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I feel like its early to put Eric Berry on this list.
It's not a bad life lesson for them. How many high school kids change their mind about which college to attend? It's just that few people pay attention to kid that's not playing sports and decides he want to major in biology at Georgia Tech instead of Emory. When it comes to college all kids should do what's best for them and their future.
I don't think its a development issue. It's really easy for a kid to get buried on the Bama depth chart. Also lets be real, not all 4/5 star kids end up performing in college sometimes they are just overrated.
He's covered up a lot of bad, lots oline injuries this year and just bad play in years past.
Most coaches take over programs that have struggled for years, coming off years of bad recruiting and 3/4 maybe 5 win years. Smart was handed a program that won 9 last year and according to recruiting services and georgia fans has had top 10 classes for darn near a decade. It's fair to wonder if this was the right move. Really fair to wonder why a WR got the handoff on 4 and short vs vandy a few weeks ago. If it takes 3 years to rebuild a 4 win team how long does it take to rebuild a 9 win team? But hey from my point of view, best decision ever.
Remember when Gus was coaching for his job? Now they don't look so bad.
Makes sense especially if the plan is to go to 16 teams at some point.
That a team lost 61-14 or that the massive DT got pushed off the ball so easily?
UF/LSU/SEC did the right thing with the UF vs LSU game...there was no way to know exactly where the storm was going or how bad it would be. Better safe than sorry with peoples lives. I'm sure it will all be work worked out.
Nothing if he's healthy by then. I think that's part of the reason for doing the surgery now. A week ago they said they were figuring out which option was best for Maybin's future.
Georgia State has a game there that day. It's there home stadium, at least until Turner Field is renovated.
Not sure how you got that. Moving it to a different day wont put any USC players in danger.
Forget the game...keep people safe. I can't help but imagine that there will be some flooding even without a direct hit. Or maybe play on Monday like the UT vs LSU game in 2005.
Honestly I never hit the panic button, georgia scored and my first thought was the georgia vs AU game a few years ago.
No need to be coy...they run the same plays either way. It's not like prep would change.
It's a college kids are suppose to make decisions that are best for them and their future. That's what Barnett did.
He would instantly be as big in Louisiana. A lot of LSU fans still remember the years before Saban took over at LSU and the success they had while he was there. Maybe he has a desire to go back. He's 64, soon to be 65 so realistically he's probably only around for 2/3 more years, that's the bigger issue.
I honestly thought that was part of the reason Chavis left LSU.
That LSU line seemed off to start how much it moves now.
Thought he would go at the end of the season...or maybe at the end of October. It was no win bringing him back this year after the way last season ended. If he wants a job someone will be glad to hire him but it's probably the end.
Seems like the would have worn them vs home vs a team that was also part of the Southwest Conference.
BamaTime has a point, I think about Mizzou as often as I think about Boston College or Portland State.
Don't forget that UVA just hired Bronco then he will have had some time to get things rolling on some level at UVA. He made things work at BYU so why not UVA. But yeah they just lost to Richmond a couple weeks ago.
That's Covington for class. PDADawg we disagree often but you're right suicide is never a joke and you never know when someone is close. This football not life.
That sucks...would have like to see both Del Rio and Cam play next week but looks like both will miss a few weeks.
Oline play has been bad across the SEC this year so far. I wouldn't panic. Lots of good from SC today. Lots of things that make the future look good. Maybe the oline just needs time to gel.
Ole Miss needs to figure out a running game. Take some of the pressure off Kelly and give the D some rest since depth seems to be an issue on that side.
My leadership??? I don't live there anymore. Also you call me dumb but lets be real. You grow up a georgia fan but you couldn't come close to getting in. It's really sad, you love a school that rejected you. Or you didn't apply because you had no shot. Which is it?
Oline...that's the beginning and end of the story. There were times in the VT game when Dobbs had 1.8, 1.9 seconds to throw. Hurd is getting hit in the back field. Getting Richmond off the field and Hall back should help.
Also why would you assume I'm from Tennessee? I knew that the zip code was for Covington/Newton Co.