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A lot of this game rides on whether LSU comes out fired up or not because of the events of the last week. My guess is the former. Should be a close game I'd imagine, but I won't be too disappointed if we end up losing.
Twitter picture that's linked: 6-1, 220. Immediately then mentions in the article that he's 6-2, 215. K.
Is it really stealing out of big 10 country if we practically are in it?
Most of the "journalism" on this site is just copy and pasting from other sources. They don't do much as far as actual stories go or analysis anymore.
Kuligowski is definitely out, unfortunately.
I think you have those years backwards. Also grant Russell. Like how the hell do they forget about grant Russell. He was the best kicker I remember.
That is pass interference if I've ever seen one.
As I recall Tennessee had 0 offense up until close to the end of the 4th quarter.
You didn't like the offense when it is the best they have played all year? Given the opponent that is. Either way what a win for gp. Hope they can make and win a bowl game for his sake.
This just seems unreal. Know he can kick cancer in the ass though. Best of luck to him and his family. This man needs prayers, people.
This nonsense will all be forgotten in a month anyway.
I feel like you didn't read what my post said at all. I'm not against protesting because frankly the administration has dealt with things pretty poorly. I'm against how they went about doing so. Also never said anything about pinkel supporting his players. Of course he's going to. Pretty much what I'm saying is their demands are discriminatory in of themselves and the incident with the reporters has made the situation much worse.
The way in which they went about it is ridiculous. Not the protests themselves.
I get that the protests at the core were trying to end racial inequality on campus. And that I absolutely comend. But the way they went about it absolutely disgusts me. All they did was make things worse. Their demands were downright hypocritical and unreasonable. These protests have made the university a mess. And refusing to practice when the university which is funded heavily by donors is giving you a free education is incredibly disrespectful.