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We would have to run Kirby off. We may have to if this losing streak gets any longer.
So no one? If they are keeping a tight lid on, it may be worse than we thought.
We definitely will be putting our share into the portal. Did anyone else hear anything more on our recruiting scandal and how it will affect this year's post-season?
I think we should pay more attention to our players who we recently put in the NFL. This may be what we have to hang our hat on after all the near misses in the college game.
It's about time. Maybe in the future we can name something after Richt.
Oh and two our last two outings, recruiting scandal in the off-season and no backup plan for four QB or RB. All of this combined with our penchant and it could be shaping up to another disappointing season.
"I think this team can mold me into the player I am today..." He also said we were the best school. He would know.
"... Bulldogs will be in better position to punch their ticket to the Playoff even if they don’t win the SEC thanks to potentially having outstanding non-conference wins on their resume." That would solve our problem. We always lose one we shouldn't. This might be a good move for us.
All of our runningbacks have weak knees. This has been going on since before Richt was here. We need a backup plan. The only thing you can count on more than this is we will lose at least one game we shouldn't.
There are many of our fans who won't understand why he wasn't drafted. You are one of our fans who knows a little but not a lot. Believe it or not, we have many fans who know even less than you do. Do not disparage them please.
This analogy seems like it would be more true under Richt. Did anyone find out more about our recruiting scandal?
I have a stinking suspicion our chance to win it all has slipped away now that he is gone.
That's why you are always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to our football team.
Wow I'm proud of you. It seems like you are beginning to see how this works. The next step is realizing we lose one every year we shouldn't. Let's you and I concentrate on helping us win that one this year and we might get lucky.
We always lose one we shouldn't. I have a bad feeling about this game.
First one in 56 years. I hope they don't say that at our next National Championship.
Every year another hype video. Every year another non-Championship. Maybe skip the hype next year?