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Silly move…this is how these schools get themselves into binds. He had 3 years left on the current deal. Would have made sense to at least finish this upcoming season.
Hope he mailed Nick a thank you card. Also last summer dude was on the hot seat maybe Texas should have waited one more season before extending
It's not the SEC experience that matters so much as familiarity with recruiting in the area. He hasn't spent time recruiting the same guys. So all of the relationships will have be built very quickly that puts him behind on the next two cycles. It's was different with Saban and LSU because 1) Saban did recruit some southeast players while at MSU 2) At the time with LSU he could just focus on getting kids that lived in state and do well. It's easier to build those relationships with high school coaches 100 miles or less away. Coaching at Bama you have to build relationship with kids and high school coaches in Georgia, Florida and the other surrounding states.
Half the names listed don't make sense. Freeman and Lanning just got head coaching jobs and haven't won anything yet. James Franklin can't win. Deboer has everything he needs at Washington and no connection to the southeast or recruiting in this area. That leaves Mike and Dabo or someone from the NFL. A couple of them might used the opening to get a pay bump.
He did bama a favor by waiting on the portal entry date to pass.
Not surprising. I thought this year would be his last. He's old and rich. Why stay? Also avoid the embarrassment all the others who stayed to longed faced.
Built up tension. Nobody is happy being forced to go to Myrtle Beach.
The kid's uncle is the o-line coach at Nebraska. Can't blame the kid for giving it some real consideration if not completely flipping.
Bobby as head coach of Arkansas was 34-17. Sam 23-25...this is a no win situation for Sam. If they improve he won't get any credit and if they don't he likely hired his replacement. He's just reminding people how much better Bobby was at his job than he is.
I wonder how much input Sam had in this. Also I wonder if he will make it to the end of next year.
He had a phone call with Dabo and this is the messaging they both agreed to.
To be fair it comes down to players and time. Some of these guys are smart enough to handle switching signs week to week. You would end up with busted plays or coverages. Also keep in mind that TCU had several weeks to prep.
Yes, keep losing, way to show them. Jimbo feels the same way. Why win? Lose and see who sticks around. It's the only way to know who your real friends are. will be mid season next year. Day after the Texas game they will bite the bullet on that buyout. Take away Jamis Wiston and that dude would be coaching Indiana State.
Who the heck is Gary Danielson?...That's a real question, never heard of the guy.
What an ugly game...defense is better than last year. Hopefully next year the offense and defense are clicking at the same time.
“I do think we’re moving in the right direction, and we’re getting better,”...translation..."Just trying to get through this year, I don't have anyone else to play qb right now."
The guy also said "brand new 2004" problem though everyone was excited...just hope they have enough tow trucks in Salt Lake for all of the extra Rams beside the road.
Cancer touches everyone...I hope this kid fully recovers. Side note, there is an insane amount of hyperbole around college football but I remember reading that Brian Kelly said he had a medical emergency initially. Talk about an understatement.
Seems unnecessary, that whole state is a giant latrine.
Why is anyone paying attention to wacky Lou Holz…dude lost his last marble decades ago.
That's an AU education for you....the "fight" started because the police involved themselves. If there was really a problem with the band playing it seems they should have just contacted a school administrator.
Could have skipped the Tyler Bucher experiment...saw that enough last year to know it would take more than a summer to get him where he needs to be.
For about .5 seconds dude thought he could fly. I'm sure he realized the flaw in his plan as soon as he got off the ground.
There have been several drops, some bad discission making, lots of poor tackling both at the spot and poor angles. Add in the muffed punt and pick...I think it counts as sloppy. As always I'll reserve judgement on where teams should be ranked until at least October. That said take a look at FSU schedule they will be top 10 at the end of the year because there isn't anyone standing in the way.
Depends on where you look. Rivals has bama as #1 in recruiting