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It's about time. $400 was a decent amount in the 80's and 90's. It's embarrassing it's taken us this long to reach that threshold. I know what many of you are thinking. Is this the game we are going to lose that we shouldn't? The truth is I don't know for once. I have no clue if this is it. Many Irish will say "Fooley Field" this weekend. If we lose, the name may stick now rather than later. Let's keep our field clean as long as we can, before it catches on ok?
The picture that accompanies the article is disturbing. Is that one of our players behind him wearing our uniform in a dress?
List of things that are embarrassing: 1. That some of those were counted as reps. 2. The amount of weight used. 3. That we did this. 4. That we taped it. 5. That we put music to it. 6. That we posted it. 7. That i watched it. 8. That Keith wrote about it.
"Fooley Field" is too catchy to not take off at some point. If this is the game we always lose that we shouldn't, it's gonna happen sooner that later. I am not looking forward to that.
Not so fast! You are forgetting our penchant for losing one we shouldn't. We definitely should take advantage of the current hysteria and add thousands of seats by closing in the bowl. After the current multi-year emotional high is over with no championship to show for it, we need to have something tangible to hold onto until the next 40 years.
Students who can't pass the test even when given the answers do not graduate anywhere except in Alabama. You are living proof.
Thanks for reply. Article was a blatant troll though. Alabama is only interesting in certain situations. You know money drives all of this. This is the first time I've noticed you. Are you going with the troll schtik?
Either the Alabama State Department of Education isn't doing their job or BubbaTime is doing exactly what he accuses everyone else of...trolling. No serious person would believe these networks' primary concern isn't money. Who, besides the teams involved wants to watch Alabama take on another over-matched team whose outcome is certain? On the 21st other SEC teams would rather watch LSU's QB in an SEC matchup to see if he is for real this year, or our colossal big-stage game. I thought BubbaTime wanted to be taken seriously. If you want to play under the lights, you must first ascend the Big Stage. ...or be compelling.
We all know what it's about. It's about Alabama crying for every advantage they can get. Every off-season, America is saddled with stories of Saban's latest tears. It's embarrassing. Even some of your fellow low-education fans understand this. You are becoming a National Laughing Stock.
We should investigate the Alabama State Department of Education.
Statistics from the Alabama State Department of Education show that when Alabama fans are confronted with uncomfortable truths, they attempt to change the subject. The correct reaction would be to educate yourself instead. Maybe team up with a 5th grader currently studying for the Spelling Bee.
David Wasson = Alabama shill If you want a prime time slot, play a prime time team like LSU or Georgia does. Why does America have to keep suffering from the effect of the Alabama State Department of Education?
Statistics from the Alabama State Department of Education show that 87% of Alabama fans who submit the phrase "T-town" do so because they do not know how to spell Tuscaloosa.
"... a conference that I’ve got a lot of respect for.” I wonder if there would be a following if a REAL SDS journalist investigated all the lies that coaches tell and wrote a book or at least an article on how the media lets coaches get away with these lies, what it means for our society now and in the future.
Richt would not abide. When this problem (Coach's lack of integrity), that keeps rearing it's head every few weeks takes our program down, many of our ignorant fans will ask what happened. Many of my long-time readers who already know my reputation of seeing the future, already know i'm right.
Just like our country. Lawlessness by our leaders is rampant and increasing. Our downfall is baked in.
If we don't win out, they will coin our field "Fooley Field". We can't let that happen.
Our adversaries are going to christen this field "Fooley Field". It's too easy and it fits since we haven't won anything in 40 years.
Would have rather read an article about Missouri Journalism School.
Oh dear. None of this is accurate and it will only make us look worse if we don't win it all finally this year. ...and we won't.
" Smart’s standard. Be tough, physical, smart and prepared.” Tough and physical. We've been soft in the past especially with our RB's, but lets wait and see on that one. Smart. I guess that's supposed to be a pun. Prepared. Every reader I have knows we have no backup plan. I guess these are for the players and not Coach.
How many times have I told you ignorants that we needed a backup plan. Now it's too late. Ya'll gonna learn. Oh YEAH! Ya'll gonna learn.
It would definitely qualify as legend. 40 years and any Freshmen who rang it for a natty who is still alive is reading up on Medicare.
It's amazing the platitudes one can come up with when it's in one's best interest.
This OC is a glaring hole. You can tell how big it is by how many of our fans deny it exists. I guess we will see soon.
Alabama winning on the field, but losing the recruiting battles to ACC teams is a sign that Saban has lost his step.
Don't get me wrong. I believe in Saban. All the facts happen to point in a different direction is all. Personally, I believe the media forget that all Saban needs to reach new heights is a step-stool.
Vindicated once again! I said months ago that Saban was the new Spurrier. He's on his way down. Chink showing in the armor. One of the first signs is depth issues. Though somehow, I don't see Saban quitting mid-year or taking the AD job.