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Don't run from bears...if anything they might false charge. Stand still make loud noises, it will run away.
You mean pro-union, blue states...most red states are aren't union friendly.
OKST had at least 3 out of 150 kids test positive. Obviously bama has had a few. Lets say it's less than the possible 5 and matches the 3 from ok st. What happens when you bring back 10k, 15k or 20k kids to a campus, in dorms. 200,300, 400 asymptomatic kids walking around a college town call turn in to a disaster really quickly. Colleges are going to have to rethink this.
Most people didn't see that coming. I don't know who he's throwing the ball to but most of the big 10 sucks so he'll look at least decent most of the year almost no matter how he plays.
Problem is that numbers are still rising pretty rappidly if you take ny/nj out of the equation. I don't know that they will have kids on campus. A dorm is very similar to a cruise ship. South Korea got it right but politicians here would rather see lower numbers that to bit the bullet and test the way we should. Turns out in the end that just makes this a longer process
It's going to be tough. A college campus is a lot like a cruise ship or a navel ship for that matter. If a few people get it on campus or in a dorm it would spread like crazy. We don't test people/ don't have the test to check people as the flow on and off campus.
This dude...this is the difference between a guy that's just a Georgia fan for the sake of being one and someone that was academically qualified to get in.
Aside from the fact that we don't know how many people this has killed because of inadequate testing. It's not a personal chose with only your health at risk. People with no signs of illness are transmitting the virus. So when the guy beside you give it to you and then you to an old lady at the store it goes beyond being a "personal choice"
Tennessee made a push tonight. A couple of wins in the SEC tourney and I think they are in. Or a win over AU and one in the tourney.
They are playing the Valencia and Atalanta game in an empty will be interesting to see how it plays out here. Cases will slow down with summer but history says they will be back with a vengeance in fall. The crazy part about this is that it can be transmitted by people with no symptoms and dummies will show up to a football game even if they are visibly sick.
Lithonia has multiple high schools. At least 3 but in this case they are both products of Lithonia High.
This is from the same company that produces the FPI that works so well that it ranked OSU in front of Clemson and LSU behind both of them after Clemson beat OSU and lost to LSU. I would say lets just wait and see how things play out but turns out that even then ESPN rankings are questionable.
California has a lot of really good schools. They spent money on them when other states weren't nearly as aggressive. Schools in Georgia benefited massively from HOPE. That's what created separation from other schools in the Southeast. Kudos to Zell Miller and the others that made that work.
APR is clearly not a measure of academic rigor. You could even argue that States APR is helped by the facts that academics there are a joke. Vandy, UF and UGA are the only schools in the SEC who's undergrad degrees are worth anything outside of their immediate geographical area.
I think you are good...sounds like he was concerned about the number of passes ole miss might attempt, found out that they would pass more than last year. Went to visit Leach and found realized dude might pass the 50 or 60 times a game.
The real question about LSU is how does Will Wade still have a job?
Zach Evans is a great fit for Ole Miss...reminds me a lot of Bryce Brown.
Wonder if the football staff had anything to do with it. Trying to force him to focus on football.
It was a joke...i was just playing off what some georgia fan would have said
Kirby actually called him and told him not to come. UGA didn't really want him. Made up their minds about 6 months ago.
I wouldn't want him...but Pruitt and his staff know the kid.
SEC baseball is deep...Hate to admit it but Vandy baseball is really good. SEC softball is deep too. Should start the season with at least 11 teams ranked.
My list 1. QB 2. QB 3. QB 4. QB If play from that position isn't better next year nothing else matters.
He'll have a chance to show the nfl he can pass block.
Who thinks Jefferson is going to be around next year? Might as well have handed him real cash.
Remember just a couple of years ago when A LOT of LSU fans didn't want this guy.
Why are you ranting about a preseason top 25? Why are you ranting about a preseason top 25 in January? It's silly, no one knows who's playing on any team next season right now between injuries and transfers. will be ok.
Not sure another year would have helped. Heck he would have been better off coming out last year(if possible) than this year. He could take another step back. He wasn't very accurate this year, he needs a good combine/pro day. Can't throw behind guys or over them. I don't know that he will be anything more than Aaron Murray in the nfl.