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I like seeing KJ steadily move up the list. Keep playing, keep improving. Hopefully he will come back next year and possibly something special.
Love Coach Muss. All of the Hog teams root for and support each other. There is a wonderful culture on the Hill. There is ONLY one RAZORBACK! Go Hogs #WPS
Kentucky should be in the top 10. Undefeated and win vs Florida I think they should be above: #6 Ohio State - Lost to Oregon and has not played anyone since #7 Penn State - Lost to Iowa, struggle win at home vs Auburn, and at Wisconsin and they lost their QB to injury #8 Michigan - best win is at Wisconsin? #9 Oregon - they did beat tOSU, but lost to Stanford (?) #10 Michigan State - only "good win" is at Miami. That still was an OT struggle and Miami isn't a good team.
I think the Hog defenders were thinking too much and trying to make the perfect play. The defense works best when they are flowing to the ball and playing fast. Arkansas and Ole Miss's offenses are designed to make defenses wrong. Each of them have several either/or options. If the defensive player does this, then do that. When playing against a team that isn't stacked with NFL players at every level, that kind of offense can make a defense look silly when the QB's are reading/executing correctly. Corral and KJ were dealing and the defenses could not keep up. Good job to the Rebs for making one more play than the Hogs.
Look at the idiot tweeter's that don't know anything about football. Going for two there was 100% the correct decision. Not a "gamble" or a "risk". The play just didn't work. These are still young men playing college football, sometimes the play just doesn't work. Life happens.
I don't know of anyone (except an occasional "look at mee!!!" blogger) who question Coach Pittman's decision to go for two right there. It wasn't a "riverboat gambler" or "roll-the-dice" move. It was 100% the correct call.
No one who knows anything about football is questioning the decision to go for two there. Old adage: "Play for the tie at home, win on the road." Sill, The Hogs had just scored two TD's on back to back drives, KJ was feeling it, AND they have playmakers all over the field. The decision was the correct one, they just ran a play that Ole Miss's defense was ready and able to stop. If the Hogs would have been successful there, everyone would be calling Coach Pittman the second coming of Rockne. As a Hog fan, it sucks to lose the game. I'm not upset or mad at anything the Hogs did on the field. Lots of playmakers on both sides making plays. Both of those offenses are designed to make the defense wrong. When the QB's are reading the d correctly, they can make a lot of teams look silly. I am a little disappointed that the Hogs did let that amazing game by KJ end up in a loss. It would have been oh-so-sweet for KJ to return to his home, put up that amazing effort, and come out the victor. If the Hogs were successful on that two point try, there would be many more glowing words written about KJ this week.
I like the team of Joe Tessitore, Greg McElroy, and Katie George. They don't usually get all homer/favorite happy (unless it is a blowout) and call a fair game. McElroy is a really good analyst who can diagnose what is going on out there. Plus, he adds enough so that Tess can stick to calling the game :)
Would someone PLEASE tell me how Grant Morgan didn't win the Burlsworth Award last year? Is it too early to go ahead and give it to him this year?
BBVol, did you notice that my "projection" has the Hogs covering the spread?
