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@Nossant68 - I think he went to talk to the other coaches first and then was going back up but they directed him to the press room. It is important to me that all the coaches work together -- One Razorback!
Tyson Family (Tyson Foods) Walton Family (WalMart) JB Hunt ABF Mr. Smith (FedEx) Jones Family (Blue Star) Stephens Family (Stephens Inc) Not bad for a small state
In the end, people need to remember that these are college kids playing the game and a good number of people in the stands are also college kids. They want to celebrate big wins. The Duke win has been a BIG GAME since it was announced. I used to think “act like you have been there before” but for most of these 18-22 year olds, they haven’t been there before. Let them celebrate the win as long as no one gets hurt and nothing damaged
In the end, people need to remember that these are college kids playing the game and a good number of people in the stands are also college kids. They want to celebrate big wins. The Duke win has been a BIG GAME since it was announced. I used to think "act like you have been there before" but for most of these 18-22 year olds, they haven't been there before. Let them celebrate the win as long as no one gets hurt and nothing damaged.
Few people want to answer this question: "If Georgia would have won vs Alabama in the SECCG, would Texas be in over FSU?" As a lifelong hater of everything burnt orange, I would still say that the Horns would be in the playoff over FSU.
I fully expect a large majority of players that are going into the NFL draft to not play in bowl games. It wouldn't surprise me going forward there are more returning star players being "inactive" for bowl games to keep them from getting hurt in a game that means nothing more than swag and congrats on winning six or more games.
What was the edict of the Playoff Committee? "To have the four best teams in the playoff" They did that. Answer this as well: "If Georgia had beaten Alabama, would Texas have gotten in above FSU?" The answer is a clear yes. Alabama showed that is was better than Georgia in the SECCG. So they clearly deserved to be in the playoff. FSU, without their all-everything QB would not be able to beat any of the top eight teams. There is no way they can legitimately claim they "deserved" or "earned" a playoff spot.
Reports are that Gus has no interest in Arkansas (and most of Arkansas has no interest in Gus either).
No he doesn't. Bobby was fired with cause and cannot be rehired (and we don't want him)
The loser of the OSU/Michigan game is out, especially if it is Michigan.
Why am I not seeing the latest "10 things..." article on the main page of SDS?
A couple of names that could be there are: Jeff Traylor with Barry Lunny as OC Traylor was the Assistant HC/RB coach under Morris who became the HC at UTSA. While he was at Arkansas they brought in some really talented RB. Barry Lunny is an Arkansas legacy, he was at UTSA with Traylor and now at Illinois where he revamped their lackluster offence. Gentle reminder: Petrino CANNOT COME BACK AS HE WAS FIRED WITH CAUSE. Arkansas contracts prohibit anyone from being fired with cause to be hired again.
"KJ has taken too many hits..." is why it is baffling to me why they haven't called/run any quick hitting plays. It seems like every pass play was prefaced by a slow run read then KJ had to reset, read what the defense was doing, then figure out where the receiver would be. What happened to catch the snap then throw quick to a WR on a slant, quick out, or shallow TE crosser? Those bang-bang type plays make a heavy rush team back off a bit to allow the QB more time to think.
Enos was trying to coach KJ to do something that he was not. Then Enos's offensive play calling was extremely unimaginative. There have been plays to be made but the offense that was put on the field was not able to make them.
The Enos hire turned out to be a mistake. When it happened, it seemed like a good thing. KJ was back to make himself better for the NFL. Having a guy that has put several QB's in the league looked like it would answer a lot of questions. However, it looks like Enos broke KJ. Enos took away the things that KJ did really good and made him do things that were not in his strong suit. Yes, I get it that the o-line is beat up and not playing well. I think that has a lot to do with the play calling. I was there Saturday and from what I saw, the plan was to force the run. Miss State is a good pass rush team and they can plug the line rather well. I did not see any adjustments by the offense to take advantage of the "pin their ears back" nature of the Miss State D. The quick slant/quick out was open all day, but never run. Every pass had KJ either standing looking to make a read, pressure getting to him, and then he gets sacker or tries to run out of it and makes a poor throw. From what I saw, it looks like KJ is thinking too much and not playing the game like he can. I really hope that Kenny Guiton has a long sitdown with KJ to bring in the things that KJ can do well. Go back to getting the adjustments on the sideline (much like a spread OC does). Bring in quick hitting plays that stress making decisions based of one or two reads post snap, not having to read and understand the entire defense pre-snap. Go Hogs! Take this off week and get better.
