Alabama fan living in PAC12/Mountain West Country....Yikes!

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I think both teams, by being in the SEC, would become more competitive in football. It would be cool to see Georgia Tech a football power again. But I doubt either would be considered for expansion.
Leave Vandy in. I hold out hope that they will eventually find their way in football. Not winning titles, mind you, but winning more than they lose. In all honesty, Vandy does play SEC teams tough. They're an out, but not always an easy out, so I say keep the 'Dores.
Missouri's first two seasons in the SEC were great...and then reality set in. Missouri needs to step up quickly or be relegated to the status that South Carolina and Kentucky share when it comes to football: Just above Vandy. In all seriousness, I liked seeing Missouri win the East, and I liked seeing Kentucky become competitive in football. Can it be maintained is the question.
I can see how the humor of this could be offensive to the black athletes on Mississippi State's athletic teams, and even the black athletes of other SEC teams, however, the humor was not directed toward them. I identify myself as someone who seeks equality, fairness, and political correctness in most circumstances, but I think this incident has been drug out way too long, and over nothing.
Yeah, Rex Ryan is making some odd remarks about Alabama athletes. I don't expect everyone to find Alabama players to be all-world, but Cooper has proven his talent and skills, and his drop in Oakland was definitely due to something other than his abilities. Now, if he has an attitude problem in general, then that is something else entirely, and needs to be addressed, otherwise he'll find the XFL sooner rather than later.
Tua is a gamble, but aren't all draft picks? It seems as though, with Tua being as well-known, and his life over the last four or so years being so well-documented, it'd be hard for additional surgeries to go unnoticed and unreported, but that's just me. Thanks for your level-headed, genuine fandom of the game, Weagle. I may not like your team, but I can appreciate a fan who has a realistic grasp of the game, as you have shown on many of these threads.
A huge thank you to Jalen for all that he gave to our program, on the field, off the field, with the program, and even when he left us. No one is more deserving of success than Mr. Hurts. May you have a long, successful career in the NFL, and a great and well-earned retirement.
It's not just the risk from/to fans; the NCAA, as well as the schools, have the athletes themselves to worry about. If anything, the initial choice to host the basketball tournament without fans was more for the player's safety, not the fan's safety. Following the news that a Utah Jazz player tested positive for it, and it quickly was brought to light how many players from other teams could have been infected over the prior ten days, I believe the NCAA, as well as pro sports leagues, realized that even excluding fans wouldn't be enough. This isn't a punishment to fans. This is a measure to prevent the spread of a potentially fatal illness. People who dismiss this because the mortality rate is only like 3% fail to realize that the worst-case projections are for 80% of the US population to be infected, and at 3% mortality, that's over a million people...or more than those killed by the Spanish Flu. I'm not advocating for panic, nor have I rushed my local Costco for supplies, but I am advocating for people to not be so dismissive about this issue.
Success on the field comes from the expectations built off the field. The fan base demands success, and the school, through this demand, do whatever they can in their power to make it so. If Alabama were to go 1-11 this season, how much do you want to bet every Alabama fan would say, "Yeah, we went 1-11 this year...but we're winning it all next season"? Are South Carolina fans saying that? Right now? Are you saying, even after a better than 1-11 season, that you're going to win it all this year? If not, why not? You may say it sounds crazy, but look at which SEC team pulled off 7 visits to the National Title Game in 10 seasons, and was only two losses (2008 loss to Florida in the SEC Title Game and the 2014 loss to Ohio State in the CFP semi-final) from playing in 9 out of 11 title games. It might seem crazy, but it works.
LSUSMC started it, so he/she deserves all the credit. Unless, of course, you're being sarcastic. If not, then ::fist bump:: But yeah, it'd be interesting to see how fans would act if their program could experience a run similar to Alabama. I know a lot of Alabama fans are obnoxious, so the hate is deserved, but being THE hated team in America for several years running is also taxing. Try to imagine EVERYONE pulling against your team. Every game. Not just Auburn or Florida fans. EVERYONE. You, as a fan, feel that. Maybe one day your Dawgs will give you the exhilaration of such a run, but also open your eyes to the very negative side of it. I'm not sharing this seeking nor expecting sympathy; I'm merely stating that there's a side to this "run" that non-Bama fans rarely consider. Anyways, see you guys in September.
I agree. Have you seen Coach O's record without a guy named Joe Burrow on the roster? Yikes! LSU at 9 or 10 wins is a safe bet, and actually still a pretty good season by Coach O's histroy.
Mond regressed last season from his prior season. He looked lost in their game against LSU....well, in a lot of games, actually.
