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Right now it isn't the quality of the recruiting class its the number of recruits. Hopefully early success this season can lead to those numbers going up.
Auburn has traditionally over preformed when given very little chance to do so. 2004,2009,2010,2013,2017 to name a few.
24 offers after his jr. year. Multiple Big ten offers, Multiple SEC offers, Pac 12 ACC and Big 12 offers as well. Yeah id say he's a solid recruit.
Auburn will likely be favored to start the season 5-0 this year. With more consistent play calling and the most experienced o line in the SEC the offense at least has a chance to be good. Depth will likely be an issue at some point much like last year. I can see AU at 8-4. possibly 9-3
Its a pretty cool tradition. What makes college football great is its traditions. Marching bands,Mike the tiger,Sooner Schooner, Cowbells ( i hate those) running Ralphie, the ramblin wreck just to name a few. But the eagle is my favorite
Great ball player. Better human being. The world could use a bunch more Bo Jacksons.
actually i could care less about Bama football articles. You dont find me commenting on them either Your obsession with Auburn is somewhat disturbing to tell the truth. Only thing this article said about Auburn was that he was a former AU player and that got under your thin skin. "The former 5-star Auburn defensive lineman who finished his college career at Maryland" what in the world is wrong with saying that?
you are a typical Bama nutbag obsessed with AU.
Actually he spent three seasons at Auburn and one at Maryland. So guess you'd say he's a former Maryland player? I think it more likely that you hate Auburn and he snuffed Bama to come to AU.
This is likely a two man race at this point and neither one is Ashford. He did look impressive in spring, but he didn't have to worry about getting hit. I would be surprised if the first snaps this year in a game aren't taken by Finley. He will be on a short leash if that happens. But IMO its between him and Zach.
you just cant help yourself. Your obsession is so obvious to everyone except yourself.
LOL and that coming from another Tide fan. Youre such a knucklehead. You really should change your name to knuclehead8x5
Guess you arent smart enough to realize that you cant erase what you've said on here. You continue to act as if you are privileged to know some inside info. You get your info from tabloids. Then spread that as if you know whats going on. You must not have much of a life. Id feel sorry for you if it wasnt such a waste of my time.
do you think you are clever? Harpin,auburns,it just shows your ignorance
people like yourself that hear a rumor and run with it on social media. I told you i dont listen to that stuff and especially dont listen to the likes of you
you're a total idiot, you should act your age. Spreading rumors and inuendo. you should be ashamed of yourself
Maybe not. But they are the real problem not a coach that runs them the wrong way.
You’re a knucklehead, people like you that think they know everything and report it as fact to anyone that will listen are the real problem.
He was there 5 years and couldnt decide on a QB. Didnt he have an offensive coordinator? Some guys just arent cut out to be head coaches. Im afraid Steele may be one of them