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I like Fromm, and I could tell he wasn't playing his best, especially late in the season. I hope he rebounds for you guys next season. Except for one game in September. :)
It seemed like Fromm was off this season. Not sure if it was his receivers, or his O-line not protecting as well or what, but he was a bit down for the year.
I think he's doing quite well with Georgia. Still wish we had him as our DC at Bama. Maybe you guys can loan him to us for the really important games....just a thought.
You guys made it to the SEC Title game, I think Coach Smart is doing well. He also ran into an unstoppable force in LSU this season, but once Burrow is gone, LSU will revert back to a 10-win team at best. Doubt me? Here's Coach O's record as the head man: Ole Miss 3-8 4-8 3-9 USC 6-2 LSU 6-2 9-4 10-3 (Joe Burrow's first season with LSU) 13-0 (This season) At best, he's a 9-win coach without Burrow, who set the passing TD record for the SEC. LSU won't be an obstacle next season.
Fair enough. We'll have to wait and see. I wasn't really too impressed with Joe Burrow coming into this season, and well, he made me looking silly for doubting, so perhaps Nix will do the same. And I agree, what I've seen of his play, some of it is definitely freshman error and can be improved. I don't think he's awful, mind you, I'm just not seeing all the hype that you currently see. Time will tell.
Reworded to escape the moderators: Anyone who tries to take a sampling of the whole is obviously doing so because the whole doesn’t support their narrative. As a Bama fan, I don’t know why any other Bama fan would simply take a sample size of any series between any SEC teams, as currently, Alabama has a winning record against them all. Sure, as the article indicated, Auburn is having a great run of success against Alabama, more so than any other team, and that’s fine and I won’t try to dismiss this, but you can’t simply ignore the entire history. If Auburn or Alabama play a FCS opponent 99 times, defeating them each time, but lose that 100th game, do we suddenly say, “Whelp, that FCS team owns us”? Heck no. I don’t expect any rival SEC fanbase to like my team and vice versa, but I wish we could be better college football fans, giving honest assessments of our teams and our rivals. And I say this knowing all too well the many Alabama fans who had LASIK done in Crimson and White.
I actually think Alabama went away from the run in the second half. It almost seemed as if Alabama's offense played panicked in the second half. It was a back and forth game, with both teams never getting up by more than a few points, yet it seemed like Alabama was wanting to pass on every down and moving the ball as if they only had a few minutes to score. Even the final drive, that led to the missed FG, could have been more methodical. Had Alabama made that FG, Auburn gets the ball with plenty of time left to score a game-winner. But yes, your D did also play better against the run in the second half, when Alabama ran it.
I have a comment on this awaiting moderation. Fiddle sticks.
I know Alabama gets the lucky bounces, I just can't recall too many in the Iron Bowl. The article noted the Ingram fumble....dude, he was like at the twenty when the Auburn player knocked the ball out, and the ball tumbled twenty yards, never bouncing out of bounds, all the way out of the end zone....that's ridiculous luck, no? Not the strip, mind you, just the fact that a player fumbles the ball along the sideline and it tumbles for twenty yards, never wavering, and then out of the end zone. The completion/TD off the Georgia players a few years back; the Auburn player never broke stride and it just falls right into his hands. The pick six off the player's back? Whaaa...? Obviously, the athletes still need to perform when those breaks go their way, like Auburn's player stripping the ball, or catching the pass off the deflection, etc., but I'd be lying if I said it did not seem like those bounces favor Auburn more than they don't. Must be something in that Toomer's Lemonade.
Oh yeah, I don't discount that the kid still had to go out and make the FG, which he did. And I wasn't necessarily complaining about what happened. It is what it is. What else could officials do in that case? I just wanted to clarify the original comment. I think in cases of review, if a team has no timeouts, and the review is prompted by the officials, perhaps there shouldn't be runoff, since the officials prompted the review. Then again, if a team has not timeouts, they can't seek the review, so I dunno. I agree, though, it will be addressed, and it's no fault of Auburn's; they merely benefited from the situation, which no one can really argue with since there was nothing in play, rules-wise, to address this. I actually think the game was fairly well-officiated and well-played when I stop and look back on the game.
Defensive Secondary is supposed to be Saban's group and his area of expertise, but it's been our defensive secondary that has struggled the past couple of seasons. Even when we had to start freshman on the defensive line and at the linebacker spot, those players improved and, in my opinion, did a great job of limiting Auburn's rushing attack. It was the secondary that continued to screw up. That's on Saban. But yeah, our Defensive Coordinator sucks. I miss the good ol days with Coach Smart directing our defense. He was a huge asset.
Dated a girl from Boston; they're awful people. We'll leave it at that.
If Auburn sustains a dominant run in the near future, you'll see what it's like to be on top, with everyone hating you. It's not a fun spot, because you, as a fan, only think the best of your squad, and won't be able to convince anyone that your team is simply being successful at achieving the goal of the win. In a way, this two-loss season (maybe 3 if Bama doesn't show up for their bowl game) is a reprieve from the vitriol. Let folks hate on Clemson for a bit or something. ::shrugs::
@ Weagle99: Don't misunderstand me; I'm not implying that Auburn will sputter to a disastrous 3-9 season or anything like that. But I think the advantage swings a little more in favor of Alabama next season. I say that knowing that it was likely in favor of Alabama this season and Bama still lost to Auburn.
