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I have a feeling that Jerry will not allow that to happen. Jerry World (AKA the Death Star) has the entire field level with on-field suites and those suites have several seats on the first few rows of the lower section. BIG $$$ and Jerry won't give that up without a fight.
Holy Sheep Dip. When did respecting the rights of every human being become such a political issue? Oh wait, the GOP SAYS they want equality for all but if one is LGBTQ+, Latinx, immigrants, or People of Color speaking up for themselves, then they don't want you. For goodness sake people WAKE UP! We are all human beings living and breathing the same air, drinking the same water, and when we die we will all go back into the same Earth. These meaningless divisions being put on us are nothing more than divide and conquer. We all have our own racial origins, but that should have ZERO impact on how the government, other people, and we as individuals treat or react to another human being. It is well past time to STOP all the hateful and divisive actions. It is well past time to CALL OUT others who act in hateful, divisive, and yes RACIST ways. This is bigger than sports and it impacts sports. Telling athletes and other sports stars to "shut up and dribble" is akin to saying "go entertain me, boy!" It is wrong and should not be tolerated. If people raising the issue of racial inequality and racial injustice bothers you, then YOU have the problem and YOU need to fully examine how you live your life.
That Browns team that drafted Tim Couch could have drafted the 100% clone of Joe Montana and he would have been a bust. That team (like most Browns teams) was just BAD
Jalen seems like a good kid, but I don't understand this pick. Unless the Eagles are looking to implement a new-look split back shotgun with a RB, QBp (Wentz), and QBr (Hurts) in the backfield. Center could snap the ball to either of the QB's and the defense would not really know what to cover. Could open up a myriad of mismatches or coverage issues. If the Defense goes big to stop the run, QBr and RB could go in the pattern or block. Most dangerous would be snap to QBp, handoff or toss to QBr on a sweep. QBr would have option to run or pass the ball. Would take a special and non-fragile type of player to be that guy.
Tua is a great kid and did some really good things for Alabama, but if I were running an NFL team I wouldn't draft Tua before the third round. You draft players in the top two rounds that will be impact players right away. Tua is way too much of an injury risk for me. The "If he can stay healthy" guys usually get drafted starting in the 3rd round.
I watched it and LOVED it! I would imagine that anyone born in the mid-late 90's would not get that THIS WAS BASKETBALL! We forgot how absolutely dominating young MJ really was. That series against the Celtics and their roster of HoF'ers where MJ summarially took each of them on and owned them. Yes the Celtics were the better team, but to a man, everyone was in awe of what was being unleashed on the NBA. I can't wait for the next installment of this Sports Doc.
Since the arena has already been occupied by people, they would need to sanitize the entire arena as the Covid-19 virus is known to be able to live on surfaces for several hours. Additionally, how fair would it be if one team had two or three players infected? Lastly, this is a new disease, we don't know if people will test positive in the early stages of infection or how long they can be a carrier while being asymptomatic. Cancelling the tournaments was the correct decision. We most likely could have prevented this if we had testing materials earlier, like shortly after the emergence of this disease in late 2019. We knew it would be here, we should have prepared better.
This isn't a silly over-reaction. According to infectious disease epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch at Harvard, it’s “plausible” that up to 60 percent of adults will be infected with Covid-19 disease. It is the SPEED at which the outbreak plays out matters hugely for its consequences. What epidemiologists fear most is the health care system becoming overwhelmed by a sudden explosion of illness that requires more people to be hospitalized than it can handle. In that scenario, more people will die because there won’t be enough hospital beds or ventilators to keep them alive. That is what the NCAA is trying to help by cancelling the 2020 Tournament. (same with all the other leagues and conferences with their cancellations)
see above, I made a long post. tl;dr version is that Covid-19 doesn't require direct contact or body fluid exchange to infect like the other versions did.
