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Will he? He's old and getting older, how much longer is he coaching? He's lost his last 3 big games. Next year's schedule is certainly a step up from this years. All runs come to an end.
I'd be happier with the computers picking the 4.
Talent is an issue in Ark...also the offense was so bad it stressed the D. But also maybe it is time to go
True...lets list all of the college football teams that had injuries this year...never mind why do you I'll list all of the teams that didn't.( ) all done.
He probably could have waited for a better job
I live in Atlanta...I just ran out to pick up some bbq and people there were talking about how great georgia is going to be next year. "So many people coming back"..."Bobo going to be the OC"
Lots of "star" counting...I do agree geogia fans over estimate the quality of the talent they have. There have been some recruiting misses especially at WR.
Richt never had the benefit of the 4 team playoff. Georgia likely would have made the playoff a couple times while he was there. I think both UF and UT will push georgia in the coming years.
I must admit, i was wrong. Before the game I thought LSU would score at least 40.
That's what happens when you aren't realistic about who your team is. I live in Atlanta...georgia fans actually thought they were going to win. "Our D is going to shut them down"...heard it all week. Now smack in the face with reality they turn tail and run.
How can you say that without knowing why he's transferring?
Seems like they did...I wonder how long Gus has been holding on to this one.
This game isn't on the kicker...should have never been in that position.
How old are these women....They look 50, too old for that.
"Whos getting fired"` Gus Malzahn 11/30/2019
Its still open. They may even expect him to take it.
They might be done settling for mediocrity but it's who they are...not just the school but the whole state.
SEC women's basketball is deep. Lots of good matchups coming.
Clemson's receivers are way better. USCjr won't be able to stack the box the same way and play one on one on the edges.
hit enter by mistake...Utes were always going to be more of an issue for bama than Oregon because of the Auburn loss. Of course Bama could lose to AU next week. The big 12 champ will likely get a shot. Bama needs lots of upsets to get in. Hell might as well look for USCjr to beat clemson.
UT has one of the best group of receivers in the country...probably top 5. Too bad they haven't had consistent qb/o-line play all season. Happy for the win though.
Why not? All it says it that representatives from both sides talked. If you are his agent then you take the call. If you are the school then I'm callings everyone's agent right now. Just getting an idea of who might make my short list.
In my lifetime uga and vandy have won the same number of national championships in football. I did see GaTech win one.
Lets be real most of the schools in the SEC provide degrees that don't "travel" well too far out of state. Being an AAU School is a big deal. It's great for both UF and Vandy.
If you are Norvell do you take this job now. He's 38, he's done a good job a Memphis. He could hold out and get a top 25 type job in the next year or two.
This statement does not contradict the previous statement. They didn't talk about contracts...they talked about raising money for buyouts. hope it was/is a fracture. Typically it's an easier recovery. Dislocated hips are complicated, avascular necrosis is common people often repeatedly dislocate the hip. Of course a break can be bad. depends on the exact location.