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Think he knew Jalen was leaving and it was his way as a final punishment/jab at Jalen. Things were not as they seemed.
Everybody Go back to an eleven game season and CCG would be the 12. Most of the time a 12 th team to play is patsie anyway.
Totally agree, Gus doesn’t develop QB’s, he can only use what other coaches have already developed. I dont like the fact he doesn’t use or develop the QB’s he recruits. Stidham is just recent example of why not to come to AU. Tired of Gus and never liked the hire from the start. War Eagle!!
Think Stoops needs to stay retired. He could not take pressure of what Saban would put on him. Only way Malzahn did was he just dont have the mentality to be a college coach. Its like a Friday night High School game to him.
Got to hand it Mercer scheduling bama and Auburn. Two big paydays for them. Standing ovation for Mercer.