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FSU is a dumpster fire. There is really no reason to believe they will ever bounce back.
It was better when there were only 12 teams. Time to kick two out.
Dude has a glass chin, it wasn't even a good punch. Just a reminder, walking away is generally an option.
This isn’t the NCAAs fault. Personal responsibility….your are playing in a tournament that’s “important” to you. If you aren’t vaccinated you shouldn’t go anywhere beside the ballpark and the hotel. Certainly not without wearing a mask. Small sacrifice for something “important”. Also COVID is not over the numbers are way better in the US. The numbers are still crazy in places like Brazil and India. They will go up again here if people don’t do the right things. People travel.
and he will get paid to play next year instead of playing for free and possibly getting hurt.
I would argue that he's better off now. He can pick his team and situation. Prove that he's a good player and get a bigger deal more quickly than being drafted 4th round or later.
Will be interesting to see what he does. Got a feeling he will enter the 2022 draft instead of rehabbing to come back.
I have bama and arkansas in my championship of my bracket is trash so...go bamba?!
It's a new generation....wait watch the kid and then form an opinion.
I don't think Gray is that big of a deal. Not sure he's going to be eligible plus lets be real it was going to be his last year anyway.
Also you would be asking everyone to turn around and do it again in the Fall. It really only makes sense if it's a permanent move to spring
The owner of that device should get some sleep and then check into reality.
Again, clown show. Why would you wait until his raised kicked in to let him go.
Leaving it with the school is effectively donating it to the school.
Will he even be allowed to play? UT held him out for a reason.
Agreed...Saban and Urban both started at "group of 5 schools". It's also silly to look at the records of the other coaches. Collins took over a program running the triple option. Of course his record is bad. FSU was in worse shape that UT. Herman actually won at Texas but it's hard to be the coach when people won't let you be the coach. Rhule was more successful at Baylor than his overall record shows...which is how he ended up in the NFL.
He was hired so quickly that I feel like some of this was worked out well ahead of the announcement that Fulmer/Pruitt were leaving. Also makes me wonder if he's already had conversations with a coach or two or at least their agents.
Most people feel that way about the whole state of Mississippi.
UT will get a slap on the wrist. 1) because the ncaa is toothless at this point. Look at Miami, or the fact that Will Wade is still coaching. 2) UT will get to say, "we did the investigation, we turned ourselves in "and I'm sure UT will punish itself. Loss of a few scholarships the next couple years, no bowl game for a year. Everyone moves on.
Not sure they would have been given a chance to. When I fire people they don't even get to pack up their own office/desk, a box meets them at the door. I doubt the university lets you call a meeting after you've been fired.
Nope...not going to happen and it shouldn't. Nothing says "hey NCAA, look at me" like firing a guy with cause and then hiring someone with Hugh Freeze's history. Just call Jamey Chadwell and give him some time to work.
I don't think you can fire Pruitt for NCAA violations and then bring in Freeze.
Keep in mind most buyouts work both ways. The ADs are worried that a guy will have success and another school will poach them.
I think they expect to find a NCAA violation and that Pruitt will be fired with cause. 100% believe Steel was brought in to take over, especially if it happens mid-summer.
It shouldn't be. His goal should be to have an outstanding year, get drafted and have the funds to take care of himself and his family. That's what college is for.
Weird decision, they lowered the buy out at UM. I'm not sure how much longer Jim is going to be around. UM football looks a lot like UT football since 2005.
Get of my lawn...a lot of hostility...maybe people kept asking him so he posted it. Who cares, best of luck to the kid. Also why call him a quitter, season is over. College kids transfer all the time for all sorts of reasons.
Someone told him that baseball contracts are guaranteed right?