I have a bad feeling about the Hog/Dawg game Saturday. From what I have seen with the Razorback defense is they are an either/or squad--as in they can stop either the run or the pass. With their big wins vs A&M and UT they got ahead early, made the other teams more one dimensional, and was able to deploy a successful "no big play" defense. I don't know if they can stop the big pass while they are trying to stop the run. I'll admit that is difficult for most teams, but UGA has the athletes on offense to be able to produce the big play out of the running game or the passing game without going to special packages. On the other side, Georgia has the athletes on defense to make the Hogs one-dimensional. The Hogs offensive strength is using formation and movement to get the other defense out of position or to "guess wrong" on where the ball is going. I was at the Arkansas/Texas game and you could easily see the 'Horns defense scrambling around pre-snap, and at the snap, to try to get into position. The 'Horns defense really looked like they didn't know what was coming or how to stop it. With the A&M game, (humble brag: also a game I attended) when KJ was in at QB the Aggie's defense was not able to set and attack. They thought their DB's were skilled enough to take Burks and the other receivers out of the game and focus on the run, but KJ was able to read the play and usually make the correct read. There were good-looking drives stopped by penalties or bad drops by open tight ends that could have made the score even larger. Making the defense guess wrong or be out of position at the snap is easier to do when teams are equal or the offense has an advantage. Georgia has the speed, at all levels, to be able to make up for a mistake or misread and keep a play from becoming an impact play. Something that the Hogs do have going for them is actually from last season. They played UGA close for most of the game last year. Most thought opening the season vs Georgia would result in a blowout win for the Dawgs. The Hogs still hadn't shown they knew how to win. Going out there and playing Big Bad Georgia close then should remove any doubts that they don't belong there now. I love the Hogs. Been a big fan going back to when I was a child (I'm old now, one of my kids has already graduated from the UofA with their Masters and the other is in their senior year also at the UofA). I would LOVE to see the Hogs return from Athens victorious, but my crystal ball doesn't see it. UGA 34 - Hogs 20
Hogs owe Tech a beating for that last dismal showing under coach Bert
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Gotta love all the longhorn excuses. They never "lose" a game, something else always prevents them from winning
Just about everyone wants this returned to home and home.
They have Vandy and UConn scoring a combined 54 points? Vandy hasn't scored 54 points all season. This is the stoppable force vs the movable object game of the week.
One thing that the Hogs have in their favor is that they did play UGA last year. Yes, that was a different UGA team than this year but they were still a very good team and the Hogs, who at that time hasn't learned how to win, hung with the mighty Bulldogs and were leading at half-time. UGA's depth and talent were present in the second half as they corrected their mistakes and won, but closer than the spread. I'm not saying that the Hogs will win the game, but they aren't going into the game with starry eyes, thinking they are already beat before the kickoff. The players THINK they will win and will fight like heck to do just that. Now, where I think Arkansas is weak is defending the deep pass. In the Texas game there were a handful of times that a Longhorn WR did get behind the defense and the only thing stopping the big play was an overthrown or off-target pass. The pressure up front had a little to do with it, but a big-time QB would make those throws. JT can be a big-time QB, and UGA does have some speedy athletes on the outside. I'm hoping that the Hogs don't get burnt there. I hope this is a good game. It would be the dream of all dreams if the Hogs could pull the upset. It would take a perfect game for Arkansas to do just that. And please, for the love of everything good on the Earth, can we not have Marc Curles officiate the game? If he is the official, the Hogs are screwed.
The games in Little Rock are NOTHING like the games in Fayetteville. I grew up on Little Rock games in the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Back then WMS was bigger than Razorback Stadium and it was a better atmosphere. Since the renovations to RRS it is a palace and WMS is an outdated shell of its past glory. RRS = 76,000 vs WMS = 54,000. I attended many, many great games in Little Rock and Fayetteville. What I experienced on 9/11 vs Texas was the loudest, most energetic, and best atmosphere I've ever been a part of in a Razorback game. All "home" games need to be played in RRS.
you and me both. This must return to on-campus. It is hurting both schools.
They chose Chicago over DFW? That is an SEC Official level bad call. Chicago isn't a college football town, I doubt the crowd will be that into it. When it is DFW you have fans of many teams there and the crowd is very good. I've been to GameDay twice when it was in DFW for kickoff games (Bama vs Wisconsin and Auburn vs Oregon). Both times there were lots of fans from all across College Football (don't recall seeing many Wisconsin people there). Add in the fact that the Hogs have been playing good ball so far this year there will be many clad in Cardinal and White coming to the Metroplex to watch the game. This A&M defense is borderline historically good. Dominating player all over the field. Arkansas has "feel good story" and "rising from the ashes of the decade's long dumpster fire" as well. Notre Dame has "we are Notre Dame" (to me that means "We are an over-rated, mediocre team that will be exposed/embarrassed soon") Wisconsin is Wisconsin. No one outside of Wisconsin roots for or against them. I watched all of last week's GameDay and not a SINGLE mention of (then) number 22 Arkansas or their win vs then number 15 Texas.
