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Congrats Dawgs! I didn't think you could do it. Thanks for proving me wrong. I guess I have too many UGA fans among my friends as I kept watching for a mistake to be the dagger. It never happened and the Dawgs kept fighting.
I would love to see UGA win this one. I think it would be better for college football and the SEC. However, Stetson Bennett is not the QB to beat Bama. For UGA to win vs Bama with Bennett, it will take a perfect game from the rest of the UGA squad, and Bennett must not make any mistakes. If UGA gets more than two scores down, it is over. If Bama finds an additional offensive hero, it is over. If UGA is one dimensional, they lose. Bama and Saban have taken up residence in the minds and psyche of UGA and Kirby Smart. They have to serve a forcible eviction notice before they can move up. I thought there was no way Bama could beat UGA in the SECCG, I was wrong. Until UGA shows that they can beat Bama, I will pick Bama to beat UGA. Bama wins tonight 34-17 with the game not being as close as the score.
I wish Leach would leave college football. Or at least the SEC. I'll root for any team in the SEC except for Miss State as long as Leach is there. Horrible coach.
We would be past this if the Cheeto Cult would have believe science and not the idiot former guy
LOVE this! The Cat is a major player in the Hog defense. Losing him really hurt the Hogs this season. It took a bit to regroup, but with Cat back, the defensive backfield may be a strength next season.
Hornsby is probably the fastest player on the team. He is raw as a QB, most people I talk to who have seen him multiple times in practice compare him to a young Lamar Jackson, but faster.
That is really what the bowl games are for, getting a jump on next season. That extra two weeks of practice are mostly for the younger players to get time. Unless a team is competing for a championship or a chance to do something the program hasn't done in a long time (or ever), the bowl games are mostly just a named scrimmage game.
Yet another reason showing the game has left Mike Leach behind. He is showing yet another reason why he shouldn't get any quality recruits. After many press conferences where he (incorrectly) throws players under the bus for losses, forces players into doing things that are not what they are the best at doing, running off highly talented players because they don't do it "his way". It doesn't bother me to see Miss State at the bottom end of the SEC standings, but I can't stand this dolt of a coach marring the SEC. I am so happy that the Razorbacks didn't hire the clown Leach. Kids go to college to prepare themselves for their professional career, be it sports or otherwise. If a student has graduated and will be able to get a high paying job, why should they risk it on what is really a glorified scrimmage. I love college football. I love seeing the teams I root for to perform well and win. I want to see the player that play for those teams to be healthy and if possible to have nice long pro careers. At this time it really is more beneficial for the University programs to have players drafted in the NFL than it is to play a single bowl game. We are not talking about returning players opting out of the bowl game, but players who are likely to be drafted in the NFL and make a really good living. Treylon Burks has opted out of the Outback bowl for Arkansas. I'm sad that I won't get to see him play another game wearing the Razorback on his helmet, but I completely understand and I wish him all the best. I want to see him making amazing catches and making some NFL DB's look silly (as long as he isn't on Baltimore, Cleveland, or Cincinnati...) I think his performance as a Hog the last three years speaks loudly about the kind of player he is and I thank him for what he brought to the hill. The Hogs are getting top level WR's to commit because of what Treylon Burks did during his time as a Hog. It would absolutely suck if he blew out a knee during a bowl game (or practice leading up to the bowl game) and that dropped him out of what could likely be a first round draft pick.
Hate to read this, but completely understand. Looking forward to seeing Burks play at the next level. I really can't blame the guy for not playing in the Outback Bowl. Burks isn't a quitter or needs to be shunned. Kids go to college to prepare themselves for their life after college, not for our entertainment. Thank you for all the highlights and for everything you have done for the program. #WPS!
If you want to see an expanded playoffs, root hard for an UGA vs Bama championships game. If that happens I would be willing to bet that the playoffs is expanded to at least eight, if not twelve, teams next year.
How is the Penn State WR Speed? That is the big thing that the Hog defense has struggled with. (See: Ole Miss and Alabama).
Very much deserved. I thought he should have won it last year. BTW, if you are ever in NW Arkansas you really need to check out Crystal Bridges, it is well worth the trip.
WooPigSooie! Question: when is a player eligible to play/practice for their new team after they transfer?
I thought Corral was having a really good stats year until he got hurt. Then he showed that he was a football player, doing what he could to get his team to win. It hurt his stats but the most important one the W column. I thought he should have been invited. Then again, I thought Peyton Manning should have won the Heisman too
Miami is on the path to sports irrelevance. The University administration has all but divorced themselves from the athletics program. If this continues they will be like Vandy, but with a beach. I don't see Miami being a power in ANY sport for the next several years, if not decades. It would take a major change at the university (money, facilities, compliance, money) for that to happen.
