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Drinkwitz is the reason Missouri is going to be an underrated team this fall. Most experts do not realize Odom had been the one of the most overrated HC in Missouri history. Even Arkansas still thinks Odom is by far that good. Look at his defense at Arkansas! The yards Arkansas gave up and the average scores giving up is shocking too! I am very happy Drinkwitz is the Missouri HC. He can one of the best in a very long time because he is able to recruit much better than the past HCs. Also he knows how to coach is also huge.
That made Gus his day when he was bought out by the alumni and deep pockets at Auburn!
Would it be Auburn calling him back when Harsin flopped in 3 years or so?
Trust me Harsin isn't the answer at Auburn and he isn't going to do better than Gus at Auburn.
I am not buying that Harsin will do better than Gus when he was at Auburn.
Drinkwitz is going to get better players on the field this fall and the defense should be a lot better.
I would worry about the punishment LSU is about to get when it finally comes out for the coverup from coaches and the AD.
How about a "Yes Sir"? If Arkansas can beat MSU then maybe need to copy Arkansas's motto of "Yes Sir"!
Greg Schiano is the HC! The same one that Tennessee almost had a riot to allow Tennessee to hire him as the HC of Tennessee. LOL I wanted him at Missouri but Drinkwitz is also good get for Missouri.
Wow! I am glad Missouri didn't try to hire Heupel! He isn't that good. He is comparable to Leach!
Missouri doesn't have probation or any punishments going on right now.
Auburn is good to go this fall. Will be get the team to be bettr than Gus? That is a good question to ponder for the rest of Spring/Summer.
Bringing something worthwhile into the conversation is what missing with those two fans.
I am guessing he didn't see the defense getting gassed when the offense either score quickly or went 3 and out.
Well, what about the situation Tennessee is going to get hit when the penalties are announce. That is likely take a couple of years and add 2 more years so 4 years is about right. Unless he goes south big time!
It is better than being schedule on October 13th! Good luck to that game but not the one against Missouri.
9mmDave, you didn't get the message that Pruitt is available. I guess he wasn't worth the trouble he created at Tennessee.
Wow! You hired a HC that was going down hill and couldn't beat San Jose State! Also BSU got blown out by Washington by a former BSU HC. Also Washington didn't hired bother interviewing Harsin for the Washington HC job. That is sad and hope you find a better replacement in 3 years.
That is what happened at PSU! The HC went to the AD and from there it was covered up. He thought they were doing it right but ended it was covered up. Joe Paterno should have gone to the police. But that happened along time ago. This is very similar to the PSU.
Steve Winter played in a band in Columbia. Steve is Alexander's older brother. I have met them when the Winters were living across the street from me when I was a kid.
Must improve on getting better players in order to succeed at South Carolina. Missouri had been bad to average because no coach have had success recruiting like UGA, Alabama, LSU, Florida, and now Texas A&M. Got to recruit much better and do it regularly too in order to compete in the SEC.
DieselNova, when Heupel was at Missouri, his offense was a hit or miss and he did well against non-ranked teams and most were non-SEC teams. He is running a similar offense that Leach is running now.
Orgeron is beatable with all those talents. Just proved it last year and went 5-5.