Boise State would not be a good fit at any P5 conference. They are only football, don't offer any media market, are not the same BSU of ten years ago, and are too far from anyone that isn't out west to consider travelling (conversely, it would be too far for their fans to travel to other games as well). BSU would not fit in the PAC-12 as they don't have top level other sports nor the academic reputation. The Big XII would have a mixture of UCF, West Virginia and/or Cincinnati travelling to Boise or Boise travelling there each year. That is a LOT of travel. IF (big if) the AAC pulls in CSU, Air Force, SD State with BSU, then that could make an interesting Western division with SMU and Tulsa going West. The East members would be UAB, Memphis, Tulane, East Carolina, Temple, South Florida, and Navy. I think it would be cool if the AAC added Army as the 14th team.
Auburn might have a case of diabetes from eating too many cupcakes to start the season. Penn State has played a tough game vs Wisconsin then played a respected Ball State. Auburn playing Akron and Alabama State don't offer the challenges to stress the team. They don't really know where they are strong or weak. If Auburn wins, then they are off to a great start and looking strong. I just don't see them getting the W here.
Little FOXSports bias there. In no way should Texas top the list. Yeah they have all the money they will ever need, but everything surrounding that job is horrible. Texas continually has top recruiting classes but follow that up with lackluster performance and less development. That has been the theme for over a decade (and three HC's) Also, how can a university be considered on of the top spots when they are on their fourth coach in less than ten years (Mack Brown 2013, Strong 2016, Herman 2020, Sarkisian TBD)?
When did Texas have an "elite defense"? Did he watch the game last Saturday?
I really enjoyed this. I have no issue with the regular MFN crew, but I can see myself watching this version just about every Monday.
I really enjoyed this. I have no issue with the regular MFN crew, but I can see myself watching this version just about every Monday.
P.S. living in the DFW metroplex now, it is extra sweet to have my Hog Flag flying on my house.
My roots go way back to a little boy calling the Hogs and more often than not having my dreams crushed by Texas. I was born in 1971 so I didn't get to witness the extra special time during the 60's. That being said, beating Texas always was, and is, special. I don't care if it is Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track, Gymnastics, Golf, Volleyball, Softball, whatever the competition beating Texas always feels good. Also, going back as far as I can remember, when I'd watch a UofA vs Tex football game, Texas almost always had the bigger and stronger players. I remember going to a game with my dad in War Memorial Stadium in the 80's and when Texas entered the field I was scared, and I was in the stands! They were HUGE compared to the Hogs. That was not the story Saturday. Almost man-to-man the Hogs were bigger and stronger than the Horns. Texas has some talented players, their RB could be a special one, but they were completely out-classed in the trenches. That was the difference in the game. Texas was not ready to play against an SEC front. But it was so sweet to see in person that Bevo Beat Down. A decade of misery seemed to vanish from the stadium. That was the joy and elation you saw on those kids faces that stormed the field. Arkansas may just be a middle of the pack SEC West team this year, but they won't be that "oh, yeah Arkansas" for a while.
Hayden Henry started in place of Bumper Pool (targeting suspension) and then when Grant Morgan went out in the second half due to a leg injury.
From what I'm reading, this looked good on TV. It was Abso-freaking-lutely amazing in the stadium. The crowd was so loud the big fireworks couldn't be heard. The Best in Sight and Sound, the Razorback Marching Band couldn't be heard. The Db meter was well into the upper 90's before Texas snapped the ball, well into the 110's to 120's on big plays (which were often). My ears hurt, my throat hurts, my voice is gone. Man such a sweet feeling