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Saw the headline and had to look up how many people were in "the Beatles"
On the flip side, they would have gotten the ball back if punt doesn't hit their guy. In effect kicking the field goal actually gave them a chance to win. I'm not complaining for the last decade that was the kind of game UT lost at the end. The put hits a UT player or the defense give up a huge play in prevent defense.
It will be interesting to see who ga plays at qb next week. Bennett played well and ga fans are already hyping him up but that was against Arkansas. Mathis might be ok, maybe his problem was that he hasn't played live football in so long. Who knows? JT Daniels is at ga because Slovis took his job at USC and on top of that he hasn't played live football in a while now.
I was Tennessee had been a little more committed to running the ball but no point in overreacting. Surprisingly few flags.
Is Jimbo really that good of a coach? The ACC was horrible most of the time he was there and he left FSU a mess after a 5 win season.
Tell me all about the time he rebuilt "USF".
saw Arkansas run a bad reverse as well, players have to be coached to take the loss of yards if the play is not there, instead of running backwards(Arkansas) or trying whatever that was in the Miami game.
Not really's been a long time since Mathis saw live action football. I would probably go back to him after half.
Arkansas should be up big...Franks has played ok but he's missed several big plays.
No excuse for a DUI...that said, this dude seems to be looking for trouble.
Students should get tickets first. No reason not to give out student tickets first to any student that wants to be there for any game they want to attend and then follow up with everyone else.
Hopefully he can stay healthy and put together a good season.
I don't think it hurts his draft stock...he has months to work on the things the nfl thinks he needs to work on and he'll get workouts pre draft to show he can do it. The benefits of passing on the season (lower risk of injury, no risk of bad tape throwing to receivers you don't know, lower risk of getting a virus we don't know the long term effects of) out weigh any gains. Dude a likely first round pick he could only go in one direction.
No one is scared of conservative comments...most people are probably down for a healthy debate on the budget or true tax reform...but people are generally done with qanon quacks, the antfia boogeyman and people that don't understand that people of color are tired of being treated like 3/5ths of a person. Without protest we would all be saluting the queen. Amazing that the right of people to assemble made it into the first amendment.
Other countries have been doing this all summer, so it's not new. It is good to see people use the resources they have. I know Michigan State a few other universities are using the same system.
Orgeron seems to know who the player is based on his comments. I wouldn't expect him to come out and say "yes I said that" this point all we know is that they both acknowledge that they had a conversation about his girlfriend
They should limit it to family of players and students.
no really, stay home. Thats the kind of thing that will get the season cut short. Don't ruin it for everyone else.
Good for them...the state of kentucky has done a good job as a whole.
georgia doesn't really have a great track record that either...but why judge a school on something like that. coaching staffs change, players change. You could have said the same thing about Clemson a decade ago.
come on you know that if this dude is saying that something happened you can be almost 100% certain that it didn't.
Not surprising. I don't honestly believe kids will be on college campuses by the mid October. If people really wanted college football they would have done the things we needed to do to get covid under control. People don't care...people are too selfish.people would rather pop off fake stats than wear a mask. People don't respect the people around them enough to do what's right. We don't deserve a football season
They play baseball and softball that time of the year every year. It will be ok
Agreed. I'm all for keeping people safe. You can't give me an argument for Clemson being a riskier situation than even Vandy. Same for georgia vs GATech.
I'm worried about you. Are you ok? Let's talk about your need to devote that much of your life to this. You don't have to talk to me...but you should seek help somewhere.
If your pee is ever that color see a doctor right away.
In reality college football hinges on the stomachs of college presidents. If you are a college president and you have 25k people on campus what size outbreak are you comfortable with? How many students/professors get sick before you shut it down? Same questions for hospitalizations especially with professors. If 5 people die do you shut it down? 10? 5 die, 150 in the hospital, 2k cases on your campus...shut it down, keep going whats your stomach like for that? Or how bad can it get before people blame you and you get fired, maybe thats the question?