Covid-19 is a NEW virus. The human body has not built up any natural antibodies for this disease. This isn't as deadly as other versions of SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Covid-19 is the disease caused buy the virus SARS-CoV-2. Much of the knowledge we have of COVID-19 is from the research of MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Covid-19 is more infectious than MERS and SARS-CoV. Research evidence suggests that SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and the original SARS-CoV all originated in bats. SARS-CoV then spread from infected civets to people, while MERS-CoV spreads through infected dromedary camels to people. Scientists are trying to determine how SARS-CoV-2 spread to people. It is the non-direct contact infections that are making the reaction to Covid-19 impact all sectors of life. Unlike previous SARS virus a direct contact from one person to the next was needed for infection. That is not the case now.
Yet Covid-19 is more infectious and has a higher mortality rate than the flu. And now the "events" that the media outlets make money for covering (pro and college sports) are being cancelled. I doubt the media would allow that to happen if it were not real.
Doesn't matter. There will be no NCAA Basketball Tournament this year.
Coach A visits Player 1. At Player 1's home is mom, dad, and two siblings. Dad is carrying the virus but not symptomatic, thus infecting Coach A. After that visit Coach A visits player 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in their home with any number of parents, siblings, and relatives at each. Each of them are subject and likely to be infected. Coach A returns to campus and has a meeting with coach B, C, D, E, and F. Now they are possibly infected. Now they are potentially infecting players, other contacts, and other recruits. Infected people may not get sick, but they can at least be a carrier. That is the problem with this situation, we don't know how it impacts people because WE HAVE NOT BEEN TESTING. What we do know about this virus is that it can live on surfaces for up to six hours, if not cleaned. That means an infected person can go into a room, touch a surface, leave, and then if that surface isn't cleaned for a couple hours anyone using that room may get infected and not know it until they are symptomatic.
BOOOOO! Mason Jones should have been POY. The Media got it partly correct: "Mason Jones was voted SEC co-Player of the Year by the league’s media and selected first team All-SEC by the league’s media and coaches, it was announced today. Jones shared the media’s Player of the Year award with Mississippi State’s Reggie Perry. Jones and Perry were additionally the only unanimous selections to the AP All-SEC team." Highlights of Jones’ season: - 1 of 5 finalists for the Jerry West Award – given to the nation’s top shooting guard - Was SEC Player of the Week four times, tying a league record (1 of 3 and first since 2009) - SEC Scoring Leader – 22.0; 8th in the NCAA and looking to be the 1st Razorback to lead the SEC at season’s end - Leads the NCAA in both free throws made (223) and attempted (271) - Scored at least 30 points nine times – most by an SEC player over the last 20 years; 4th most in the NCAA this season - SEC Scoring Leader (SEC Games) – 23.6 ppg; Arkansas season record for SEC games - Set Arkansas record for Points Scored (SEC Season) – 424 - Set Arkansas record for FT made in a season – 223; 7th on SEC single season list and most since 1980 (233 by Jon Stroud – Ole Miss) - Set Arkansas record for FT made (SEC Season) – 146 - The only player in the SEC to lead his team in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals - The only player in the SEC to rank among the league’s top 24 in scoring (1st), rebounding (21st), assists (10th) and steals (7th) - Was 1 of 2 players in the SEC to lead his team in scoring and rebounding - 1 of 3 players in the SEC over the last 30 years to have multiple 40-point games in a season
Mason Jones MUST be in the discussion for SEC Player of the Year.
Oregron, Saban, and Gus aren't going to win every game every year. Kiffin, Leach, and Fisher won't either. I think we are on the cusp of a new era in the SEC, back where the top four are really good, but teams 5-12 are good too, and able to beat just about anyone on any given weekend. When Pittman gets the roster rebuilt, I expect the Hogs to compete with all of those team. Some years they will win more, others they will win less. I'm tired of the 50-point BEATINGS where the team couldn't compete at all, and were even out-classed by the other guys second and third string.
