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Do not forget he went out and got must needed players from the transfer portal. I guess people thought if you lose key guys, it is a huge blow, but the transfer portal made it up for those that left.
Doesn't anyone see that other teams in the SEC have improved big time? Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas A&M and few others. One or two of those teams should knock off LSU and keep them from going to a championship. Then you have Alabama and Georgia to add after those other teams. Only reason Miles, Orgeron got there was those same teams were way down and not ranked.
What?! LSU going to be in contention for a New Year's bowl. Wow! I hope you don't go to that "run and hide" behavior when LSU wins 7 regular games.
FSU game isn't going to make or break your team's defense! FSU isn't going to be pre-ranked any time soon.
Brian Kelly isn't at Notre Dame anymore. That should help Notre Dame to be much better now without Brian Kelly there. That's a huge difference.
Drinkwitz had a bunch of 3* talents, very few 4* talents, and some 2* talents. That is why Drinkwitz will need time to get better talents overall. Plus, that DC nearly killed the program. Now with this new DC the defense should be much better.
When Drinkwitz was hired he said we aren't rebuilding. In his second year and he really now seeing as a rebuild. I was right those 4* talents of 8 should continue to be the average for the team now. This never happened before. So that will not be enough to set the team to compete with the best. Needed depth and good backups. Got to give time to add more talents over the next 4 years. Yes 4 years to get those 4* talents all over the position and a few positions are not needed 4* talents. I am not sure what the talents level is like at UF. Look at Texas A&M. This past recruiting class was the first time that really made the difference and should help but it will take a couple of years to get those 5* talents on the field and then continue to recruit at a high level. Mizzou is a step below. It is okay as long as Drinkwitz gets around 7-8 4* talents yearly. I am guessing 2 more years Drinkwitz should be able to compete with most SEC teams. Portal is needed for missed out on key position and for emergency insert a key position or two.
Also, might it be he wasn't as good as people thought?
Not really. He is saying Auburn better start recruiting better or else the team will fall way down in the standings. Then Harsin will be fired. That isn't looking good for Auburn.
woldman, you are dead wrong! Drinkwitz said he is going to start locking down the borders. Odom and Gary Pinkel didn't do a very good job in recruiting. Odom did a worse job in trying to keep top talents from going elsewhere. Drinkwitz has made some mistakes as a HC but he is still learning on the job and is making some progress. Give Drinkwitz time and with that new DC and quarterback coach that should help improved the team overall. I rather have Drinkwitz build the program slowly and not being able to build it at all in 4 or 5 years.
The final deciding factor will be the game against Kansas! LOL
How about Kelly failure to get him to LSU? That will hurt Kelly big time! I don't see Kelly winning a championship at LSU.
Texas still might not get a win over Kansas. Got to beat Kansas first before saying Texas will be third in the Big 12.
Oh, that is the same for every position that the top teams do not just for backups and depth but get those extras to keep from going to other schools that would use them against those top teams.
I thought LSU fans were high on Kelly getting top players. I mean quarterback! Isn't he playing HS in in the state of Louisiana? I am wondering if Kelly isn't as good of a recruiter as many LSU fans thought he will be.
No need to worry about LSU. No way Kelly getting a top-rated quarterback and be able to dominate in the SEC. Kelly failed to get real good quarterback when he was at ND. So, I wouldn't worry about LSU being able to get back to the playoff while Kelly is the HC at LSU.
Where are you seeing the 5.5 wins mark for SC?
I am now beginning to wonder why many picked Mizzou as their Homecoming/Senior Day. Three teams so far have set up for that against Mizzou. I am guessing it must be an easier opponent to get a win. LOL
Then when OU and Texas come to the SEC it will be even harder for LSU to get back into the playoff.
poptiger, "Your logic is so flawed. Winning a Natty is not just coaching. You have to have the talent and ND never had the talent under Kelly" This is why Kelly failed to recruit better talents. Not because it is harder to do ii. He wasn't a very good recruiter. and failed to get some key guys that went elsewhere. Kelly has his work cut out when the season starts this fall. He will be facing a much better Ole Miss team, Arkansas team, MSU team and Texas A&M team. Other out east Goergia team, and possible Florida but not right away though. BK will need 3-5 years to get things settled. Like Texas A&M. Are you telling me that LSU is going to be ranked at the end of this season? But Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and even Arkansas will be ahead of LSU. Those teams are new to getting those much-needed talents to compete against LSU. Kelly couldn't get it done at ND. He will have his team go 8-9-10 win season. That is good in the tough SEC. The new SEC top SEC teams that will join the ranked will be Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Arkansas. Those teams will keep LSU from going to the playoff. Not all will beat LSU, but they will beat LSU more often now than ever before due to much better coaching and getting much better talents.
That might be his downfall if he keeps it up doing that.