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How far do you think the pounding away run game will carry the tigers? Their comeback was sweet Saturday. Love watching sec rip the heart out of the Big 10
haha i see you're not drinking enough orange kook-aid Jon, got a prediction for me for the rest of the season after the first game?
Jason, do you have tennessee winning maybe a swing home game this year such as Florida or Mizzou?
Haha we've been in a couple games worth mentioning, just not always or in this case most of the time coming out on top
Brian, what do you think of this kid in terms as best running back recruit since Adrian Peterson?
actually just read your other article on him, thanks
Brian, you got a crystal ball projection for Gibson? I know it's tough with a guy like him.
Jon, do you have a bold prediction for the Vols next season?
i am a very big Johnny Football fan, and i believe that Johnny's best thing he has going for him is his intangibles
Is Georgia having to go to Clemson again?
The quarterback draw that he ran in the fourth quarter against Tennessee still haunts me to this day.
It looks as if this class pertains to hogging talent from every school not just those in the sec. I believe that these are the best classes in the nation besides maybe FSU overtaking LSU for best wr class
Jon, I know it is hard to predict how these players will translate to the college game, but how many sec teams, if any, do you think this team would beat?