Trying to be Tolerant

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Lame Kiffen turned his back on Tennessee when the football team and the school needed him most. Understandable, since there was a Tennessee cheerleader riding on it. It even caused him to wreck his car. My sister has a better chance at becoming Tennessee's new head coach than Lame Kiffen. He is where he is, he needs to stay there, it is what it is, and that's that. And if I hear the Gruden train start promoting Jon Guden to "come back to Tennessee," I'm gonna throw up. In my mouth. Again.
Suing won't get him reinstated. And yes, the punishment fit the crime. He got what he deserved, especially after being warned that his outbursts were offensive to others around him. Here we have a young man unfamiliar with the social graces, who obviously was not taught at home what might be offensive and what is not. Or.... maybe he was taught at home. Some people learn the hard way and in the process, sacrificing a promising career because his parents failed him. Oh well, someone will step up in his place. Nothing else to see here, folks. Move along.