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i think u r spot on regarding tour feeling. Media makes it all about the offense. However as per the stats in the article Ole Miss’s defense was phenomenal last year. I think the article is accurate bc while we lost a lot of starters several were portal transfers that we did a great job replacing.
Change of culture that has been in the works for a few years. It’s great to party as the WINNER! SEC proud.
Best time ever at a baseball game. At least 75% in attendance were Ole Miss fans. Ole Miss gear was tough to find bc it was selling so well. Bring the electricity and passion tomorrow! BTW how in the world are there so few places to hang out afterwards?! half the restaurants were closed by 1030pm on a Saturday night?!
Respect to Razorbacks for never giving up. much rather face Auburn than y’all again!
and what a great life that must that be when you keep checking out Ole Miss stories and comments. pathetic..
ha ha , RonMexico1 wakes up Sunday morning with an Ole Miss boner! enjoy watching anyone but your team play the next few days.
wow, that article was the 90 seconds of wasted time I will never get back.
Finally someone at SDS woke up. Great recruit story. Hunter on tne front page!! slowly but surely and hopefully not ☠️
TexasUGA fan is by far the dumbest handle I could ever imagine. Reminds me of the dump I just took which gave me the time to read the garbage you just posted.
SDS writers are so anti-Ole Miss it is pathetic. We sign a 4 star – no mention. Back up reserve who wasn’t played in two years and it is a top news story. Being an Ole Miss fan is like Rodney Dangerfield – NO RESPECT. Dang I am old!
thank you several for the compliments. Those back handed compliments will receive their own special reply.
don’t need you to root for us, you have enough grief from a completely pitiful season.
“OriginalDumbassisyou”would be a better handle. for all you naysers, Ha Ha Ha guess who is going to Omaha!!!
The fact the Ole Miss is still in brings me so much joy. The biggest enjoyment is all those fools who laughed when we were included and didn’t give us a shot in Miami. So here we are. It sucks that we have to play another MS school so be it. One things I really don’t miss or need is cowbells ringing for Ole Miss behalf. Based on your debacle of a season the farther you stay away the better.
seems very simple to me. Ole Miss had a better ranking. Hotty Toddy! Real heroes never die. They always live in our hearts to inspire us, motivate us, and guide us in our lives. Sending you warm wishes on Memorial Day in remembrance of the true heroes we lost.
may not mean a lot by decision time but I believe it is a definite positive on the recruiting trail. More important to some school than others. Assists the Aggies understand where they need to allocate their pay for play funds. “Freedom does not come without a price. We may sometimes take for granted the many liberties we enjoy in America, but they have all been earned through the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many of the members of our armed forces.”
Geauxtiger, thank you for reminding us how stupid LSU fans can be, even in the off season.
When Kiffin is the voice of reason the apocalypse is upon us. I’m waiting for PIRATE wisdom to come at any moment, while Brian Kelly’s head is still spinning.. great to have this much fun in the offseason..
oh I missed all you trolls that dislike the magic of Kiffin even though you wish you could have him. (except for maybe the GA clown). Next year is going to be so much fun and hopefully we get to play GA.
so much for that story about him going to University of Texas…
yes fuzzy but clowns are funny while a large contingency of Vol fans are just plain stupid.
the response from good ol booty is the constant reminder of the typical (but not all) MS State fan. I am still in shock they let these people bring metal cowbells to home games.
This clown and his son played Wisconsin like a drum and he wants to talk down Mississippi? I don’t think they ever even visited Oxford. There have been many stories about the recent CA players that have played at Ole Miss. All have been extremely positive. Kiffin had longed move on from Caleb and Daddy is upset. Hopefully Caleb learns from his Dad’s errors.