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With key staff members moving on, and Joe Burrow leaving, it's all on Coach O to continue the program. The only problem? Coach O's win/loss record as a head coach WITHOUT a guy named Joe Burrow on the roster. I don't think Coach O is a bad guy, but I also don't think he's in the same league as premier coaches, and next season will reflect that. LSU wins 9-10 next year, maybe even the year after that, but then it drops down to 8-9.
@ Alatide: If we took the two game sample size used in the article (Auburn and Michigan) and placed that across a 12-game season, you'd get: 3,972 passing yards - Would have been second in the SEC behind Burrow this season 65.6% completion - Would have been good for 3rd in the SEC in 2019, if you remove Tua's stats. 10.3 yards per pass - Would have been 2nd in the SEC in 2019, if you remove Tua's stats. 42 passing TDs - Would have been second in the SEC in 2019 behind Burrow. 12 INTs - Would have been dead last in the SEC, so that needs to improve. 6 sacks - Would have been the second fewest in the SEC in 2019. 40 points per game - Would have been good enough for 2nd in the SEC in 2019 I think Jones will do fine.
This would be huge. The offense will be transition a bit, and while I have a lot of confidence in Mac Jones to lead the offense, Alabama will certainly need an experienced running back to help carry the load. The Offensive line should also be somewhat better than it was this past season, so he could easily hit 1,500 yards and 20 rushing TDs, if he stays.
His stats are somewhat surprising. Hopefully his talents will translate to the NFL and he can have a stellar career with the big boys. Good luck, kid.
Ummm, lots of athletes sign insurance policies in the event of getting injured and missing out on potential income from the NFL. This isn't new, yet you seem to think having such a policy in places equates to a "contract with Alabama".
Fromm had a down season (not entirely his fault), and while I think he could go to the league now and do well, I think another season in Athens would help his draft stock. Just my two cents.
Probably his best option; another season in Tuscaloosa and he risks injury, potentially career-ending, with no money to show for it. Thanks for the victories, Tua. Good luck to ya.
Agreed. He's noted that he's been a part of a team in some form or fashion since he was 9. It's all he knows, and he's highly competitive, so I think he'll coach for as long as his mental and physical health can stand it, which may be quite some time. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he went out the same way as Bowden and Paterno (without the scandal, of course), slowly losing his edge until ten-win seasons become the goal and not National Titles. And he'd be kept on, I suspect, as he's earned the right to step away when he desires.
I think Fromm is better than what this most-recent season illustrated. Not sure why he regressed, but he did, but I think he still has great potential, either in the SEC for one more turn or in the NFL.
@ MattyJ: What happened to Fromm this season? Did he just not have sufficient time in the pocket, ineffective receivers, or just poor play-calling? Cause Fromm regressed this season, which is a shame, cause I feel like the kid has the potential to be hugely successful.
No dog in the fight, but didn't Vandy win 3 of the last 4 against UT?
It's played at Legion Field; the crumbling mecca of garbage stadiums. No one wants to be there any longer than they have to. The Birmingham bowl may improve, if they ever build that new stadium.
I tend to agree with you on their final ranking; 8th or higher should be appropriate. If Tua had been 100% against LSU and if Bama had him at all against Auburn, they may very well be in the CFP this season, but that's just how the cookie crumbles. Onward to next season.
I at least appreciate you stating that there wasn't sufficient evidence to overturn the call on the field. I disagree with your stance on possession, which just proves the point of the lack of evidence and it not being definitive; whether the player had possession or not is subjective.
I don't think the SEC was "out to get them", but I do think the overturned TD was absolutely atrocious. SEC officiating has been fairly poor all season, but that, by no means, reflects a bias toward one program or another.
Didn't make a football move? Taking four steps, with the ball secured, sounds like a football move to me. I'm no Ohio State fan, obviously, but c'mon, if that had been Georgia on defense, and Auburn on offense, and that overturned call cost you the game, and a shot at the title, you'd be singing a different tune entirely.
I like Fromm, and I could tell he wasn't playing his best, especially late in the season. I hope he rebounds for you guys next season. Except for one game in September. :)
It seemed like Fromm was off this season. Not sure if it was his receivers, or his O-line not protecting as well or what, but he was a bit down for the year.
I think he's doing quite well with Georgia. Still wish we had him as our DC at Bama. Maybe you guys can loan him to us for the really important games....just a thought.
You guys made it to the SEC Title game, I think Coach Smart is doing well. He also ran into an unstoppable force in LSU this season, but once Burrow is gone, LSU will revert back to a 10-win team at best. Doubt me? Here's Coach O's record as the head man: Ole Miss 3-8 4-8 3-9 USC 6-2 LSU 6-2 9-4 10-3 (Joe Burrow's first season with LSU) 13-0 (This season) At best, he's a 9-win coach without Burrow, who set the passing TD record for the SEC. LSU won't be an obstacle next season.
Fair enough. We'll have to wait and see. I wasn't really too impressed with Joe Burrow coming into this season, and well, he made me looking silly for doubting, so perhaps Nix will do the same. And I agree, what I've seen of his play, some of it is definitely freshman error and can be improved. I don't think he's awful, mind you, I'm just not seeing all the hype that you currently see. Time will tell.
Reworded to escape the moderators: Anyone who tries to take a sampling of the whole is obviously doing so because the whole doesn’t support their narrative. As a Bama fan, I don’t know why any other Bama fan would simply take a sample size of any series between any SEC teams, as currently, Alabama has a winning record against them all. Sure, as the article indicated, Auburn is having a great run of success against Alabama, more so than any other team, and that’s fine and I won’t try to dismiss this, but you can’t simply ignore the entire history. If Auburn or Alabama play a FCS opponent 99 times, defeating them each time, but lose that 100th game, do we suddenly say, “Whelp, that FCS team owns us”? Heck no. I don’t expect any rival SEC fanbase to like my team and vice versa, but I wish we could be better college football fans, giving honest assessments of our teams and our rivals. And I say this knowing all too well the many Alabama fans who had LASIK done in Crimson and White.
I actually think Alabama went away from the run in the second half. It almost seemed as if Alabama's offense played panicked in the second half. It was a back and forth game, with both teams never getting up by more than a few points, yet it seemed like Alabama was wanting to pass on every down and moving the ball as if they only had a few minutes to score. Even the final drive, that led to the missed FG, could have been more methodical. Had Alabama made that FG, Auburn gets the ball with plenty of time left to score a game-winner. But yes, your D did also play better against the run in the second half, when Alabama ran it.
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