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Could be one of the best SEC basketball seasons in a long time
If we can only get the season finished. COVID-19 is making a strong 2nd half surge...
The larger problem with the Catalon call, is that the lead official had many other horrible calls and was the same official in the Ark/Aub game this year. Oh and was the same Official in the 2009 Ark/Fla game that lead to the officiating crew being suspended. More than a trend here.
What if I told you that Marc Curles was also the lead official in the Arkansas vs Auburn game this year? Oh and the first reply that clearly showed a fumble with an Arkansas recovery he stated the exact same "no clear evidence of an immediate recovery" when there clearly was. LSU would have a turnover later in that same drive so it didn't matter in the big picture as much. Oh and what if I told you that he was also the lead official in the 2009 Arkansas vs Florida game where the crew was suspended after making their second horrible call of the year? Yep. Either Marc Curles has a vendetta against the University of Arkansas or he is the worst official in the SEC. Either way he should never officiate another game in the SEC and the rest of that crew should be broken up and put on other crews (with a demotion). This is BEYOND just a one time thing or chalk it up to being 2020. Lastly, there MUST be a way to petition the league office to overturn the targeting penalty that results in a player missing the first half of the next game. The Catalon penalty was in no way targeting. He did not launch, he did not lead with his helmet or shoulders to the head or neck area of the ball carrier. In fact, Catalon was turning his body to NOT do the above. That the official had time to watch several replays of the hit shows that the ref does not know what targeting is.
Well, Arkansas vs Mizzou is postponed and Mizzou is playing Vandy. Thanks 2020
Getting closer and closer to the rest of the season getting cancelled.
they couldn't reschedule this game, LSU already has games to make up. SEC figured that the Hogs were close enough and that this game wouldn't "matter" in the championship run.
Yes, same as the Auburn game and Florida the previous time the Hogs traveled to the Swamp (not this year). He should no longer be officiating SEC games. He has demonstrated that he is HORRIBLE. This "officiating team" needs to be broken up and put on other teams, with each ref getting a demotion.
Jordan Rodgers continues with the "look at me!" schtick. He is a horrible analyst. He is such a one sided bandwagon jumper. One team is always right and the other is always wrong. He has one bit of info that he "learned" in prep, and he repeats it ad nauseam. I can't stand it when he is on the call for Razorback games.
That's funny right there
I'd have Ole Miss higher as well. My Power Poll: 1. Alabama(6-0) - Going to get UGLY vs LSU this week. Should finish 10-0 2. Texas A&M(5-1) - Win vs Florida kicked this squad into high gear, believing that they can win every game. They have a GREAT O-Line, Really Good QB, a MONSTER at TE, and their running game is deep and dynamic. I don't see them losing a game the rest of the regular season. Should finish 9-1 3. Florida(4-1) - They are the 1b to Bama's 1a in the discussion as the best offense in the SEC. Going to be hard for the Hogs to stay close this week. Most likely to finish 9-1 4. Georgia(4-2) - If they can't fix the QB situation there will be issues the rest of the season. Not out of the realm of possibility to finish 8-2 5. Auburn(4**-2) - Looks to finish 2-2 (W's vs Miss State and Tennessee, L's vs A&M and Bama) Team that DID lose to South Carolina and Georgia, that SHOULD have lost vs Ole Miss and Arkansas. 6. Arkansas(3-3*) - Call me a homer, but the Hogs are looking good! They will probably lose this week at the Swamp. Then finish the season vs LSU, @Mizzou, then vs Bama. Before the season started, all three of these were lock losses, now, except for Bama, anything is possible. Could very well finish this impossible schedule 5-5 7. Ole Miss(2-4*) - Been quiet in North Mississippi. Could very easily finish the season 5-5 (Only loss vs A&M) 8. Kentucky(2-4) - I can't figure out this team. They lost big to Auburn, lost to Ole Miss and Mizzou. With Vandy this week followed by two beatings at Bama and at Florida, the season ender vs South Carolina will be important. Looking at a 4-6 or 3-7. 9. Tennessee(2-4) - The sirens are blaring on Rock Top (did you see the Arkansas Social Media team's take this week :) ) Could very easily finish the last four 1-3, with the only W vs Vandy. Realistic finish is 3-7 10. Missouri(2-3) - Another team I can't figure out. Can beat anyone or lose to anyone (not in the top tier). Arkansas is the most difficult game left on their schedule. 5-5 is realistic here. 11. LSU(2-3) - Still hungover? Has a crazy schedule to finish the season. After Bama, they play at Arkansas, at A&M, vs Ole Miss, and Florida. OUCH! 3-7 would be the best I see them finishing. 12. South Carolina(2-4) - Getting ugly in Columbia. They could win any of their remaining games (except Georgia) or they could lose all four. 13. Mississippi State(2-4) - Bad year. Finish with Georgia, Ole Miss, Missouri and Auburn. Will most likely lose all four to finish 2-8 14. Vanderbilt(0-6) - Someone has to be 14th 0-10
