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prediction: Bama 42 Hogs 9 I want to see Coach Morris do well for Arkansas, but all I'm seeing right now is the bottom of the dumpster. Having the recruits decommit these last couple weeks really hurt.
My favorite college football uniforms (in no real order) Alabama Auburn USC Penn State Iowa Michigan (Texas would be in here but I hate everything longhorn) You KNOW who you are watching when you see those uniforms. I hate teams wearing black uniforms when there is no black in their official colors (See: Stanford)
this sad "tradition" is keeping the SEC from being able to rework the schedules. Having a west school not able to visit each east school but once per TWELVE YEARS is beyond idiotic. To many of the schools Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina, and Louisville are more conference opponents than actual members of the SEC
but Arkansas's QB actually played QB in the SEC... Couldn't hit wide open WR, playing not to turn the ball over. The Hogs had an off-week and look WORSE than they did before the bye
Firing him right now does nothing other than make armchair QB's feel good. This is the worst I've felt about the Hogs in a LONG time (and I'm old enough to remember a lot of Hog history)
Kentucky's WR playing QB was better than Nick Starkel. That is freaking SAD. Arkansas KNEW that he wouldn't be throwing the ball so they gave up 330 rushing yards. Freaking AWFUL!!!!!
Zeke_in_KC you sir are an idiot. You just want to bash for the sake of bashing. You are only happy if the Hogs are struggling. Firing Morris this year (or even next year) would be a colossal mistake. First there would be the double buyout situation (CBB + CCM). Then the message it sends to any potential coach is that Arkansas isn't a good place to coach as the inmates are running the asylum. No established coach worth his whistle would come near the job. Third, changing coaches again would remove any possibility of improving on recruiting.
Hell no on Petrino. I've been a Hog fan since the 70's and I'd never spend another cent on the Hogs if they hire Petrino again. He is a horrible person and even worse recruiter. Firing CCM two years or less would make it impossible for the Hogs to hire any established coach (two huge buyouts + bad message). Anyone thinking/demanding that CCM needs to be fired now does not know anything about college football.
The player Starkel was throwing to was tackled BEFORE the ball got there, yet no PI was called (one of several missed). Horrible officiating on Saturday.
Art Briles should only be coaching a prison team. Lane Kiffen is showing his true self with the FAU team. No way he should be considered for any real head coaching job. Gary Patterson is NOT leaving TCU and why would Chris Peterson leave Washington?
I cannot stand the HORRIBLE snaps the Hogs have been performing for the past two plus years. Last year was just awful. Snaps were rarely, if ever, in the QB's mitts. They would be low, high, off-center, all over the place. The QB had to take their eyes off the defense to see where the snap would be, then had to adjust to where the defense had moved. This year the ball takes seemingly forever to get from the center to the QB. I see defenders get to the QB almost faster than the ball gets to the QB. Watch the game and focus on the center. When the ball just floats to the QB you can chalk it up as a bad play coming. On the first 4 & 1 in the game Saturday, the snap floated like a balloon to the QB (thinking about it, a balloon might float away faster). The RB-QB exchange didn't have a chance because the defenders were in their face before they could complete the exchange. I'd then turn the TV to any other game and watch the center snap the ball and those games it was a SNAP. Arkansas's centers don't snap the ball, they float it. They have to get the most simple part of the game fixed before they can do anything else.
Try watching the game before you write an article. Joe Foucha did not "cheap shot" the CSU QB. How you get away with that blatant character assassination is beyond me. Yes, it was horrible that anyone got hurt playing football. I feel sorry for the kid. But to call it a malicious act screams complete ignorance.
why was the 1964 Alabama team in there? 1964 Arkansas was undefeated and had a LONG string of games without a TD allowed, beat Texas AND won their bowl game.
Limiting Scholarship offers to High Schoolers would be a good thing. Waiting until after their junior year is too late. In my world, the earliest would be after their Freshman year of high school. You can see who is going to make a difference after their Freshman year. Making offers binding? That sounds good but in actuality I don't see how it could work. It wouldn't hurt the Big Boys, but the middle and lower tier schools it would not work out as well as you think. Let's take the situation where a student has offers from Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Stanford. Say that kid is from Arkansas or Tennessee, does Vandy or Arkansas offer the kid? They may have a shot at signing the kid, but does that keep them from offering another in-state kid or 50-50 signee? If they are binding, then they can only really offer the max number of scholarships they have that year. Was Arkansas hurt by the number of transfers this year? Maybe. The Hogs lost a lot of players that either wouldn't play ahead of the freshmen that signed or were injured. I could see allowing schools to sign enough players to meet the roster maximum each year. But making special dispensation for transfers would muddy the waters even more.
Arkansas vs Missou is usually on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is why CBS airs it every year
Yes, I almost gave my keyboard a coffee shower when he sipped the tea. Funny! also: "One team gets to fight for the honor of presenting Oklahoma the Big XII trophy"
Hicks has one year of eligibility and Starkel has two, I don't see an issue here.
There are reports that this guy has an herb and motivation problem. Possibly another addition by subtraction. There were a lot of bad apples on the Hog team last year (Coach B hold overs). When you have a CB declare early for the draft and he runs a 4.61 (28th out of 32) and has the worst vertical and broad jumps among DB's that should tell you all you need to know about the extreme lack of speed on the team. (There was a D-lineman, Armon Watt, who also ran at the combine and was the second slowest d-lineman running at 5.23) Of the 28 players to leave the program in the past year, all but a small handful will not play at the power 5 level.
If he has the skills and talent to play in the SEC then they should recruit him, regardless who his daddy is.
and how many successful 5'9" 180# QB's have we seen in the NFL since the turn of the century?
From how I heard it described, the "sky judge" is watching the game in the game from the press box and is connected to the rest of the officiating crew via headset. All these on field ref-conferences would include the sky judge and he should have the authority to say if a penalty should or should not be called. I am sure that "sky judge" would have certain limitations as to what can or cannot be overruled. I'm thinking their point of emphasis will be roughing the passer, defensive holding, targeting, and PI (offensive and defensive). I don't see how a ref in the press box could rule on ball placement, out of bounds, off-sides, or interior line holding as they are too far away
YES! I heard Mike Pereira talking about it when he was on 1310 The Ticket (just the greatest radio station in the history of the World!) I really like the idea of "sky ref". This sort of blends the College Football "every play is reviewed" and gets it into the NFL.