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We just don't have what it takes to become a blue-blood in the SEC, much less the nation. We can't reload like Alabama did during their dynasty. We can't ever move to the top of the SEC east and stay there when everyone leaves us. Most of our fans don't even realize just how rare and special Chubb and Michel as Senior players were. They don't know Hershel and they don't recognize a Championship team. That's why they thought this year was our year even though I told them all the truth over 12 months ago that this last year wasn't our year. This year isn't it either. 41 years and counting. Hope you can count to a hundred.
UH OH Things are looking bad when everyone jumps ship at the end of the year. You don't have to be as wise as I am, or even the biggest Georgia fan on this site like I am, to see the anecdotal evidence of trouble headed our way. I don't want to even get into Mays, Braun or Evans.
I wonder who will be President when we finally win one? I wonder if they are alive yet.
"All 3 racked up gaudy numbers at elite programs, they all won an SEC Championship and they all played for a national title." Thank you Connor. That's why you are a professional. You made it look like all 3 of us were even, even though we are the only one who didn't win a National Championship. We haven't won one in 40 years. I salute your craftiness.
If I were you, I would learn my lesson and never forget I was told before it happened. But if you were me, you wouldn't have to be told now would you?
Haven't seen you since we fulfilled my prophecy of losing to South Carolina. Nice to see you finally picked head up. I told you so didn't I?
Florida will definitely beat us. I'm not worried about that game. The game I'm worried about is the one we aren't supposed to lose but do every year. Like this year: We lost to LSU like we were supposed to but we also lost to South Carolina, which we weren't supposed to. Expect we lose one every year we shouldn't lose. So i guess that means in essence we were supposed to lose to South Carolina. I don't know, it gets down right confusing after 40 years. We can lose to Florida this year, just please don't let us lose to Tennessee.
I hope another team doesn't take him from us. If we could keep our program together and keep people from leaving us, it might not take another 40. Chubb and Michel was rare I tell ya.
This stories makes me sick. They get everyone. They took the Dobbs nail boot. They took our O.C. that left us with no offense. And now they have what was left of our O-line. Tennessee aghhhh!
Didn't Connor call Dabo the best college football coach if he wins? Between him, Hunte and Adam "safe space" Spencer, this off-season is going to be fun making fun of their intelligence.
Tim McGraw should spend more time practicing singing and less time opposing the United States Constitution. Traitors need to leave America.
"The reception was mixed,...." Sydney Hunte IS fake news.
No one in our state under 50 yrs old knows what it feels like. Can you explain it to our middle-aged fans?
We are now headed into the 3rd season since 2 and 26. As our fans slowly become familiar with the fading magic of that season, it will become apparent that the next 40 years without a NC could go by alot slower this time.
He wasn't that good anyway. We lost all his other fellow starters along the line too. So might as well start all over.
I've said it many times and it bears repeating here. As we get further and further from 2 and 26, many of our fans will realize just how special that season was.
When realistic Georgia fans are called trolls, one has to wonder the mental state of our State.
Continually earned by wins, championships etc... Alabama and Tennessee are still #1 and #2 in the SEC on wins and championships. They continually earn that title. We don't and never have. Our fans are deranged.
Forget about the Buckeyes. Have you seen all the players we have coming back next year? Next year is our year.
One things for sure, we won't be in the playoffs.
The list contains familiar bluebloods like Fla St., Ohio St., Nebraska etc... The SEC is represented by their bluebloods as well, Tennessee and Alabama.