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Obviously, J. Guarantano has not recovered from his injuries. Put in Keller Chryst!!
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Chavis. He has had a bad run at A&M of late, but he is a Tennessee Guy who did quite well for the Vols.
Chizik himself said “Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense. Give it to a tailback and buy Guarantano some time to get evaluated.” Question for Chizik: How many times can you snap directly to a tailback before the other team 'figures it out'? Vols already had snap issues due to the reshuffling due injuries, so let's put the game in the hands of a back and let the Defense pack the box, because the Vols sure are not going to pass with a back taking the snap. Maybe Chizik thought the Vols ought to just punt and let the defense buy time until the 1st string QB feels good enough to play. This all went down with what, 5 minutes in the 3rd... I do not see what all the fuss is about.
Kiffin conveniently leaves out the part where he urged new recruits to not attend their first classes so they would be eligible to transfer to USC with him. Bastard. Zero Integrity.
Headline should read: "Bob Stoops takes another shot at the SEC; Still won't schedule them in the Regular Season".