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I'll start by saying one of my degrees is from uga...but he's right a degree from Tech "travels" better and means more particularly outside of the state. Also Tech doesn't have any "junk" majors to pack athletes into. What are people doing with all of those Communications and Sports Management degrees anyway? 1)Tech 2)Emory there a gap, 3) uga big ass gap 4)north/middle Georgia/ ect.
No by my logic he's better off leaving now. Why wait to until after next year to figure out if Fromm is staying or leaving. Just go ahead and dive in to a new system. Also he didn't say he was staying...he said "the season isn't over" I live in Atlanta...I know what he's said.
Georgia needs Fromm to stay would be silly for Fields not to transfer after this year. He'll sit next year either way so might as well move now instead of wasting a year while he hopes that Fromm goes pro and if he didn't then what. Take a RS learn an offense for a year and then start 2/3 at LSU(maybe?)
Gotta respect his performance. Bama prob should have gone to him earlier Tua clearly hurt.
He fits AU system so well. Even if Stidham stays he fits sooo much better.
How about keeping OSU out because the big 10 is horrible. Best out of conferenced win for the conference... Maryland over Texas? Skip that and you get OSU over 6-6 TCU or Penn St. over App St. People talk about Michigan's D...but lets be real Rutgers and Illinois don't light up the board. Michigan State has the 7th lowest scoring offense in the country. Northwestern lost to Akron...and got beat 21-7 by Duke.
It's not about getting this kid...just making a statement. Boom people are talking about KU football and not about how bad the last L was
wonder what the buyout is on his contract. Hard to believe he stays 4 more years.
He doesn't know any of the Louisiana players on KU roster because LSU would have never recruited those kids.
TN is a fairly small state that shares a border with 8 other states... UT should be in contact with at least the number 1 and number 2 from each of those states.
Two questions here, how does KU define success? How does Les define success in this job? They aren't going to win championships. 6-6 or 7-6 in most years. Can Les live with that?
You know that's not relevant to this play right?
He's's bull they don't have any UK highlights that 3 yard run they had, that time.
It's ego...all of these coaches think they move the needle. Players will be better with them, recruits will automatically want to play there, they're going to change the culture.
I grew up in GA I'm familiar with the history of Milledgeville. Great it was a state capital the first half of the 1800's...doesn't change that it's a dump now.
The picture was taken before 9am. The original twitter post was 8:48 am. Thats actually an impressive crowd for a game that's 3 hrs away.
thats what I was thinking. I don't know that you can judge them for that
Milledgeville is are it's people. Kinda like 30014, where is that guy?
Florida beat LSU...Georgia got smoked. Seems like you may have wasted your time adding up those scores. Just watch the game.
Bryant is a much much better fit for what Gus wants to do on offense. I don't think it would mind that qb battel. Stidham is a better qb over than Nick Marshall was...Marshall was a way better qb in that offense. It's about fit.
Just looking at the game with no preference for either side, UF looked like the better team most of the game. It honestly just looked like they beat themselves for 5/6 plays.
Don't forget that TCU is also part of the reason we know Texas is good
Why are people surprised? Boxing took it's toll, dudes not as sharp as he used to be. Sometimes it hard to watch him move around.
wait until you hear all the arguments this week about how Purdue is a really good team.
He doesn't fit Malzahn's system. Malzahn won't change or tweak his system. It's a no win situation.
It's just a game. There is some kid in a biology lab working on something way more important.
Also "30014" what a dump....your life sucks. I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I pass through that dump of a city.
I love it "WE, can still achieve our goals." What position do you play? What number do you wear, I think I missed you out there.