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Don't care if he plays or not...just want this guy to be healthy.
They should just break off and form a new conference. UCLA, USC, Arizona, ASU, Utah, OU, Texas, Okst, Houston, Memphis, CO, and UNLV. Make a run at A&M, Nebraska, Mizzou, and Arkansas. Not that they would leave but why not ask? LAX to Memphis is about a 3 hours 15min flights but LAX to Spokane is 2hr 45min so not a huge change.
Where was the part that said the kid was texting and driving?
LA to the closest national forest is only about 35/40 miles. Beach is close if you're a beach kinda guy. Joshua Tree NP is fairly close. If it's a nature thing LA is a much better choice. I'd love to be that close to Sequoia national park.
just looked it rookie minimum is 480k ...that's a lot more than $0. Might as well make money while they can, who knows how long they will be able to play. Plus later picks get shorter contracts if they play well in theory they can get to their second contract more quickly. Of course nfl contracts are guaranteed so there's that.
Poor officiating at the end of the game...first time I've ever felt bad for Auburn. How does any ref at the middle school level or higher miss double dribble. It's his job to watch the guy bring the ball across half court.
It's not a decision...there was never a rule against it, or birthday, Christmas or any other normal gift giving event.
Difficult situation...hard to be the coach that replaces a legend. Her record would be fine at all but 3 or 4 other schools.
True statement...but that was a likely 5 point swing. 64-67 became 67-67. UT likely scores on the fast break there and we are looking at 64-69. 2:30 left and a different game.
Football conference/mens basketball conference/women's basketball conference/baseball/softball/gymnastics/track/...
LSU did 1/2 of what they needed to do. They should sit Smart as well even if it's just a short "investigation" type thing. They way at least the school can say they didn't know and they step in as soon as they found out.
LSU should just go ahead and forfeit the rest of the season. NCAA is just going to take these wins later anyway. Just slide Ole Miss into the tourney in their place.
Mexico should have built a wall. Maybe they would still have their land.
Don't drive chargers in Atlanta...They're stolen all the time not just "sliders" but there are a few "master" keys floating around the area. Doors unlocked or not push start or not if they have one those keys they can take your car. Same for Nissan Maximas just not in the same numbers.
Be more like Texas Tech on defense. Sounds like a plan.
2 maybe 3 more years...maybe. He doesn't strike me as the kinda guy that would hang on too long like a Bobby Bowden. Also it reaches that point were recruits don't believe he'll be there the whole time making it harder and harder to recruit. SEC coaches got a lot younger over the past few years. Dabo isn't going away anytime soon. He may have walked away if bama won this year.
Don't overlook his ability as a qb coach...he was great with Tyler Bray, he made Nate Peterman look like a future NFL qb, and I think Fromm benefited from his coaching as well.
exactly forget the polls. How about a couple of trophies at the end of the year
spoken like a man who bleeds ignorance. I know a lot people from California, I spend a lot of time camping and climbing in California ...I've seen way more anti-American rallies in the Southeast than out there.
It's not the number of games is that sometimes their schedule ends up being weak. It's not their fault Stanford, USC, Michigan, and VT were all bad. Yeah I know some people think Michigan was good but thats just because the Big10 was so bad.
It specifically says "Simmons said STEELE FELT his physical style of play would get flagged more often by Pac-12 officials" maybe you went on a rant about nothing and it really was at least in part about the refs.
he's not going to be the OC...dude's coaching the o-line.
It would be a good fit. Less stress, he could relax a little. Win 9 games and most people are happy.
Fact is a lot teams that ND played that were supposed to be good sucked this year but ND still got a lot of credit for beating them.
This game is already a joke...OU already going for 4th down on the wrong side of the 50 and people want to expand the playoffs.
People that want to expand the playoffs should keep this trend in mind. Every game you add just increases the odds kids are going to make a business decision. The 4 team playoff added one extra game for a championship and players suck it up but when it's 2/3 extra some of them are going to walk away.