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Maybe Kirby should try to win a Championship with the Bulldogs soon! Window is closing in each year and Kirby might ended up like Ritch 2.0!
SEC? with each SEC teams beating each other up? Maybe not!
Jim Edmonds was hospitalized and said it was no joke with the COVID-19. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals and L.A. Angels. He was in good shape even though we no longer plays baseball. That was back in April-May.
Are you sure it was not Chad Morris scaring him away?!
Your AD was very smart to keep him all those years! You know it but AD didn't! Way to go to make your school made dumb thing to keep Muschamp for a long time!
Well I thought he could still get another HC gig. He could go to Vandy and that would be great get for Vandy and then they ended up beating South Carolina! LOL
So, In other words Alabama will still win the Conference this year!
What? Kansas State and Iowa State have nothing to offer to other power 5 conferences.
? You make no sense! No games being played? That would make sense!
Do you know who was the HC of Missouri? I am telling you he is not that good of hiring assistants and couldn't recruit top players in the State of Missouri. Offense have been so bad. Drew Lock made Odom looked good. Now Missouri decided to hire an offensive HC and looks like Missouri is moving in the right direction to be more competitive.
If that ever happens and you are facing Arkansas that week and I bet he will flopped and Arkansas will get the win! LOL
He doesn't have to drink to go to bars! I have people come to Hotshots to play pool, and darts and some do not drink.
That is nice to say that Arkansas get to save face when their fan saying there will be no games being played this year. That is only way Arkansas fans can be happy to have no football to avoid getting another year of bad football from their team!
Maybe he is serious about “Alabama will beat the brakes off Auburn”. Why not? Guess who is the offense Coordinator? Chat morris!
You mean the King that was suppose to rule this site? LOL
You still have doubt about his ability to recruit? He have not coached a game for Mizzou yet. He is doing a great job so far.
I am guessing Vandy will be the one to take the third place spot!
BamaTime and it could spell disaster for the Vols this year!
Is this the year the Gators lose to Tennessee? Gators fans are so worried now!
Don't forget Mizzou did add some transfers that should start this fall. That was what many do not get it. Drinkwitz did find some players that should start this fall. What he is doing is installing some players that would make an impact on offense and defense right away. Last year was the wide receivers dropping the balls. So, with the addition of two transfers at wide receivers will help right away. At least one defense transfer should help as well. Drinkwitz did say we will not be rebuilding this year. That was before the COVID-19 happened. So it all depends on the schedule and if players will be ready on offense. I am not sure what the schedule would be like and how much the offense players are getting the reps with the installation of new offense scheme.
In other words Auburn burned that one year for getting just 3 catches. Only get a transfer if you are planning to use the player a lot!
MSU do not planned on blocking for the quarterback too long! So there is one Auburn DL can beat the OL.
I doubt he will be looking for another HC job with that huge payout!