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No idea what you ate referring here since that’s a different rule. A muffed kicked that is recovered in the end zone by the receiving team is a touchback. Had Shaun just went after the ball and fell on it it would have been AU ball at the 25. Regardless if he touched it or not. He either didn’t realized he touched it or wasn’t aware of the rule because he was 30 years ahead of Ole Miss and could have easily recovered the ball
Id be surprised if Arkansas gets to 5 wins
Praying for a speedy recovery for Jalen. Pretty sure Saban was just upset and thinking why did he try and run that one out. Seems a reasonable thought
Just to shut the whiners up Shivers should have just went an fell on it. Want to be upset? be upset be at your receiver for dropping that last second pass at the 5
That same team that knocked you out of the playoffs last year. I think youre still butt hurt
With just over two minutes on the clock Ole Miss had a chance to put the game away and couldnt get a first down. Nothing to do with the refs. Then AU goes down and scores the go ahead TD once again nothing to do with refs. Then AU Holds ole miss on their last drive. Dosnt sound like they got cheated
Good teaching moment for Auburn. Shivers should have just gone and fell on it. Muffed kick that goes into the endzone is still a touchback not a safety. But for whatever reason he gave up on the play. Not sure if he realized he even touched it or wasnt sure if he thinks if he falls on it it will be a safety. Either way AU still came back and won the game.
Pretty good acting by Shivers. He could have easily recovered it in end zone had a thirty yard lead on anyone bout sold it as if he hadnt touched it.
Do you even realize that the guy that threw the flag on the Tank kickoff return was on the opposite side of the 50 when he threw it? Some 35 yards away from the so called hold that even on review couldn't be seen. No mention of that anywhere. That my friends is some home cooking
Ole Miss lost because they have no defense. Not because of one call.
No actually it isnt as clear cut as you think. In the Arkansas game NO ONE recovered the ball until well after the whistle. Go back and look. The first Arkansas defender knocks it away as the whistle is blown. Clearly no way they can just give it to Arkansas. Perhaps the whistle shouldn't have been blown but pretty clear most of Auburn stopped playing once it was. As far as Ole Miss goes. That one play happened way too early to say it would have certainly resulted in an Ole Miss win. AU was still losing at the moment yet went down and scored then held them.
Tank breaks open a TD run on a kick off. The flag isnt thrown until he crosses the fifty and breaks free. Yet they say the hold took place at the 20. Pretty obviously some home cooking on that call yet no one says a word.
Leave it to a Tenn. You guys suck and get no satisfaction except to rag on someone else
Really? Arkansas couldn't stop tank either.
well this AU fan thinks we will beat LSU next week.
Wasn't magic that AU went through their D like a hot knife through butter to win the game. Refs screwed up and took one away from Auburn earlier in the game. No mention of that?
Ok so ill give them the score and give AU the 100 yard return on the bogus hold call. If you're an Ole Miss fan blame it on your poor defense. You had the lead and couldn't put it away.
Well i believe it isn't all about X's and O's but more about the Jimmies and Joes. No teams will compete with Clemson, Ohio state and Bama as long as they continue to recruit at the levels they are. Auburn has decent recruiting but those teams are on a different level
Just curious but doesn’t Gus have the best winning percentage over Saban of all active coaches in the SEC? It’s not like he hasn’t been competitive. I’m no huge fan of what’s happening on the plains. I also hate that AU sort of painted themselves in a corner with a huge by out. But I also hope that we have an AD that won’t be too influenced by outside noise. If it’s times to move on do it. Let’s hope we have better luck then some of the stellar programs that moved on like FSU,Nebraska,USC to name a few.
There is totally no way to know if Arkansas would have recovered the football had the whistle not blown as soon as he spike it. They even reviewed it and there was no clear recovery.
It appears to me that Kirby Smart still feels that the old Bama style of great d and taking the air out of the football is what will win him a championship. It won at Bama when he was there. Problem is that Clemson, Bama and Ohio State just have way too much offense to hold them down for long. Likely can win the East in the SEC but won’t get it done against any of those three. The game has changed and Kirby likely needs to follow Nicks lead and change too. Better get on that wagon soon or the fans will likely start an uprising.