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What about Texas A&M? They should beat Arkansas for that same reason you mention! Too many Arkansas fans saying Arkansas will beat Texas A&M. So far what I have seen from this Texas A&M team this year is one of the better team so far.
So in other words Arkansas team beat Mississippi State and Ole Miss and it was not luck? Just like you are saying Texas A&M got lucky! I guess who is the more talent team? Also Fisher been coaching a long time. I am going to Texas A&M to win because they are the better team and the team is playing much better. Arkansas is playing much better than last year but not at the level of Texas A&M, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU.
glad2bsec, Tell that to Arkansas fans! They think they are a top 10 team!
Balkwyll, Rutgers made a great hired. When Missouri was looking for a HC, Greg Schiano was one I really wanted and the Drinkwitz hired was even more impressive than I thought. Tennessee blew it with Schiano. He would have been a homerun hired for Tennessee.
Arkansas have only played one team that have a top 10 recruiting class and are a worthy top 10 team. Mississippi State should never been a top 25 team due to being Mississippi State and the newly hired HC is not that good. Your team haven't beaten anyone worthy. Texas A&M will win this game. Truest me! No way Arkansas with lesser talent team beat a much more talent team and the HC has gotten his team playing much better than last year. Your team has improved from last year but it doesn't mean it will be world beaters all of a studenly due to beating MSU and Ole Miss. Then there is Auburn that is not a very good team. You got a lot better teams and much tougher team coming up. Starting with Texas A&M.
South Carolina did NOT play Georgia yet. That is coming soon!
When have Tennessee moved on with the last 3 HC? Seems like the cycle hasn't changed.
Kentucky is too much better on both sides of the ball. Really?! Both? LOL Did you watch any of the games? I guess you just don't like Missouri.
Missouri offense was bad the first two games when the dual threat was the starter. This is why you need the arm and brain to compete in this league.Also depends on the OC. Some are really bad. This weekend will tell more about Missouri and Kentucky after the game. Other team LSU is another question mark. Was Missouri offense that good and/or LSU defense that bad? This weekend will tell where Texas A&M and Arkansas at as a team. This COVID-19 did changed the outcome of College football in general. Good thing the new HCs get to do some experiment and prepared for next season.
I am seeing Kiffin is not that smart when he decided to keep throwing the ball and should have mixed it up and changed the play calling. That is what he got with the turnovers. Same with Leach. Then Gus was same old Gus. Prefers to continue using high school offense plays. That is where he failed to make adjustment as well. Some are not that great when others find weakness in the other teams' offense. Got to do your homework and not be lazy and think it will be an easy win. That is why New HCs were hired but Kiffin and Leach were not that prepared and may ended not being good. Arkansas and Missouri seems to be the right hired and getting it done.
Also, losing Aranda was a huge loss but LSU has lost most of that Championship Team to the NFL. Then covid hit… Aranda would have been better but you still need the bodies. This does not explain Missouri beating LSU! New HC and all the coaches on offense been replaced. Missouri have 3* and very few 4* players. It is coaching that can prevent some things. Didn't make any adjustment from the MSU game to the Missouri game. I am guessing Orgeron thought it would be an easy game since the Tennessee game was bad. That what I think hurt them and were caught off guard when missouri receivers started to catch the football thrown to them. Also the receivers were not the same ones. Some were demoted and two had the COVID-19. There were three OL men with the COVID-19 as well. But the main point is Pelini from the Big 12 days was not very good. Missouri with new HC that knows offense set it up. But the defense is not that great. It could be LSU offense was very good. I do not know. That is why we need more games played to get a measuring stick of which team really stand out to be good and which is not and those that are so so.
Bazelak has been off limit all Spring. Now he is getting more reps and learning the system and getting into contact and making the throws. Need timing and practice. Now he is the starter. If his knee was not an issue during the Spring time, he would've been the starter from day one. Getting the reps was another issue. This game might be a perfect time him to prove that he is better than advertise due to LSU poor defense play calling and players being out of position.
Why give up to Kentucky? Missouri can still beat them. I guess you don't know much about Drinkwitz. Never hand a few Ls or any Ls. This is the game I am hoping to get a win. Drinkwitz gets another week to prepared for this game.
Give Drinkwitz that extra week to prepare for Kentucky is a huge help! I think Missouri can beat Kentucky. Offense getting better since Bazelak took over. Missouri defense is hard to tell since LSU might have a good enough offense.
LV does know the lines like it is almost magic!
Not putting down on Alabama. I am saying anything is possible.
Missouri scored 19 on Alabama and Alabama scored 35. Anything is possible! Like Tennessee blew out Missouri.