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This just in: almost all college football and basketball players think they are going pro. NIL is fine…Only a few of these deals are for crazy money and I for one have never seen the contracts. There is likely more to it than come here and get paid. For example starting with a lower amount and adding money for starting, weighting the money towards the back end of the contract…It could actually be the thing that slows down some transfers. Also you always here about these deals from some agent that benefits from putting big numbers into the media so they should all be taken with a grain of salt.
Football or any sport can raise the profile of the athletic program but not the university as a whole. Being more selective and investing in STEM programs boost a University that’s why Emory and Tech out rank uga or Vandy over UT etc… When is the last time you heard about Cornell football or Columbia basketball.
Adding OU and Texas to SEC softball is going to be insane. Both programs are consistently top notch. The SEC might win 8,9,10 in a row.
99% of these kids don't care about making the playoffs...A championship is a bonus, a cool story. They want to make money and they want to go pro. USC was a great choice for that. Aside from fandom...winning a championship in little league, high school, or college is just a foot note. Your life has to be bigger than that. 20 years from now if you are still talking about high school or college on a regularly you failed at life.
Should note that's 12 of the 13 teams that play.
That’s not the same argument…Joe didn’t get on the field at Osu but he could have gone to Miami of Ohio and played well enough to get drafted number 1. The rest of the stuff you listed doesn’t matter. Being drafted 1st only matters because the check is bigger. Trey Lance went to North Dakota St. Got drafted 3rd. He’s probably happy with the results
Part of it is need as well. Maybe the teams they think will be in the top 5 have more pressing needs.
Why? Sign with the team willing to guarantee the most money. Career could be over in a in while you can.
In more important college football news. If you live in the Atl area EA Sports is hiring Animators and software engineers for a college football game. Whatever they call it when it comes out...we are getting closer.
good choice for new ownership to build around. it's going to take time though.
Agreed, dudes recruiting pitch starts with a map trying to show kids where Davidson is
The number 11 team has played a much easier schedule.
I know for a fact that there are people on, near and around that campus that do. No reason not to be good at multiple sports.
Aww shucks georgia could have waited a day and got a better SEC retread than the one they hired.
Questionable's not like he's shown that he recruits GA well. He didn't do a lot at florida. No effort.
Agreed. Didn't make sense to keep him this long.
georgia would be super happy with 78-77 after 47-75 or whatever Crean put up.
Maybe he and the other don’t like living in Arkansas.
Well in the picture Hugh posted there seems to be an 8ish year old girl...I'm concerned about you.
Nope I need to see how many numbers are on the paycheck before agreeing to a statement like that. Also at somewhere like bama it's nothing to go from off field analyst to head coach of some other school.
I watch both the NBA and college basketball. I don't watch the NFL.
You know georgia fans have trouble letting go of the past.
Why are yall listening to this dude(wde0012) talk about the issues like he's a coach or player on the team...this guy is in his mom's basement making up stuff. I just went through the Bama game didn't see 3 drops I went through the georgia game same thing. I would do more but I'm sure it's safe to say he didn't drop 36 passes this year. Also if he did that would be on the coach would leave that guy in a game that drop passes that regularly.
LSU player just point out that when the game is over that kid has to live in Kansas....I'd be pissed too.
College basketball makes Billions of dollars...not sure I would describe that with "isn't bringing in much money"...The big east failed because of a lack of leadership. A lot of schools wanting different things and no one to pull them in the same direction.
Coaches would have done the same thing in the past except that it was just harder to transfer. Who's to say the kid would have stayed otherwise, at the end of the day it's the kids choice.
I don't think coerced is the word you're looking for. Persuaded perhaps...coerced generally implies ill will. I don't think there are any threats involved. Not that it matters here. I get your point but for future use.
Players sitting out bowl games has nothing to do with the playoffs. It’s the natural evolution of kids skipping the second half of their senior year of high school to get started on the next level. The insert name here bowl didn’t mean anything to anyone before the playoffs
I don’t care about how this ends but it’s a silly response. Some guys just play better in games. Why not see what you have?
Denver felt the same way about did that work. Not saying that Corral is Tebow, just that you have to have more than that to be good in the nfl.