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How do you know if there is nothing said about the situation?
This game will tell you the truth for sure.
I am hearing that FSU is coming to the SEC. Better tell Billy to hurry up get the team up to speed or else FSU will take over the State of Florida.
ConnGator, have you ever conned anyone of the truth?
fuzzy, Leary might be saving his best for the Tennessee game.
Pittman should have been gone last year and the AD should have gone after Deion Sanders. Colorado was the only one power of 5 to take him. This would have been the best HC hire this year if he had gone to Arkansas this year.
I think after last year set back would be the right time to make the change and hire Deion Sanders. Arkansas would be in a much better position. Would the team be this good against SEC team this year? That is the question. Time will tell. Might be much better the following year to get the SEC experience out of the way and be ready by next year. Getting the players might not be as bad it would be as it is right now due to not able to get better players due to lack of booster being able to compete with top and middle SEC team that have more NIL money to get top players. That is why Arkansas, MSU, Missouri, Vandy and few others will be left behind in getting top players to compete for championship every year. The question is how much NIL money Deion will need to compete for championship or even to win 8 to 10 wins season every year.
I pull for him to win except of course against LSU. I feel he’ll be back in 2024 after a rough 2023, but if 2024 does not yield a winning season, he may be asked to resign instead of being fired. What?! Sam will never do that. He would want whatever he is owed and move on to retirement after that.
I can't imagine Jimbo not sticking with the status quo.
GatorPhil “Florida AD Scott Stricklin is rational and patient. He understands what it takes to build something long-term.” "No he doesn’t. He’s an absolute loser from Starkville that has long been needed to be shown the door. Totally incompetent." Why aren't Florida fans and administration doing anything about getting rid of him?
Is Tennessee going to take advantage of Alabama quarterback situation?
Aren't those offensive linemen supposed to be one of the best in the country? Something is wrong here. Might it be that the OL coach isn't doing a very good job so far.
Why not support your favorite second team to help Keep MSU down so that Texas A&M will have a much better chance to beat MSU that Texas A&M hasn't been able to beat MSU when it counts.
Sam Pittman is heading to that direction right now.
Look how Ed Orgeron took LSU to win a championship by going 15-0. After the coordinators left, he struggled to find a good replacement and that cost him his job two years later.
Ole Miss needs to get Bama this weekend. If not now, then when? After Nick Saban is no longer the HC of Alabama.
Coaches are now figuring out Josh Heupel's offense.
Just like LSU team from last year. Losses to Tennessee, Texas A&M and then UGA. down the stretch. That might happen once again this year for LSU.
Tennessee fans thought their team had the blown-out offense to show for this season. Florida have shown that Heupel's blown-out offense can be stop.
UGA will have a harder time against Florida than against Ole Miss this year.
Auburn won't beat Alabama this year.
Deion Sanders is what I have been told by a few Arkansas fans. He was interviewed two times for the HC job before hiring Sam Pittman.
Maybe Arkansas can join the Big 12 to make it a good fun rivalry with BYA and others in the Big 12. Arkansas being in the SEC is slowly killing the football program. It is like getting squeeze out from all sides.
Barry Odom did get a win over Vandy. He was Arkansas DC last year. So, Odom got out in just the right time to get a HC gig again. UNLV is a nice setting for him not a big pressure job. Odom is a former Mizzou player. I am glad it is working out for him there. Deion Sanders might be what Arkansas fans need to get top players and assistants to go to Arkansas.
I read that one Hogs fan said Pittman went for it on 4th and 1 on their own side of the field. That is crazy. I get it if you are winning big, but two scores aren't big enough to take a gamble.