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He would've definitely been academically ineligible at Stanford.
Ole Miss 34 LSU 28 - still not buying the tigers are back to their preseason expectations, plus I don't think their qb can be effective enough. Auburn 24 Ark 20 -tough one but gotta give it to auburn cause of home field. Bama 42 A&M 27 - The tide will jump out to a big lead and the aggies will score a garbage time td to make it look closer than it actually will be. UK 17 MSU 9- Kentucky will actually wants to play this game don't know if state will put any effort into the game. Don't care about the others
I think you need to put Vandy ahead of State at this point. Two embarrassing home losses and very shaky win over UMass, granted Vandy has its issues to but state just looks so disinterested on the field right now.
I once saw chad on campus wearing an Ole Miss Scholar Athlete shirt couldnt help but wonder how the hell he got it.
How was that homefield advantage against south alabama? Give it up man every team goes through bad years this year is yours.
Forreal though Arkansas is basically the north Dakota of the South. There was a reason why when i was an undergrad no one was like "hell ya man lets go to Fayetteville this year as our road trip!"
UGA 20 MIZ 10 Bama 31 UM 27 we cant do it 3 years in a row A&M 27 AU 16 LSU 24 State 7
He should stop making dumb incredibly biased picks and go back to keeping our beers cold
Coozie, stop with your biased bs comments on here and go back to keeping my beer cold and watching state fail at life.
Finally a poll with some common sense ranking Ole Miss above an unproven Tennessee team.
Wow! I must say coozie that means so so much coming from you. State is goinge 4-8 so how bout you stop making stupid comments on here and go back to keeping my bud light cold
The burgundy room doesn't even exist anymore get with the times man
Rowdy Rebs for sure should be on this list! Nothing beats $1 tequila shots and all the girls that go there always dtf
Come on sds. Seriously I can see Alabama being number 1 but how in the world are you gonna say UT and auburn had a better class than Ole Miss?
You literally see something that could lead to that at every single tailgate no matter where it's at.
Strong words coming from someone who I think isn't gonna be watching his team during bowl season next year
Bama fans owe Arkansas one. If it weren't for miracle 4th and 25 they would not be in the playoff.
I hope he says and y'all do win the title. Make the conference look better. Bottom line we all need to have a good bowl season and root for each other. No way in hell the big10 can outshine us.
Don't discredit ole miss. That was the best win any sec team had this year.
A lot of those weren't his fault if you back and watch the film.
Ya a senior class that accomplished what? Seriously who have y'all beaten that was any good? Cause I sure don't recall any big win.
And being the best ever player at state is not saying much?
When did dak win a big game?.... The answer is never