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Let’s not forget what Muscrap said back in 2012: “You ever been to College Station? It’ll be the only time you go.” I’m not sure Muscrap would come here even if we wanted him, but let’s be clear, we don’t want him.
It’s not Jimbo’s fault South Carolina was so bad they couldn’t stop the backups. Maybe someone should place that blame on Muscrap. Oh wait, never mind, they did!
I guess they forgot to tell Aranda that defenses aren't allowed in the big 12.
TAMU was only down by 31 at the half. LOL @ big 12.
This game is really a win-win for TAMU. If TAMU wins, well they win. If LSU wins, the crying finally stops.
Dang. I thought the answer was: 1) North end zone 2) South end zone 3) Goal posts
Some people have no business on a college campus. This isn't exclusive to TU. Every campus has them. Going to college is about bettering yourself. Not checking out of reality for 4 or 5 years.
One of those people that thinks he's the best and it's true?
Thanks for the confirmation that you've never stepped foot on a college campus in your life.
US News is located in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC. We're supposed to give a sh1t what they think?
I could be wrong, but didn't Saban once make a comment about Alabama not needing gimmicks to recruit in response to Sumlin using a helicopter?
I was mostly just taking a jab at TT. I am curious though. Manziel made Sumlin. I wonder if Manziel also over-inflated Kingsbury's stock?
Get a little NFL cash and when it doesn't work out make the move to baseball. Right Tebow?
Maybe we're looking at this wrong. Maybe this says more about Texas Tech than it does Kingsbury!?
Someone throw a net over this nut and put him in a cage quick before he hurts someone.
Maybe you should ask Benny Snell.
Except the part where most people don't just go around shoving other people for no reason. So obviously, there was something before the first shove.
And just like that. Kentucky is back to being Kentucky!
LOL, it was all good until you went completely nuts! Farmer Fran from Waterboy doesn't even understand what Coach O says!
What is going on in this crazy world? Kentucky 4-0!? Kentucky ranked!? What's next? Kansas goes on a winning streak!?
Muscrap obviously prefers the freaks, weirdos, gays and bums of austin.
That game last night hurt, really hurt, but I'm never a fan of firing a head coach during the season for poor performance. Something criminal or a revelation of serious NCAA violations? Sure, can him. Otherwise, do the right thing. Let him finish this season and address it then.