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Yeah it just sounds like an unnecessary distraction. Way too much attention would be brought to him because of this.
Cannot wait until Bama comes to Starkville
Any of those titles happen in the last 40 years?
No no this actually makes sense, although losing "starters" doesn't mean much to a team that's as deep as ours especially on defense.
Haha as if my friend. We were not overrated at all. Did you not read the article? We lost our DC two weeks before the game and that's essentially the reason we lost. And even still, 10-3 isn't a bad record.
Yeeeah you're comment doesn't really make sense
It's not a misprint. It's clearly a shot at Ole Miss.
Umm did it occur to you that Miami is twice the distance? Guess not since you're a black bear.
A premier program that is an absolute mess right now.
Probably Heisman caliber play at quarterback.
Agreed. He'd probably be a late round pick
Alabama and Oregon are definite locks. I think FSU should be in just because they're 13-0 conference champs and you can't ignore that. OSU, TCU, and Baylor all have solid arguments. I don't know who's more worthy. OSU won their conference championship, TCU and Baylor won their conference as well while Baylor beat TCU. My top four would be 1. Alabama 2. Oregon 3. Ohio State 4. Florida State.
Exactly. I'm glad we get to enjoy these seasons instead of expect them like Bama, LSU
Really man? Someone could have been hurt. Win with class and don't be such a jerk.
Little correction. You say if State loses, it would be back-to-back losses in SEC play, but since we beat Vanderbilt, that wouldn't be the case.
Uh correction. We BEAT #8 LSU @ Death Valley, #6 TAMU, and #2 Auburn. You say it like those teams were unranked when we beat them. Geez.
You know it's pretty fun being undefeated for once. We just sit back and grab the popcorn.
Don't care where it's on, just don't want Uncle Verne shouting "TOUCHDOWN DAN PRESCOTT!"
Oh I'm sorry, who have you beaten this year?