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Bama played in a dog fight in their semi-final game; Clemson coasted. That still doesn't explain why Alabama was "off" the night of the title. They just didn't seem to have the same fire they had possessed for most of the season.
I agree, Gig 'em; Alabama did not look 'right' all night in the title game, while Clemson looked close to perfect. Despite the point spread, the yards gained by both teams only varied by about 30, which does not indicate to me "domination". Alabama moved the ball at-will between the 20s, but failed too often once they got close. I mean, that matters, and I'm not dismissing Clemson's effort, but the stats tell another story than the scoreboard, so I cannot say Clemson was "that" much better than Bama. Something was "off" for Bama that night, and while that doesn't change the result, nor will it ever, I wonder how the game would have played out had both teams been locked in 100%.
This Bama fan respects Coach Smart. If he had stayed the DC at Bama, they might have an extra title or two.
No objections from me. I think Bama may one day just give up on trying to get a kicker.
I agree with your assessment of the West. I'm sure you like Coach Orgeron, but I don't see him turning LSU back into the title-chasers they were a decade ago. And Burrow's is a serviceable QB, but he doesn't strike me as the type that wins the game throwing. If LSU had a piece or two more on offense, maybe one other piece on defense, and a different head coach (sorry, Coach O can recruit, and he's a great coordinator, but I don't think he can man a team) then LSU would be elite. As long as Coach O is at LSU, the Tigers will be battling Texas A&M and/or Bama for second or third place in the West (depending on the year). Just my take.
Missouri has somehow managed to win the East twice since they joined the league, so I suppose crazier things could happen. The last time Alabama saw Bryant, he wasn't accomplishing a whole heck of a lot, and I suspect he'll struggle the same with other SEC defenses. Bama is the easy pick, I suppose. I think other programs are gaining ground, like Georgia, LSU, Florida and Auburn. Heck, even Kentucky is competing at higher levels, which I absolutely love seeing; I think it makes the league better when our perennial doormat teams are playing well. The difference I see between Bama and the other league favorites is this: Bama's target is the title game, and, hopefully another title win; Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, etc. have a target...of besting Bama. I'm not saying that's bad, but I think the hire you set your sights, the better. Maybe one of the SEC teams defeats Bama this year. Maybe two. But, as a fan of Bama, I like that my program is circling the title game on their schedule and not a league team. I think that shows us the divide is still present between where Bama currently sits and where the other top SEC schools sit. Just my two cents.
The punishment doesn't fit the crime, in my personal opinion.
I agree. This is obscene abuse of power by the NCAA.
He seems like a good kid, with a good head on his shoulders. In my personal opinion, baseball is losing ground in popularity, but perhaps this athlete, and others like him, will pave the way for change that improves baseball's standing in the public eye. Good run, MSU! Best of luck next season. Maybe my school's team will field a team and we can compete ::shrugs::.
Throw short, slant routes....let those amazing athletes at receiver do the rest.
Pretty soon fans won't even be allowed to cheer. Listen, I get it; it's annoying, just like those cow bells MSU fans love to use, but that's just part of the game. As long as they're not using laser pointers, trying to blind the athletes, I say, "Let's play ball." Of course, my school's team didn't even sniff at the playoffs this season (or decade) so I suppose I should just hang back on this one.
@ UGARMYRet: It's not too hard to believe considering a lot of programs are one-injured-QB away from disaster. Just ask Florida State from a few seasons ago; they lost their starter at the end of the opening game (against Alabama) and that team tanked hard after being a pre-season #3. I think Alabama has a serviceable backup in Mac Jones, who played extremely well in the last two A-Day games. Granted, that's not live game action, but I think he'd perform well enough to not be the reason the team loses. He'd be like a McCarron-style QB, managing the game, limiting turnovers, and letting the ground game pound the ball. Tua was playing poorly against Georgia, no doubt about that, and Hurts did come in and pull out the victory....but we're approaching a new season...who knows what will happen. See you guys in ATL...hopefully
It seems obvious that the branding and uniform/logos were all done by the same design team. "Iron" is a decent name for a B'ham team, but the logo is....well, crap. Salt Lake City's team, the Stallions, has me and other SLC residents scratching our heads, as Salt Lake City is not where wild horses roam. They could have done better. San Diego's name, the Fleet, is perfectly-fitting. Apollos, Legends...meh. would have been nice if your team and my team had finished strong. I'm confident that Georgia is better than Texas 9 out of 10 times, and Alabama is better than Clemson 6, maybe 7 times out of 10. Our programs let the league down, and themselves.
