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I see the Hogs finishing with a 3-9, 0-8 record.Remaining Schedule: No. 21 Auburn - BIG loss at Ole Miss - loss Coastal Carolina - win at No. 24 LSU - loss Mississippi State - loss Missouri - lossArkansas can't stop big passing attacks. Ole Miss and Missouri will carve up the Hogs secondary like a pig roast. Oh and Arkansas has trouble stopping mobile QB's.
You must not have been paying attention to what Arkansas has been doing over the past couple of seasons.The Hogs can't stop the run. Auburn runs the ball. The Hogs give up too many big passing plays. (let New Mexico State pass for over 350). Auburn's QB likes to hit the big pass play. The Hogs can't get pressure on the QB, play soft coverage, and are pretty much slower across the board vs SEC athletes.Ok that is the Defensive liabilities. It can't be that bad for the offense right? Nope. The line is unable to run block or protect the QB. The QB has no time to throw and when they do the WR's are more or less surprised when the ball gets there. Auburn's strength is their D-line. They are big, strong, and fast. They will feast on Arkansas's offense. Auburn has better players at every position. (Except maybe Frank Ragnow, but he can't do it alone)Alabama was in "just win the game and don't get anyone hurt" mode Auburn is coming into this game with a "ok, let's show them we are a good team" mode.The only way I see Arkansas even covering is if the Auburn players have given up on Gus and don't want to play for him anymore.
and Coach B is looking right at another 0-8 season...
Petrino? HELL NO! On top of being the scum of the Earth, he proved he can't beat Bama with his BEST teams at Arkansas and can't beat Dabo with his best teams at Louisville. If someone brings that program destroyer in, they will be regretting it within five years.
I'm surprised that Arkansas is rated that high...
I love the Hogs.However, this year's team has a few problems:1. They cannot stop the run (please take a look at how the D-Line is lining up and are being easily handled by single blocking guards and centers with near zero penetration)2. Cannot stop the home run pass (DB's are slow so they play way off the WR's then get beat on quick slants or bite and get beat on sluggos.)3. Cannot get pressure on the QB (LB's are getting zero pressure as the d-line is not commanding any double teams, leaving five o-line to block four rushers)4. Cannot establish the run (Hog's O-line constantly getting beat off the line. Not a physical force they need to be)5. Cannot give the QB enough time to pass (issues with O-line make passing game struggle)The only way I see Arkansas winning this game is if the whole Auburn team decides that they don't care and don't want to play. Auburn wins easily if only their offense or defense shows up. If they are inspired on both sides of the ball, it will be a bad day for the Hogs in Fayetteville.Projection: Auburn 56 - Arkansas 12 (two missed PAT's)
Go watch the replays. Focus on the d-line. How is that supposed to work? Now watch any other team playing a 3-4 scheme. Watch how their players line up and attack the ball.
I thought the d-line played surrender ball all night. They lined up off the ball, their first move at the snap of each play was to stand up, and they were single blocked all game long. You cannot win if your d-line is set up to fail like this.
I am an avid Hog fan. I have been so all my life. I love football. This team is BAD.I'm watching this game with my son, who is an offensive lineman for his high school team here in the metroplex, and he notices the way the Hog D-line is lining up for each play. First he notices the odd four point stance they are in. "there is nothing they can do from there but stand straight up" Looking further, you can see that they are lining up a yard to a yard and a half OFF THE BALL. When your stance forces you to stand up at the snap and you are that far off the ball you cannot get any pressure on the offensive line.That is further seen by the Tide o-line single blocking each of the Hog d-line all night long. If your d-line cannot force any double team blocks, it is going to be a long night for your defense.
Uhm, TY DUFFY you say that the Hogs are o-3 vs FBS. That is incorrect. The Hogs did win vs New Mexico State."The New Mexico State Aggies football team represents New Mexico State University in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college football as a member of the Sun Belt Conference."Not that the game was great or a harbinger of great things to come. Just get your facts correct.
no no no no no never no not ever.Big 12 (-2) is a sinking ship.
You are effing insane if you think people want the scumbag Petrino back.
I'd take Bama minus whatever. Bama could cover the -30 if they only played second and third stringers. Seeing that Saban is pissed off after aTm, this could be an SEC record for largest winning margin.
Don't worry about "sad fans are sad" from Fayetteville in a few weeks. There will be no fans there.
Looking to help your team? Schedule Arkansas. You will get well in many areas.
Thank you for grabbing the spotlight away from the dumpster fire in Fayetteville.
Don't worry, Bama is playing the Hogs next. They will find several WR's a couple TE's and a third string RB to put up huge numbers.
Coach B. wanna follow the lead of another former Wisconsin coach?
Arkansas plays Alabama on the 14th then Auburn on the 21st. I would not be surprised if the point total is larger. Arkansas is a bad football team right now.
can I place a bet that Gruden WON'T be the HC at Tennessee (or any other SEC school) next year?
I find it so funny that fans are saying "get Gruden or Kelly" neither one will be coaching in the SEC next year or years after.
If you don't shed a tear watching #1 you are not human
This has been a problem with the Hogs D for years. Running QB's continually gash them. I chalk this up to lack of overall team speed. The players know they are not as fast as the other guys so they must over-commit to the play. When the faster player (almost always on the other side of the ball) makes a cut then the defender is way out of position and yields a big play. The Hog defensive backs are not able to cover the faster outside receivers so they need to play back to not be beat over the top. Slower defensive backs playing back to not get beat then the front seven out of position. Not a good combination and one that won't be fixed in one year.
um?Sacking/rrotecting the QB is a mustI think there is a typo there.Now my list on what needs to be fixed:1 - O-line The O-Line has not been the dominate force of Bielema's dreams. They are not opening up running lanes nor protecting the QB. The O-Line is getting beat by more physical defenses and by defenses with more speed. That is a bad combination. If you don't have the most athletic O-Line you lean on size and strength. If you don't have size and strength you rely on speed and athleticism. If you don't have either you get beaten, a lot. Austin Allen is getting hit too often and the running game is not producing. Fixing the O-Line will fix many other issues.2 - Defense speed I know the overall speed of the team can't be improved after one bye week. What scares me is being gashed by running plays up the middle and then getting burned over the top. The consistent occurrence of these issues indicative of a lack of overall team speed. The players will "cheat" to one side or the other but that leaves them out of position when the play switches and then it is off to the races with the Razorback defenders usually coming in second (or third). The defense must be fundamentally sound and physical up front to keep from giving up the big play.3. Special teams The special teams have not been special in Arkansas for a long time. I'm not just talking about the PAT/FG team. Punting to control field position, directional kicking, punk/kick coverage, punt/kick return, and kickoffs have been poor for a while. Lack of speed could also contribute to the poor punt/kick coverage and return teams. Arkansas kickoffs rarely, if ever, travel into the end zone. I'd gladly let a team start on their own 25 yard line each drive.I think I covered all three phases...
This burning of jerseys thing is a failed bit. I'd bet you 100 Peyton Manning Tennessee jerseys that this same guy will buy tickets again and be singing Rocktop to the SEC Championship game after the next big Tennessee win.
Petrino is a good offensive mind but he is a HORRIBLE coach.
I like them. I'd love them if the Hog were red with the white outline.