Saturday: Connor O'Gara's Crystal Ball series continues with game-by-game prediction for Tennessee

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Limiting Scholarship offers to High Schoolers would be a good thing. Waiting until after their junior year is too late. In my world, the earliest would be after their Freshman year of high school. You can see who is going to make a difference after their Freshman year. Making offers binding? That sounds good but in actuality I don't see how it could work. It wouldn't hurt the Big Boys, but the middle and lower tier schools it would not work out as well as you think. Let's take the situation where a student has offers from Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Stanford. Say that kid is from Arkansas or Tennessee, does Vandy or Arkansas offer the kid? They may have a shot at signing the kid, but does that keep them from offering another in-state kid or 50-50 signee? If they are binding, then they can only really offer the max number of scholarships they have that year. Was Arkansas hurt by the number of transfers this year? Maybe. The Hogs lost a lot of players that either wouldn't play ahead of the freshmen that signed or were injured. I could see allowing schools to sign enough players to meet the roster maximum each year. But making special dispensation for transfers would muddy the waters even more.
Arkansas vs Missou is usually on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is why CBS airs it every year
Yes, I almost gave my keyboard a coffee shower when he sipped the tea. Funny! also: "One team gets to fight for the honor of presenting Oklahoma the Big XII trophy"
Hicks has one year of eligibility and Starkel has two, I don't see an issue here.
There are reports that this guy has an herb and motivation problem. Possibly another addition by subtraction. There were a lot of bad apples on the Hog team last year (Coach B hold overs). When you have a CB declare early for the draft and he runs a 4.61 (28th out of 32) and has the worst vertical and broad jumps among DB's that should tell you all you need to know about the extreme lack of speed on the team. (There was a D-lineman, Armon Watt, who also ran at the combine and was the second slowest d-lineman running at 5.23) Of the 28 players to leave the program in the past year, all but a small handful will not play at the power 5 level.
If he has the skills and talent to play in the SEC then they should recruit him, regardless who his daddy is.
and how many successful 5'9" 180# QB's have we seen in the NFL since the turn of the century?
From how I heard it described, the "sky judge" is watching the game in the game from the press box and is connected to the rest of the officiating crew via headset. All these on field ref-conferences would include the sky judge and he should have the authority to say if a penalty should or should not be called. I am sure that "sky judge" would have certain limitations as to what can or cannot be overruled. I'm thinking their point of emphasis will be roughing the passer, defensive holding, targeting, and PI (offensive and defensive). I don't see how a ref in the press box could rule on ball placement, out of bounds, off-sides, or interior line holding as they are too far away
YES! I heard Mike Pereira talking about it when he was on 1310 The Ticket (just the greatest radio station in the history of the World!) I really like the idea of "sky ref". This sort of blends the College Football "every play is reviewed" and gets it into the NFL.
Translation: "I'm just lending my name to the team/league for a paycheck. I'm not planning to do any real work. Look for me on my boat or on the golf course"
Smart move by the NFL. Gives them programming when the League is off, keeps an eye on what the "new guys" are doing. Maybe even lets them in on some input for changes. Allows them to test some things before the next NFL season. Also, keeps the tensions from boiling over to USFL level.
What is wrong with the NFL Playoff OT rules? They basically continue to play football, with a kickoff and everything. The only tweak is that if the team getting the ball to start OT kicks a FG then the other team gets one opportunity to either match the FG to continue OT or to score a TD to win. If your team can't stop the other team from driving ~75 yards and scoring a TD then you don't deserve to win.
Targeting rule needs to be adjusted. When the offensive player ducks or otherwise bends over to cause the defensive player to hit him in the head/neck area then the defensive player should not be penalized. For College OT, I hate it, need to go to something like the NFL Postseason. Until then they should start moving the initial possession of OT back five yards each OT period until they get to mid field (that would be the 6th OT). At that point, if the team does not score they can punt and they would play the game out until the next team scores.
wait, what? He signed about a month ago, reported at the start of the spring semester and now wants to go somewhere else? He hasn't even been through a real practice. Wow.
We've had 1v4 and 2v3 for five years. In the vast majority of the games they have been blowouts. What would 1v8, 2v7, ... bring, yep even more blowouts.
A coach that could not win at college is supposed to be the savior of NFL teams? I pitty the franchise that hires Coach Bro to be their head coach this year.
Yes, his size. He is what 5'8"? He also darts all over the place, like a gnat. Once he was hit, he got squished (like what Bama did to him)
I think that the biggest weakness (if there can be a weakness of either of these teams) is the Alabama secondary. If Lawrence is able to throw the ball, Alabama could be in danger. That makes the KEY matchup the Alabama defensive front vs the Clemson O-Line. Lawrence isn't a gnat like the OU QB, but he is able to move around in the pocket and make plays. I think that Clemson will make one more offensive play than Alabama. 28-27 Clemson. (Note: I will be rooting for Alabama to win tonight. S-E-C S-E-C!)
Deion is one of the worst "personalities" covering the NFL. I can't stand him. I will not watch the shows he is on.
Who I think should be elected into the Pro Football HoF: Tony Gonzalez (Best TE of his generation and one of the best ever. Defined the position) Ed Reed (Best FS of his generation and one of the best ever.) Steve Atwater (Defined the Hard Hitting Safety, the Smiling Assassin is often overlooked) Champ Bailey (Best Cover Corner of his generation) Alan Faneca (Dominating offensive lineman) Don Coryell (One of the best ever. Changed how Pro Football is played)
It looked to me that Texas knew better what UGA was going to do than the UGA players. I'm still scratching my head over this one. I HATE Texas. Why UGA, WHY?
The early signing period is not helpful to coaches that are hired after the season ends.