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To be honest, ole miss is a much better football team than Tennessee, as is a&m. Stop worrying about bama and pray for another miracle this weekend against the Aggies. They are going to beat you guys silly.
It seemed like that play was a direct snap to robert foster, so not your average jet sweep. Does that not make it a trick play to some degree?
Pretty sure Miss St was ranked #1 in 2014 for a couple weeks before they lost at Bama. When the hell was the last time Tennessee was ranked #1? Late 90's? When was the last time Tennessee was more than an over-hyped dumpster fire? Enjoy your first top 10 ranking in a decade while it lasts, the actual season starts in a couple weeks...
Not sure about Marlon's tackling ability? Watch the BAMA LSU game again and watch him solo tackle Fournette. Marlon can tackle with the best of them.
I'm a hardcore bama fan but I think Les Miles is pretty sharp and one of the most entertaining coaches in the country. It's easy to like an opposing coach that hasn't beat Bama since 2011, but something about the stuff he says and the way he says it is pure gold. We have some great coaches with great personalities in the SEC, I wanted to hate Brett Bilema at first but I now have a tremendous amount of respect for him as well. Let's all just be happy our coaches in the SEC are nothing like the coaches in the big 10. Urban Meyer? Jim Harbaugh? No Thanks.
Get well soon and best wishes. If the rumor is true, or even if it is not, one things for sure. As long as Universities, Conferences, and NCAA is suspending players for marijuana use, things like this are unfortunately going to happen. Use a natural plant and you are suspended and labeled a drug user, use a synthetic chemical that doesn't show positive on tests and you will pass drug screens but it may kill you. Seems like we will never learn.
After seeing the how both teams took out starters and killed clock, I believe Saban was also saying "Hey Dan, I'm going to put my 2's and 3's in and run the ball every play, what do you say we both try to get out of this game with no further injuries?" Everyone was definitely concerned for Wilson, he is an Alabama boy after all and it looked initially like one of those freaky spine injuries where you wonder if he will walk again. Glad he is ok, he's got a long NFL career ahead.
For State to have a chance for the upset it comes down to whether Dak can play a perfect game and improvise when the pocket breaks down. Wilson and co. will have to have their best game and go up and get quite a few 50/50 balls over our shorter DB's. If Bama's offense establishes an effective run game and Coker can make accurate and well timed intermediate passes to Ridley, Drake, Howard, Mullaney, and Stewart then it may not matter what Dak and State's offense can do. I'm taking Bama -8 in this one because I believe Dak will have to do so much to keep drives going that he will force some throws and make some throws while taking contact that will ultimately be picked off by our opportunistic secondary, with at least one going for 6. I see the inverse of last year, with State starting fast and breaking some explosive plays in first quarter and maybe taking a 10 point lead but ultimately Bama responds and starts to pull away in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Let's not forget our straight baller of a nickel back was relegated to special teams duty last week. Minkah will be hungry to make some plays and will put himself in position to pick some bobbled / deflected passes that ultimately will end the shootout potential in this one. Bama wins 45 - 20