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He would be looking for a good job after last semester.
I guess you think any good up coming coach will take the punishment and then get fired after 3 or 4 years due to not able to build it right and then need to find someone else that is a top notch up and coming or someone better to take over after the penalties are over. Remember Barry Odom? No one would take the Missouri job and it Odom was a DC but with no HC experience. He didn't make it worst. But after he went 6-6 it was done and Missouri had one year left for limited scholarships and then came the bowl banned. Drinkwitz is now able to recruit to the normal limit of scholarships this year. That is why you picked someone to ride it out through the punishment then hire someone good that take it.
In the article the writer says Losses to Arkansas! What? You actually believe that? No way Arkansas will beat Texas! Sarkisian have set up a good coaching staff. Also have better players than Arkansas. Arkansas went 3-7 this past year. No way Arkansas will beat Texas!
This is as of right now! Not at the end of the season!
Dominoes effect! That is what happening now and been going on since Phil!
Greg Schiano is at Rutgers! Rutgers doesn't have the facilities like Tennessee does. Also recruiting is a lot easier at Tennessee than it is at Rutgers that was recently in the Big East conference. Never been good at Football. Only when Greg took over and it took time to get to winning ways. Then he left and it went back down. Then he demanded new facilities. The President turned demands down. After about a week or two the President changed his mind and accepted the demands and then it will take 3 to 4 years and might take longer due to corvid-19 to get the facilities built. I wanted him at Missouri. But Drinkwitz is turning to be a good hire so far.
Malzahn must be one of the luckiest coach to get the huge buy out without any problem. Did Auburn every try to do something similar to what Tennessee did to get no buyout due to wrong doing by Pruitt?
It was reported that after Odom, the President, the professor, and some other people were fired lead the HS coaches in the St. Louis areas and ESL areas opened up communication again with Mizzou. Why did they all announced that soon after those firing? They were the problem!
Have Drinkwitz failed on any of his hiring of coaches when he became the HC of Missouri? No. He gave Walters a chance from the hold over from Odom. He wasn't fired but left on his own. Now he wants someone who will commit to Missouri and to Drinkwitz for at least 3 years and make sure he can recruit and can do a better job than Walters. Walters wasn't a good fit since the passing defense was very poor. That is where he is probably looking for someone that can focus on the passing game more since SEC are now have good to great quarterbacks and can throw the ball all over the place on the field.
What? Isn't that like Pruitt getting fired next month?! Then the whole staff might be gone too!
Even Missouri DC Walters was hired away over Grantham!
It must be they liked the new HC there over yours.
Why not he go play for Drinkwitz and Mizzou? That would be nice but with all that concussion it is not worth it. Need to have someone reliable and play every game as possible.
What?! I thought LSU was the one making the best hires so far?!
Maybe Kirby Smart to Florida? That wouldn't be a bad move for Kirby!
Maybe Spurrier talked to Mullen about the HC job for the Jets?
Was he ever in Columbia? I never knew about that! Thanks for the tip! I will contact Mizzou about avoiding Charlie Strong at all cost!
Dang Missouri DC went to Illinois! How could that happened? Was he going to a better situation than staying at Mizzou and get fired?
Oh no! Don't hurt those Carolina fans! They deserve better treatment than what you are giving them!
But Georgia might all of a suddenly start losing to South Carolina! LOL