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The primary reason that he is at Auburn is to figure out how his defense can work with a high power offense so that the next time he gets a HC job he doesn't have the issues had at UF. Regardless of the fact that Auburn's offense wasn't what was expected this season, it would shock me if he went to a school that hired a former DC as the head coach as he would be giving up the reason that went to Auburn 12 months ago.
Wow - seems you're one of the people who has been drinking the Kool-Aid if you believe anything you wrote.
Having been in the Georgia Dome on Saturday, I find it wholly ridiculous that a new stadium is even being built there. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Georgia Dome and it won't even be paid off by the time it is torn down. It is one thing to abandon a worn out stadium, but this need the NFL has to bribe cities into building new stadiums that aren't necessary borders on ridiculous. Hopefully some team will finally move to LA and put an end to the 'we'll relocate without a new stadium' threats and the madness
Hell, I'm an Auburn grad and didn't watch the NCG because Bama didn't make it. Expect ratings fallout if the SEC is left out.
How did the 1985 Auburn backfield not make this list??? Jackson: 1786; 17 Fullwood: 684; 6 Agee: 402; 5
Those are no where near the saddest Ole Miss fans. In their game highlights ESPN showed a male Ole Miss student actually crying. That fan was sadder than any pictured here.
Pretty sure that Auburn - Mississippi State isn't an SEC East showdown...