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UGADAWG78, Also look at Will Muschamp! Very similar situation! Great defense but not so good offense! Last year Muschamp beat Kirby! See what I am getting at? Georgia got to get the offense going this fall.
UGADAWG78, Kirby hasn't been able to get the offense going against top defensive teams like LSU, Alabama, and others. That's what keeping him from winning a National Championship. *
I believe Drinkwitz will beat Leach at MSU this fall! Why? Leach is not using balancer offense attack and it is known he just not that great overall. If he was so great then why haven't he got a better coaching job? Like one of the powerhouse schools when it opened up? All those years? Something is missing here.
UGADAWG78, Not have a good offense is what kept Kirby from winning the National championship!
That is what I see. Leach is way too high.
What you don't understand is that Dan Mullen is making a push and gaining ground on UGA with less talents. If Kirby continues to flop against Alabama, LSU, and now maybe Florida this year. Writer is talking about this coming season not past seasons! Using past seasons only to say improvements and so forth and made adjustments and recruiting better. UGA just not getting it done! Maybe Florida can get it done this year? That is what it's all about.
Because he can and he'll be at a better place to get recruits and should do a lot better there than at Tennessee.
Minnesota found a good HC and he is doing great so far. Drinkwitz will be in a similar situation at Mizzou.
So you know a lot about Drinkwitz?! LOL You are sure full of it! He will surprise many people and will do very well at Mizzou!
LSUSMC, Maybe it's harder to get a proven HC to go to Vandy? Also the cost to pay a proven HC. Missouri got lucky to get the right HC and he shall turned Mizzou around very quickly.
If he is successful will he take the Alabama job when Nick Saban retires?
You forget Missouri fired Barry Odom for his failure to fix the offense woes. He made at least 1 bone headed mistakes that cost him a game or two. Drinkwitz is an offensive mined head coach. He did well at Appalachian State. He shall do well at Mizzou. He is a lot better and different than Odom and have changed the way to recruit and coach at Mizzou. Give it time 2 years.
Wow! Fromm over Fields? and UGA failed to get to the playoff! There must be something wrong with Kirby evaluating of QBs!
Well Fields was the better one but Fromm ended up being the starter last year. How strange is it that Fields had done much better at OSU and Fromm got worst as the starter at Georgia!
Kirkm1976, You missed the point! Joe Burrow was hurt the year before and was not ready and fell behind Fields. That is what happened and he transfer out to LSU.
TheTealcojones, Isn't that what Will Muschamp have been doing all his career as a HC? Couldn't get the offense going at Florida and now at South Carolina!
Kirkm1976, Odom is gone and so are all the offensive coaches. AD finally hired a real HC and someone who knows how to be a HC and recruit better players overall. I know he is not recruiting 5* players yet and he hasn't gotten the recruits to fully buy in his system yet. He got to coach 1 year at Mizzou to show the recruits that he is for real and worth going to Mizzou. I am a huge believer and I have seen a huge change already and not yet played a down but the way he is doing at Mizzou and his system is by far a lot better than what I expected. Also he is an offensive HC that is a huge plus.
Wadeless, I put blame on Kirby for failing to find the quarterback he needs to win it all! He also kept using the QB that got worst! It didn't worked out for Kirby and the QB. Also Kirby is hogging everything that is a threat to him and the UGA. Kirby is not a smart coach on the field. Maybe within time might worked out for him. I doubt it.
Kirby is going to end up just like Well Muschamp. The one who can't get the offense going against tough SEC defense.
Your coach got something that made the recruits to come no matter how bad the offense been at UGA. Kirby won't win a National championship with an offense that cannot get the game to the level of Clemson, Alabama, OSU. and now LSU.
Why was Fromm drafted in the 5th round and not in the first 3 rounds?! Drew Lock was drafted in the second round! He wasn't a 5* QB.
Kirby Smart will find a way to mess up with QBs no matter how many you bring in!
Hate to burst your bubble! UGA will lose to a team or two that they are expected to win.
Ha Ha Kentucky have never won the east division since Mizzou got in and Mizzou won it twice! Drinkwitz is a lot better than you think! Last year Kentucky lost to South Carolina! Drinkwitz was the HC at Appalachian State and he beat South carolina and North Carolina! If he can beat those two teams with less talents then imagine what he can do at Mizzou with better talents!
Booches94, Didn't Mizzou blowout the Vols the year before? I am wondering why was that? I am glad Odom and the whole offensive coaches have been replaced this year. Also each one are upgrades over those been replaced.