Most of the Hog fans I run into are happy about the hire of Pittman and his staff. Arkansas isn't a "flashy coach" home. I really think that Pittman wanted to be at the UofA and will do his best to remain there. Since 2010 ths Hogs have had FIVE head coaches (Petrino, John L. Bert, Chad, and now Coach Pittman) several 180 degree turns in direction (Pro Passing Attack, SMILE, Ground and Pound, Right Lane Broke Down) and now, FINALLY what seems to be a head coach and staff that is designed to get the team to do what the players are best at doing. So many coaches preach style and system, but unless they have been there long enough to recruit players to match their specific system year in and year out, they must be able to adjust. Look at TCU, they don't get the top recruits each year, but they adjust what they do based on what their team does best. That IMO makes a team harder to play against. I'm ready to see a Razorback football team play solid fundamental football. We really haven't seen that since Pittman left for Georgia. That is why the Hogs are on their third coach in four years.
And both of them were once assistant coaches at Arkansas: Switzer: RB Coach 1961-65 (under Frank Broyles) Carroll: Graduate Assistant / Secondary assistant 1977 (Under Lou Holtz)
The Hogs will FOCUS regionally, but every now and again there are players from outside that area that want to go to the University. It could be family ties, love of the program, or something else. The coaching staff has to be aware of many things in recruiting. The past coaching staff wasn't aware of a kid in the state that was a top talent and dreamed of being a Hog. That kid will be playing for an ACC school. I doubt that the Pittman staff would have that type of miss
And Jimmy to Arkansas was probably closer than many of these listed above. JJ was a coach at Arkansas, and a former player. Frank Broyles wanted a big name to follow him and Lou Holtz became available. Just imagine what could have happened if JJ stayed home.
in addition to the lack of program talent, Coach Morris (and his staff) couldn't develop players. It seemed like they could not see the errors that the players were making (not just in called play execution, but football fundamentals) and correct them. For two years under Morris: the QB-Center exchange was a disaster QB footwork was bad QB pass reads were at best "just look at half the field" O-line were often confused or just overmatched on most plays. The list goes on and on... I blame Chavis for the mountain of problems with the Defense, so I am not going to list them here.
John L. Smith was really the only coach to fill in after the Motorcycle Incident. The problem with that year is everyone on the team knew it was just for one year and the cracks in the foundation were already there before Petrino left. John L. had a better at Arkansas record than Morris, plus John L. beat at least one SEC school.
Did you watch ANY of the Arkansas games the last two years? Arkansas QB's under Morris actually regressed. He might be better as an just an OC, but he and his staff were doing very little coaching in Fayetteville.
When a team is as bad as Arkansas has been over the past two years, does a higher percentage of returning production help, or hurt them? (I am a HUGE supporter of the Pittman hire as the Head Hog. I think he and his staff have what it takes to make Arkansas a top three team in the SEC West again.)
The author states: "I like the 'McFadden' style of the Arkansas uniform" but then rates them low. Well, the Hogs moved to the "McFadden Era" style home unis last year (Hog fans expect to see the road version this season). Not liking the Hog on the helmet? What is not to like about it? There is just one Razorback in football. The Hog has been on the helmet since the 1960's (Before that it was just plain or had the uniform number on it). I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it when the Hogs played in the 1964 throwback vs Alabama in 2014. As for my rankings: 1. LSU (I don't like putting the Bayou Bengals on the top of the list, but you KNOW who you are playing when that uniform takes the field) 2. Georgia (Hard not to put UGA #1. Love their classic look) 3. Alabama (Bama is Bama.) 4. Ole Miss 5. Auburn 6. Tennessee 7. Florida (they mess with the look too much, too many weird alt unis) 8. Arkansas (waiting for the Hogs to go full "McFadden") 9. Texas A&M ( 10. Kentucky 11. Vanderbilt 12. South Carolina 13. Mississippi State 14. Missouri
I have to question this kid. Why would anyone LEAVE Stanford to go to Mississippi State? If you are on a full ride at Stanford and the worst you do is a backup football player and get your degree, YOU STILL HAVE A DEGREE FROM STANFORD. That piece of parchment makes the rest of your lift that much easier. Mississippi State is a fine university. Many people have achieved great things as a graduate from there. But it isn't Stanford.