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How many UT fans are thinking, "He was a pretty good QB at Dallas."
I like how he is reading the message from his "source" about what went down. I suppose this is intended to lend credibility to his reporting. I wouldn't be surprised if the message came from one of his Danette's on the other side of the glass sending it to him. It's called content!
I listen to DP most days as I like his show, but it's funny how he'll complain about others who use the phrase "sources say" for a story without any corroboration, then he'll do the same thing. There may be something to the story, but just because "he's hearing" doesn't mean anything. Who is he hearing this from?
Who does this speak more poorly of...the AU coach for offering the jobs after they had just been hired by USC, or the coaches for accepting the job.
Auburn has a major inferiority complex when it comes to UA. Tell me another university in America that would be willing to pay the buyouts to fire their coaches like Auburn has done, all because UA keeps winning. Auburn is about to hire it's fourth (?) head coach since Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa.
Auburn looked back at the UT coaching search and simply said, "Hold my beer."
If you ever wanted a psychology case study on how an inferiority complex can cause an institution to react, AU is it. Why would any coach want to be a part of that circus?
It's certainly hard to hold it against any of these guys that opt out of the bowl game this year. So proud of the dedication this team has shown to one another in this crazy year with their discipline to stay healthy. I just hope UGA does something very special for the seniors since Vandy cheated them out of their Senior Day.
You may not want to poke the bear (or dawg) considering UGA plays you guys next week. Their going to be pissed off enough as it is.
Why don't they just go get the rest of the girls soccer team to make up for the lack of players?
“I’ve been at places where that is the norm but we hadn’t coached that here. That’s never been addressed with any of our players.” What "places" is he talking about...UA, UGA or FSU?
The NCAA has painted themselves the fools because of the how their decisions about transfers seem arbitrary at best. As for the SEC's decision, how long has this transfer policy been in place? If memory serves me correctly, the SEC instituted their "sit out one year" mandate within the last few years. If that is the case and they haven't granted any immediate eligibility waivers to any other players, then they shouldn't grant one here. Mays should have known this possibility existed before he decided to transfer.
Jones needs to consider the coaching staffs. Who is likely to last his 3-4 years with the program? Seems every year Gus is 1 loss away from getting fired.
There's an old saying in football that the closer you are to the ball, the smarter you have to be. Conversely, the farther you are from the ball, the more athletic you have to be. OBJ is one great WIDE-receiver.
Unless there is a clear-cut difference in talent, I think UGA should always go after the home state kid. I'd rather have the home-grown young man who has dreamed of playing for UGA vs. the out-of-stater who chooses UGA over any number of elite programs. The Cade Mays scenario bears this out. He came to UGA because of Pittman even though his heart was always at UT. From what I hear, even though Brock originally chose OK, he has always loved UGA. At the end of the day, I just hope we get one of these talented QB.
I have really enjoyed watching the young man play. He's exactly what you want in an OL...could play any position and has a bit of a nasty streak in him. Good luck to him going forward. But this whole scenario is suspicious. In about 1 month time since Pittman leaves, the family files a $3M lawsuit for an incident that happened back during recruitment and Mays enters the transfer portal and immediately announces he's going to TN and the family has already hired the #1 lawyer in the business to appeal to the NCAA for a waiver. Things that make you go "Hmm." As for the lawyer's statement about hoping to never see another case like this one, the best way to see that happens is to reveal what it is that you're so bothered by. To make a statement like that, without providing any context, is, in his words, "taking the low road" on his part. Maybe the reason for the timing of the lawsuit being filed is because they are needing the proceeds to pay Mr. Mars fees???
Points taken on the tutor. But I would love just once to see a school go after a former athlete or coach whose actions put them on probation.
How often do we hear the punishment is being applied to those who weren't responsible for the violations? Whether it's former players or coaches who violated the rules, or in this case, a tutor taking it upon themselves to cheat. If you want to stop this from happening, why don't the schools slap the perpetrators with a civil law suit? In the case of this tutor, Mizzou should be able to show exactly what their financial hit will be. The first time a school goes after a former athlete or coach whose actions caused the school to suffer penalties, I think it could have lasting effects going forward.