I love Pat. He has added A LOT to GameDay. He will be allowed to fully be himself when Corso retires. Pat is closer to being the "voice of the fan" on the show than anyone. And I like that. He's not afraid to call someone out and he's not afraid of admitting when he was wrong. I hope Pat is a fixture on GameDay for a while.
I'm not a coach, but I've played a little ball over the years and watched a lot more. What I'm seeing in KJ (and I love him) is that it looks like Dan Enos broke him. I'm not talking physical, but mental. All of KJ's football life, he has been playing in some sort of spread one read and react type offense. It looks like Enos is wanting KJ to make all the reads after the play is called and then audible out of that to the "best play". The play takes a long time to call in the huddle, then they get in formation, KJ then has to read the defense and make additional calls. It would be one thing if Enos was calling very sophisticated or exciting batch of plays, but to do the heavy mental load he is putting on KJ, it is clear that they are not calling the whole playbook. I understand that Briles's offense was predictable and he would far too often out-cute himself putting the Hogs in bad situations when they didn't have to. But his offense was based on the QB reading one or two players and executing the play. Fairly simple, quick thinking, and execution. One of the compounding affects, is the O-line is in their stance for a long time waiting on the adjustment call, and then having to change what they were thinking about after breaking the huddle just before the snap. The Hogs have two seniors on the line and they have been very good in the past. They had few penalties, and were not this badly beaten play after play. Unless there is an injury, a college senior offensive linemen isn't going to dramatically regress in one season--unless the scheme changes. Football players, like nearly everyone, execute better when the they don't have to spend excess energy thinking about what they need to do to make the play happen. "Don't think, just do it!" is what many coaches try to get their players to do. With the wholesale change from Briles's spread to Enos's quasi pro-style offense, they players are still having to think about what they are doing instead of just running the play. It sucks that this is going to really hurt KJ and his possibility to play ball at the next level (as well as the senior linemen).
Chad's powers aren't reserved for College. He was hired to be the HC for the Mighty Allen Eagles High School in Allen Texas. This Allen team had not lost more than one game a season for many years. They are the largest HS in Texas and have many, many, largest classification state championships. Chad's team lost multiple times in the regular season and had an early exit to the playoffs (was "removed" after that year)
WMS has a lot of Hog History, but it needs to be closed. Playing in WMS now actually has a negative effect for the program. They lose a recruiting weekend, lose revenue, and play in a stadium that is substandard usually resulting in injuries due to the playing conditions. I was born and raised in North Little Rock and went to many Razorback games in WMS in the 1980's, 90's, and 2000's. Razorback Stadium is far superior to WMS and with I-49 it is a lot easier to get to Fayetteville. I live in DFW now and go to at least a couple games a year in Fayetteville.
I'm a North Little Rock boy (now living in DFW) and they need to move all home games to Fayetteville. There are many high school stadiums that are vastly superior to WMS.
This one hurts, a lot. My son's first Razorback Football Camp was when Alex Collins was starting his freshman year. He was in and amongst the campers the whole time. My son (now 23) has his camp towel autographed by AC. When my son came home from work last night we knew that this one hit him; he broke down crying. 2023 has been one great big turd.
Sad that this site has dwindled their Baseball coverage to one or two articles a week.
"When Sinclair launched its Bally Sports service last year, it did so with a $20/month price tag." Also, when Bally was not widely available to most sports markets, it crashed and went bankrupt. I am a Disney+ bundle subscriber. I like having Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ at one easily to digest price. I don't know if I'd fork over another $20/month just for ESPN/ESPN+
Great kid with an amazingly bright future. We can all wish that he would have been 100% all season to see that talent on full display for the Hogs. Thank you NSJ for your season on the Hill. Best of luck in the NBA. Be a proud Hog.
"if Kentucky beats Kansas State on Sunday" Dang it Kentucky! (And Mizzou?)
Usually when writing about two schools playing each other that have the same mascot, here the "Wildcats" it is usually best not to just say "The Wildcats" when talking about them. It can be confusing. For example: Kentucky fans are not happy with head coach John Calipari following the Wildcats’ loss to K-State in the round of 32 on Sunday. "Kentucky was a betting favorite over Kansas State, but was unable to close out the game late. Led by Markquis Nowell, the Wildcats made some clutch shots late in the 2nd half to seal the 75-69 win." Uh, who is what?