There's a lot of truth to this. I think more fan bases would understand, if they experienced similar success, but as a Bama fan, I don't want it to be anyone in the SEC. I will say this past season was kind of a blessing; sometimes a successful team, fan base, company, brand, etc., just needs to have a pause. A reset of the system, if you will. I know Alabama's "run" will come to an end at some point, but I don't believe it started with last season. I mean, does Alabama lose to LSU and Auburn if both are starting middle linebackers aren't injured before the start of the season or if Tua doesn't get hurt? We'll never know, but I, of course, like those odds. In truth, what Alabama fans are experiencing is quite rare, if not unprecedented, but it speaks highly of your understanding of the game and of fandom that you recognize the high cost success has brought. I don't think I've enjoyed the games as much as I did back when we sucked. A Shula-coached Tide squad, led by a broom stick of a QB (Brodie Croyle) defeating Florida in a rout was a euphoric high that can't be equaled by bludgeoning an Ole Miss or Tennessee by 50. Sure, it's fun, but I think as a Bama fan, you go into each game with a voice inside your head saying, "Is this the game that starts the end of the dynasty?" There's a little bit of misery in that.
Trey DePriest? Really? I mean, he was ok, and I recall the hype around him when he was recruited to Alabama, but it always seemed like he was under-performing, in my opinion. He was good, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't blown away by his on-field performance.
As an Auburn fan, I don't expect you to get too amped over an Alabama stat, but ya gotta admit, for any team to be just two losses from playing for 9 out of 11 is nuts!
Oh I fully anticipate a lull in the program when Coach Saban retires; it'd be absurd not to. I wouldn't want Jones as a head coach, but I don't think he's all bad for a program either. Some guys just make better coordinators. Jones may very well be one of them. I give Tennessee credit for turning around their season. The fact that they made it to a bowl game is testament to their staff and players holding it together. But I'm not ready to state that the Vols will be vying for a divisional crown this upcoming season or even the one after, but they did play well in the last half of last season; more so than they had in quite some time.
I appreciate the fact that Tua recognizes he will likely sit a year under someone else (and he needs it, if anything to recoup), but I don't think Dallas would trade up to snag Tua. Dak has done some great things for Dallas and Tua is still a risk, even without the injury concerns, just as all drafted QBs are. As much as I love Tua, I'd almost rather see Hurts have a stellar career in the NFL, possibly even win a ring. I know it's a long shot, but the kid kinda deserves a bit of success. It'll be interesting to see how Hurts, Tua, Burrow and Fromm navigate the pros, regardless.
As a Vol fan, you should know that your losses don't seem to have much to do with the coach. I mean, how many coaches has Tennessee gone through since they last defeated Alabama? I don't know what it is, but it's safe to say that a "bug" has bit UT and it's taking them quite some time to get over it. Tennessee used to be a consistent contender, but we haven't seen that in quite a while, and honestly, I'm not sure if Tennessee can regain that prominence. Say, didn't Butch Jones have two nine-win seasons while he was there? And hasn't Tennessee yet to eclipse 10 wins in a season since 2007? Sounds Like Jones gave you your best results in the last 13 years.
As long as he keeps winning, I'll bring him as many Oatmeal Creme Pies as he wants. The past decade+ has been unreal, so yeah, load up on the Little Debbies. The craziest stat, in my personal opinion, is prior to this most-recent season, Alabama was just two losses (2008 SEC Tile Game loss to Florida and the 2014 Semi-final loss to Ohio State) from playing in 9 of the last 11 national title games. That's nuts. Currently, they've played for 7, winning 5, in the last 11 seasons. I don't know if they would have won titles in those 2 other seasons, but playing for 9 out of 11 is just...just insane. ::makes mental note to go grocery shopping for Coach Saban::
Do Georgia fans ever live in the present? Or is it always a time from many years ago?
That is my initial thought after viewing the video. Appears to be a golf cart-style vehicle, so probably staffers taking a joyride.
Sincere question: What changed between 2018 Burrow and 2019 Burrow? He went from 16 TDs to 60 TDs and from 2,894 yards to 5,671. Was it simply the lack of talent at receiver? The lack of talent at the line? Coaching? I suppose I'm wondering how a guy goes from not making the grade at Ohio State to lackluster starter in 2018 to record-setter in 2019. As I said, I'm asking with sincere intent.
With key staff members moving on, and Joe Burrow leaving, it's all on Coach O to continue the program. The only problem? Coach O's win/loss record as a head coach WITHOUT a guy named Joe Burrow on the roster. I don't think Coach O is a bad guy, but I also don't think he's in the same league as premier coaches, and next season will reflect that. LSU wins 9-10 next year, maybe even the year after that, but then it drops down to 8-9.
@ Alatide: If we took the two game sample size used in the article (Auburn and Michigan) and placed that across a 12-game season, you'd get: 3,972 passing yards - Would have been second in the SEC behind Burrow this season 65.6% completion - Would have been good for 3rd in the SEC in 2019, if you remove Tua's stats. 10.3 yards per pass - Would have been 2nd in the SEC in 2019, if you remove Tua's stats. 42 passing TDs - Would have been second in the SEC in 2019 behind Burrow. 12 INTs - Would have been dead last in the SEC, so that needs to improve. 6 sacks - Would have been the second fewest in the SEC in 2019. 40 points per game - Would have been good enough for 2nd in the SEC in 2019 I think Jones will do fine.
This would be huge. The offense will be transition a bit, and while I have a lot of confidence in Mac Jones to lead the offense, Alabama will certainly need an experienced running back to help carry the load. The Offensive line should also be somewhat better than it was this past season, so he could easily hit 1,500 yards and 20 rushing TDs, if he stays.