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Excepts only 2 of them are still ranked. We just have a problem with ranking teams that starts with preseason polls. Clemson has only scored over 20 points twice this season and once was an FCS team. No reasonable mind should count that as a win over a ranked team. They clearly shouldn't have been ranked in the top 25.
Will uga fans blast him for saying that the way they attacked RG3? I'm guessing no.
Dude should just focus on trying to get FSU to 3 wins this year.
15 is a uncommon number for a football game. For it to be 2 touchdowns one would need a 2pt conversion. 5 field goals is unlikely at some point you would have to go for it instead of kicking field goals unless uga also wasn't scoring. Could be a touchdown, two field goals and a safety. Forget all of that UK scores at least 21
Crazy...all of the above comments are rational. This season was made worse by bringing Muschamp back last year. No way for him to recruit with everyone knowing that he would be fired. No time for the new guy to make his mark. Beamer will need a few years.
Don't kid yourself...uga fans would rush the field if they won the right game at home. They would have rushed the field if the clemson game was in athens this year.
These two might still be playing tomorrow if Arkansas didn't go for two. Sam knew they weren't getting any stops. It was the right move.
I didn't watch the "viral" video, I don't watch the nfl and paul finebaum says whatever he believes will keep his ratings up. That said, when the guy that signs your paycheck has to put out a statement about you just a few weeks into the season and that statement is about regaining trust, you should look for a new job.
They didn't have to give up 62...but their run defense is so bad it's almost impossible to run out the clock without scoring. Every 1st and second string guy on Mizzo's defense needs to earn that spot this upcoming week.
have you been to Mississippi....or Alabama for that matter.
I think this was a fine hire. I would chip in to help pay he salary if Mizzou brings him back for the next few years.
That was on purpose. oline didn't like the way the qb practiced this past week. Thought they would teach him a lesson.
Dude is a redshirt senior. Hope there is some counseling that comes with the suspension. Sounds like the behavior of a dude that drives drunk and kills some random family one day.
Don't ignore that this is by far the best team ga will have played. uga's defense might be good but everyone Georgia has played so far is dreadful on offense.
over much time do you think coaches spend watching other teams before game week. It's Monday, he'll have a better idea later in the week but also why learn more than his number? He doesn't play for UF, they aren't going out for dinner.
You probably want to work on changing that user name unless that’s the email address of a sworn enemy. I can’t imagine the junk people might sign you up for.
or maybe being a kid he made some mistakes and now he's had a chance to grow up some...maybe.
Fans should stay off the field but that live a lot of people were touching clemson players...lucky no one got hit.
This isn't the GA State team that challenged for the sunbelt a few years ago. This is a really really bad GA State team.
Interesting that Utah and Utah State are both playing SEC schools Sept. 3rd. Also who's coaching LSU on Oct. 8th 2022?
Jimbo knew he was on his way out. Left things a mess, Taggart got blamed for that mess with no time to fix it. Fire Taggart bring in Norvell and it's still a mess but made worse buy changing coaches so rapidly. Add in that it's not the 90's, what the real selling point to get a kid to FSU instead of UF, or another SEC school, or Clemson?
Do you think the hesitation to play Bailey is that he has "his" guy coming in next year and want to make it easier to start him.
The problem for clemson is not QB or RB, that oline looks like an FCS team. 2019 recruiting class for clemson only had 3 offensive lineman and they were all 3 star guys,2018 had 2(one 5 star in the nfl now). 2020 had 6 guys and 2021 had 4. That doesn't leave a lot of room to miss or for injuries.
you have to give your qb multiple options in that type of situation. It's one thing if that's your 3rd down call but on 4th down with the game on the line...that's not "we didn't execute"... there was nothing there to execute.