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Watford killed us. I thought he would be responsible for us losing by 1 point but luckily he came up short. Rtr
It was a great game. Bama, LSU and Tennessee should make the sec proud in ncaa tournament. Rtr
LSU last year and this year proves you wrong
You would feel differently if it was your team doing so well and therefore getting into playoffs almost every year. It has a lot to do with talent but in the long term it’s more to do with coaching up that talent.
I was thinking that conference changed the 17 days to less several weeks ago?
I agree with dabo. I don’t care how good Ohio state might be. It’s very hard to play 11 games and not screw up. No one can say what Ohio state would have done had they played 11 games and had to play week after week they have had no injuries, no fatique, no wear and tear on their body. They have been able to prepare for Alabama and Clemson for weeks while Bama and Clemson played week after week. There is no way you can say a team who has played 6 games should even belong with teams who played 10 or 11 games. Their conference had to change their rules twice just to get OSU where they are today.
They didn’t play last week, and they don’t play next week, so they still won’t be playing two weeks in a row
I don’t understand why MSU is getting all the blame? To me it looks as if it was actually started by field person from Tulsa, not a football player. But everyone was just as guilty that took part. The player from Tulsa who was kicked has just thrown several punches. The kick was retaliation. Which still doesn’t make it right. Neither coach did a very good job in post game interview. Everyone involved should be punished fully. It will be easy to identify most involved. But this brawl began before the game ever started and went on with smack talk all during the game. One team or coach can’t be blamed over the other. Neither coach seemed to encourage the brawl, like Dan Mullen did when it happened after his game. Leach didn’t appear to know what had happened whereas the Tulsa coach appeared to be saying his players needed to protect one another and therefore blaming MSU. It looked to me as if Tulsa started the brawl but obviously we couldn’t see everything. And words and jawing one another is no excuse for violence. Name calling etc, goes on in every game.
They won’t cancel because saban can’t be there. Bama is not like that.
I never thought he was making excuses. To me he meant that Ole miss had a good plan and we didn’t have a good plan to combat them. We won the game by a respectable 15 points. Ole miss quarter back played his best game, their offense made no mistakes, which was unusual for them, and their couch did a great job. Why not, he learned from the best how to coach a team.
I thought I read last week that the sec was leaving the capacity allowed to each school to decide
I find this very amusing as Alabama fans hate Gary. And have always thought he didn’t like Alabama. Lol
Saying he learned his offense from malzahn is not a good thing
I just don’t understand why they did it. They barely beat a team that was playing their second string quarterback after losing the best quarterback I have ever seen. Plus they allowed that team to score 45 points. They did win but what was the big deal. Act like you’ve been there before.....oh yeah, they haven’t been ,
It was all over the internet and got plenty of talk. He had no choice but to address it. It shows an unclassy person. If you don’t want the world to know it, don’t say it. As my mother used to say, “ never say anything about anyone that you wouldn’t say to their face”. Good thing to live by. Gives great bulletin board material for Alabama in their next game. Also on the field saying “we own this field”, was not said in private. You own nothing with one game out of 9. This will come back to haunt him. I lost all respect for him as did many others. No skin of his back, but act like you’ve been there before.....oh but he hasn’t been there before.
Parents are paying for those cars kids are driving and they are also paying for theireucation
Not to mention these kids will not be eligible for pell grants which most of them get and they will have claim on taxes. It’s going to be a cluster........ many many schools will not have a single athlete who will be making money while several a big schools will be making big bucks. I don’t like it
It was great in person. All there loved it and it got all the fans up and cheering. Too bad for those who didn’t like on tv. They didn’t do it during play so what’s your problem. Just don’t watch.
It’s the heat dummies!!! And the early games should be evenly scheduled for all teams. That’s only fair.
It would be nice if all of you educated yourself enough to get the real facts. First of all, all scholarships of current students will be honored. Secondly, players who transfer can play immediately and don't have to sit out a year. Thirdly, Uab football has never been profitable. It was going to take 49 million to run the program for the next few years. Money that was going to have to come from research, salaries and patient care money. University of Alabama in ttown never felt any threat from Uab football and anyone who thinks that is nuts. Maybe if Uab had not been division I theyMIGHT have had a chance but I doubt it. The problem is that the community and even the staff and students didn't support Uab football until he last week. There were 8,000 at the La Tech game!! And many tickets given away free. One of the problems was that they tried to compete with Bama and AU and just could not. The support was not there. Blame the bot all you want but had Uab had community and school support this would never had happened. The city of Birmingham and the majority of Uab did not support Uab football!!
There is a very small minority of listeners that enjoy listening to Tammy, Phyllis, Jim and Charles rant all the time. They are not the typical fan and the typical and majority of fans and listeners to Paul's show walk away or turn down when their yelling rants come on. They act as if they are celebrities but turn more listeners off to Paul's show and I wish he would take a poll on that. These ppl are ignorant fools!!
