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Another attention grabbing article by O'Gara... that highlights an SEC program other than Alabama or Georgia; yet, he somehow manages to pat both Alabama and Georgia on the @$$ as they run onto the field for another year of SEC Football. Would love to see the article O'Gara wrote on how Saban uses his money... could someone who has read that article direct us to it?
Saban calling another coach and school out on how they use the Portal and NIL's... that's funny!
...because Day shouldn't have lost to Oregon, still can't believe Oregon won that game and "if" Ohio State had beat Oregon, how interesting it would have been to have the first two SEC teams and two Big Ten teams in the CFP.
And to start another storyline, if one wanted to... it's a very good thing Day won that game with Utah, because if he hadn't, he would be on a hot seat with a short leash; and I'm not so sure that still isn't the case.
Utah fan, no, not necessarily, Kyle Whittingham is an interesting study and one could use him as an example of why Kirby's mulligan seems a bit unfair... Whittingham came through with winning the Pac12 CG on his third try in three years, winning it this year. He goes into the Rose Bowl with three losses, injuries were part of why and by years end he had dialed what he had into a fine team, but yet, after finally accomplishing what a coach dreams of, the dream cannot be fully realized because the Elysian Fields do not allow access to a Conference Championship coach with three losses. What makes Whittingham a little more interesting is after the criticism he took after losing his bowl game last year, players said they did everything but get ready for the game, I correctly said that wasn't going to happen this year. Utah gave Ohio State all they wanted and then some and there were many who were very happy Ohio State didn't make it into the CFP. But Whittingham is one of many who reach that CC rung who do not get the chance, with that fine team they have coached up, to play until they lose. But you have people like Tf8x5 saying because Utah has three losses they're sh1t; I can assure you, Ohio State didn't believe they were sh1t after the finish of that game.
You're right, I was too malicious in my attack on Kirby, and you did well when you reviewed history to let me know it's more common than I realized. Me attacking the SEC is a lame excuse for the depth of the maliciousness because the SEC oppression of the other conferences is a very real thing and there is no, none, desire to release the grip that causes that oppression. This site is interesting to me; I go back and review my posts and I shock myself with what I posted, but once send is pressed, what's said is on the cave wall for the rest of eternity.
I agree with everything in your post above this one... and I appreciate your decency, finally, someone who doesn't comeback with a "You're too stupid to breed!" comment. Could Alabama have outright won the SEC CG, yes, I'm not that stupid, but there were a lot of people, entities, that benefitted from what did happen. I have about ten talking points to hammer on but it's too cumbersome to do that here, but I will go through one of them... Utah and Oregon, South and North Division Champions had played two weeks prior to the Pac12 CG and Utah won that game, there was no need to play the Pac12 CG because they had played in the regular season, results of that game determines who wins the Conference Championship... maybe something like that becomes part of the expanded playoff criteria.
I pounded my drum with the tune that Kirby, to let Alabama in, let up in the SECCG, and the way his defensive trench played, in the SECCG, supports the drum tune I pounded out PERIOD
Florida would have gotten the “mulligan” “if” they had won against Texas A&M earlier in the year… there is that infamous “if” Texas A&M, Notre Dame, or two-loss Florida, flip a coin… with an expanded playoff, they probably all go.
Behind 412 yards of total offense from QB Trevor Lawrence, the Clemson Tigers cruised past Notre Dame, 34-10, for their sixth straight ACC championship game triumph, dealing the Fighting Irish their first loss. Clemson won their way into the CFP... Notre Dame lost their way in into the CFP...edging out SEC Texas A&M Why did Notre Dame go in rather than Texas A&M, you answer me that, humper.
2022 Bama schedule Week 1: 11-3 beaver pelt packing Utah State, in Tuscaloosa (of course), second best Mountain West team; Week 2:Texas, in Austin (surpising), I would give Texas a chance if it wasn't Sark; Week 3: FCS ULM Warhawks in Tuscaloosa, bye week w/o getting the week off; Week 4: 0-8 Vanderbilt in Tuscaloosa; Week 5: Arkansas, Fayetteville; Week 6:Texas A&M, Tuscaloosa; Week 7: Tennessee, Knoxville; Week 8: Mississippi State, Tuscaloosa; Week 9: Off, to get ready for Brian Kelly; Week 10: LSU, Baton Rouge; Week 11: Ole Miss, Oxford; Week 12: cupcake week, FCS Austin Peay Governors, Tuscaloosa, bye week w/o getting the week off to get ready for rival Auburn; Week 13: Auburn, Tuscaloosa; I believe Bama's 2022 schedule is be a bit "stout" than their cupcake 2021 schedule! Week 4-11 is The Gauntlet... Ben Shockley (Clint Eastwood) is recruited to escort Augustina "Gus" Mally (Sondra Locke), a key witness in a mob trial, from Las Vegas to Phoenix. In the remake, it will be Nick Saban escorting his swatting prima donnas through a hive of SEC wanna bees!
