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Only a matter of time before Georgia fans grow weary of not winning the SEC
I’m hearing that Tracy Rocker is returning to AU....yeah baby
I hope the best for these young men. I just can’t help thinking that in many, if not most of these cases they would be much better off staying in school.
A&M will likely have a tougher time replacing the O line then Mond.
Well obviously you aren't real clear on the rule book there fella. I'm pretty tired of the Arkansas BS story. You're a Bama fan and likely didn't even watch it. As far as ole miss thing sure the ball touched his finger and rolled into the end zone. However if he would have gone and kneeled it down it would be a touchback not as safety like many of you knuckleheads think. e looked directly at the official saw him put his whistle in his mouth blow it and then didn't try and recover the ball. At some point the play has to end that's when the whistle blows. BTW AU got screwed in the Texas A&M game when the ball clearly bounced off the ground and they called it a catch. It was 3rd and long game was still undecided at that point and A&M scored a couple plays later. Just part of the game.
Those trick plays kept your team from making the playoffs last year didn't they?
BTW there mister Tide fan. You act like every other ignorant Tide fan that cant admit that their team has benefited from the innumerable shady and darn right illegal recruiting tactics.
Has nothing to do with Auburn you knucklehead. You likely don't read all that well so I'll go easy on you.
Mark Ingram was no 3 star try again. he was rated 4 star 189 ranked player in the country.
I should say that actually earned a starting nod before you pull Tua or Jalen out . They both got starts for crappy teams that have no other options.
Name a single Bama QB starting in the NFL. They all become also rans
Guess you don't get it. A 3 star QB standing behind 5 star o linemen throwing to 5 start wide receivers and handing the ball to a couple of five star running backs. And you think that is coaching them it
LSU had 5 NCAA recruiting violations under Saban. He left town along with old pal Mark Emmert. They were pressuring teachers to change grades on athletes. Guess you dont remember that huh?
Nothing to do with Gus. Saban was nothing before going to LSU and a program that was willing to commit recruiting violations to get the talent he needed. Why you think he left LSU? Funny thing is he and Mark Emmert left at the same time before NCAA came down on them. Then he shows up at Alabama how convenient. Bama was so desperate to end the losing skid to AU they would give him anything he wanted, And the boosters have gift wrapped him players from all over the country. Old pal Mark Emmert is now calling the shots for the NCAA and so things wont change until at the very least Emmert is gone.
I wasn't implying that Malzahn was one of those ten coaches. You assumed that. What im saying is given the same talent level that Bama recruits there are at least 10 coahes that would duplicate Sabans record.
and your point? You have a team loaded with more talent then ANY team in the history of football. 5 stars two deep at every position. You should never ever lose. Has little to do with Saban other then hes allowed to use whatever recruiting tactics he does. Likely just allows his boosters to do his heavy lifting.
Sabans success has little to do with his coaches. It has to do with the talented kids that come there every year.
exactly. Saban didn't do much before going to LSU where he could get elite talent.
Bama gets alot more credit for coaching then they deserve IMO. Given the same players there are at least 10 coaches that would have the same success as Bama has. It isn't like these are 3 star players being coached up.
This is certainly no extraordinary move. Rarely does a new head coach keep the existing coordinators. Wouldn't surprise me if he kept a couple of position coaches to help him transition and recruit. He would do well to keep Garner and crime dog.
Im not sure how motivated AU will be. My hope is they will play with a lot of pride and play hard. If they do that they should get the win.
AU has lost a lot of really good players looking for fame and fortune before they were ready. Some of them were late draft picks, some were free agents. AU really needs to do a better job of keeping these guys in school for their own benefit. They could learn alot from players like Derrick Brown. This generation of I want it now has really hurt a lot of young players