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Better hope Auburn can keep the winning streak alive against Arkansas this year.
Most people were shocked at the Harsin hired. A head scratcher of a hired.
Tidefan8x5, transfer portal is part of the problem. It can help a team, or it can destroy that same team.
I guess you do0 not see eye to eye on what is going on with the roster. Once again Drinkwitz is dealing with mostly 3* starters. It will take time to get the roster to be at the SEC level. Also, will need to have good backups and depth. That is still an issue. I believe it will be 2024 where things will be set to have all that. The new OC is a good start even though Drinkwitz may still run the offense/call plays. He is young and will need time to upgrade the roster with more 4* and 5* and some high 3* recruits from HS. Yes HS! Not from transfer portal. There will be some but from what I am seeing the roster is that far behind from the rest of the top teams from the SEC.
Mizzou isn't going to be a factor because Arkansas is taking over the Mizzou spot. :( Maybe 2023 Mizzou will be loaded and get the roster up a notch and get good backups and depth.
Maybe Hawaii is looking for some coaching staff in the SEC that have done well?
Wildhogzzz, he was out of the second half and might have made a difference in the outcome of the game. He was Alabama best wide receiver and that messed up their chance to win another championship. Arkansas didn't need him to play because Arkansas still won the bowl game without him. I knew PSU was a weak team. I was shocked to see that Arkansas got PSU for the bowl game. I knew it would be easy victory for Arkansas. I never like the HC at PSU he is overrated. He was losing at Vandy and Mizzou broke through and beat Vandy. He knew he had to go elsewhere or he would have been fired down the road.
I thought Bama reload? You mean those 5* and 4* backups couldn't get the job done? I didn't know those were not good enough if they are backups and or rookies that were not starter at the begining of the year.
Braves1471, Football is the king of college sports. Basketball isn't bringing in much money. Look what happened to the Big East! That conference had top basketball programs and then guess what? It folded due to not making much money for the top basketball schools. The conference couldn't keep up with football and many didn't have a football program or were not good at all. That is why you invest in football first over all other sports then when it is strong some of that money is passed down to other sports.
Why can't you understand that Mizzou isn't a top football program? It will take time to fix many of the issues and that also includes cultural, identity, and the need to set up a foundation for football. It will take time. Don't tell me others did it within 2 years of hiring a new HC. Mizzou hasn't been good in football in a long time and the recruiting classes had been very bad. It will take time to get 4* and 5* and high 3* recruits at key positions. Then there is a need for good backups and depth. That isn't going to be fixed in a couple of years after hiring a new HC at Mizzou. Odom tried and failed. Now it is Drinkwitz chance to get it done to set up a foundation for football.
What I mean by that is players had to sit out one year after transfering to the new school.
How was transfer portal not this bad in the past? I know the answer to that. Remember there used to be a one year wait? Not any more!
backwaterblue, Auburn saw that Harsin did at BSU was better than what Gus did at Auburn!
Beter let the experts know who is really worthy on the team beside the quarterback that can help make a difference next year!
He might be judging by the ones who will make it to the NFL!
Dog, Someone got to be cut from the team! Remember there can be so many recruits on a roster. I believe 85 is the exact number.
Matt Eberflus has been mention in the last couple of years for HC gig in the NFL.
I believe Napier turned down the Auburn job. I am wondering why? Was Florida the better job? Also he wanted the LSU job and was passed over. I guess he is supper upset since he wated so long for it to opened up and not get it.