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An image agent will tell you one of the first rules when caught doing something wrong is DO NOT try to minimize what you have done. It's a bad look.
The great SEC cheaters like Alabama, Ole Miss and Missouri should take what the NCAA hands down and have enough integrity after the fact to be ashamed enough to take their punishment without whining. It would make us all look better. I know programs can't be like us under Richt, but a little improvement is in order.
Jump or no jump, you guy's aren't jumping over us this year.
I just don't see us losing to the Gators this year.
Well if we can't win it all this year with our freshmen WR's, there's always next year.
In the end, Spurrier was losing commits to places like Georgia and Ole Miss. It forced him out. Saban is now losing COMMITS to places like Georgia and Ole Miss. Won't be long.
Many kids not only say no, they say yes and then no. Saban losing like Spurrier. Won't be long.
An Alabama fan who doesn't want to be punished for cheating? What's next? Georgia gonna lose one we shouldn't ?
I really like hearing about the guys who used to be here while I'm waiting on our Championship in this current 40 year stretch. It really helps pass the time.
We are done if our WR's don't make the top 10 of this list at end-of-year. If we wind up needing a backup plan for our season, we are done anyway.
"If not for Alabama, Georgia would have..." That type of thinking is why we lose. That and losing one we shouldn't every year.
We didn't win a Championship with him, but I'm still glad he's back. Welcome back!
I'm really enjoying these "where are they now?" type of articles. It's a good pass-time until we can win. This 0-2 our last two has been burning all summer.
After not winning the first Championship game we've been to in 38 years, and continuing to not win after they have left, many will slowly realize how special that season was. ...and just how much longer we have to wait. Here's to the next 40!
If a kid is good enough to play in the NFL, a measley college coach can't stop them. We need kids who are smarter than that.
Not sure we want this guy considering his other picks.
I'm just not seeing it this year. We havn't replaced chubb/michel. We have an unproven receiving core. This is our OC's first game. We are currently 0-2 our last two. We have no backup plan.
‘I have no one to talk to." What a cuck. Today's generation is too feminine to play football. This guy needs to go join a sewing circle and leave Georgia football alone.
OMG we need a backup plan! We can't rely on freshmen. If this is what we have to try to get back to the National Championship, I'm not seein' it. What happened to our OC?!
You would think we would have learned our lesson at Corner on the last play of the First National Championship game we had been to in 38 years.
That's what we need to attract the big recruits: A Navy coach.
I hope he picks us. We sure could have used him in the only National Championship game we've been in for 4 decades.
Not sure if this guy can replace Chubb/ not sure if we can get back.
I really enjoy these articles. I hope we can get more out of these guys than just this though.
What's the over/under in years for our next National Championship?
Don't forget CKS's role in retaining said Senior elite RB's. Where is our backup plan for this year? If we don't capitalize now, as 2017 fades further, many will realize how special our season was.