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Lunney and Traylor were the only two coaches from the previous staff that anyone wanted to say around. I trust Coach Pittman will bring in a solid staff.
I have a feeling that the class Pittman brings in is a lot different than what is being written about here
Did you see the QB play the last two years at Arkansas? Then did you see the one guy that had a little success last year go to a different (smaller) school that came back and torched the Hogs? I am beginning to think that Deshaun Watson would have made any coach look good. Chad Morris runs a watered down version of the Gus Malzahn offense. The two are buddies. Chad is a Yes Man to Gus. That is what Gus wants so that is what he got. Sometimes it is better to have a HC/OC with a little different personalities, other times it is better to have two coaches of the same mindset. Who knows, maybe the two of them together will spark some creativity, or they could get locked into a "the system is the system and the system is always right" loop
From what I understand about the Arkansas/Ole Miss situation with Kiffin is that Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek had reached an agreement with Kiffin, then the sports satan himself, Jimmy Sexton, got an offer for Kiffin from Ole Miss. Sexton took that info and went to Yurachek and said "this is what Ole Miss is offering, can you top it?" Rumor has it that the Ole Miss offer wasn't as strong as the first Arkansas offer, but Sexton was creative in his claim. Yurachek was not going to be "Sextoned" and removed his offer to Kiffin. I doubt Kiffin will ever be a head coach at the University of Arkansas, at least not as long as Yurachek has a say. Yurachek wanted to hire Kiffin at Houston after Herman left for Texas, but Kiffin would not agree to a contract without a LARGE buy-out. Now if the rumors are true about the current negotiations, that is just another bridge Kiffin burnt.
Good for him. I wish Coach Lunney all the best. Hopefully someday he will come back and be the head hog
I am very pleased with this hire. The SEC is built around winning the O-Line. If you are not competent at O-Line play your teams will be bad, and for the past several years, well, since Pittman left the UofA to go to UGA the Hogs have been BAD at O-Line play--just look at how inept they were at snapping the ball. Pittman is a beast of a recruiter, and is well respected all around football. This isn't Beliema 2.0 or Morris 2.0 this is Sam 1.0. I believe that he will bring a top notch staff here and the Hogs will show improvement year one and real improvement after that. Just because he "hasn't been a head coach before" doesn't mean squat. Pittman has been a coach for many years, in the SEC and is respected as one of the very best. Lastly, it is being reported that the contract is not one with a huge buyout and allows a good amount to hire the staff he wants.
Watching the misery of the Cowboys and Cowboy fans almost makes the pain from the past three Razorback seasons better (I said almost)
Yeah, his team is one of two that lost this year to Arkansas... The only FBS team to lose to Arkansas this year
Hello Coach B. You know if you worked as hard at trying to get a job, like your contract you signed requires, than you do trying to troll Arkansas fans on here (and your success rate is surprisingly worse than your last years SEC record) you might be getting your pay.
The old QB Killer is feeling left out now that his old coaching buddy Mack Brown left the studio and went back to coaching. ----- Oh, and Keith, your by line says "A former newspaper veteran..." are you no longer a newspaper veteran?
Part of the problem with the UofA is that the Boosters, BoT, and writers have been "running" the program since Frank left the Earth. Each of them have their own agenda. We just got an AD that is pulling the reigns back and moving forward with his vision. That and the decision to partner with Pepsi(!) Who in the south does that?
The "previous coach" had lost the team, was not showing any improvement over two years, and was not the choice of the AD. You'd rather have a guy that is not going to get it done for another failed season than have an AD that knows what is going on and improve the system? The UofA has not "reneged" on paying Bielema, Coach Bert clearly did not adhere to the contract that HE signed. The buyout/contract required that he attempt to get a comparable job. He was not mentioned in any of the past power 5 head coaching jobs and "settled" for a defensive line coach spot for pay much lower than the average NFL D-Line coach. There were other requirements that Coach Bert did not meet as well. A good coach would not have the roster quit on him in less than two years.
I don't think Norvell is committed to the long term right now. I'd rather have Fuentes as he was the one that set up Memphis for Norvell to manage. Whoever is the coach, they need to take care of the details. The last few coaches led teams that were sloppy. It is the little things that get you beat.
The NW Arkansas airport XNA is the commercial airport. Springdale is what many of the private jets use
No, PLEASE NO! Leach is over rated as a coach because he is wacky. His Texas Tech and Washington State teams have not contended for championships in their weak conferences. Tech had one good season and it still had zero defense. I don't want to win the press conference, I want to win football games. Hiring Leach is to admit that your program just exists to be the comic relief for the rest of the league.
Should have included a shot of Jerry Jones...
