Aggie Legacy living in Florida due to Father's and then my military service. Learned to love the Gators too.

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A lot of the kids who go to UF don’t care about sports at all. Also, a good chunk of them can’t afford tickets. And let’s face it, watching at home among friends with food and drink you actually want is preferable to dealing with crowds and ridiculously overpriced concessions and more and more and more restrictions placed on the spectator.
Since I am currently living in Gainesville, and almost all of my friends are Gator fans, I kinda hope they get Frost. You are right though, UF will be scary good with him.
Those boys, either subconsciously or not, have given up on this season. You have to feel for them though. Being asked to carry the entire program on their backs while their teammates on the other side of the ball can't seem to do anything to stay on the field. Add to that, they know next to all of their coaches are going to be gone at the end of the season. That is no dang excuse to just quit like they have though. That's just self pity and is pathetic.
Coach has been a good transition-to-the-SEC Coach. He should have been replaced a couple years ago, but it is what it is. Wish him and his family all the best luck in the future, but the time has come for A&M to move on.
Why do people keep bringing up Kelly? Talking heads always link him to every coaching job from NFL assistant to High School equipment manager. Nobody ever goes and tries to get the guy.
Jumbo: It's not frustration... SDS: Chalk this one up to frustration I am of two minds on this. One could successfully argue this was frustration. Also, really? Dude just said it wasn't and that he was defending his boys from their own fans giving them the business. Kinda dismissive.
I had a similar thought. Someone is gonna tweet this surrender cobra and it will end up on sds
You're right. It wasn't all on him. Although he does deserve his share of the blame. This was a defensive knock down drag out game, and neither offence did worth a flip. And the Gator faithful were really good hosts. Walking to Midnight Yell on Friday, there were lots of Gator fans who were welcoming, and even gave me a "Gig Em".
Actually, come to think of it, it DOES remind me of something. Like when they came to Death Valley with a second string QB, busted ass defense, and an OL holier than the Pope, and kicked the dog squeeze out of y'all after all the "too scared to play us" B.S. That's what it reminds me of.
It would be pretty cool. Florida has Free Shoes U, Georgia has GA TECH, South Click has Clemson, Kentucky has Louisville, Why not have the t-sips back on the schedule? It's a piece of Americana as storied as Army v navy or Stanford v Cal.
The Bulls gettin some love. Heh.
Yeah. She sure did take a shine to y'all when they played ya last week.
Apology accepted. I almost needed a safe space, therapy dogs, and serious crayoning time. LOL!
As someone nicknamed Tiger by a loving father, this is an insult to all Tiggers.
Guess he didn't want to be just another brick in the wall any more. I mean, all in all.
Screw it. I say we send Vandy. Why not?
Tennessee fans have ZERO business calling out other teams's fans for trolling. All year long, you couldn't swing a dead cat on ANY thread without hitting a ut fan talking trash.
Probably because they lost twice. And the second loss was a full on, pants down, over mommy''s knee, in front of everyone at Walmart, spanking.
Well played Hoss. Nice. Want a peanut?
#1, the guy has an Auburn emblem. How is A&M their team? #2, the only state that matters at all, at the end of the day is the final numbers on the score board. Period. Everything else is for sports bookies and pro scouts to jerk off to. We outplayed you in every facet of the game!!! But did you win? Well, no, but ... Doesn't matter.
Yep. Y'all did one swell job at the Alamo.
There is no rivalry between A&M and USCe. Just a trophy that was invented to force-inject some meaning in to this game. If they wanted a good rivalry, they should have matched TAM -Mizz. Been going on for decades, and is cross divisional.
Man hasn't been around even half a year yet. I know he wasn't all that popular a choice out that way, but geez. People have no patience. Give the guy half a chance at least.
Well that''s cool and all, but ... what all has he accomplished at MSU that would make him the most qualified for the Florida job?
I honestly don't see Herman leaving for LSU. He has it too good there, and LSU couldn't afford what it would cost to both hire him away from UH, pay him what he would accept, plus pay off Miles' buyout.