@ WarEagle14-0: What are you seeing that indicates that Nix will be great? Just curious. And I'm asking sincerely, by the way, because I simply do not see it. Outside passing for 50% on the nose against Alabama, he completed less than 50% against Top 25 teams. And while he has good mobility, he's also not gonna completely break teams being a running QB. In my honest assessment, it was Auburn's defense, more than Nix, that helped lead the Tigers to a 9-3 record.
And that's sometimes all it takes. And those breaks happen for all teams. But it does sometimes feel like Auburn has a rabbits foot under their helmets or something.
The CFP wasn't around in 2011, and Bama made it to the title only because the teams ahead of them lost. Had those teams simply won, Alabama doesn't get into the title game. How is that "whining" to get into the title game? In 2017, Alabama was 11-1, and did not represent the SEC West. Fine, I get that, but the next options for the CFP were a 11-2 Ohio State and a 11-2 USC. There was also a 12-1 Wisconsin team, but they lost their conference champ game to Ohio State. Had Wisconsin simply won, Alabama doesn't go to the CFP in 2017. So once again, how is that Alabama "whining" their way in? Example: Is Utah deserving to be in the CFP this year? Some say yes, others say no. Right now they sit at #5 in the CFP rankings, and, if LSU defeats Georgia, and the Utes defeat Oregon, they get in. Would Georgia fans or Utah haters have any right to declare Utah isn't deserving to get in? It wouldn't be Utah's fault if a team above them loses, allowing the Utes to ascend. That's what happened with Alabama, and they merely benefited from being next in line. And I assure you, I hate that we lost to Ohio State in 2014 as well. Listen, I don't expect our brothers in the SEC to like us, or any of their rivals within the league, but if we're not being fair in our assessment of each other's success and failings, as well as our own, then we're not being good college football fans.
They only hate us because we're one of the more-dominant teams currently. If Alabama was going through a rut, only winning 7 or 8 games per season, losing 3 or 4 conference games, then the disdain would probably only come from the Auburn fanbase, which makes sense. But following this loss to Auburn, I saw comments from LSU fans (your team had already beaten us, I don't get it) Florida fans, Tennessee fans, Georgia fans....oddly enough, not so much from Kentucky or Vandy fans. Anyway, they hate us cause we've been the winning team of late, but we all know that's not going to remain the case.
"Whining their way into another undeserved playoff spot"? Umm when has this occurred? Which season are you referencing? 2014 - Alabama was SEC Champ with 1 loss, lost in the semi-final. 2015 - Alabama was SEC Champ with 1 loss, won title. 2016 - Alabama was SEC Champ with no losses until title game. 2017 - Alabama was SEC West Division Co Champ (Tie break went to Auburn) with only 1 loss, won title. 2018 - Alabama was SEC Champ with no losses until title game.
LSU loses Burrow, who we can all agree is the reason for LSU's success. Doubt me? Can you tell me any other head coaching job Orgeron has had in which his teams have even come close to this type of success. This season will be a flash in the pan for Orgeron-led LSU. Enjoy it while it lasts. As for Auburn, they're losing their defensive stars, and a comment further up on this thread noted how it was Auburn's defense that helped secure this win, even noting the run-stuffing at the goal-line that led to Alabama electing to pass on a 1st and goal play that resulted in a 100-yard pick six. Those defenders will be gone next year. And I'm sorry, but Mr. 50% Bo Nix isn't that great of a QB. He's not terrible, but he's not great either. I like Alabama's chances in both of those match-ups next season just based upon the things I mentioned above.
Or, how about the entire series as a whole, with Bama still leading the series by 9 games.
@ WarEagle: The fact that the pass bounces offa players back and into your player's hands is the luck part. I don't dismiss anything else you said, but it's not like your D Cooridnator said to the guys, "Blitz, and we'll catch the errant pass off a player's back"
@ Tim Rupert: "But “you can’t get a play off in 1 second” – Apparently unless you’re Alabama…" Umm, Yeldon went out of bounds, so the clock stops and does not restart until the snap of the ball on the next play. The added second in this year's game occurred with a player tackled in bounds, and had the clock never been stopped for review, Auburn DOES NOT get the snap off in time. No one could. That's the difference.
But I know it's there, nonetheless. We'll see you boys on September 19th. Good luck to your team this weekend. I don't have a dog in that fight, but recent experience with Georgia's program has taught me that they show up for games like these. That 2012 SEC Championship game is probably still one of the best of all time. That game was a heavy-weight bout, and I hope you guys feel no shame about that game. Your squad put up a heckuva fight, and I expect nothing less this Saturday or next September.
That's just plain ignorant on their part. Kirby was a great DC, and how his legacy will unfold at being HC remains to be seen, though so far, he's looking pretty good. A lot us miss Coach Smart, Jalen Hurts, even the last decent kicker we had....what's-his-name....yeah, him. LOL
Well, it IS an article about Alabama, so I imagine most fanbases are well represented here. Except Vandy....I wonder why? Maybe cause they're smart enough to stay on their own site? ::shrugs::