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Arkansas v CSU and K-state v Miss State are going to be good games.
Fantastic hire. Hopefully, he'll bring some sense to the program. I'm tired of throwing games that we should've won.
Hold up, when was your last winning season again? please remind me
Mullen is a good coach, he just needs to step up his recruiting.
It’s a frustrating team to be an Alabama fan. Only time will tell what this all means for the future of the team.
I’m going to go with Chad Morris on this one. He’s the kind of guy that the razorbacks need, as both a mentor and an experienced player. Morris already has experience with hicks and adding him onto the team adds experience, coaching, and a pre existing mentality of winning. This is one step closer to bringing back the razorbacks from the Bielema era, and reviving their winning mentality. Good catch, can’t wait to face y’all in Little Rock this year.
It’s a great day to be a vol fan. Great things happening down in Knoxville.
Don’t mind him. Hicks looks like the qb and the teacher your team needs as it reclaims itself from the Bielema era. I believe great things are happening down in Fayetteville, looking forward to the next game in Little Rock, I already have my tickets reserved.
All this talk about how Drew is going to be a bust in the nfl should also consider that despite putting up monster stats and perhaps maybe not winning every single game has less to do with Drew’s ability as a QB and moreof the ability how good his O-line is and receivers. Plus I believe that we didn’t utilize his throwing arm strengths properly, give him so good receivers and a solid O-line and I think he can easily be a franchise QB
Then show us you can succeed with such high turnover, prove us doubters wrong, that’s what y’all do best
I did say “may” be over. In no way is Alabama dead or a mediocre team, I’d still say that they’re one of the top 5 in the country, I’m just saying that their time, winning national championships consistently has come to an end.
Things are falling apart in Tuscaloosa, big changes are coming the SEC west. This next season should be formative for the future of the conference. The Dynasty may actually be over.
You may have not landed Kelly Bryant, but things are definitely looking up down in Auburn. Looking forward to big changes happening the SEC west, especially since Gus is now doing the playcalling. Seeing how that went in the Music City Massacre, I'd not place any bets on any teams for a guaranteed win the SEC west for next season.
Ty Story is a no-nonsense kind of person, but I don't believe that he's power-5 talent type of guy. His performance this year was just terrible. That grad-transfer that you have coming in will be much more suited to what type of game Chad Morris has down there in Fayetteville.
Ryan Hilinski is going to be a fantastic QB. You found yourself someone you can easily carry the team. Develop him and the gamecocks will be a force to reckon with in the SEC east. Hopefully you can put an end to all this UGA nonsense.
Hey, comment from the other Columbia. Your facility really does look fantastic. I cannot wait until our new facility finally becomes operational. Can't wait to see you on the field on this upcoming regular season.
He made a wise choice. Leaves the door open for Mizzou to snag him.
Well that's...I don't have the words to articulate my feelings about that. Glad no one has said that about my team. MIZ forever.
Definitely. The Razorbacks are finally looking to be a force to be reckoned with. Y'all snagged a diamond in the rough and are all the better for it. Looking forward to watching your regular season games next season. I have high hopes for Y'all and look forward to seeing the Razorbacks go back to winning once again. And when we meet you on the field in Little Rock for the final game of the regular season, I'm sure it'll go down as an SEC classic. WPS and MIZ, see you there.
Honestly, I think everyone is ready for a change in the SEC. I rather have LSU or Texas A&M dominate for a little bit instead of all this Alabama dominance and "superiority to all other teams." If Alabama goes undefeated again next year, I will be less shocked at the fact that he won 12 regular season games, instead rather just shocked of how bad the rest of the SEC West is.
I'd say that half of the QBs in the SEC right now are better than Fromm or have the potential to be better than Fromm.
Florida should be in the top 10. I'd also be a little hesitant to rank Georgia as high as it is right now, I can see some scary changes coming to the SEC east next year. With Fromm returning as a start for UGA and fields gone, I can see that it will be more of the same from UGA on their side of the ball: wildly inconsistent performances. On the other side though, I see Tennessee with massive hires on the Offensive side of the ball, nothing but an improvement over the span of the entire last season. In addition to that, Florida seems to be back on track to being an SEC powerhouse, and Missouri if coached correctly has the potential to also be a force to be reckoned with. Sure, UGA still has the best players and arguably one of the best coaches in college football at the moment, I still believe that UGA is ranked too high.
I agree with that. I don't think that Miami is going to recover quite from Mark Richt in the span of one off-season, they still have a lot to figure out, but I'm sure it's going to be a passion-driven game on both sides and the result could go either way. My money is on Florida pulling the W on this, as I firmly believe that SEC teams in general just play a better style of football, but only time will tell. Both teams have landed good players and have many good players returning. So we will see.
We need someone like him to run our high-powered offense for next year. I just hope that we can get our act together in time. Perhaps make some offensive and defensive changes, play less conservative, and win more "down to the wire" games.
No you're right about that. We should be poaching an OC that has real/noteworthy experience in the field of coaching a real offense. Perhaps snag that OC at Washington State or Wiscy. Not hire one of the worst coaches in Tennesee history. Plus a defensive coordinator who doesn't have any idea of what he is doing, things need to change before next season or we will have trouble even making it to a 7 win season.
But the thing is though, Walters is an absolutely terrible Defensive Coordinator. I know Barry is supposed to be a defensive-minded coach, but that hasn't shown in the last 3 season as HC. Unless things change, I'm going to continue pushing for someone else to take over the DC position. Perhaps Bret Venerables? Or maybe someone else like Bret Bielema or Tracy Claeys from Washington State. Just something needs to change or its going to be another disappointing season. Especially with the rest of the SEC east getting their act together, if we don't change, there's going to be issues with the future of the program.
Yeah, well looking at how bad our defense has been all year. I don't think the Bears should grab this guy. Look somewhere else, the defense needs a desperate shakeup.