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another idiot that doesn’t include Corral. Draft will speak for itself.
zach is a perfect example of why Mississippi is always behind. Not liking a kid bc he went to Ole Miss is pathetic. Even Will Rogers (another great QB!) was pulling for him. This is why comments have no value. You are pathetic, please grow up!
congrats to Bryce and he should run away with it. Not including Corral is an FN joke. At the end only the draft matters.
and after two years, it has been earned! great Last few days. But now back to work on Sugar Bowl
so now contracts don’t matter? this is post is not directly pointed towards you, but the Kiffin leaving stupidity must end. Why do I care, it hurts recruiting. SDS, 247, …this “fake news” is bad and becoming negligence. There is a reason ESPN is a more careful.
this Media! he extends and the still report “fake news” of how long he stays. I expect $8M. why follow legends when you can be your own. Where are all the State Clowns that promised he was leaving?! would love to hear Tidefan thoughts once numbers are leased. won’t be until Monday FOI.
yes work to do! but it is amazing what great coaching with great kids (regardless of stars) can accomplish.
can you really expect anyone from Arkansas to understand how great of a town Oxford is?!?
for entertainment purposes I recommend y’all check out the 247 article on why Kiffin “is perfect for Oklahoma”; specifically the comments section. Those OU fans are a special kind of stupid.
no Corral with this group is a Fn joke. As said before, awards are nice but only the draft matters.
Agree that Rogers should be much higher. No other QB has done more for their team than Corral, easy decision in my book. While it would be great for him to win what he has earned, it means absolutely nothing for the draft which is most important.
Corral #9, wow! 1st round pic and carries his team to an 8 ranking. The lack of thought from some of there writers is absolutely amazing!
hey MS State Bootyclown what stupidity are you going to post now. no to Florida, USC, LSU, and the list goes on. Kiffin at OLE MISS gets to whip you again next year.
arghbotty YOU ARE A CLOWN! how many times on how many boards are you going to post that Kiffin is leaving Ole Miss. How pathetic especially from someone whose teams just got an buttwhooping courtesy of Ole Miss? yes Kiffin postes LA plates then, then the jet, then TX plates. Since your brain is mush from your cowbell ringing let me explain it to you. It is called recruiting to ensure an Egg Bowl three peat. This concludes my free lesson to this idiot MS State Fan.
and now in Texas! Recruiting strong. Where all the Dogs at telling us he is bolting???
Louisiana plates 976 DBX, what does it mean?
Did SDS forget about Thursday night.. geez!
just another school that Kiffin rejected. Welcome to the New Age!
Coach O is a great guy and should be on a football team, JUST NOT as Head Coach. What Kiffin did is short of amazing. Proves that you can succeed without all 4-5 stars (even though having them helps). Oh BTW how many of you cry babies are going to whine and blame flopping (which every team does) as the reason for winning?! Here comes the sad sad cow bells..
Seems like somebody still SO SAD of their Thanksgiving night butt whipping.
all that bell ringing has made you crazy. Lane Train is stationed in Oxford.
sloppy game mostly caused by the weather conditions. Flopping, penalties and dropped passes were silly on both sides. Even w/out the hate it was an excellent battle. The egg stays with the School up North for another 365 days. See you in Oxford next year.
bring it on, blackbear, flopper, Kiffin leaving on a weekly basis. Smack about the Rogers who is very good but not even close to Corral, yet. The play on the field speaks for itself. Team and leadership won games and hearts. Are you ready….
Happy Thanksgiving all. Amazing that this coaching insanity continues. Great article in WSJ last month on the HALF BILLION in NCAA dead money. I expect that to double in the next five years. I agree that coaches that have proven themselves are worth every penny, but these ridiculous salaries after 1-2 years of success? that strategy has worked so well for the Longhorns…
Kiffin had zero interest on free corndogs for life.
oh silly Gator, you figured out a way destroy a coach in less than one season. Right after a big contract extension too. But Ole Miss is not seeing it right?!? ha ha ha ha