Tron Jackson

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Right on. Lucky for you that perennial powerhouse Iowa State didn’t make the playoff. Alabama, Clemson, and UGA are pikers compared to that juggernaut.
I remember another UGA running back who was injury-prone in college. He was drafted in the sixth round by the Denver Broncos. His name was Terrell Davis.
"He just hasn’t gotten them much higher than top 15." I believe UGA finished ranked in the top 5 way back in 2012.
"As for UGA, well they will take themselves out. They do it every year." Except for the two years out of the last four when they won the East.
Chubb's other "problem" is that UGA has two other top-tier RBs as well as a passing game. Fournette should have a lot more carries. It will be fun to watch.
Sony Michel should be considered, even though he's technically a RB.