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This coming from a fan of a team that cant spell dogs!
I am a bama fan and I dont like the way Tennessee is. I grew up here on the bama/tn line and it was a great rivalry game growing up, now its like facing duke... Pruitt will get them back in shape but its going to take time and I mean several years.. No one can go in and fix Tennessee in a season or two, and anyone who thinks thats possible doesnt understand football.. Pruitt has got to try and start getting some good recruits in there and build up. At this point he still has recruits left from the previous administration, also with the last several years of terrible play can you even imagine how hard it is to recruit new kids? Tennessee will make a good come back if they keep Pruit long enough but its not going to be an over night fix. Give him 4 or 5 years and maybe we will start to see a decent Tennessee team again.Also lets not forget, Pruit took this job when NO ONE else would!! Hes a great coach but hes not a miracle worker. He is also the best Tennessee could get. Only one that would have been better was Lane Kiffen and all you Tennessee fans bit**ed and moaned when he was mentioned, so now you have who you have, shut up and give the man time to work.
If you think Kirby is not good then you dont know anything about football... Lol your an idiot!
OMG!!! I am so offended by this!!! I am from Alabama!! I may have to protest, or make a video of me crying my heart out, or I may even have to check myself into a retreat for depression!! Oh hell I forgot I am not a liberal and my Momma (god rest her soul) didnt raise no PU**Y! Gee guess I will just have to wake up tomorrow and live my life like it never happened! lol
Kiffin aint gonna leave bama after the sec title game, he wants that ring lol
Better leave Lane right where he is... ROLL TIDE!!!