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How and why a football dependent on a resume. What sport does that? It’s a stupid way to do it. It’s actually quite simple. However as long as college football allows committees to pick teams instead of letting them play it out on the field it will never truly be fair. If conference championships don’t really mean anything way play them?
At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. Whomever wins it all will have to win two more games. And quite frankly I don’t have the energy to debate it right now.
Like one SEC team did saturday?
Not crying. I guess a Bama fan would never understand because you will always be on the good side of a committee. Its unfair to other teams
I have no problem with Bama being #1. I take issue with Georgia being number 3 based on what i saw. It will all work itself out
Georgia may not even get there. Michigan has a team that could beat Georgia.
using Georgia regular season schedule who beats them? Now remember Georgia only played 3 away games.
If college football is ever going to actually be fair. Then they will need t allow the game t be determined on the field and not by some committee that COULD have som bias. Absolutely makes zero since. So according to all of you guys logic. Bama should be in the championship regardless f they lose to Cincinnati or not. Because it’s not possible that they could be better then Bama
You guys seem to forget that this is no longer the regular season. It wold be like the NFL saying well Tampa was really good so les look past this first game post season loss. If conference championship isn’t going to count then quit playing them
In what world does Georgia have a strength of schedule of #5. That is simply not true
Your team winning or losing has nothing to do with integrity. Guess you haven't figured that out yet. I complain because of the obvious bias within a selection committee. Georgia deserved to be in the final 4. But definitely not at 3 based on the game i saw yesterday. It was an obvious attempt to keep away from a first round rematch
They want to try to put two SEC teams in it. Based on yesterdays performance they should have dropped to #4. Why is it that Alabama and apparently Georgia are the only two teams that can lose and consistently not drop very far. Georgia would still be in it . Just have to face #1 to prove it
Well if they played Georgia regular season schedule this year, Id say 12-0
Not at all jealous. To say Georgia will need to play better makes you think jealous? You're a typical Georgia fan. Guess you think you can beat Michigan with a similar effort
They will have to play alot better then they did yesterday
I guess if OK state would have won yesterday they would have left out Cincinnati.
Once again the commitee shows they have very little integrity. Refusing to put Georgia fourth to avoid the early rematch proves its all about money.
Not saying they wont be in top 4. Just that their weak schedule reared its ugly head last night
The problem with Geogia fans and Bama fans is they dont listen to anything negative. They just fire back with "your team sucks" Yeah AU wasnt very good this year, yeah they arent recruiting well either. But that dosent change the fact that Georgia played an easy schedule this year and benefited from that. It dosent change the fact that Georgia only played four true road games, three if you don't count Georgia Tech and they benefitted from that as well. They failed their only true test against a good offensive team. And regardless of if you want to hear it or not it dosent change what happened. Thankfully I benefited by taking the points
Baylor looked better today then Georgia did. The way I look at it Georgia had their chance today and blew it. Fortunately for Georgia fans I dont make the rules.
Well it should count. Georgia played a pretty easy schedule this year. Only four actual road games and none against ranked opponents. Their best win was over a mediocre Clemson team on neutral territory. That should actually count. Who do you think Georgia beat in the regular season that Cincinatti wouldn't beat?
Michigan only loss this year is to a very solid 10-2 Michigan state away from home. Id rank that as a better loss then Bamas A&M loss. If thats what you are asking
Not sure what youre asking. The guys that pick the final four do it on nothing more then how a team looks. IMO Georgia didnt look like a team good enough to be in the playoff on this day. In fact IMO Baylor looked better then Georgia on this day. Of the teams that played today Cincinatti probably has the best regular season win. But because of their strength of schedule they wont be ranked higher then 3 despite an undefeated record. I wouldnt take Michigan loss into account too much but rather their two big wins to finish the season
Think id put Michigan #1 Bama 2 Cinn 3 Georgia 4
Georgia fans are grasping at straws. Their D got destroyed and they are looking for excuses. The blue print on how to beat Bama was there for them and they didnt execute it or perhaps they just cant. Either way they have some real issues that got exposed when they finally played a descent offense
With the talent Kirby has to work with if he doesn't get it done this year Georgia fans may get over him. They will make it into the playoff but he really needs to get it done this year.
Maybe but the SEC bias is pretty strong. That game was a real stinker and id Love to see Georgia drop to where they belong which is no higher then 4