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last time GA fans “jetted” to Oxford they were beat to a pulp. That was enjoyable. Maybe if we let players commit crimes and kill a few people we would get to national championships? There’s your truth serum buddy! Yes we will always have the Grove and a great time which you wish you could have.
Class of 98 is just another simple minded dawg who thinks “winning big games” is all that matters. What Kiffin has accomplished at Ole Miss thus far is great and getting better every year.
Man your infatuation with Kiffin is huge. Are you just a burnt Auburn fan is disguise?
LSU fans have trouble with basic math skills so I doubt mind games are Kiffin’s concern.
. see my quotes from last week, SDS went long on Ole Miss, every writer had some ludicrous story. Now back to poor articles w/out much homework. Ole Miss is sitting a 3-1 with their top five offensive portals players either gone, hurt, or recovering. Still should be a great game. Gamecock - absolutely worst reply, watch the game and retry LSUSMC- I think LSU is ALOT more desperate than Ole Miss. that’s what scares me. LSU loses this game and its good night for the CFB Playoff. By the
such fools! Kiffin is so terrible but his every word is watched by the media and usually sparks a headline. His every game at Ole Miss breaks attendance record. Enrollment through the roof. he has a tough time with Alabama just like 99% of other coaches SO WHAT!?! Four years four bowl games and one of the highest winning %s of any NCAA team. Other SEC schools offered >$9M per year to leave. Yes I would love to beat Bama and get more wins but to write him off is just NONSENSE.
yup Kiffin was spot on. As history been nice to anyone playing Alabama? The media was more positive for an Ole Miss win than any Rebel fan I know. Same w Dart for Heisman nonsense. Humbling game and time to prepare for LSU.
Was every writer at SDS told to come up with an Ole Miss story today?! At least it gives the Auburn clowns something to do.
so Freeze didn’t cheat and Kiffin wasn’t offered by Auburn?! I thought you were just stupid, now I am sure you have a mental handicap. Mental wellness is very important please seek help from friends and family.
keep it coming Auburn fans.. your fascination with Kiffin is so enjoyable… Freeze did it with cheating so you really want to go down that route? I do believe that Freeze is a very good coach but facts can’t be ignored.
Auburn fans gets their panties in bunch bc Kiffin dumped them and they have to settle w Ole Miss sloppy seconds. Irrelevant is the the best atmosphere in college football, one of the strongest NILs in the NCAA and fastest growing student enrollment. Once again I understand that brutal facts can be hard to swallow for an Auburn Tiger, Eagle, whatever else you want to call the school that is second fiddle in Alabama.
Alabama always plays strong just like Auburn fans will keep digging on Kiffin bc he chose to stay at Ole Miss for less money than Auburn was offering. Brutal facts.
I agree with everything Engine said said except for the first line. This was Tulane’s biggest game of the year! They are a good team that was accurately ranked in the top 25. The SEC West will play itself out over the next few weeks. Will be awesome!
Zippo on Perkins is right. Even Ole Miss media tight lipped! Harris’s sprain TBD GTech is a very different team than last year.
we won, we covered, in the prettiest but absolutely the worst stadium ever. Need Harris back big time!
Yes Tulane please follow GeauxTigers excellent advice and prepare the exact same way you did for our last game.
he is a great coach that sets players up for NFL greatness. We are blessed to have the Oracle comment on Ole Miss headlines. Sorry P O S
not relevant, you really do live in the backwoods. I am shocked your dial up AOL account lets you troll Ole Miss headlines. If I get you mad enough maybe you will start throwing things at the TV, savages.
man, y’all just can’t get over the fact that Kiffin left you like a b t c h ,comes back and beats you, all while Ole Miss players are getting drafted in the NFL. Has to hurt the that he left you but stayed at Ole Miss for less money.
you really want to discuss how low Smart can go?!? maybe how fast is more appropriate? play stupid games win stupid prizes..
the turnaround in special teams was plain awesome. Howard’s performance, while late in the game, was very impressive. Even Trigg reminded everyone how special he CAN be if he gets his head straight. Concern is Wolf’s injury.
absolutely great kid. this is his second year at UCF so how is this an Ole Miss story?!!
Patriots will make the Panthers look like clowns…
good ol backwater sure does like to post a lot of negatives about Ole Miss. I intrigued that your jealousy has manifested into some strange infatuation.
Take away - Heath played at State but knew that if he wanted to play in the NFL he MUST transfer to Ole Miss. He did and the rest of the story speaks for itself.. #cometothesip #transfertothesip
don’t let Jane get you Dawg panties in a bunch. Just another HS four star for the coach that can’t recruit…
naw Kiffin doesn’t know how to recruit high schoolers.. that’s why Auburn never offered him ha ha ha Another big fish tomorrow.
Auburn fans mot worried about a coach who turned them DOWN for less money, HILARIOUS!!