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Not sure they would have been given a chance to. When I fire people they don't even get to pack up their own office/desk, a box meets them at the door. I doubt the university lets you call a meeting after you've been fired.
Nope...not going to happen and it shouldn't. Nothing says "hey NCAA, look at me" like firing a guy with cause and then hiring someone with Hugh Freeze's history. Just call Jamey Chadwell and give him some time to work.
I don't think you can fire Pruitt for NCAA violations and then bring in Freeze.
Keep in mind most buyouts work both ways. The ADs are worried that a guy will have success and another school will poach them.
I think they expect to find a NCAA violation and that Pruitt will be fired with cause. 100% believe Steel was brought in to take over, especially if it happens mid-summer.
It shouldn't be. His goal should be to have an outstanding year, get drafted and have the funds to take care of himself and his family. That's what college is for.
Weird decision, they lowered the buy out at UM. I'm not sure how much longer Jim is going to be around. UM football looks a lot like UT football since 2005.
Get of my lawn...a lot of hostility...maybe people kept asking him so he posted it. Who cares, best of luck to the kid. Also why call him a quitter, season is over. College kids transfer all the time for all sorts of reasons.
Someone told him that baseball contracts are guaranteed right?
Corch your "proof" isn't the bulletproof argument you think it is. Starting with the format change to playoffs and NY6 bowl wins. Richt would have had more opportunities for NY6 bowls under the current system. UGA may have made NY6 bowls in 02,03 and 04 looking at the first 5 years. 4 top 10 finishes in his first 5 years. Thats the same as Smart. Also Richt took over a worse team in a deeper division.
This is outrages...I cant think of at least 10 coaches that were better(sarcasm). What was the delay on this?
I wouldn't say he's safe. They considered him for the HC job when Pruitt was hired. Part of this hire might be having a head coach on staff if Pruitt is fired at some point this off season
It's the national championship game, everyone is already as motivated at they can be. "Bulletin board" material is just a media thing. Side note, the state of Alabama really is trash though.
I don't know about "unknow" he was great in high school. Went to OU had a few big games there, got hurt and transferred for his senior year. I know he had at least one 200 yard game for OU, maybe 2 and his freshman year didn't he have a big run against uga in that playoff game.
Hey, you realize that Michael Vick is 40 years old now. I don't watch the nfl but my understanding its that's its been years since Cam has been healthy. Tebow was never a good qb even in college but when you have Harvin, Hernandez, Cooper, Murphy ect. it's hard look bad. For kicks though, how are you defining "game manager"?
Remember back in the day when NFL teams drafted qbs and almost always let them sit for at least a year before throwing them out there...perfect guy for that, with the right team.
Hadn't heard Ben Troupe's name a a while, that dude was good.
If Michael Glazier is around someone is about to get fired. Ask Bruce Pearl about that. I'm down for give coaches a full 4 years but this is beyond smoke at this point. So who's next, hire from within like T Martin, Tom Allen from IU. Would Luke Fickell leave the state of Ohio?
Didn't Joe Burrow win last year, and Baker in 2017? Get your head out of your backside kid.
Let's just go back to 2 teams. Most years the 1st round sucks. If you expand it then you just get more bad games.
That last name must be nice. Why would anyone hire him.
I think a coach should be given 4 years. Harrison Bailey didn't get spring practice and missed a lot of time early in the year because of covid. Practice time for a lot of players was disrupted this year. Makes sense to see what happens in 2021.
The real question is "is six games enough" for osu especially in a weak big 10. If you leave ohio st out and go with bama, a&m, nd, and clemson. The big 10 would be pissed but osu did not look good against NW or IU
I think the recruiting class is a product of the idea that AU has been waiting to fire gus for a while. No recruit believed he would be around for 3/4 years or ever their first full season.
Situational awareness is key with coaches...take a delay of game
Not surprising...any type of brain surgery is a big deal. I wouldn't be surprised if he resurfaced in a few years.
Where did he blame anyone for anything. Judging by the video it looks like he wants to play corner. Fsu moved him to wr. The real question is why are so bitter.
keep in mind that JT is at uga because he was going to be a backup at USC this year. He's not the guy.
Guarantano is the greatest QB in the history of football practice. Even Allen Iverson is amazed with the way Guarantano practices.
Leach isn't going to change his offense. He doesn't adapt, Big 12 figured him out, PAC 12 figured him out and so has/will the SEC. There will be games where State goes off but for the most part Leach is just going to win 6 or 7.