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That is quintessential us. We are probably more consistent in soccer anyway.
We aren't going to win the SEC east and our hopes for our 1st championship in 40 years is over.
We always choke. I told you so. This is not our year to win it all. I told you so. We had no backup plan. I told you so.
Agreed, yet you still watch football with targeting and weak kick-offs? You are encouraging the very behavior you pretend to abhor.
It's not Richt and it's not Smart, it's us. We should give Richt another shot.
Our unrealistic fans are crushed. Have you noticed how I'm one of the only ones left? I told them over and over, but they would not listen. Now they hide their head in shame. How many narratives where there? 1. Our Freshman receivers will NOT be a problem. They will step up. 2. Now that Chaney is gone our offense will not be so predictable. 3. We don't need a backup plan. 4. We will not lose one we shouldn't. We always choke. Every year for 40 years and they never learn.
I'm so glad we already got the game we weren't supposed to lose out of the way. Aren't you?
It's a point on direct connection. One week, you are a young arrogant punk and the very next week you are a loser who embarrassed more than yourself at home against a ...third string QB. It's called Hubris.
Shocked? I told you so kid. You weren't listening like many of our other young and dumb fans on this site. How many predictions is this now? 5? SDS may have to give me a title.
What a psyche-crushing experience. Especially considering how much we have built him up. Kicker's job may be the toughest job on a football team.
Nice try. We didn't believe the hype. Every true Georgia fan knows we will lose one we shouldn't every year. Some say we choke every year. But it's not a choke if you know it's coming.
Spurrier was coach the last time I was this proud and this hopeful. Remembering we are still stuck with Boom, will bring me back to earth. At any rate. Good work guys! You too coach.
Smart saved another TD on his timeout call. He is so smart.
That's why they are calling it "Fooley Field".
No backup plan for the game, no backup plan for our season, no backup plan for alliteration on Dooley Field. This operation is being run by an amateur. It's only a matter of time.
A true fan would ask himself if that's true, why haven't we won in 40 years?
It's about time. $400 was a decent amount in the 80's and 90's. It's embarrassing it's taken us this long to reach that threshold. I know what many of you are thinking. Is this the game we are going to lose that we shouldn't? The truth is I don't know for once. I have no clue if this is it. Many Irish will say "Fooley Field" this weekend. If we lose, the name may stick now rather than later. Let's keep our field clean as long as we can, before it catches on ok?
The picture that accompanies the article is disturbing. Is that one of our players behind him wearing our uniform in a dress?
List of things that are embarrassing: 1. That some of those were counted as reps. 2. The amount of weight used. 3. That we did this. 4. That we taped it. 5. That we put music to it. 6. That we posted it. 7. That i watched it. 8. That Keith wrote about it.
"Fooley Field" is too catchy to not take off at some point. If this is the game we always lose that we shouldn't, it's gonna happen sooner that later. I am not looking forward to that.
Not so fast! You are forgetting our penchant for losing one we shouldn't. We definitely should take advantage of the current hysteria and add thousands of seats by closing in the bowl. After the current multi-year emotional high is over with no championship to show for it, we need to have something tangible to hold onto until the next 40 years.
Students who can't pass the test even when given the answers do not graduate anywhere except in Alabama. You are living proof.
Thanks for reply. Article was a blatant troll though. Alabama is only interesting in certain situations. You know money drives all of this. This is the first time I've noticed you. Are you going with the troll schtik?