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It seems like more folks are talking LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and even Wisconsin. I think that will change as we approach the Bama/LSU game, but that’s just my perception.
Yeah, I’d actually flip Georgia and Notre Dame, but that’s just me.
I'd like to think it will be close. And perhaps it will be. But Florida has no real offense, other than stumbling forward. Their defense is about as nasty as it comes, and while LSU's defense has taken a step back, out of the spotlight, they're still limiting teams to less than 100 yards on the ground. Florida will be forced to be one dimensional, and no matter who you are, that makes it tough to be successful. Florida's defense will keep them in it for most of the game, but will eventually wear out due to their offense finding no success in moving the ball. LSU pulls away in the 4th, covering the spread. But good luck to your team, regardless.
Kellen Mond has been playing scared for some reason this season. He looked shell-shocked against Clemson. He has the talent, but somewhere along the way, the kid lost his mojo.
It's certainly getting the hype, and building that direction. I think it lacks the historical aspect that Red River and the Iron Bowl have, but in time, who knows? I'll definitely be watching the Gators & Tigers this weekend.
If the tickets weren't evenly-split, the Red River Rivalry might have a shot at surpassing the Iron Bowl in intensity, but as of right now, that nod has to go to Alabama & Auburn. Ohio State & Michigan certainly doesn't have the same splash it once held, and I just don't see many other rivalries currently living up to the billing.
With Bama facing off against Texas A&M? I dunno, Kellen Mond has been playing scared most of the season. Bama's defense can't stop much of anything right now, but I doubt Mond & Company offer a tougher test than Michigan State versus Ohio State. Just my opinion.
It seems more like a punishment for Alabama and Clemson for daring to have a Bye Week. Regardless, it will all play out. Well, for the SEC teams that is. Clemson has nothing stopping them except for themselves, and Ohio State won't face a tough contest until their league title game, I'm afraid. Meanwhile, LSU has Florida, and while I suspect LSU wins, Florida's defense will at least make it interesting. Alabama and LSU will square off, Alabama and Auburn will square off, as will Auburn and LSU. The winner of the West may not be undefeated, and still could be a better team than anything the Big Ten or Big 12 offer up.
Sadly, I do not see Tua surviving at the professional level; he's too injury-proned. He has the skills and talent, but if he can't stay upright, his career will be over and fast.
Eek! Perhaps he's facing tougher competition than the other guys.
Florida's offense may have some question marks, but their defense doesn't; they're allowing less than 90 yards per game on the ground, which is Auburn's bread & butter. If it's coming down to QB play, which it likely will if both team's offensive and defensive fronts perform like they have been, then you have to give the edge, however slight, to Florida, as Trask has at least been at the collegiate level for a few years. Auburn QB, Nix, is just a freshman, barely completing 50% of his passes, and completing less than 50% against Top 25 teams this season. Florida wins in a slugfest, 23-21.
I bet they won't allow it from here on out. And, as a result, no one will get shot with a cannon within their stadium. Weird how that works, uh?
"The Alabama single-game record for receiving yards is held by now-Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper, who grabbed 9 passes for 224 yards against Auburn in 2014 and then equaled it on 13 catches against Auburn a month later." - Ummm we played Auburn twice in one season???
That was my first thought. I mean, I get that why people hate pre-season rankings, but how often do the teams ranked in the pre-season perform as expected? And even if a Bama, Georgia, or LSU lose a game or two, finishing 11-2 or 12-1 is still worthy of being ranked high. ::shrugs::
If Bama and Clemson meet in the final game of the season, I'd like to think Alabama plays with a massive chip on its shoulder and destroys Clemson.....that's what I'd like to think. So far, Clemson's QB is looking very mortal, so I suppose there's a chance Alabama could defeat them, but we still have a long ways to go.
In the game against South Carolina, yes, this is true, but against a Clemson, Georgia or will make a difference.
If you're not watching, then how do you know they hold?
Their offense is as good as expected, however that defense...yikes! Injuries are starting to take their toll, but that's part of the game. I wish the offense could establish the running game, limiting the time the defense is on the field, but good gawd that offensive line stinks. I think Bama handles the Aggies, winning by 17 or so, but LSU will be a tough out. Auburn may be as well, but I'm still not sold on that offense; they struggled running the ball against Tulane, and from what I have seen of Bo Nix, he's only good for a quality throw here and there, a reflection of his youth. He has potential, but he's not elite right now. Georgia's path to the SECCG is pretty clear, where as Alabama and LSU, who are neck and neck, have some hurdles to overcome.
He may no longer be with Bama, but I still love him and his success is well-deserved.
It's only a rivalry if both teams occasionally win; Alabama would likely win 99% of the time against Troy.
Why give money to programs who compete for some of the same athletes? Imagine a 4 star running back playing out of Montgomery, who is an absolute stud, eager to play at the D-1 level. He gets a campus visit to Troy, and they invite him to stop by the week Alabama is scheduled to host Troy. Alabama loves the athlete, but has three guys, one 5-star, two 4-stars, already on the roster, so the recruit knows he'll be sitting more than not for a couple of seasons. Troy, flush with cash from games being played with Bama, offers the recruit immediate playing time, a location close to home, and the opportunity to still play games in Bryant-Denny stadium. Bama loses out on a recruit.
Alabama will cover. New Mexico State only put 7 up against Washington State's defense; are you telling me Alabama's defense is not on par with Washington State's? That same Washington State team put up 58 against New Mexico State; are you telling me Alabama's offense isn't up for doing the same or worse?
By the way, if you're into Podcasts, I have started The Salty SEC Podcast, which can be found on and Spotify. I would provide the link, but SDS doesn't like that sort of thing. I actually predicted the final score to Florida and Miami, including the winner. No lie. You can hear it in Episode 1. I just published Episode 2, and I try to give a little bit of insight to each game and a prediction. Give it a whirl... The Salty SEC Podcast. Thanks.