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Foots, I think Nick Saban knows who he wants to replace him at Alabama. Do you think it will be a former assistant?
Is it Mullen time to wear the Darth Vader costume again this year?
Tebow would be great assistant to what Orgeron did when he was the DL coach and HC at LSU. :)
Let me know which DC is worth getting? Mizzou deserve one too! :)
The good news is Mizzou will not lose this week!
Good news is Drinkwitz is recruiting players that will be much better than some on the roster. Drinkwitz need to get more 4* recruits to get them on the field at the same time. Two more years the roster will be much improved with 5*, 4*, and much less 3* recruits.
Drinkwitz is now realizing that the players are not ready to compete with most SEC teams. There aren't enough 4* recruits to compete with the top and the middle SEC teams. He is now realizing that now. It will take 2 more years to get all those good recruits on the field at the same time. I have been saying this from the beginning. He will need 4 to 5 years to get things in order. He is in year two. Ways to go to get things going right now.
Sorry to burst your bubble! South Carolina did beat Georgia not too long ago.
I believe Orgeron will still be the HC of LSU next year! You can believe all you want! :)
Wezcoast it isn't going to be against Tennessee. Sorry to burst your bubble!
Anyone can say that on the internet! I believe Texas A&M will get a loss this Saturday! :)
Losing to Texas A&M must've hurt Alabama, their fans, and their egos!
Losing to Texas A&M must've hurt Alabama and their egos! :)
Missouri fans have lost interest and do not believe they will win another game outside of Vandy and maybe South Carolina.
He is saying ceiling! It means potential to get to 9-3. Alabama potential is 11-1. Some teams will lose but one or the other may get that potential. Both may not get that ceiling. It just means a chance to reach that record.
I see Texas A&M seem to be overlooking Mizzou! Continue to do that and that might end in a loss for A&M! :)
I haven't seen "Tony The Tiger" Lately. This game is a must win or this will be a long season.
Arkansas isn't going to be able to beat Alabama, Auburn, and LSU and possible others. It is going to hit Arkansas fans real hard when things are going to go farther south for them in the next couple of weeks!
That is why Drinkwitz was hired to closed down those schools from taking the best players away.
Tennessee has a more talent team than Missouri had when Heupel was the OC there. Even today Missouri still lack many SEC type of players to make a difference. Look at Kentucky when Stoops took over. It took Stoops a long time to get the talents in place to compete. That is why Odom was fired. Drinkwitz is bringing in much needed talents but it will take a while to get them all on the field at the same time and while doing so he is still learning and making mistakes. I believe it will take two or three years to start competing in the SEC. Not going to be disappointed with that. I am very happy that Drinkwitz and assistants are getting those 4* and possible some 5* recruits.