Florida held their own in bowl season...I only wish Alabama had done the same. The team embarrassed themselves, the program, their fans, and the SEC as a whole. I don't like half of you during the season, but, like family, when outsiders start harping on the SEC, I get defensive....even when it's little brother, Auburn.
Hunter is just upset that his coloring book classes keep getting harder, preventing him from graduating.
It's Aggie fans like you that make me happy we welcomed your team into the league; your comment is a smart, yet not overly-biased, analysis of the league and of the game on Monday night. Thank you for making our conference better.
It may be a big get, but it's Maryland, so I doubt Locksley has a winning season anytime soon. I've been wrong before, however.
In response to wde0012's remark, Georgia does have an argument, but that's all. Would I consider Georgia one of the four best teams in the country right now? Absolutely. But when you compare their season to that of other team's, the argument takes some hits, especially since they have two losses. It's a raw deal, but ultimately the process is to crown a true champion, and the margin for error gets smaller. It could be argued that the 2010 Alabama team, despite three losses, was one of the four best teams in that season. I know you'll just say that I'm blinded by my Crimson glasses, but the argument could be made, right? Especially when you factor in all the talent that team had. I'm still puzzled how they didn't run the table that season and repeat. didn't happen. UGA had a great season, and I hope they win their bowl game and represent the SEC well. The same with Auburn, though their season fizzled. The SEC performed poorly last season, so we need to have all our programs dominate this post-season. Oh, and f**k UCF. I am so tired of thier crap. One of their fans tried to claim UCF played more bowl-eligible teams, more teams that won their bowl, more 8+ win teams and more Top 25 teams than Alabama last year. All of which was completely inaccurate. The only thing close was that both Alabama and UCF's opponents managed to muster just two bowl wins each (the SEC really laid an egg in the post-season last year) but even one of those SEC bowl losses came at the hands of.....Alabama, who beat Georgia, so it could be argued that that particular stat still favored the Tide. The guy went on to claim the AAC is a better conference than the ACC, despite, once again, pointing out that the ACC has had 11 bowl teams the last three seasons to the AAC's 7 the last three seasons. These UCF idiots are really pushing it.
Georgia is a good squad. I can see why they have dominated the East the past two seasons. Georgia would destroy Oklahoma and Notre Dame, easy, but I'm not on the CFP Committee, so my two cents don't count. The SEC had a poor showing in last year's bowls; let's eat 'em up this year! SEC, SEC, SEC!
With each passing season, I suspect more and more that Gus has no idea what he's doing. Stidham IS a better QB than what his stats showed for this season, but under Gus's direction, he regressed. Granted, he didn't have much of a running game to support his passing attack, but that's also on Gus for not recruiting and coaching up better.
Mizzou wouldn't be a bad choice for the kid.
Sad news. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
I don't like this guy, but I don't like many people. Alabama is one of the better teams in the country right now, and even with one loss, depending on the margin of victory in said loss, it'd be hard not to suggest that they are as equal, if not better, than a one-loss Texas or Oklahoma or Ohio State. The CFP's job is to get the four best teams in the nation, and I haven't seen much to suggest this Alabama team, even with a single loss, is not one of the four best teams this year. Because of people like Kanell, and UCF fans, I desire nothing more than for Alabama to go undefeated. If you don't lose any, then no one can take that from you. And don't even mention UCF; they played TWO FCS schools last season, didn't even play all of their regular season games (didn't make up the Georgia Tech game) and played one of the worst schedules in the country. If Alabama played a Strength of Schedule in the bottom thirty, two FCS schools, people would be up in arms. They already are about the ONE FCS team Alabama played this year....UCF plays TWO, yet people think they should be champs?
Look at the big brain on MSU! I agree, and disregard my attempt at humor.