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His signature - former newspaper veteran. He's already been fired once.
Beamer, let the girls use the End Zone. You football team sure wasn't using it.
SC is giving up 250 yds./game on the ground. We'll get ahead and grind out the clock in second half. Time of possession will be crazy lopsided. SC scores will come on desperation passes. UGA 42-13.
I agree UK. This list is nonsense. Did these guys even weatch their own channel?
No respect for Holtz. He drank the Trump Kool-Aid and has spouted bigoted and false rhetoric.
AU has beat AL more than anyone else but the $$ boosters are never happy. They've run off some very good coaches there. Sadly it's about to the point that good coaches are not going to risk going there anymore.
As Chevy Chase would say, "Matt Hinton you ignorant....". The # 3 ranked QB in college last year at 86.7 rating, CFP Semi MVP, CFP Championship MVP. Not ranked in the Hinton top 25. Hinton go to Vo-Tech school and get your HVAC license, you'll never make writing sports.
Ha. Biden will leave peacefully in 2024. He won't be a crybaby and storm the capital with a bunch of dumbass rednecks to try steal it.
It was a easier to play for low expectation Texas. Texas will be happy with a winning record. If he went to UGA or Bama he would be expected to win a Natty. I don't think he wanted the pressure. He'll never see a championship at UTX.
He took the easy, no pressure, low expectation route. At UGA he would be expected to win another National Championship. At Texas Nobody expects much. A winning season is a step up there.
Too bad - he'll never be in the CFP now. Let the (cow) chips fall where they may.
Finebaum Sux. Did the Alabama rednecks give him permission to speak?
Yeah we had players hurt too. Whime Whime. Ala-blamer Ele-phart, you didn't lose because of YOUR Defense. You lost because OUR Defense. SEVEN trips inside our 30 and you scored ONE little bitty TD. Think about a while. Worth repeating.... SEVEN trips inside our 30 and you scored ONE little bitty TD. LOOOOOOOOOSER.