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tl:dr, did Florida have more points when time ran out? Stop worrying about hypotheticals, LSU had run their mouths since October and you lost, now eat the crow y'all deserve!
OK State has a better tradition and history. No SEC schools are named after cities or directions.
Congratulations, somebody had to win it those years, the East and Florida were awful! But don't act it was some monumental achievement, and Missouri won't be winning it again anytime soon. And it has nothing to do with the future of the league.
I think you meant FSU wouldn't do it, they want the easy path to the playoff. Bowden had said as much on why the didn't join the SEC years ago. But it would eliminate the OOC game for USC and FL each year, so they would have to find another opponent to play.
Why don't we drop the dumpster fire that is Missouri, and pick up two out of Oklahoma, Texas, or Oklahoma State?