If Alabama's 2022 schedule is as weak as it's 2021 schedule was... 12-0 would be "very" realistic in 2022. Below is Bama's 2021 season recap to see just how easy it was for them to get to the 2021/2022 CFP Final. 4 (3 extremely) weak out of conference games, all four games played in Bama friendly arenas; played one SEC team with a winning conference record; played rollover Georgia in the SECCG; CFP Committee served "pampered" Bama the BearKittens for a tune-up to get ready for the Georgia rematch in the CFP Final. Whats cupcake week in football? This is the week when seven SEC teams have a bye without actually taking the week off. Yes, it's Cupcake Week, the annual festival of blowouts seven days before season-ending Rivalry Week. Alabama had a cupcake year in 2021... Darn good team or cupcake schedule? If Alabama's 2022 schedule is as weak as 2021 was, the only thing preventing a Saban rematch would be Smart tripping on his way to the opera.
There was one thing and one thing only that ruined Georgia's perfect season... the need to have two SEC teams in the CFP, that's what ruined Georgia's perfect season. Alabama gets in then may the best team win.
The way you golf? I Am surprised you only bought 4... better hump it to 5, maybe 6, next time; and the "piper" who knows what his unethical habits will cost him in the future; those things have a way of working themselves out in the long run. The "piper" does have a few things going his way though; the dominance of the SEC isn't going away anytime soon and the "piper" enhanced that dominance, so maybe karma stays away for awhile. But we know karma and it often shows up at the most inopportune time possible, and when it does, we'll get to see how the "piper" handles that. In the meantime, it's very likely, with the weak SEC East, "mulligan" Kirby could get a second mulligan; what will he do when they come calling again, because once they have you in their pocket...
the book... Bryce Young It would be a QB's dream to play in an SECCG and have no pressure from an opponent's defensive trench. The 2021 SECCG is useless in the evaluation of Young's true skills. Young weaved a fairytale of his own with all the extra time his line gave him against Georgia. It would be a mistake to evaluate Young based on that game, because that game, for many reasons, was an anomaly, not normal, and it is doubtful he will ever be that pressure free in a game ever again.
The only difference between O'Gara and a 49er is O'Gara is digging for gold on the Alabama Georgia stateline and the vein he is working runs all the way from Tuscaloosa to Athens.
Kirby's "vaunted" defense was as "feeble" as "corn pop" against Alabama in the SECCG... feeble!
Here is why we can say "mulligan" Kirby appeared to play half-hearted in the SECCG... Auburn sacked Alabama 7 times in Alabama's game prior to the SECCG; in the SECCG game, Georgia's "vaunted" defense didn't record a single sack against Alabama; with Kirby's "real" team, Georgia's "vaunted" defense recorded 4 sacks and had 9 tackles for a loss against Alabama in the CFP final... I say the vast difference in how Georgia's "vaunted" defensive trench played in the two Alabama games proves Kirby gave less than a "vaunted" effort to win the SECCG game; and the reason's behind why Kirby played the games vastly different is all we need to know to understand why his teams did play vastly different in the two games.
* then pampered Alabama got paired up with the BearKittens in the CFP quarterfinal... once again, hindsight allows us to see why the Bama 2021 was a "pretty darn good" team. Up until then, even though injuries had occurred, it wasn't an issue, because Bama 2021 was winning... then, with his "real" Georgia team, Kirby beat Bama in the CFP final... and the headlines were "Bama is unable to overcome all their injuries to win yet another title." And once again, 20/20 hindsight allows us to see why Bama 2021 was a "pretty darn good" team.
Not one of Alabama's weak out of conference games were played in a hostile stadium; they played one SEC team that had a winning conference record; they then played Georgia, who rolled over so two SEC teams could go to the CFP, in the SECCG... 20/20 hindsight allows us to see exactly why Bama 2021 was a "pretty darn good" team!
The time of the ticket is noteworthy... and was part of the reason the story was printed. It's possible the ticket was written to justify why he was stopped, because we know 2:05 AM is in the witching hour of the reason you are getting stopped is to make sure you aren't driving after you have been drinking. To give the Alabama transfer some credit, he hadn't been drinking; too bad the police officer didn't say to the young man, "It's commendable to find you out here on the road at this hour of the night and discover you haven't been drinking; I'm going to give you a warning about driving too fast. Please slow it down and please drive safely to your destination."
he's one bad dude... we glad to see him go down the road, the faster, and sooner, the better; he's bad news and any bad news to chase hime on out of here is more than welcome!
No doubt, the CFP/SEC Ponzi scheme is alive and well... where everyone is in, but only the SEC wins. Greg Sankey "gloats" about how the current CFP contract serves the SEC "really well" while he emphasizes there is no problem with a playoff system that doesn't give the other conferences a "fair" shot to compete with the SEC for NCAA titles. How wishful it would be if a leader rose up to pull those who aren't a benefactor of the current CFP "scam" away from Sankey's power to give them equal footing to negotiating a "fair" deal for the "bottom feeders" of Sankey's "only the SEC wins" Ponzi scheme. That wish coming true would be delightful!
Texas would "Hail Mary" Sark ten yards deep into Tuscaloosa if Alabama wants him.
When "mulligan" Kirby "caved in" in Atlanta to Alabama, to ensure two SEC teams would enter the CFP... we knew he would be rewarded; the 'mulligan" was his instant reward, future rewards were yet to be determined. It's now time to pay the "piper" his just dues!