Jj ketemi. Omg!!! A little bitter and jealous of Bama are you??!! Everything you said is absolute BS!! Are bad calls made sometime for all teams? Yes of course. But saying there is cheating and favoritism is rediculous and sour grapes. Replay almost always shows what really happened and sometimes teams get lucky but have not noticed any team getting better calls than others. Bitter losers always think they got bad calls when they lose cause they can't handle their loss!! I don't think there was a single true statement in your entire post. Just a bitter bitter jealous fan upset cause Bama beats your team. Put on your big boy pants and learn to take a loss like a man. You say you know football but your posting disproves that. Bama used to haters cause they win so much. Ppl get tired of a team and conference winning all the time. But that's cause the team and conference is better!!! Some just can't accept reality. Bama not even a great team this year but still most think they are the best team. Will they go all the way?? I surely don't know but hope so. Evidently your team is not in the running. Sorry and try again next year!!!
Really find this amusing because all the alabama fans I know can't stand to have that duo call alabama games. They always get things wrong and we feel they are always wanting whoever is playing alabama to win. Always seem prejudiced against Alabama. So this article pretty funny. We were at game so didn't hear them but caught game on sec rerun few days later. Of course they cut out much of game so didn't hear all of it. The "exhale" comment would have probably been said no matter how the call was made or what teams were playing. Was not biased comment. There was criticism of coaching on msu part with time clock management which was deserved. I didn't catch the subpar comment and in my opinion dak is VERY GOOD quarterback. Everyone very worried about facing excellent running and throwing quarterback. But I think Bama did excellent job of stopping his running which had a lot to do with the win.. The rerun I watched really did not show 3rd quarter when Bamas offense went to sleep wondering what they said during that time of game. They did compliment Bama when they had good play(which fans found surprising) but I also heard them compliment msu also when they had good plays. They do know Bama team well this year cause it seems they have called so many of their games but again--Bama does not think of them as being pro Bama at all. Just the opposite. Although they irritate Bama fans I really think they call it like they see it.
I wouldn't blame you. Ga would beat crap out of Marshall but who would care or want to watch?
This was based only on this weeks play. Msu lost so they weren't put into lineup because it was based on THIS WEEKS PLAY. ditto ol miss cause they didn't play. Didn't have anything to do with best 25 overall. Just performance THIS week,
I have been goin to all Bamas home games since 1992. Have been to two bowl games with Bama and another with Florida/Cincinnati and only one regular season away game last year at Starkville. I have never seen any of these things but not saying they don't happen. I've seen lots of a abnoxious fans on BOTH sides and they have always been drinking or drunk. And most of them are students or young adults. I've seen lots of drunk adults too but they are usually just annoying and abnoxious. They spill their drinks and food all over people but is because they are drunk. I would not want to sit anywhere near the student section. If I was in a bar and someone threw something at me or spit at me I would immediately go to the manager and tell him. (If my husband didn't kill them first!!). If I was at the game and someone spit at me or threw something at me I would tell one of the security that are never far away. When auburn came few years ago there was very obnoxious drunk behind us verbally abusing some of Bama people. His friend kept apologizing and trying to get him to quit and finally security kicked him out. At TN game this year my son and his 14 yr old son were walking out of game not saying anything when middle aged woman started yelling and cussing at my grandson about Kiffin.(f-bomb over and over) When he didn't say anything to her she cussed him out!! ( F-bomb again). Anyone who watched TN/Bama game this year much of fans were chanting over and over F you Kiffin. You could hear it clearly on TV. then during LSU GAME THEY WERE CHANTING F YOU SABAN. heard clearly on TV. That really didn't bother me because it just looked bad for the schools and didn't hurt anyone. Classless acts. But booing team as it comes on field is done by most schools and doesn't hurt anyone. Players used to it. Chants after a win are tradition and also don't hurt anyone. But spitting, cussing at other fans and throwing things at them crosses the line and I can't imagine people not reporting that. At Bama they get kicked out of game. I always make a point to say welcome to t town and hope you have a good time and good game to them. I am not doubting that bad things happen but I've never seen it. When LSU was chanting f u Saban they had injured player on team. That was pretty bad. This week for MSU game we ate and watched games in Buffalo Wild Wings before games and there were as many msu fans as Bama. Everyone was friendly and no problems. And on game weekend you should be able to go anywhere in your school colors without being harassed. That's part of the football experience. And Harvey Updike has no place in this conversation. He didn't even live in Bama for years and didn't even go to Bama games. Plus he was crazy. Everybody has their crazies. And the talk here is about how fans treat other fans which doesn't include Updike.
If they don't have Bama #1 and msu 4. This whole committee thing does not make any sense at all. Even if they don't Bama still has to beat au then sec east champ to remain in playoffs. But when #5(who should have been 4) beats legitimate #1 team they should be #1 above an fsu team whose biggest win has been against poor ND team and close calls on even worse teams not ranked. Best teams now are Bama and msu!! Roll tide!!
Alabama beat number 1 team in country. Should move to #1 or #2. Msu good one loss team(and if you don't believe it just ask them. Lol). They deserve # 4. Flu al ost lost to u ranked team. Not impressed but still undefeated cause they play nobody. #2 or 3. And Oregon. Great al/msu game in person. fans were great. Not impressed with comments made by players after game. Know they haven't been there before but when you lose you don't bad mouth other team and talk about you owning game then blowing it. You accept your loss with dignity. That disappointed me.