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You have got to be the worst so called Tide fan I've ever heard. Why even support a bunch of players you have singularly written off.Geez you whine a lot about something that hasn't happened, change your name to Chicken Little. RTR
Your no more a Bama fan than Charles Barkley is, at least Barkley respects winners and talent. You call yourself a "true fan", your a TRUE WHINER AND TROLL. Your more suited for the WNBA or lawn darts than Bama football.
Imagine what he could do without an injury, RTR
Bama get someone who would run the ball, on 1st and goal
Take the money, don't take a chance on a career ending injury . Hate to see ya go.
Dont worry Georgia will choke at some point before now and the end of SEC Championship game. Moves Bama in at #4
All you losers who CAN'T beat Bama, have to live vicariously thru a team who wins one in every nine attempts, your all pathetic haters. Were still Bama y'all are still losers and wannabes. GOOD GAME BURROWS.
Just more piss poor officiating, Bama didn't help themselves either ROLL TIDE ALWAYS
He'll stay till the pressure is on, then its headaches, heartache or something and he's retiring again RTR
Think that was Bear Bryant, I know he quoted it before.
Can't play in the NFL, CFL JUST kicked you out, and your passed over by a AAF team barely over .500. Could it get any worse, at least hes........!
First of all it's a guy from Kansas, no football in Kansas since Len Dawson
But,at 27-2 as a starter, don't you think Hurts should at least be given the opportunity to start the season.I think he's earned that much respect from us as fans.His loud mouth parents won't ever play a down at q.v., so their just supporting their son, as we would, publicly or privately. This team needs cohesion, they need to know that they are appreciated and have loyalty from each teammates and staff, and especially the fans. Lets let Coach Saban and his staff coach.RTR
Season about to start, very important game in 1 week.Show some leadership and self discipline,stop the partying and focus.
Colin "Cowturd" that's funny!..When you your invisible,have no talent, no one notices you anymore and not to mention having a whiny nasal voice, what do you do...say outrageous draws attention! That's all Captain Cowturd is doing.
we are Alabama, not Oregon or some other flash wannabe, we are not like the others...We are Champions!
As a UK fan you should know about bush league football, stick to what you know the round ball with the homies, football ball is for big boys...UK best chance at football left in the 50's and went to Texas then home to you ladies stick to the b-ball and mint juleps!
So sorry Bama disappointed you, I'm sure you was impressed by the whipping the Gators gave to that Sun Belt powerhouse New Mexico St. Not so sure though, next week ,Gators will face those gridiron giants from the AAC who Gator fans will recall in the Birmingham Bowl(who knew there was a Bowl) Florida narrowly pulling one off in the last few minutes.
Jail time, lifetime banishment from any type of sports!
Jimbo Fisher...Jameis Winston forever linked ! RTR He is just playing to the home team, trying to pump them up, in the event they should make it past GT!!!