per carry. That wont get it done Saturday. Florida may have won the game Saturday but that was as physical of a game that they will have all year. I suspect some of that will show up this Saturday. LSU 28 Florida 14
Before the season I looked at this game as a possible loss for Auburn. Florida looked to have a pretty easy early season and an extra week to prepare with a virtual bye. They took advantage (as they should) rested players, and got alot more time to study game film. Auburn on the other hand was playing in their third road game of the season and had a tough opponent the prior week and certainly couldn't look ahead. Don't think the extra week is important? Just ask Nick Saban. He had a bye this week prior to going to Texas A&M, Has a bye before LSU and a virtual Bye before Auburn. Not sure who put the Auburn schedule together but they aren't on Malzahns side thats for sure. Incredibly Auburn wont return home for a game until November. They will by then have played Five road games before playing there second home game against an SEC opponent. They had their chances against Florida but couldn't take advantage. I don't think Florida will do well against LSU and we will see how Trask handles a hostile crowd. I think they match up better against Georgia. Id love to see AU get another shot at Florida.
Does anyone really listen to this guy? He made a living as the Jerry Springer of college football,piting Bama fans against Auburn fans
Gromit You can gloat if you want that's expected from Florida fans. But to pretend that your team was that dominate is to just that pretending. Your offense wasn't much better then Auburns. You had one good run play on a missed tackle and one busted coverage pass that went for a TD. Truth be told if you play like that next week you will get smashed at LSU.
Nix was off that game for sure. Hope he can make some improvements on the bye week. Truth be told Auburn still has the same shot at winning it all that they had prior to this game. Cant win the SEC unless you beat LSU, Bama and Georgia anyway so none of that changed with the loss. The perception of Auburn may have changed but the road to get there hasnt. Now we will find out what they are made of. The strength of their schedule makes it possible to still get it done. Can they? We will soon find out