Lunny is a class act and would be an asset to any coaching staff
My question about Mike Leach: Have his teams EVER played defense? I'm not so sure about him. I don't like how he has been throwing players under the bus the last year or so. The Pirate seems to me like he has grown tired and would be more interested in teaching a non-credit course than rebuilding a football program. Arkansas doesn't need another coach that is gone in five or less years (be it the Department or the Coach's decision). I don't see Leach in the game in five years.
It isn't the triple option that is bad, it is the cut blocking that is horrible. No block should ever be initiated at or below the knees, that is dangerous to both the blocker and the player being blocked. The cut block should be a personal foul anywhere on the field.
yes you can have the wild boar meat processed for human consumption. It is usually very lean. Several years ago a friend of mine, who lived in west Texas, had some wild hogs taken off his property. He had them processed and I got some sausage. I had to use oil in my skillet to cook them as they were so lean. Tasted good though.
Did Yuracheck or anyone at Arkansas say that Butch Jones was in the running? No one knows anything.
sorry, that 2007 season was supposed to be a winning year, but they lost four conference games (but beat eventual National Champion LSU!) knocking the Hogs out of contention for the SEC West title. You mentioned Ole Miss. Wasn't HDN's actions part of the reason they had to vacate what very few wins they had and he finished with an 0-18 record his last two years? (his record on the field was 2-10 in 2011 and and 4-8 in 2010 with a loss to FCS Jacksonville State)
Yes, Chad Morris had a nearly empty cupboard of talent when he got to Arkansas. Most Arkansas fans knew that fact, however, there was enough talent there to show improvement from year one. Sadly, there was no improvement. Many areas the team regressed. When Beliema took over the sinking USS Arkansas, he had a bad year one, but year two the team actually improved, year three they won a bowl game. When Sam Pittman (O-line coach) left BB found that he couldn't recruit O-linemen anymore and the team cratered. There is a serious talent gap for the Hogs right now. The problem goes back to the last year of Petrino (he wanted out, and got booted). Petrino's last class was not good. The lone year under John L. "Smile" Smith was a lost recruiting year. Those years put Beliema way behind in numbers and his last two years he lost ground (not getting any talent from Texas assisted in his undoing). The glaring hole in Chad Morris's recruiting was Offensive line. The o-line play for Arkansas the last three years has been really bad. They have trouble with the QB-Center exchange and it goes downhill from there. Coach Morris and his staff were either not able to recognize the issues or correct them. They made the same mistakes game one that they made vs WKU. That is why Coach Morris is no longer the Head Hog. This team needs someone who is aggressive on both Offense and Defense. Coach Morris was scared. He was calling a game to try not get blown out. The defense was on their heels and the offense was tippy-toeing. If you are the underdog you can't win like that. You have to attack. With the coaches playing scared, the players lost their edge and, to use a Houston Nutt saying, they all but let go of the rope. It didn't help that Morris was calling a high school level offense and John Chavis was asleep at the wheel for defense. With Morris not even living in Fayetteville, the players sensed a lack of buy in from the coach and that showed in the product. Go76049, I am questioning your understanding of College Football history. Arkansas is bad right now. They haven't always been that way. Of all the non-SEC teams that Arkansas has played more than five games, there are just five teams that the Hogs have a losing record (Texas, USC, Oklahoma, Memphis, and Kansas State) If Arkansas isn't a "traditional power" then what the hell are Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Texas A&M, and South Carolina? I am sure you are counting these teams as powers: LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia. However: LSU was not a top tier team from the 1970's until Nick Saban got there in 2000 (their record vs Arkansas since the Hogs joined the SEC is 17-10; before 1992 the Hogs and Tigers played many times. From 1901 - 1966 LSU was 23-12-2 vs Arkansas with an 11-0-1 streak from 1930 - 1956 or "Before Broyles") Alabama suffered several losses to the Hogs after Arkansas joined the SEC in 1992, in fact Alabama was just 8-7 vs Arkansas from 1992 to 2006 (officially Bama either vacated or forfeited two wins in 1993 and 2005, I am counting them in the wins for Bama). Auburn is just 16-11-1 vs Arkansas with a current four game win streak since Arkansas joined the SEC Tennessee is 10-5 vs Arkansas with Arkansas actually holding an active two game win streak vs the Vols (2011 & 2015) Florida is the SEC school with the best record vs Arkansas holding a 9-1 record over the Hogs since 1992 (The Hogs did beat the Gators in the 1982 Bluebonnet Bowl). The Hogs lone SEC win vs the Gators was in 2016, the last time they played. Georgia is 8-2 vs Arkansas, the last Hog win was in 2010 in Athens. All college football teams go through ups and downs. Arkansas football is down now. Get the right coach in here it will be up again. It won't be next year or the year after as it will take a couple years to get more SEC quality players on the roster, but the right coach will be able to at least get the guys on the roster to perform better than their recruiting grade. To say that Arkansas will "never" win in the SEC is hogwash.