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How did your 1st & goal at the 1 work out for y'all this past weekend?
I think this will be a close game throughout, with Bama pulling away late by 10. But if the blackbears get a lead, Kelly needs to find a way to keep the pressure on the Bama D and hold a lead. He's already shown weaknesses when leading (Memphis last year and FSU this year). When your foot is on their neck, press a littler harder.
True. I expected more from O-line than what I've seen so far
I agree. But if you're going to be a dinosaur and run a pro style, run first, power I offense, stop recruiting dual threat QBs. We saw what happened when J. Lee took over in '11 and then with Mettenberger. But then he goes back to QBs like Jennings and Harris and runs the same offense. Doesn't work like that and it only hurts the team, the QB's career, and the overall goal of the program.
Yea cause Bo Wallace never fell apart, right? How did your AWESOME QB do against Memphis last year?
It's been a whole week, man. Plenty of time for you to get over it. Toughen up there, champ.
You can play the "if" game all you want. Both teams had plays in the game that IF they hadn't happened then maybe things would have turned out differently. Yes, playing for 3 points is different than playing for 7. But you're also playing to win, so 7 should have been the goal anyway (if we kicked the FG). Glazener is just trying to downplay our win by saying it took this, that, and a prayer to beat y'all. So ok, IF it hadn't been for a muffed punt and punt return for a TD, gators were not in the game. Fair? Let's just move on and agree that IF uf played better, they would have won.
Did you catch the Memphis defensive player throwing up the landshark sign after one of their stops? lol
Hahaha or the one where Kiffin "shoved" Saban. Give me a break
Right? Golly gee, Les, what are you thinking? Don't give your heisman candidate RB the ball 31 times and maybe the other team will actually stop at the whistle on maybe his 25th or 26th final carry of the game! Just what I was thinking too. Whose comment was more dumb, yours or mine?
The MSU shirts are not old. They're selling them at the campus bookstores as a throwback.
McElwain s a good coach, I really like him. However, "They've got to fake one to beat us." That may be true, but you were also spotted 7pts pretty much at the beginning of the game. Those two cancel out and it was a great game. Still not very impressed with our secondary but they came up with the plays at the end when they needed to. Good luck the rest of the season, FLA
Exactly. Being that OM recruits heavily in the Memphis area, today's loss put a damper on OM in that area. Especially with the season Memphis had last year and this year.
Ole miss hates playing Memphis. The main reason: recruiting.
Y'all act like this loss was a HUGE shock and there was NO WAY the black bears should have lost. Realize this: this was a big rivalry game (as much as ole miss fans hate to admit being rivals to Memphis), you lost to that rival team in their stadium, and Memphis should've been ranked in the AP before this game anyway. Everyone is acting like this is such a devastating loss to an unranked nobody. You got beat by a better team who is overlooked by everyone. You came out, threw a couple punches early and they punched back. Memphis is much better than ole miss fans give them credit for. It might help if you didn't think your season ends after the Bama game every year.
Everyone's gotta pick an upset every now and then. And if you're going to pick one, this seems like the best bet this weekend. This was 7-3 game heading into the 4th qtr last year in Oxford. Wouldn't have looked as bad if the black bears had just run the clock out instead of throwing for a TD with just over a minute left. There's a lot of history between these two schools and Memphis is just itching to get that win that lets everyone know "yes, we're for real." For Memphis, they have nothing to lose. Tigers - 41 Black Bears - 35
Don't worry. Memphis will embarrass you enough to do something about it. But by then it will be too late...
Yea, good thing Brandon Harris isn't a dual threat QB, right?
Not that it really matters cclausen, but MSU was #25 when LSU played them. I would count that as "one ranked opponent."
I read a comment in another article a few weeks ago where someone said the only reason MssSt got in the top 25 before the LSU game was because if they took down LSU it would look better for LSU if the dawgs were ranked. Agree? Think this might happen for Memphis against Ole Miss? I think Memphis has a great chance against Ole Miss and IF they do take down the black bears, I hope they stay unranked in the AP until after.