LSU '80, Alabama '83

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Grantham's Harley was seen in Petrino's garage...
They know best what's good/right for them, but it would've been fun to see them both in Crimson.
I see what you did there...I'm sure he'll pick six before his career is over at Alabama. career.
..."Orgeron, who coached alongside Kiffin at Tennessee and USC..." Oeaux worked for CLK, why in the world would CLK make a lateral move to work for a former employee? 1-3 years from now, CLK will be a HC at a major program. And as much as we all love him, Oeaux will not. Roll Tide! SEC, SEC, SEC....
Good luck B2, I hope you get what you need and deserve and I'm sorry it didn't work out at Alabama.
I don't agree, both teams have changed considerably even from last year. Granted LSU will have to bring some mojo to do it but any team, including my beloved Alabama, can be beaten on any given Saturday. That's part of the reason I love the game - passion and heart can sometimes prevail over the otherwise "best" team. That said, I'll be in Tiger Stadium with my family for the game and I wouldn't do that if I thought we'd lose. Good luck Tigers and Roll Tide, Roll...!!!
It may be a bit unrealistic to think you could land 3 stellar coaches in a row..
If Hurts senior produced the phenom we see now, imagine what 3/4 years of CNS will do for Jalen - he'll probably just skip the NFL and go straight into the HOF! Either way, it's going to be fun to watch! RTR and good luck to you Jalen Hurts!
Gre"A"t typo...;-) I always roll with the big A!
Don't forget "whine and complain" , the perennial complainers from the cheap seats. - they'll make some of the best listed above look pale, weak and slow compared their whining drivel.
Glaring omission: Entire Alabama Defensive Line circa 2015
A good example of this oft repeated "defense" is that the #1 recruit in the country in 2014 (Hand) was a 3rd stringer waiting (more importantly learning) his turn. That is why the talent that steps into those big shoes already has an idea of how they will fit. The only real challenge is that the media has to learn the names of these new starters - Alabama fans already know who they are. We will be fine and have the joy of seeing what these new guys do given their time to shine - that's why the Tide will just keep Rolling with CNS at the helm.
Poor Danny. He'll pick against us until he simply has no more credibility/airtime - then you'll have to catch his sad act at his local bar...trying to pull his "turtle neck" back into his little shell. Poor Danny.
Left coast USC is the only place I could see him going, if the LSU job is available you'd have to be crazy to take a job that a 78% winner couldn't keep.
LSU boosters or whomever is making the Miles noise is painting the program into a corner - as if things weren't bad enough, the public discussion about Miles future is going to kill their recruiting class.
If they are foolish enough to part ways with Miles I'd like to see him replace Sumlin and haunt LSU for another 10 years.
It's simplistic to blame Kiffin or anyone else for what you see as Alabama's shortcomings. IMHO, the game evolved and our recruiting to defeat that evolution took a couple of years to catch up. Alabama (thanks to CNS AND staff AND players) is on the verge of being back with a vengeance!!! RTR
Heart and Soul of a world-class competitor - thanks for the inspirational spirit and play KD! RTR
I would hate to see Kirby Smart to VT and Lane Kiffin to Maryland - instead, Kirby stays home and Kiffin to Miami. I am a HUGE Kiffin fan but I think Miami is a perfect fit for him. RTR
Not only did he block the kick,the kicker looks like he was ready to turn and run...
Man, that is a tough read - reliving those backs running and running on us.
You are my new friend - good luck to your Tigers and Roll Tide!
I'm thinking Bo Scarborough plays and affects this "conversation" in an Alabama favored way.
LSU will be fine in two weeks, barring an injury that we all have to be concerned with all of the time. These are two highly skilled/talented/conditioned teams - this game is what Alabama and LSU were built for and live for. Good luck Tigers and Roll Tide Roll..!!!
I love the anonymous comment format - It's fun to try and figure out which coach made a given comment?