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I would thanked Les Miles for getting the Kansas HC job and that made Kansas worst and now in a bad spot to get to a Power 5 conference.
Or thought it was Clemson, South Carolina!
What happened to last season? Did last season not count?
"Several transferred out before even talking to Heupel and the staff and giving them a chance to see what they would do. How is that Heupels fault." If Heupel was one of the top 25 HC being sought then, I would agree with you.
South Carolina can be a contender if Spurrier would be back to helping Carolina and not doing it at Florida! :)
A coach have to recruit well! Look at all the top ranked teams! All are in the top 10 in recruiting every year and their roster are loaded with 5* and 4* players!
tonytiger, Linehand will help Mizzou big time! Not with play calling duties but with some information about NFL and what to look for in a player or players and help with recruiting high school players that are 4* and possible 5* recruits. You may not really know what kind of information and ideas he can give to Drinkwitz and help his son who is on the coaching staff. This is very good to have that college players and high school players will be looking into the overall staff and see what they have that may help them get to the NFL. Odom wasn't even close to have that connection to other coaches that can get players who are NFL worthy. That is the key to success! Drinkwitz is doing all the right things and it is working big time. Drinkwitz is the best HC Missouri so since Dan Devine.
He might go back to the State of North Carolina or the surrounding States of North Carolina? That would make more sense to him.
I am wondering what Missouri team will be like this year. I have no idea since last year was really weird and the COVID-19 hurt Missouri near the end of the year. With some key players being gone from last year the team should be a lot better. Drinkwitz is a much better coach than most people think. Things are going back to normal will help Drinkwitz even more so over some other coaches. Just wait and see and watch the games and this will be a very good year for Drinkwitz and Missouri.
Your team sucked last year and yes you did beat Florida! But still went 5-5. Got to show those so call experts that your team is ready this year and will be steam rolling through the season! :)
Well, I think people would be worried about Alabama not going to make it when Nick Saban retires. This way Alabama will more likely make it every other year without Nick Saban as the HC at Alabama. Maybe it's a lie? :)
Can have a good DC but got to match the level of the players from those teams that have very good players on the defense and offense. That is why you do not see Kansas St., Arkansas, TCU, and many other lowly ranked teams due to lack of top players on defense and offense. Then there is depth to fix. It will take time to build those up.
Unclenutz, What have Georgia done to get back to the playoff and win it all?
Arkansas have been recruiting well but the coaches were not getting it done on the field. Some coaches were fired for doing some bad things. That hurt Arkansas and were doing well until that and it has gone downhill. Now with Pittman as the HC it is slowly getting things done right.
Yep! Missouri went south with him and was glad to see him go. Then Odom hired a clone and now Odom is gone and Drinkwitz is the real deal. No way Heupel and Tennessee win more than 6games. Maybe not even 6 games.
Just wow! I am shocked to see someone have confident that Tennessee will be much better on offense and would compete for third place in the east! Many experts are saying it will come down to Missouri and Kentucky.
UK is an easier team to beat since it been that was for Tennessee!
You're talking about a similar team from last year that did what you just mention your team about to do and that team was Arkansas that went 3-7! Keep it up! :)
I am glad it wasn't football or Missouri would be in trouble! Football is king of all sports!
Didn't South Carolina beat Georgia two years ago?
Didn't he helped Carolina get a win against Georgia?
I used to play a turn based game online called Axis and Allies and there would be signed up for to join the site that set up rated games for individual and teams to play 1 on 1 or partner 2 on 2 or 2 on 3. Then there would be tournaments and not only that but uses different set ups that have the rules set up differently. It was fun time and there would be time when people posted time and date to start the game and everyone involve in the game would need to post it to verify the game is set to be played and then one side sometimes would go AWOL. Then they lose the game and points. Some times it is like the dodge to play and found an excused not to be there like internet crashed or storm hit and no electricity. Man I missed those good old days!
Like that in your user name? Crisis What Crisis! LOL
Recruits also want to see mostly full of Missouri fans! That is the key to get top recruits to Missouri!