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Tim Rupert: 'SECCG. It was a must win game for Bama. Georgia was “In” win or lose. Human nature, you try harder when you have to.' "mulligan" Kirby "lost" his way into the championship bracket, that is a fact!!! In the future, if the possibility of this happening "again" in the CFP, like we already do, we have serious problems that prevent us from having a "fair" CFP!!! Coaches that win their Conference Championship game get told by the CFP Committee, "Better luck next year, Coach; we are going to give your spot in the playoff to a coach who lost his CC game, I hope it works out better for you next year." Integrity; removing the possibility of what "may" have happened in the SECCG will take some integrity to preserve what small fraction of integrity the CFP Committee may have, because what happened on Dec 4, 2021 in Atlanta, stinks, because that is "rotten" integrity! Integrity: 1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility. 2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness. Integrity: What is integrity as a core value? Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. ... In this context, integrity is the inner sense of "wholeness" deriving from qualities such as honesty and consistency of character. Fix it, CFP Committee!
SECCG; zero sacks (zero) sacks against an o-line that Auburn sacked 7 (seven) times against an o-line that was less than stellar all season long... the question is why? couldn't Georgia get a sack!? We know why!
Just be sure, when you are indoctrinatin' the young ones into Kirby and the Dawg's history, to jot down the fact that he lost his way into his first championship; few, if any, get rewarded as nicely as Kirby did when he lost in the SECCG!
Georgian in exile… you have explained, in perfect detail, why Kirby Smart and his mulligan, his “second chance,” have a better chance to capture fame than people who don’t even get a “first chance.” “mulligan” Kirby went back to the drawing board and corrected every little thing he had done wrong when he lost in the SECCG; wow, if others had the “second chance” Kirby got, they would be remembered as a great coach too!
Georgian in exile... you have explained in perfect detail why Kirby Smart and his mulligan, his "second chance," have a better chance to capture fame than people who don't even get a "first chance." "mulligan" Kirby went back to the drawing board and corrected every little thing he had done wrong when he lost in the SECCG; wow, if others had the "second chance" Kirby got, they would be remembered as a great coach too!
Thank you for your honest answers, and I believe every word you said... I have no doubt your men loved that about you, kirkm!
Was fighting for Trump better than fighting for Obama? Thank you for your service, and I mean that, kirkm; freedom isn't free!
Hey, SEC fans are using opt outs to justify certain outcomes; put that in you "if" scenario Tf
I want it to be you have to win to get in PERIOD and winning a Conference Championship game should get a team in PERIOD
BillB... Georgia lost there way into the CFP... that's the part of the fairy tale that makes SEC fans wet the floor like puppies do when they greet you. SEC fans are d@mn proud of that part of the fairy tale, it's not the main topic, but it doesn't ruin the ending either.
you got that right, the CFP Committee weaved a fairy tale that will be remembered forever, good for them.
Are using "opt" outs to justify certain outcomes now?
I appreciated what Dawg Jordan Davis said... what he said "made" this season.
I agree, mic0808; no Kirby mulligans if your putt misses the hole! Eliminate the CFP Committee. Tidefan is on the committee, that's why he fights hard to make us believe we need the "if's, and's, and but's" of the CFP matrix.
It took Trump to change Obama's "rules of engagement" to make war fair for our soldiers fair... who will it take to change Sankey's "rules of engagement" to make football fair for the less "entitled' ones.
don't have a girl at the party, not even at the party
I don't believe Georgia destroyed Cincinnati, but Georgia did win the game.
I've already let you know, this one-eyed-fat-b@st@rd doesn't need a posse... your mental gymnastics was just surpassed with the very next post.
Human data points are based on ifs... and the CFP Committee uses those if's as if they are oxygen, and they MUST HAVE those if's to exist, because if the CFP was based on Conference Championship games, the CFP Committee would have no need to exist. It is "if this and if that" that feeds the CFP trough!
I'm sure Sankey will get his way, and what you say will be true, for three more years. SEC fans will boast all year long that they would beat any one's @$$, but they have no desire to fight that fight!
Georgia should have tripped Alabama up... but the incentive to do so wasn't there, because the "mulligan" everyone knew was waiting for Georgia was there when Georgia failed... if there is no desire to remove the need for a team to win to get in, then there is no desire to have a "fair" CFP PERIOD
If Ohio State had beat Michigan, the Oregon loss would have had no ill effect on Ohio State's chances of entering the CFP... The Michigan loss gave Ohio State two losses, that is what allowed Cincinnati to enter the CFP. Cincinnati would have been out if Ohio State had been a one loss Big Ten runner-up. Ohio State would have entered the CFP identical to the way Georgia did. If Oregon had lost to Ohio State, we would have had two Big Ten teams and two SEC teams in the CFP.
I'm saying Georgia should have rolled the Tide in the first game, the "funny stuff" that happened in the 2021 SECCG shouldn't be able to be used to benefit a conference. There were many teams that could have beat the Alabama team I saw on 1/10/2022.
Rank Conference Champion Michigan and Conference Champion Cincinnati ahead of runner-up Georgia, forcing #1 Alabama to play #4 Georgia and the playoff is completely different... what a great new rule that would be, teams from same conference must play each other in Quarterfinal... be fun watching the SEC scramble to get 3 or 4 teams in to have an all SEC final.