How many years of eligibility does this guy have? To be honest, I wouldn't call this a "big name QB"
Coming into the season, many had picked the Hogs to be last in the West and in the bottom 1/4 of the SEC, maybe getting one SEC win for the year. All the pundits were saying that the Hogs probably would get wins vs Rice, GA Southern, UAPB, and maybe get one conference win vs Mizzou or Miss State. Glad they actually played the season. I'm an old Hog Fan, one of my kids graduated from the UofA with their BA and ME. The other is a senior there as well. Going to be nice to see their names along Senior Walk. Beating Texas is always sweet, even when they are down (they weren't projected to be down to start the year). I was at the last SWC game between Arkansas and Texas in WMS. That was also another epic beatdown and wonderful afternoon. The Ole Miss loss, to me, wasn't a massive disappointment. Yeah it sucks to lose and the Hogs had a chance to win. KJ was a BEAST that day. But that loss wasn't crushing. I'm glad they bounced back after getting pounded by UGA. The Auburn loss is the one that is most disappointing. I think the loss of Catalon really impacted the outcome of the Auburn game. I'd have losing Catalon as the #2, if not #1 low point on the season. Catalon was a team captain, pre-season All-American, All-SEC, and alpha-dog of the defense. He called the plays and made the adjustments. Losing him for the season was a HUGE loss. I'd put as one of the high points the winning of ALL the trophy games (Southwest Classic vs A&M, The Boot vs LSU, and The Battle Line vs Mizzou) in the season for the first time. That is big. Getting Larry was going to happen by getting those three.
good list. I'd rank Leach lower. Today the "my way or highway" coaches are showing they need to be phased out. Leach is becoming a bad evaluator of talent and running off good players. He had a STUD RB in Kylin Hill to start last season, but Leach considers any running play to be a loss. That is a big part of the reason why Hill opted out after three games last season. Good coaches do have a system, but they are able to adapt that system to do what the players he has are good at doing. Coaches won't always have the perfect players to run their system, they must adapt. Leach is seemingly incapable of doing that. He will always be an inferior coach in my eyes. The press conference after the Arkansas game was an absolute disgrace. I wouldn't want my son to play for him. (For the record, I was at the Arkansas vs Miss State game this year. The last missed FG attempt by MSU was more the fault of the snapper and holder as the snap was low and away, then the holder didn't get the ball in the right spot at the right time. For any head coach to throw a player under the bus like that, without having all the facts, is the sign of a very bad coach.
I wonder if David Shaw from Stanford is interested. He's been at Stanford for over ten years. He might be up for a change. After being at Stanford, he knows about getting talent at university with higher academic standards.
Should have Sam Pittman on there. People actually like Sam and his Hogs also played both UGA and BAMA
Brian Kelly is probably the best X's and O's head coach and CEO that LSU has had in a long, long time. Now the key to this hire is how well he can get the "Jimmy's and Joe's" (Or in Louisiana, "Boudreaux and Beau's") to come to the red stick and buy into the program. If Kelly can continue the trend of LSU with top tier recruiting classes and keeps the best Louisiana talent home while cherry-picking a few from their feeder states, LSU will be among the top in an tough SEC West. If not, LSU will be looking for another head coach in three years. (It used to be five years, but let's not kid ourselves, at the Power 5 level coaches really only have three years to make an impact) SEC Coaching Tenure: Nick Saban (Alabama) 14 years Mark Stoops (Kentucky) 8 years Kirby Smart (Georgia) 4 years Jimbo Fisher (Texas A&M) 3 years Sam Pittman (Arkansas) 2 years Lane Kiffin (Mississippi) 2 years Eli Drinkwitz (Missouri) 2 years Mike Leach (Miss State) 2 years Josh Heupel (Tennessee) first year Shane Beamer (South Carolina) first year Clark Lea (Vanderbilt) first year Bryan Harsin (Auburn) first year Steve Sarkisian (*Texas) first year Billy Napier (Florida) just hired Brian Kelly (LSU) just hired ?????? (*Oklahoma) vacant * - future SEC Members Should tell you something that all but two teams have head coaches that have been in their position for less than five years
Looks cool. Like Army's unis better. Go Army!
I said to many people before the "big game" that until Michigan beats tOSU, I will pick tOSU to win. well, Michigan won (and beat them handily). Good game Blue.
Shane Beamer, Gamecocks Head Coach {Maybe, but doubtful} Brent Venables, Clemson Defensive Coordinator {NOPE!} Matt Rhule, Carolina Panthers Head Coach {NOPE!} While we are here: Lane Kiffin, Mississippi Head Coach {NOPE!} Coach Bro, Arizona Cardinals Head Coach {NOPE!} Looks like they need another Stoops brother to take the reigns
Here is the difference between UGA and Bama: Both played an improving Arkansas on their home field. Bama could seemingly score at will (Hog fans have since removed all the Jamison's from their bar). Bama still just beat the Hogs by one score (and needed an on-side kick recovery to do that. UGA put the Hog offense in a box and shipped it back to Fayetteville. At that time, the Hog O was rolling and there was some honest "do we actually have a chance?" Thoughts among those clad in Cardinal and White. Less than 7:00 into the game that answer was clearly "nope" as the outcome was no way near as close as the 37-0 score. Kirby clearly "called off the Dawgs" vs his friend. Bama doesn't have a chance. The UGA defense will probably set SECCG records.