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Looking ahead a little bit... If I am reading it correctly the two brackets in Omaha would be: Bracket One Winner (1)Arkansas/NC State Winner (8)Texas Tech/(9) Stanford Winner (5)Arizona/(12)Ole Miss Winner (4)Vanderbilt/(13)East Carolina Bracket Two Winner (2)Texas/South Florida Winner (7)Mississippi St./(10)Notre Dame Winner Dallas Baptist/Virginia Winner (3)Tennessee/LSU wow
I don't watch anything that has SAS. Even if he makes an appearance on SVP, I'll turn the channel.
I have been to several Hog Baseball games over the past few years and $100 a seat seems a bit pricey to me. I usually purchased seats along the first base side about mid-way down.
I have been following and watching the Hogs for decades (my son works for the team) and I had no clue that Jacob Switzer was on the team. I live in the Dallas area, I'm fairly in tune with the local HS kids that are going to the SEC, and had no idea that the kid was playing football around here
^^^This^^^ You would think that someone writing for an SEC based site would have at least the basic facts for all schools. Even Bama homer writers at least correctly acknowledge what Auburn is and can do. Spencer has been wrong on so many things it really isn't funny. Maybe he should just move on to a Mizzou based site and let the coverage to the full SEC be left to a not so jaundiced view.
Yep, Orlovsky is a no talent hack that just says things to get people talking about him.
The Razorbacks from 1993 through 1995 were AWESOME! Suffocating D, power in the middle, and 3-bombs from everywhere. In 1993 they lost in the sweet 16 to the eventual champion UNC (and played them a better game than most). 1994 was Magical, then to make it to the final game and lose to UCLA. They fully deserve to be on the list. The NCAA eventually changed the rules to stop teams from guarding like those Hogs did--calling fouls on hand-checks and making it more difficult to press-guard like they did.
Yeah, I don't get why people think that Orlovsky is worth anything as an analyst or studio personality. He is very often wrong and usually just says stuff to get people talking about him!
Desi wasn't the same after he hurt his shoulder/arm. I hope that he is healthy and has a great rest of his career.
Ahh, Allen HS. Home of Public High School football player recruiting. Just look at Kyler Murray who was from Lewisville, TX. Went to school in other parts of Texas, then when they believed he was a phenom, his parents "found work" in Allen. That story repeats time and time again.
The people of Allen, TX voted to have a bond issued for the stadium. Allen High School is the largest HS in Texas, by a LARGE margin. They could break the school into three 6A (largest classification of schools) schools and they would still be amongst the largest in the state.
I thought he was one of the stars at Mizzou. What is going on there?
I'd rather listen to three hours of nails on a chalkboard than to be forced to listen to Bill Walton announce a basketball game. Bill is entertaining in short bursts, every so often, but please for the love of everything that is good in the world, don't have him as an analyst for a whole game. It is bad enough with these announcers not being in the actual gym and not covering the game. Walton takes it to another level of WTF?!?!
Looks like Coach Prime has maybe dropped a little bit, but Coach Choice or Coach Select just doesn't have the same ring to it. I suggest that he give the Troll Master, Lane Kiffin a call to learn how to handle the reverse troll.
not so much this year, all like low-rent district as Illinois was the only one to make the tourney and they were 1-1
And these so-called experts were saying that Arkansas's non-conference schedule was "weak" Well that non-conference schedule included W's against: - University of North Texas - Oral Roberts University - Abilene Christian University The mighty Gonzaga Bulldogs played three NCAA tournament teams in non-conf. But I think that was because they played only one other tourney team in conference (BYU) I think Coach Muss knows what he is doing, has a great staff, and I hope the Muss Buss is home in Fayetteville for a LONG time.
All season long when a B1G team would lose, it seemed like the pollsters and analysts would in unison say "that was a good loss, no drop in the polls."
The defense has made it a point of emphasis this off-season to get better pressure against the QB. So it is a little of the D getting better and a little bit of two young QB's holding onto the ball too long.
Seems like the Houston/Syracuse is a bit large, as is the Loyola-Chicago/Oregon State game. Even though I'm a Hog fan, it would be tough for me to lay 11 against a HOT shooting ORU (even though the Hogs beat them earlier this season). But there is a reason why I'm not a gambler.
Big win for the Hogs! I just KNEW that somehow Tech would get the ball to Mac for a late, game winning three (as he has done several times this year), but DEVO played some inspired defense in the last 19 seconds to totally deny Mac from getting the ball.
It seemed to me that Florida was in some sense of confusion all year. They had the ability to be a really good, powerful basketball team, but never really clicked. The Gators seemed to take a few minutes of really good basketball then follow that up with a few minutes of what looked like five guys on the floor that have never played together in their lives or they were looking for someone else to make a play.
"15-seed advances to take out the Razorbacks in the Sweet 16." I hope this is a typo where the author meant to say "take ON the Razorbacks" Then I remember that this is SDS and they don't have editors. shrug Go Hogs!
Considering that none of the HBCUs are in the Power5, I don't think that any player will sit out. This is an all-star game featuring the top talent from HBCU football teams scheduled to be played in mid-Feb. This is to give those players more exposure and a chance to get drafted/sign UDFA contract. I would see viewership to be on par with the Senior Bowl and/or the East/West Shrine games Opportunities are a good thing.
NWA is the corporate home to WalMart, Tyson Foods, and JB Hunt Transportation. Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, and Rogers all have great public schools (helped by a great teaching program at the UofA) lower cost of living and good living environment. Those cities have each grown making NWA not just Fayetteville.