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So several folks with nothing better to whine about, whined out some tweets because audio of a College Basketball game was of a poor quality for a portion of the game.....WABs gonna be WABs.
A natural leader with a good arm, good size, smart, hard working and a proven winner. Seems just the opposite of what NFL teams like to Draft,as he clearly lacks the "upside" and "potential" they seem to crave. ....
No matter what team wins the NC, they will not have Jaylen Waddle on the field for them. Excluding Alabama for that fact is to exclude every team. Nonsensical blather posing as insight earns a paycheck, but little else.
Same old whining from players and fans. There is no National Championship, nor is there is a Playoff selection.This is due to the conscious decision to stop playing the schedule they once played(and suffered losses) and play one that makes an undefeated record possible. You have nothing to whine about. Carry on.