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If I was running an NFL team, I would not draft Tua until the third or fourth round, at best. QB's with an injury history in college just continue that pattern in the NFL. Tua is an amazing talent, but I doubt he plays more than a couple years in the NFL (if he plays at all after the hip injury). He has missed games due to injury each year. The hip is a MAJOR concern. That won't really be right for three plus years. The hip could be on a path to healthy then the slightest thing could deteriorate to where the only resolution is hip replacement and end of career. I don't blame Tua and his family for trying to go pro and to capitalize on the possibility of being a very good pro player. I hope that I am wrong about Tua. I don't wish injury on anyone
So they hired Petrino as a fund raiser? If he (Petrino) leaves to take another job or is fired with cause then the school will receive funds...
but it seems wherever he coaches, he often leaves the program off in worse shape than when he inherited it. Money line of the article. 100% true
classic list written by someone who doesn't know what they are writing about. I would almost bet that this guy has never been to Fayetteville, AR let alone find it on a map
wow, I need to take a shower after reading this. I feel icky. Oh, and oops you missed this one. I hope that Tua will be healthy and have a productive life. That being said, if I were running an NFL team I don't think I'd spend a first four round draft pick on Tua. If he were there in round five, maybe. But I am in the belief that NFL draft picks must meet the following to be successful: Round one - Starter, impact player Round two - Starter / major contributor in rotation Round three - significant contributor Round four - significant contributor / potential impact player Round five - potential impact player rounds sever through end - improve the roster
Yeah, just like nobody was coming to Arkansas because of Chad Morris. Coaches make the relationship between players and the school. When the coaches are let go, that relationship is fractured. The NCAA should allow ANY recruit that has signed with a school a release in situations like this (when a coach is fired after the signing). Hell, I think that players should be allowed a free transfer after a coach is fired (except with a for cause termination) that would make the schools think long and hard about who they hire and when they fire them.
I think this is a horrible move. The NCAA should allow every player signed in the early signing period a no questions asked release from their signing. MSU just couldn't stand having Ole Miss getting all the good press. Moorehead may not have been right for MSU, but to can him like this at this time is a really bad move and should hurt them for a while. Who are they going to get as a HC? The only candidates are retreads or assistants that were passed over by other schools. Dumb dumb dumb
Did he call that fake punt? It had his fingerprints all over it
Chavis was really good at LSU, not so much at A&M, and just BAD at Arkansas.
The next coach of the Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones. No one who understands football and how football operations work want to be the Head Puppet of the Joneses
there are a lot of kids who didn't sign yesterday that will sign in Feb. I am sure that Coach Pittman and staff will have a full class of 18 to 25 by then. I'm expecting a much better ranked overall class by then.
Yes it would be nice for the fans to see that player on their uniform one last time. But we all really need to understand that the Bowl Games are there just for the Networks and the Schools/Conferences to make MONEY. The only Bowl Games that mean anything are the playoff semi-finals (yes they are still bowl games) Bowl games do allow for participating teams to get more practice to get the team a head start on the next season. With the changing of red-shirt rules, more players are available to play. The best programs use the Bowl Games as the start of next season. If there are players who are playing their last game as a member of that team (end of eligibility, prepping to go pro, etc) then that is wonderful. If there are those players who don't want to play, we fans should thank them for what they have contributed to the program we are fans/alumni/etc and wish them well. College Football really needs to cut back the number of bowl games (what are there 42 bowl games, 84 bowl teams?!?) so that the ones that are played actually have more meaning. Then you will have less issue with players "skipping" the bowl game.
Coach Pittman said in his introduction presser that he wanted to run an RPO based offense. Starkle is not a running type QB and didn't fit that system. That and he didn't get any coaching last year so he fell way behind every other QB of his "draft class"
I saw the movie, didn't know that he was at Arkansas.
and the Number One reason why it won't happen: Colin Cowherd said it. I swear this guy knows NOTHING about sports. How the hell does he keep getting paid to do what he does?
Yeah, I would love transcripts for videos and podcasts. As a person with hearing loss, I do much better with the written word
If Pittman brings in Odom as DC that should move his hire up on the list.
Lunney and Traylor were the only two coaches from the previous staff that anyone wanted to say around. I trust Coach Pittman will bring in a solid staff.
I have a feeling that the class Pittman brings in is a lot different than what is being written about here