This is the game I want the Hogs to win in the worst way. I don't think it will happen. A&M is too balanced of an offense for the Hogs to be able to make them just one dimensional. The Hogs offense isn't dynamic enough (yet) to make A&M chase them. For the Hogs to have a chance to win, I think the offense would need to be clicking from the opening kick, keep producing the entire game and get up a couple of scores early. As the game wears on the defense will need to get a couple of turnovers to really make A&M start pressing. In short, the Hogs will have to play a near perfect game. Sadly, I don't see that happening. :(
I love The Masters. I love Gameday. I don't think they should mix. One of the things that makes the Masters what it is, is the hallowed grounds. No phones, no personal cameras (on tournament days) plus loud and respectful crowds make The Masters a sporting event like no other. The roar of a leader or favorite challenger making a key birdie or eagle is not like anything else in sports. It is sad that this tournament will be played without patrons (better to have a Masters with no fans than no Masters at all). Gameday is about being loud and crazy. Getting your homemade sign on TV and heckling the hosts when they don't pick your school to win (or start talking about the enemy). Both events are great. I've been lucky to attend both of them a few times. Both are better with fans.
you are either giving Aub's offense a lot of credit, or absolutely zero credit to the Ole Miss D. With Chad the OC, Aubbie has a hard time scoring vs air.
in the immortal words of Aristotle Nostradamus Shannon (A.K.A. Bull) "Ohh-kay"
I'm not having a good season on picks. 7-12 ATS (9-10 SU) I missed week 1 Give me Ole Miss +3 and to win outright I think Bama will win, just not a greater than 3 TD game. Kentucky over Mizzou by at least a TD South Carolina wins outright vs LSU.
Good kid. I knew him when he played on the same LFA team with my son (LFA is pee-wee football, same league that Kyler Murray and others played in as youngsters). Was a hell of an athlete and really good kid then.
Kiffin is right and was right not to yank the QB. I used to be one of the people that thought LK was over his head as an HC. His term so far at Ole Miss has changed that for me. He has the potential to be a really good coach. He isn't a one-trick pony or all hat and no cattle. He will make Ole Miss a force to be reckoned with and yeah, I'll be rooting for them to beat Aubie this weekend as well.
Looks like CM does have an impact on a program...
Burls is a hero and a tragedy. His legacy is much larger than the shadow he cast. Watch the movie about him, but make sure you have a box of tissue.
I saw it when it aired last night. Great interview! Love Coach Pittman and the SC with SVP.
As long as Morris is on the Auburn sideline, (or pressbox, or just employed by this team) the Auburn Offense will regress. In the SEC coaches have to make adjustments between every series (hell many times between plays!) and Morris isn't able to spot an in game error other than "that isn't my offense."
You are so right with this. CM is unable to adjust during the game. He holds up the paper and says "run this, like this" while the offense goes out then messes up. Chad says "no run this, like this." He doesn't explain what is wrong, what is right, or see where the basic error are to be corrected. Until Morris is replaced, the Auburn offense will regress.
surprised they didn't find a way to screw Arkansas in this...
I'm 5-9 ATS this year (sorry, I missed picking week one. Sue me. So my horribly inaccurate picks for this week are: South Carolina +3 I think they win outright. Tennessee -6 Cover time here. I think Tennessee takes it out on UK Texas A&M -6.5 A&M might come back to earth a little after last week. Miss State is having a hard time finding Earth. A&M covers easy. Georgia +4 difficult pick here. If Saban is not there for the game UGA will win. Saban is worth 7 points by himself. Ole Miss -1.5 I think Ole Miss will challenge the Hog's D in ways they haven't been this year. The Rebs can explode run or pass. Arkansas could focus on either/or in their first three games. I'm rooting for the Hogs, but I have to pick Ole Miss. (wave RCR from TX_Hogfan)